Metropolis Under Siege

March 19, 2018:

Professor Zoom comes to Metropolis and takes control, demanding Doctor Miller once more.

(backdated to march 07)



NPCs: MPD, National Guard, A good portion of Metropolis civilians


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One minute, everything was fine in Metropolis. Then… sirens. Explosions, gunfire. The police are rounded up at their own headquarters and tied up in their own prison. Civilians are for the most part left alone, but rifles from people trying to help are taken away. All by a red lightning blur who has taken Metropolis hostage within minutes.

Then, the radio broadcast starts; the National Guard and government are to keep out of Metropolis. SHIELD, the Justice League, the Avengers, and various other enhanced groups are invited to the Daily Planet main office area to 'talk'. Professor Zoom is taking credit for the sudden silence. Curiously, City Hall and critical government infrastructure were left alone.

Then, the bombs start appearing all over the city, the one at Centennial park the most obvious… and the National Guard moves in anyway, a task force meant to restore order.

At least, it was going to try, until Professor Zoom went out and sent the soldiers flying from kinetic force in rapid succession. The mechanical elements and the small tank group sent with the task force get the same treatment after being pulled out of their vehicles. They're tied up… and their equipment and vehicles are deconstructed over the next few minutes. The leftovers are scattered all over the place just outside the city and left in the wide open. Fliers who come in via the highway get to see his handiwork.


There was just as much a chance that this gathering was a trap in itself, with the diabolical speedster having already shown a propensity for bombs, but that hardly changed the necessity of the teams moving in. Recently accepted into the Justice League even if it was a strange thought for the unconventional choice, Witchdoctor had at least offered to transport the other heroes with her before her tattletale flurry of golden butterfly-lights had swarmed and she'd reappeared across from the building that was to be their meeting place. The destruction around them was enough to have a frown on the face of the Witch. She remembered all too well how much the humbling end result of the last encounter went and was certainly going to have to step up her game if she didn't wish to be thrown around at mach speeds again.

Transportation or not, Alyse was part of a team for the first time in a long time, so she pauses to watch and wait for the deferred leadership to move in before following.


The Green Lantern as a distraction from various other events transpiring has been pouring in to the tracking and handling of this particular speedster, "Damnit. Where is Superman?" The man mutters, this is Metropolis after all. This is the boy in blue's turf.

Those with him of the League that need transport are always given it when on call in the form of green glowing nimbus like surroundings, these offer anti-gravity pulls at Hal's own speeds. Nothing else really. Its a from here to 'there' then they're set loose.

"Nasty Girls should have listened." Hal remarks towards the Guardsmens current state. "We need to secure these explosives while worrying about Professor Zoom, not easy, this double game he keeps playing is a real pain."

Standard attire for the Lantern, greens on blacks in uniform style with that super effective mask he wears.


Appearing in the teleportation that Witchdoctor created, the girl known as Astrea looks over at Hal before saying, "I'm not going to be able to do anything about modern bombs." She nods her head, "I'm more of a hunter and shooter type." She nods her head before shrugging and looking around the area.

She takes a deep breath and looks around a moment, "I can track him." She nods her head as she then looks to Green Lantern, "Not sure what else I can do at the moment." She then looks over to Witchdoctor and states, "You got anything for bombs? Can you transport those around?"


One of these heroes that had responded to zooms call was Alice. She had been preparing since he had kidnapped her and forced her to help him with his diabolical plan. And now she's here she was ready and armed to the teeth at least for her. It consisted of what looked like squirt guns and paintball pistols and vials of water all over her body. Her battle suit was still black and purple but looked like it had been toyed with a bit since it was last seen in public.

The hero formerly known as sensation waited across the street from the building but Zoom had called the heroes too. Beneath her helmet she scowled darkly and checked for the umpteenth time the weaponry at her hips and slung across her back. At least the super soaker had an increased range now. And as more people, heroes, began to arrive she nodded Grimley to her self. At least she wouldn?t be alone.

"If you can hear me on this broadcast please sound off this is alchemist. I have info on what we might be facing. Find me." Several common channels normally used by the various hero agencies Raddle with this message. Alice is voice scrambled by her helmets communication system is still feminine but hard to discern.


