The Company Line

March 15, 2018:

Peggy Carter visits Scott Summers to talk SHIELD and what happened to the X-Men's Liaison.

Scott Summers' Office - X-Mansion


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There have been quite a few goings on with SHIELD lately. One of them certainly effects those at the X-Men. Though not exactly directly involved in that conflict, she knows something of the SHIELD people involved and it seems best to send someone to talk to those that Darcy was liaison to before the entire debacle. The last thing the agency wants right now is to leave dangling threads.

And so it is that Peggy Carter contacted Scott Summers and asked for an official meeting. It's been long enough now that she will assume he has heard some of what has happened. And if he may not know specifics, she can be sure that he can have drawn some conclusions. Even with a spy agency, sometimes communication is the best step forward toward a healthier relationship.

Peggy arrives at the mansion dressed in a pantsuit in something of a vintage pattern, hair pin curled and pinned up into not exactly victory rolls, but a modern approximation and her signature bright red lipstick. Politely, she knocks on the door and asks to be directed to Scott's office.


Scott Summers is awaiting Peggy Carter, he’s heard about her, some of it he doesn't imagine true but then where SHIELD is concerned he always expects a lot of misdirection. It just part and parcel one would assume.

The knock upon the door is met with a buzz noise and the double doors open up to reveal a floppy haired teenager who points down the teachers office hallway, "He’s in his office." The kid waits for Peggy to cross through the threshold enter that main area with it's double winding stairs then he'll race past, outside to go join his fellow students in the basketball court.

The insides of the Mansion are as to be expected of a place turned partial school, recently adding junior college courses to it. Accredited. The school is expanding, growing and trying to include more than just mutants.

Not that Agent Carter is here about the academic side of things.

Scott is in his office as she was told, a button up white dress shirt, hanging blue tie, slacks and dress shoes. Red rounded glasses worn on his nose, he’s staring at the white wash board, his door itself wide open.


"Thank you," Peggy tells the floppy haired kid with a smile as she steps to the side to allow him to pass. While she may not be here for that side of the visit, she certainly finds it interesting. Though she does not diverge from the given path, she does take a few pauses here and there to take in the atmosphere, the rooms that have open doors. This is a building with history. She can feel it.

Eventually - though not with too much delay - Scott will hear a knock on the open door. Peggy stands just outside the threshold, unwilling to enter without the proper verbal admittance.

"Mr. Summers?" Her voice carries - strong and self assured. The London accent is impossible to mistake, though many Americans tend to simply think of it as 'an English accent'. "We have an appointment. I am Agent Peggy Carter from SHIELD."


No word from floppy child, gone and all she gets is his dust. The young are fast like that.

There is a slow turn from Scott, as if expecting more questions about things he has to just repeat himself in strings of different worded 'no' to and his red eyes catch that side angle of Peggy and her words are registering.

"Agent Carter, please, come on in and make yourself comfortable." A motion near him to one of the two leather-bound guest chairs opposite his desk, not that he’s standing behind his desk but off to the side by that board, he'll move over to draw one out, offering it to her.

"We do, or at least I think we do. It has been a long day, you'll have to bare with me on that a little… coffee?" A small one cup Keurig machine on a table near the window indicated.


Once formally invited, Peggy enters. While she does not always have all the manners of the British, she can be diplomatic when the needs arise. "We do," she tells him firmly, but kindly, about whether they have an appointment or not. She would not be here otherwise. There is still a smile on her face and she does not seem to wish to embarrass him if he forgot.

She moves to one of the leather chairs and easily sits on the one pulled out for her. "I'd only have one if you do. Otherwise water is just fine." There's a nod about the long day and she gives him something of a wry grin. "Yes. I know something of the sort. I am more than willing to give you a bit to regroup if you need it. Should you wish, I'll leave and return in about fifteen. I'd like the opportunity to explore. This is a lovely site, if I may say so."


"Now is fine and I am going to have one. I'd like to see you stop me." Scott insists while managing a light joke in there to ease some of the stern atmosphere, he is pouring a cup for her and his own waits, extending it over. Freshly brewed its got a nice steam coming off of it.

