Council Meetings

March 19, 2018:

Magneto has a council meeting which Lorna attends. Magneto NPC'ed by Nate



NPCs: Magneto, Doctor Huxley, Jenny

Mentions: Cyclops, Darcy

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Morning in Genosha, and the Spire is full of life. Magneto's followers are on the move, the bulk of the Acolytes have taken the field, as well as many of the Magistrates and Mutates loyal to the new regimen. They are systematically conquering the Northern rebel enclaves. When the resistance is too strong, Magneto goes there in person to crush them. If they have any Sentinel left they are saving them for a good day, or a last stand.

It has been a while since Lorna has been invited to a Cabinet meeting. In part because she has not been around much. But maybe it is also a sign of Magneto's disapproval. Surely he is not happy the X-Men captured Zealot and made a show giving the mad mutate to SHIELD.

Today the cabinet is small. Jenny Ransome is there, as is Alda Huxley. The Acolytes representative seems to be Scanner, who rarely says anything. Pipeline represents the magistrates, which means Chief Magistrate Tamara Anderson is leading the troops.

Magneto sits on his 'throne' which is actually a high-tech sensor array attuned to his magnetic powers, he is wearing his helmet. The old mutant nods at Lorna when the young woman arrives. Pipeline is talking about the lack of ammunition and power cells for the heavy Magistrate vehicles. Barely enough for a day or two more.


Lorna had ditched her more punk-ish clothes for a buttoned down black shirt, loose fitting and dotted with steel rivets around her shoulders and collar. Her hands still dripped with metal rings of 'cheap' make, all nickle and steel, iron and alloys alike. It was an odd compromise between her street clothes and her more 'combat' attire. After all, this was a meeting of those on Genosha's council.

She had been manic as of late, lack of sleep showing in the rings and dark circles that crowded around her eyes. Though she had spent plenty of time in the field with the Acolytes despite grumblings that at her stage pregnancy it was a bad idea. But it was something for her to do beyond sitting and planning, and that was all she had left.

Even that, her father had to approve of in some regard. She was making 'friends' or something like it, with the various Acolytes that she went out with. And gone were the obvious ties to the X-men, at least so it seemed for now.

The green haired mutant slipped into the council chamber without a click of her heels as she settled into her usual place, or at least, the nearest empty chair. She listened for a good long moment, considering the lack of power cells necessary, and a thoughtful expression pulled at her lips. Though he didn't interupt immediately.


"That's enough," decides Magneto. "We have identified several of the enemy remaining deports. Tell Anderson to plan assault operations against the most exposed ones; it should be enough to finish the campaign. Heavy vehicles won't be of much use for the mop-up operations."

He turns to Lorna. "Two more weeks, it will be effectively over. I expect we will have some guerilla trouble for another year. Perhaps some terrorism. But Hammer Bay will be secure. Polaris, all of Zealot's former followers have already been rounded up. Many were quite repentant, and asking about you."


Lorna looked rather sedate as her father interupted the report, as if she were used to it by now, and having remained in Genosha for months now, was slowly growing that way. She propped her chin up, and looked ready to settle in for being ignored, when her father turned toward her and she sat straighter in her chair. She blinked, a green eyebrow lurching upwards as she settled her hands on her lap and recrossed her legs.

"Asking about me or for me?" She mused, and shifted in her seat as she eyed her father. He was much different in Council meetings, when the helmet was firmly settled on his head. He was less her father and more the ruler, more the Magneto that everyone painted him as. Though, so far, less manically villain-y as some cast him. Still dramatic though.

"What do you plan to do with them?"


"About," replies Magneto, looking tense. "There is this interesting story going about you seeking revenge on him for your kidnapping. And how you had to rely on the X-Men and the Avengers because we couldn't stop him."

Which yes, makes everyone in the room to look at Lorna with several degrees of glaring. Jenny being the only one that seems somewhat alarmed and surprised, her eyes darting from Lorna to Magneto.

Dr. Huxley speaks next. "I have to admit that… as much I am glad that lunatic is gone, it didn't made us look good."


Lorna crossed her arms as she exhaled a breath, "If I merely wanted revenge, he'd be dead." She murmured, "I wanted him gone for Genosha's future, and in a clean manner that puts us in better position globally." She pursed her lips together as she shifted in her seat.

"I will do whatever is necessary for the good of Genosha. Regardless of who or what I chose to work with. You're well aware of who I've worked with, whether it's been Pietro and Wanda for supplies, or the X-men to clear out Zealot." She exhaled a rough breath, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"I will awlays put Genosha first, and I will do whatever is necessary to protect it."


That is quite the speech, Magneto takes a pause.

Dr. Huxley offers a sly smile.

Jenny is smiling brightly.

Pipeline looks surprised, still frowning. But he is usually frowning, so that is normal.