The main room has been evacuated. Hot coffees and other food are still there, as if in the middle of being eaten. Paper, food, and over liquids have been thrown about by random winds; presumably from the wind drag of Professor Zoom.

Then, all the screens in the office light up at once with a red and black lightning bolt symbol; the exact reverse of the Flashes. Given his tendency to blur his form, this is the first real look anyone has gotten at it.

The distorted voice though… that's easily recognized, "Attention, Justice Fools and friends. While I hope you like the redecorating I've done to the city, let's be clear on one thing. Direct your attention to Centennial Park."

Five seconds later, a massive explosion centered on Supermans statue goes off, turning a good portion of Centennial Park around it into scorched earth. There may or may not have been civilians around it at the time. "I have more like that around the city; Some with more yield. Some with less. Luckily for you, I can't be everywhere at once, so only some of them are remote controlled… the rest are on a timer."

There's a pause as Professor Zoom let's that sink in, "I want the good Doctor Miller. Deliver him to the highway just outside Metropolis near where the National Guard came in… and I'll consider disarming everything. You have one minute to do so before I start to take this city apart, piece by piece."


"Bombs are simple enough," Alyse nods, the Witch herself wrapped in her 'practical' attire. Perhaps one day the sorceress might come up with a 'battle suit' of her own but for now, it was her usual garb that looked almost like she'd stepped from some formal academy. "I can deal with them by sending them somewhere they'd do no harm. But finding them is more problematic, to track something they would need a strong impression of the creator left behind on them and rarely does a bomber have sentimental attachment to his devices." Hal's refering to the guards as 'Nasty Girls' earns a raised eyebrow, but the Witch trail's off and closes her eyes for a moment, extending her mystic senses. Finding inanimate objects was difficult, but living things? That was effortless. With hope she'd be able to 'see' the number of potential hostages or stray civillians, locate Alice and perhaps even Zoom, if the villain wasn't moving too fast to get a fix on.

The blast and the threat from the man? It has the Witch frowning "Buildings can be rebuilt," she observes, "We could remove people from the blast radius or….I imagine these bombs are somewhat complex. The right spell could cause them all to fail, but for a spell big enough to cover the entire city? The effort would leave me drained for the fight to follow and the casting would take most of our time left." With no speedsters or Kryptonians to beat the clock, breaking it was the next best idea the Witch had.


"Attention Banana Flash, we're not going to give in to terrorism of any kind you should have learned that one by now." Jordan counters back despite the toppling of Superman's statue. "Seriously… "

"We have people hunting your bombs down. You really should pay attention to the here and now."

Green Lantern lowers his voice, "Hopefully he is bluffing as much as I am. I know some are out seeking the bombs but exact numbers… " A shrug of the man's broad shoulders a look towards Alyse, "We need to likewise focus on him." No time to explain the Nasty Girls thing is just a service member ribbing or term. Friendly competition.

"If you find any nearby, I'll let you out. If you need it. The rest of you… my focus will be heavy on containment."

Turning around and thrusting his fist in to the air a concentration overcomes Hal Jordan that has him going mute. Beginning at him and starting to pour out are bubbles, like a child blowing one of those ringlets and the just start to burble off, civilians around the park being encassed and bounced outwards, away from the park central and Zoom himself.
Directly UP there is a green lance shooting high and starting to spread out like a massive umbrella, its encircling the entire park itself, wrapping it in a protective and concealing emerald tomb. This is full focus required. It appears Jordan is going to be doing very little to aid them in this fight. At least for now….

So engrossed in this 'glowing dome' he doesn't have option to even so much as tell them 'good luck'.


Alice glares at the screens as they show the distraction in Centennial Park. The speaker on her helmet buzzes as she says, "This is going to suck.? The petite woman, begrudgingly taking on the 'hero mantle, glanced around at the others in the building. "We need to know who Dr. Miller is. Anyone??

There wasn’t much time left. A minute wasn't much for people who couldn't move at superspeed. Alice was pulling up everything she could be at her helmets computer system to find out who this Dr. Miller could be. And why he might be wanted.

The comms buzzed again, -"Expect the unexpected folks. Zoom isn’t from our universe and his tech is our newest theories!”- The warning went out.


When the one minute mark hits, a number of things happen at once.

First, Union Station explodes. Debris and flame spread from the epicenter… along with numerous walkers that start firing lasers and autocannons into the nearby buildings. Three of them in all pop out of the underground tunnels the station used.