"It is home for many of us so I am required to agree. I can't offer any creamer or sugar so you';ll have to suffer along side my tastes."

A lift of his leg and Scott sits on the edge of that table, fingers drumming as he waits for his own cup, "I am overdue anyways, you uh, you look different in person than I expected. Taller."


With hands raised up in a manner to show that she will certainly not fight Scott on his caffeine intake, Peggy nods and then takes poured cup from him. "Thank you. I actually tend to prefer black coffee. That's what I grew used to on the front with the GIs. There generally was no sugar or milk due to the ration."

A head tilt is given and she can't help but ask, "Required? That is certainly not a glowing review if I have ever heard one." Taking a sip of her coffee, even while hot, she sets it back down without a wince. She does not exactly lean back in her chair, but her legs cross and she looks practically at ease with her new coffee cup. "I have heard that before. I have also heard younger and less like a she-bitch in heels." She takes another sip. "The last bit is ridiculous, I only tend to wear heels for formal occasions now."

There's a smile. "I have heard something of Xavier's, I will say. Actually visiting has been quite lovely. Though, I am sure - by now - you realize my visit has far more somber undertones."


"Then you're well prepared." Scott smiles.

"Required, may be heavy handed. It's just what I have known for so long my bias is heavy enough it cannot be trusted." He offers out flatly, "Less like a she-bitch in heels, that is a new one." A sound that is almost a chuckle but not quite.

"Any case, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. Heels or otherwise."

"I am aware, yes, I'll have to show you the Oriental Gardens the Professor keeps, probably one of my favorite places in the school." A snare of his cup now that it's filled it meets his lips, "Somber though, can I ask before we begin, is Agent Lewis still incarcerated?"


"I do tend to do my research." Peggy gives a nod of her head.

There's a laugh at his long bias. It's something more like something she understands than thinking he has said something funny. "Yes. My bias for SHIELD is quite well known. As for trust, well." She shrugs her shoulders and gives him something of a smirk. "You're assuming I trust you. However, it is a pleasure to meet you. And a tour of the gardens sounds lovely."

Peggy doesn't shift, doesn't change her posture, but her tone shifts just slightly as it seems they have moved from pleasantries to the actual meat of the matter as to why she is here. Another sip of her coffee is made. Then, she nods. "Yes. She is. She will continue to be in custody until a ruling is done on her punishment."

Setting the coffee cup down to balance a bit on her leg, she looks up to Scott. "Agent Lewis is someone I know, who I have considered a friend. However, what she did? That is something that SHIELD cannot ignore." There's a pause. "I know she was your liaison here, which is why I had hoped to come talk to you, answer what questions I could as well as hear your thoughts on what you might wish for in another SHIELD contact."


"I never assume trust." Scott says directly the smile on his face remaining, "That is like you even remotely believing I trust SHIELD or the DEO."

"Imagine bias for you should be there, I read something somewhere that says you're one of it's founders, that true?" Little known to many Scott is a big fan of Captain America and things related to him, a lot of what Scott considers leadership qualities he tries to model after the man, though, he falls a fair drop short.

"If we get restless I'll happily walk us that direction."

"Hrm, I suppose this is where we cut to the quick. I have heard one side of this story, I am curious to Agent Lewis… assuming she is still 'Agent' Lewis, right?" Despite the light way he tries to talk about this the mask is slipping, this subject is particularly nasty and troublesome.


"Excellent, then we work on the same page." Peggy gives Scott what he might assume is a genuine smile. Of course, it may not be.

His question is met with a bit of a cheers of her coffee cup. "Yes. I did help found SHIELD. However, it has become quite a different beast from when I knew it last."

As the situation returns to Agent Lewis, she leans forward, resting her elbows on her legs and taking another sip of her coffee. "Yes. For now." As far as they are concerned, she is still Agent Lewis. However, there may be other factors in the mix. "May I ask what you have heard so far? That may help me in attempting to dissuade between rumor and fact."