Scanner seems surprised too, but also appeased, leaning back.

"Your commitment is admirable," remarks Magneto. "But it occurs to me if I had been there the fight might have been far easier." Holoscreen lights up. Iron Man released some footage, mostly showing Cyclops, Polaris and himself. Illyana likes to stay low key, Nate was a bit distant, keeping Zealot from escaping, and Monet asked not to be show given how most of her clothes were destroyed by the lava.

"Was Iron Man's presence really necessary?" Adds the white-haired mutant.


Lorna shifted as the conversation shifted and she shrugged, "It cements your tale that he approves of your rulership here. Not only did he work to take out Magistrate bases here twice before, and try to refute his involvement.. Now it proves it. He can't deny what he put out after all. And our government is the sole one left of any means and power here." She pushed her hair back from her face.

"And the fact that I remain at your side makes it fairly clear that we're working together, if the wedding I'm having soon doesn't cement that, nothing will."


There is a cold smile showing briefly in Magneto's lips. Not fatherly and not friendly, but Lorna has gained a modicum of respect, even if it makes him look bad. She has chosen a role and for a moment escaped his plan.

"Certainly, the wedding can proceed now," he considers. "As soon as you want, just give three weeks so the bulk of the troops can return to Hammer Bay. They deserve a celebration too." Beat, "although your friend Agent Lewis seems to have been arrested. Isn't that going to delay the plans?"


Lorna exhaled a breath, and shifted in her seat as her father looked at her that way. But she'd figured out the way that she could use her power, and use it she would. She played idly with the iron band that Marcos had made into her wedding ring and considered. "Three weeks then it is. The wedding will continue regardless. Darcy Lewis put her life on the line for Genosha. She planned the bulk of the wedding, it will go on. To do otherwise would make her work in vain." She pursed her lips folded her hands together on her lap.

"If she remains as she is, I will do my best to honor her for my wedding and in my continued work to provide our people will medical supplies and the alike as is necessary."


"Three weeks," Magneto looks at Huxley, and the woman straightens. "Send some invitations, Doctor. I'll make sure the city will look at his best. After all most humans won't have a chance to see Hammer Bay ever again."

He leans back. "I also want to start some… negotiations, to have Thomas Moreau extradited, I don't really expect SHIELD to deliver, but they will have to hear us, as a sovereign nation. And in time we will use him as leverage for some useful concessions."


Lorna blinked, but didn't argue about sending more invitations out. After all, it was going to be a state affair and she had promised that they could use her wedding and the birth of the baby for political power. Espeically if it garnered support for Genosha as a whole. She had to make sure the country was settled and safe for the future. It was her child's future, and it was the best she could carve out from the chaos of the world.

"Wanda said she would be happy to come through and 'talk' to the soil to encourage growth here. So that is something I will speak to her about." She murmured, glancing back to Huxley briefly and then to her father.

"We should also see what can be done as far as the UN embargo. Tony Stark has already promised supplies, but to push them through official channels will take time. The projections for the supplies from SHIELD at best, were three months. Luckily with the Magistrates on the run, there is less stress for the medical supplies." She murmured, considering.


Of course Wanda and Pietro will be invited. So will other mutant leaders, Brotherhood or not. 'Talking to the soil'? They have now geokinetics, gardeners, life-shapers, and more. "I am already talking with representatives of some foreign corporations," mentions Magneto. "Critical supplies will be delivered soon. The rest we will be able to manufacture in a few months."

"The mutates are asking for you because you got rid of Zealot," interrupts Jenny. "Most claim he was controlling their minds and you freed them," she adds, smiling. So yes, Lorna has some more fans.


Lorna arched a brow and nodded once as Magneto spoke of developing supplies and producing their own. It would be a few months until Genosha could fully produce what it needed, but that was music to her ears. She hated relying on outside support, freely given or not. She might be playing at politics, but at heart she hated depending on others around her. She nodded toward Magneto and smiled thinly. "I'm happy to hear it."

Jenny's interuption had Lorna turning her gaze toward her, her smile warming faintly. "Good, then I'll visit them myself." She murmured, "If they want to think me their savior, then I'll take it. And I'll make sure they're safe to reintegrate with society here. No point in punishing people in large swaths when they might be useful to our rebuilding efforts." She murmured, considering as she propped up her chin.


"No, certainly not," confirms Magneto. Always far more lenient with mutants than with humans. Perhaps one of his few weaknesses. "The mutate process makes them susceptible to psychic manipulation, but the process can be reverted. They will be fine, eventually."

As 'fine' as himself. He survived his own enslavement in Auschwitz. He is fine.

There are about 100,000 mutates in Genosha. Survivors.

"Lets us return to the battlefield," he decides, vanishing the current holograms with a handwave. A display of the northern coast appears in the middle of the room. "Our next target should be Cape Drake…" the star

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