Second, Another bomb goes off at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. This one sheers off a good portion of the island… and vaporizes a number of walls into the prison. It seems perfectly placed too, because scores of prisoners start to leave. Then, a woman steps out, and grabs for one of the exposed, sparking power lines… and she starts to /feed/ off of it.

Livewire is out of her cell.

Third, another bomb goes off… somewhere, but it's underground, so it's harder to pinpoint until the debris starts to kick up around the University of Metropolis.

"All of this can be avoided if you just hand him over." Professor Zoom mocks the group, "Oh well, looks like I'll just have to bring Metropolis down around you before one of you turns reasonable." With that, the audio cuts off.


Starfire had been elusive after the final… finale. Waking to Soranik Natu and the Lantern world opened her eyes to make them slam back shut for a while.

Kori Anders was back in front of the camera with her agent, appearing back in magazines and boards in shoppe windows across the tri-cities. But not only that, she was openly speaking once more for Alien rights and recognition, expanding out into that of Metas and Mutants as well.

Despite radio silence across JLA comms, Starfire still listened and this was not something she, nor any others would ignore when Hal of 2814 spoke into the comms! Intentionally or not..

One hand rises, the alpaca excess of '80's crimped' fur falls from her hand as the invisible earpiece is activated to allow voice projection. A leather Dolce and 'C'abana purse with a 'teeny' pomeranian-dog-thing is handed to a table of suburban-moms out for their noon power walks and coffee. AKA gossip. "Hold BeBae for me?" The sight of the dog causes happy squeals…

Until it yips at them and shows more rows of teeth than belong. Not. A. Pomeranian. … of Earth.


But in the trail of burning singed alpaca lining, Starfire is blasting towards the skyline. "I sent an alert, we will have incoming backup Hal. Locati—-!" In the backdrop an explosion resounds over her comm unit as feedback as well as laser fire at Union station, Starfire placed back lower once more but Starbolts reciprocate to fire back and hopefully save debris from harming pedestrians!


A look around as things go chaotic, the girl looks back at the others and then looks as everyone goes into action, "I'll go after the prisoners." She nods her head as she takes everything in and looks up a moment as GL takes off and then she herself takes off at a run…and boy can she run. She's no speedster but that woman can run faster than some cars as she takes off at full speed and starts booking it toward the sources of explosion. Astrea is on her way to where Livewire and the like are.


Green Lantern in his current state cannot do much beyond expanding the globe of protection further out, widening so that the Mecha are just shooting the inside of it and not buildings. Gritting his teeth he looks back behind him, "Stop this damn maniac."

He hisses in to the communications, knowing that Starfire is at least at Union Station by now or will be. What is transpiring in other locations with walls coming down on Stryker and rumblings under the Earth have him growing frustrated. It appears the Justice League needed more people for this, once again the question arises, /where is Superman?/

"Zoom, you're making a mistake." Audio amplification for the Green Lantern so he can be heard. Still yet, only defensive as he is protecting the entire zone of the park and the structures to people around it. He is doing what he can.

"Tell them to hurry, Starfire." Hal responds.


Hal had the civillians covered, the Witch moves to open her mouth as the prisoners start their escape…but off goes Astrea. She'd have to assume that the huntress can handle it. The voice of Starfire and the blasts of her starbolts is a welcome (if not unknown) source of extra backup, but the Walkers were still quite the danger. As ever, there was simply not enough time to -stop- the speedster, only to neutralize the harm he might do as best they can. "I will deal with the machines until the speedster reveals himself."

With that, Alyse takes to the air as the very air around her crackles and a glowing wave of arcane energy bolts goes hurtling to the newly revealed walkers. These she could deal with, how she would stop Zoom?…she was working on that answer.


"Zoom, you're done taking scientists for your sadistic games," This broadcast went out across all the comms the battlesuit could broadcast on. The sounds of explosions has her cursing as she heads for a better vantage point. The roof of the Daily Planet is good enough and a good vantage. Smoke and fires and the reports coming in over her feeds has her gritting her teeth.

The alien Starfire's broadcast had her attention as she stood on the roof. A click and the gliding arms snapped open. "Incoming to your location," The voice that had identified herself as Alchemist replies. Then she stepped off the roof and dived. Her arms snapped open high above the city streets and she quickly began to glide among the high rises towards Union Station.