"I do my best these days to work on the same page as anyone with a badge." Scott assures, compared to years ago this is the truth, to an extent. The X-Men will always have a vigilante mystique to them.

"I was informed she was supplying the Brotherhood with secure intel. Aiding one of my former team members in the process, I feel I was the last to know these things. I hope that wasn't the same for you but is there any possible way that Agent Lewis was being manipulated and if there is any way I can help her… I would like to."


"That is appreciated." And, strangely, Peggy Carter certainly knows the need for a bit of vigilante when true justice is on the line. It is what she needed to do in order to clear Howard Stark's name in the 40s.

"Yes." Peggy straightens. "That is part of it. It turned out to be more than intel. It is equipment. From what I have been told, the Brotherhood is now equipped with certain proprietary SHIELD equipment only known to us. So, should the Brotherhood wish to do anything and use those weapons? SHIELD has only two options: either we armed them or we were so insecure that they stole them from us." There is a look down at her coffee mug. "You must realize what a position that puts us in."

As for Lewis being manipulated, she shrugs her shoulders. "Whether she was being manipulated or not, Mr. Summers, she still divulged top secret SHIELD intel. As an agency, I am sure, you realize that discretion is really the name of the game." Whether or not Darcy was manipulated? That doesn't matter so much any more. She proved herself a weak link for SHIELD.


"That is not good news for us either." Scott reaches his fingers up to his browridge where thumbs apply then slide down to the bridge of his nose, squeezing. His eyes close during this and do not reopen until his glasses are down again.

"You understand, there is a certain level of… responsibility the X-Men take up when the Brotherhood show themselves. This here, this puts us in a more dangerous position where we oppose. I don't imagine Agent Lewis or her comrade in this would have willingly or knowingly armed the Brotherhood… that just sounds, ridiculous."

"I understand entirely what position that puts you in. I can sympathize.

"This equipment, none of is was weapons, right? This is something I need to know. Not weapons or possible threat capable items? I was informed it was foodstuffs, medicine… "


"Yes. I know exactly what you mean. That is the precise reason that I am here." Peggy sighs and puts the coffee cup on Scott's desk. It's really more of a distraction now than anything else.

Peggy looks up to Scott. "We are missing more than foodstuffs and medicine, Mr. Summers. I don't think Darcy meant to allow the Brotherhood weapons, but she gave them top secret information that she should have realized could be used to take things that were not just relief supplies. From the information Agent Lewis gave? Yes. Weapons were taken. Did she mean that to happen? I doubt it. However, the damage still remains."

Peggy sighs, debating something. Then, she decides to level with Scott. "There were reasons SHIELD was not overtly reaching out. Agent Lewis, however, thought she knew better, that she could solve things by herself. And instead she gave some very fearsome weapons to the Brotherhood and now both your group and ours can be held liable. Do I believe Agent Lewis meant well? Yes. Do I think that absolves her of what she has done? No."


Scott nods mulling this over and wonders idly how much Lorna really knows. He has trusted her entirely in the past to consider such things and be on the right path but now, since her return to Genosha, further latching herself to Magneto's side and now tying so heavily with her siblings, he is not so sure.

"I've always believed Agent Lewis had the best intentions in all things she has done but I'm not clueless and I know the position it places SHIELD in. This leak could be damaging on a massive scale if the rest of the world thought you were supplying the Brotherhood. There are so many possible… scenarios that could be /assumed/ here."

That word again, Scott gets a plan, a devious one but he lets it slide, tucks it away and considers options, the school and others, a flick of his fingertip on the side of his cup tapping it thoughtfully.

"No, it wouldn't absolve her. What does this mean for the X-Men, our school and our relations? She was our go between. Still is in our eyes but this is a serious screw up. Have you considered ways to flip this are there any?" That last part outloud, maybe not intentionally.


There is a look downward. There is a long pause. Finally, Peggy looks up. "I truly think Agent Lewis did not mean this to happen. However, it did. You, I think, know of everyone I have spoken to, that we play for keeps in our circles. She meant well, but now there are international incidents for which we must account…and on the wrong foot. This is not the sort of place for amateur mistakes."