So far, Professor Zoom has not revealed himself, but signals like these only have so much distance to them.

The two story tall walkers have cut open a building to the point of critical structural integrity by the time Starfire is containing that debris. These are /powerful/ lasers… so they pack quite the punch; enough to potentially stun Superman himself if they get the time to spin up the charge. Starfire will also see the obvious 'Stark Industries' labels on some of the weapons popping out of the shells. The autocannons -being Stark Tech itself- are still trying to fire at the building, itself starting to audibly screeeeeeeeeech as the load bearing beams are put under tremendous strain.

Then missile racks pop out of the back and they start to fire their payloads one at a time towards Starfire. Shields crackle with absorbed energy and flicker slightly from Starfires blasts at the same time, their warheads also barring the 'Stark Industries' label.

Green Lanterns efforts to contain the fallout of the bomb assure that numerous injured civilians are taken out of blast zones, and that fires are put out before they can spread. Emerald energy makes short work of collapsing trees and debris as well.

Over on the island, prisoners are starting to get on the boats usually reserved for passengers. With limited space though, there are fist fights as the escapees start to fight for control of the only means off the island. Professor Zoom took all the outer perimeter guards as his hostages, so they only had the initial resistance from the interior guards… who were rapidly overwhelmed. Astrea can easily find a place to start to fire at them as they try to cross the river to mainland… or find a boat herself and start to bottleneck them.

Livewire, on the other hand, is laughing as her trademark costume is 'rebuilt' and she starts to head for a power line off the island.

Over at the University, it becomes obvious that Professor Zoom has destroyed the foundations of it… starting a chain reaction which is slowly collapsing the building in on itself.


Alice spots the walkers and begins to curse in a variety of languages, but mainly English. Luckily she isn't broadcasting or someone might question whether she really is English nobility. "Those things are made out of a metal that is barely out of theory. Go for the weld joints on the left side!" The comms crackle as she finishes her cursing.

A small black dot up among the skyscrapers, some twenty stories up, she circles on the city currents with her glider once. Then she dives and is pulling two large clear containers filled with what seems to be water from her hips. At about ten feet above the walker causing the most damage she flares her glider arms again. It is perfectly times with the aim and toss of those containers, their contents having been shifted from water to fluoroantimonic acid. That just happens to be the most powerful stuff on earth and she knew it was the only thing that would work on that futuristic metal shell.

The containers begin to partially dissolve as they leave her hands and the contents splash down in wide swaths towards the exposed weaponry. The aim of centuries practice likely carrying them onto their target. But she doesn't stop to see. More containers are flung as she darts towards the ground some thirty feet from the nearest bot.


"I already have response. Incoming… Lantern." Starfire states with a moment of hesitation where it is knifed into her very…

"X'/hal/." She breathes silently to herself and the ceases when the strange voice of the Witch comes over the comms, making a Bolt of perse blast a chunk of sidewalk to dust in her fire, where it seems more like ash-fall of post-apoc proportions to the civilians than actual danger. "Lantern of 2814, who are the new voices??" Nevermind the breach of hemisphere as incoming backup of the JLA starts to disperse and head for the unmanned chaos around the Tri-Cities, nor the fact that she is standing in a former faux-hide trenchcoat that now resembles burnt fur swiss cheese! Beneath, the armored straps of purple cling to a tawny skinned woman of Amazonian proportions.

"Who is incoming? Name. Place of birth. Position among the frie—- Team Justice League?!"

Star is hefting a manhole cover from in front of a side-ways positioned, and totalled Prius (no loss, really!). Despite her curiosity, those emerald eyes go skyward and sweep out for Alice's 'Incoming!'.

"Got it Stranger Danger… Hal? This is a cluster f—-" (offf star systems!) Her voice is over the comm, calm, even, as if Hot Goat Yoga is still having an effect on her mien. But really…

Payloads are being fired at her?! Which means, even the civilians she is trying to protect? Possibly Alice. "Going left then!…" Amend those to that for log, please?

The manhole lid is chucked to the point Alice spoke of, but backed with a blast of bolt that also melts it to slag and the cooling air makes it more like bullets to the 'Walker's' Left Flank while Star rockets upwards, into the first payload missile with a grip that pivots her form in a "Brutal Ballet" of a move to try and toss the first missile back into and towards at Ozone.

The incoming backup is sure to help ensure exit!?

"Whose this."

"Who are you?" Yes, she's here and present, let's talk -to- Alice, not /about/ Alice…

Manners, sheesh.


They were going about this all wrong, Alyse realizes with a start. The robots, the bombs, all of it needed a signal to activate unless Thawne was actively moving to set off the latter manually. That much, she couldn't be sure about, but she couldn't do much about it either. "We need to jam the signals, limit the options!" she calls over their communications before raising her hands. The robots still needed to be destroyed as they may well function independent of a signal, but they were solid as anything. There's actually audible start from the Witch before her form begins to glow with a different light and she extends her hands outwards, her voice reverberating with some unknown echo while she invokes powers. The robots, all those parts that Zoom had left laying around from destroying the military? They were the perfect ingredients to animate. Zoom had made an army of his own from walkers and inmates escaping. It was only fair they do the same!

"Steel, spark, foundry born and built," she calls, "Forged from the worlds and the will of man, I call you now!" That crackle of mystic energy sweeps outwards, twisting and assembling golem-like beings from the metals and wreckage that surge now towards the walkers, some built from the wreckage of those already destroyed. It was a bitch to sustain such magic, but at least it might free up some of the others to help the civillians!


Running up to the edge of the water, the woman looks out over the water and sighs. Astrea shakes her head as she growls about the things that are happening and spots what looks like a speedboat. She hops into it and stares around, "How in the world do ya make one of these things go?" She finally just hops into a rowboat and takes off at speed.


The missiles aren't futuretech, being plundered Stark technology… so while a good number of the missiles turn to go after Starfire as she ‘bullets’ through the first salvo, a few still manage to hit the building Starfire flies away from, further ruining structural integrity and sending debris flying.

Meanwhile, Witchdoctors golems get to work punching and hammering against the shields of those walkers. In the end, it's this wild pummeling by a mystical army that has the shields flickering enough to allow a bit of that acid from Alice through on one walker, and the sounds of sizzling can be heard as it slowly eats into the top of one of them. Autocannons and lasers turn as one to start to fire at Witchdoctor when her spellcasting becomes obvious… only for them to suddenly stop a second before she's blasted by all three as their remote control signals are blocked. They're still active, but there's no motion as the onboard AI starts to register independence protocols. The lack of movement giving the heroes a precious few seconds to do some damage to them. In the few seconds it takes to reboot, one Walker visibly sparks and shuts down… before it implodes on itself in a combination explosion and some sort of energy blast, completely annihilating the Walker from top to bottom, except for a bit of debris that had already dropped behind it.

Over at the island, Astrea has the advantage of knowing where the escapees have to end up, the normal humans within them scrambling to find a weapon -any weapon- to shoot her boat out from under her… and they find none. Instead, they start to haul ass towards the shore, hoping to outdrive the woman.

Meanwhile, Livewire is gone, hopping into the power lines as she escapes the island.

Over at the University, people are screaming as they try to get out… but the entire building starts to list to one side, trapping those who were in the back. The front entryway has a few seconds to go before it collapses in on itself.


With the scattering of attacks and Hal Jordan's shields having done their job at the park the emerald energy he is producing withdaws, fades out of existence and hes soaring up high scanning for other explosion points, Zoom and finding his exact presence will have to wait as the Green Lantern knuckles down to race at the Metropolis U.

A fast descent and he begins to create support beams, spiderwebbings of them shooting up inside and around the structure, impressive weight, this requires once more absolute focus and concentration.

"We're not doing well at this point." The communication systems are spoken at, "Banana Flash was very prepared." It appears at least. The obvious pointed out, Astrea along with the others should also be on the communication channels. Jordan would have made sure of that.

One thing at a time Hal cannot go after the mecha or escaping prisoners. Civilian lives are at stake and priority.


Sustain an army, block radio-signals that might trigger the bombs and…try not to get killed. Witchdoctor's form was literally glowing with her magics…which meant she was a fairly obvious target floating there. She'd simply have to try and hope that the metal golems she'd conjured were tangling up enough of the threats that they wouldn't get a chance to aim at her. "We need to find the charges," she grunts with effort, "before their timers run out."