Folding her hands in her lap, she shakes her head. "This is a lapse of our agency. The X-Men and the school need not be involved at all, as far as I am concerned. However, the people that spoke and possibly convinced Agent Lewis to give up her code clearance were not part of the X-Men - as far as I know. As far as I am know, this is not something anyone wishes to make public. However, should this come to light, if someone in your organization is willing to condemn those who brought Agent Lewis to divulge top secret information, that should settle things."

There is a sigh. "SHIELD is a covert agency, Mr. Summers. Honestly, I hope none of this sees the light of day. I came here as a professional courtesy. I respect your organization. I hope we can continue our relationship unmarred, despite what has happened."


"Covert." Scott repeats then a sound escapes his throat, "No, any information I have is likely what you also have. I learned of this tail end, I'm not even sure how long ago this all transpired to a date I can place it at, I had considered if supplies or aid were needed the X-Men if not SHIELD would have been approached, not the Brotherhood. This feels… like it was not well thought out, at the worst manipulated, which I am prone to believe on behalf of it, the good intentions perhaps being used against Agent Lewis, shes got a heart as big as her mouth."

A final sip of his coffee and Scott stands up, the man is a towering individual compared to most, lanky, it adds to his authorative demeanor, "I'll do my best on our end to make sure nothing further comes of it and if any further leads come forth, it'll end up in your hands. The school is never a concern in such things, the X-Men I can not promise you that. We have our mission as do you.

A pause a studying look is settled on Peggy. "If it clears whatever channels are required to inform us what exactly was lost, please, let us know. If the equipment stolen can be a danger to my people… " A wry smile, both of his hands wave out to the sides with a shrug.
"I'd rather be prepared."

"For our relationship to progress, unmarred, we're fine for now. SHIELDs looked the other way on us in the past, we're held to do the same but I do hope, leniency is exercised on Agent Lewis despite this, I personally vouche for her and if it comes to needing aid, legally, we're ready to help."

"Who do we speak to on our behalf now that she is out of the picture You?" Scott inquires.


Peggy is used to both commanding and lanky individuals. As Scott stands up, she merely tracks him with her eyes. "Yes, I understand that." Taking the hint, she also stands. "I am not sure, either." There is a frown. "I get that Agent Lewis has a big heart. I like that about her. There are professions meant for people like her. But when she endangers other lives? That makes me think this is not that proper profession. The decision she made? It gave supplies, but it may have also come at the cost of others."

There is a smile. "If the weapons were a cause of concern for your people directly? I would let you know. As fas as I can tell? That is not the case."

As for their new contact to SHIELD? She gives a raised eyebrow an then nods. "For now, yes. You may certainly contact me. That may change in the future."


"Very well. That is at least a relief." Scott manages at the answer, he doesn't add further about Darcy, he agrees she messed up and deserves the ramifcations of her actions, as unfortunate as that is. Mistakes happen and they're not allowed to make them in some scenarios.

"I appreciate that consideration." Scott doesn't fully believe Peggy about that warning. He'll play along though, "I suppose we have one another's numbers then and we'll play catch up some more. I prefer to know who I work with. "

"I'll walk with you out, I am curious to see what you drive anyways." A grin. He does like his cars.


"You're assuming I drove a car rather than called a taxi. Interesting." Peggy gives Scott a grin.

"Thank you. And I appreciate your time." Standing, she makes for the door, allowing Scott to escort her. "Yes, thank you for meeting with me, I certainly appreciate a face to face solution." If she thinks Scott believes her or not? Well, she doesn't seem to convey. Either way, she seems pleasant. That might be the entire reason of her visit, after all.


"I certainly know that feeling." His offer to walk her out is met with an amused raised eyebrow. "Thank you for the courtesy." It's a gentlemanly thing to do as well as a way to supervise her exit.


Scott will be sad to see that Peggy drove a black company car to the Xavier Mansion. Either way, she slips into it and drives away.


"I was hoping for a flying car." Scott admits before she is fully gone. "Take care, Agent Carter."

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