"Just focus on da big stuff, I'll take care of dese prisoners before dey make it to shore. Be sure that they won't be enjoin' their evenin'." She then looks up and notices all that is happening even as she gets into range of the boat and then simply takes a few steps back on her rowboat, balancing with the ease of a gymnast and then leaps from her boat on to their boat, "Alright, boys. I'll be tonight's entertainment."

And with that, she opens up on the nearest prisoner with her pistol, the force being like getting hit by a baseball thrown by an all star pitcher rather than an actual bullet, lucky him. She then proceeds to start on to the next with her club like hammer.


~"Call me Alchemist,"~ Alice says over her comms as the teflon coated, and specially designed, super soaker is levelled at the nearest walker. The liquid inside is changed as well and though there will be damage to the street…it's already pretty messed up anyway! So she sprays to take out the joint of legs and body.

Eye motion controls as well as voice allow her to switch the comms to a private line. "Autumn, talk to me baby," She calls to her daughter, away, safe, and hidden, may have been able to call up something since the start. Heightened emotions like the ones such destruction yielded usually triggered things. Whether her mother could decipher them on the other hand…


One down; Two gray, metallic four legged constructs to go.

Once they've rebooted, all those weapons aim right towards Witchdoctor; her being the last target before remote control was severed. Starfire is ignored in favor of a full alpha strike. Two high powered lasers, four auto-cannons and another rack of missiles from the remaining two all fire at Witchdoctor… all the while that golem army keeps smacking down the shields, allowing Alice to start to pour on the acid. It isn't enough to shut them down instantly, but the legs of each machine start to buckle under their own weight.

Astrea, meanwhile, starts to clean house. The prisoners are sent flying off the boat one after another. With no real defense against someone like Astrea, she clears the boat in seconds… and is free to go after the other boat speeding off.

Green Lantern, on the other hand, is holding up an entire building by himself… and relieved civilians start to run out of both the front and back entries as the university evacuates.


Green Lantern's constructs begin to sustain themselves pillars and mesh that spreads out, keeps the parts of the University that are toppling upright and sending out grabbing emerald limbs, bubbles and creations to shovel people to safety.
"I think we are good here!" He says loudly in to the com systems, making sure everyone has heard him. "No visual on our bad guy though."


~"There are are over 24 bombs left…I…can't get them all mum…"~ The uncertain young voice comes over Alice's private comm.

~"Just give me what you have baby,"~ Alice responded gently even as she dodges a blast from a walker. ~"Breathe, let it flow, don't think about it."~

~"The mayor's house, the great crossroads of raised stone, that which keeps all things ancient, the city will fall if you don't stop it!"~ The girl suddenly shrieks. ~"Mum!"~

Alice doesn't respond right away as she uses several parked cars for cover. Noting how the golems are breaking through the shields she begins to conserve ammo and instead takes aim. Only then does she respond. ~"Hold it together baby girl, we got this,"~ Alice says with utter calm as her body constantly modifies the various panic chemicals to nil. All that runs through her body is her own soldier serum, boosting her strength, alertness, and speed. Alice switched comms to the League's own again, since it was what was getting chatter. "We have over two dozen bombs throughout the city. I am guessing either the Mayor's actual house or City Hall-"~ Alice abruptly stops at the touch of her daughter's voice in her head.

((Mum, yes, that building. The big one of justice. It's big. Huge!))

~"Ah…City Hall. There is a huge bomb underneath it! Evacuate it now,"~ And that goes to emergency broadcast channels as well. Now she begins broadcasting locations as her daughter feeds the images of what she sees. It takes the woman a second or two each to recall these various major landmarks and important locals all around metropolis. ~"There is enough to level the city. I repeat. LEVEL THE CITY!"~


At least Starfire succeeded in one moment!

The fetters of singed fur all fall like remnants of refuse when she aims to help… "Alchemist… I am Starfire." A nod to the woman as she had swept low in the bullet-like fire of melted and reformed slag where she had directed just before she heads upward to intercept the first payload aimed for her.

A comet-trail of heat extends behind her and below when she meets the tip of the 'A' formation at a calculated similar speed to grip the 'warhead' and redirect it towards the skies and fly with it and the 'Seeker Missiles' behind it only to screech to a halt just at the atmospheric level and release while they all meet and explode around her, leaving her a silhouette in the distance around a maelstrom of explosions…

That only bought them moments below…


As Chaos seemed to reign in Metropolis, it appears one piece of the puzzle was missing from this equation that didn't seem to be accounted for by really anyone as of yet.


Suddenly, as the weapons were fired towards Witchdoctor, something moving -far- faster than the speed of sound moved in to intercept. He stands directly in front of Witchdoctor, the lasers and missiles aimed for her having zero affect on the Man of Steel. Except for the lasers. While they don't knock him back, they HURT! but now's not the time to nurse wounds.

That said, Superman takes the time to clean house there as well, using his powerful heat vision to melt their shields or start disintegrating them if it breaks through. But it's clear the Man of Steel is doing a great many things in a short span of time, but that's why he's called SUPER, right?

Then? He's back off like a cannon of pure speed, moving extremely fast in flight, given Superman having identified some of the bombs in the city, he starts to collect before people really even realize it happened. Minus likely Eobard.

Soon enough, he's chucking something through the atmosphere, which is a collection of bombs. Considering Alice can handle the rest…at least he hopes she can.

Finally, when he's moving at normal speed, he's helping out Hal lift that building..which is likely considerably lighter now compared to him.

"Need a Hand?" he asks then through the coms as that S-shield heralds who he is, looking completely glorious as per the freakin' usual with the guy! red cape and all, he smiles softly.

"I hope I'm not too late. Had a space mess that needed cleaning up."


Looking around as she finishes off the boat, she turns the wheel on the current boat toward the next one. She knows not how to get these things working but she knows that the wheel makes it turn and the thing is already moving. She eyes the path she is taking and sighs, "These fools needed to stay in their holes."


Well…she wasn't dead. That was awfully handy! Witchdoctor actually gives a sigh of relief as she finds herself looking at a big red cape rather than explosions and being dead. "Good timing," she speaks, but then the man of steel was off in a blur. Finally, they had some speed of their own on the team. Maybe the table could finally turn! About half of her construct army crumbles, numbers decreasing in favour of a Kryptonian to deal with them. Now they had a bigger threat identified!

Dropping from the air, the Witch raises her hands and seems to…catch fire? Only it wasn't flames that burst from her form, it was thousands of glowing golden butterfly lights. Swarming towards City hall, they seek the massive bomb that Alice had announced with a single-mindedness, intending to transport the device high into the upper atmosphere.


The prisoners are in the water and in no danger of escaping, thanks to Astrea. Livewire escaped in the chaos… but that's just something that will need to be dealt with in time.

Meanwhile, the Walker that was taken down by a coordinated effort by Alice, Witchdoctor, and Superman buckles under the massive offensive, the shield breaking. Supermans heat vision… does surprisingly little damage; the armor seems designed to handle thermal attacks. Witchdoctor and Alice on the other hand get more good hits in, their added firepower shutting down the second Walker. It also 'winks' out of existence in a combined explosion/energy blast. The third Walker is also made short work of with Alice and company working on it… a third Walker dead in the same sort of blast.

The university and the buildings surrounding the Walkers are total losses, but the Justice League and friends managed to turn a disaster manageable… and get over a third of the bombs.

Once it becomes clear that Superman is on scene though, Professor Zoom /FINALLY/ comes out of nowhere… and starts to pick up his own bombs in a red streak of lightning that zooms around the city.

Timers are disabled and remote detonators cleared as Professor Zoom heads over to the where the National Guard tried to come into the city, and everyone in the city on the radio can hear the distorted voice of Zoom, "Until next time, Justice Fools." And he's gone in a red streak west.

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Superman’s posture seems to flicker and in an updraft of red and blue he and vanishes heavens ward faster than a man can easily perceive. He has flown away.


"I really do not know why being called a 'Justice Fool' annoys me so much." Green Lantern remarks to Superman as he makes his big show, "You're late. I am glad to see you none the less but you are definitely late. What would Batman say?"

The only one he cannot reach in this is the Alchemist. The rest are comm capable. "We have a long night ahead of us." A mumble that wasn't exactly meant to go through the mic.


The Witch? She falls down to her knees, touching her forehead with her palm as she finally lets her spells fade. It wasn't quite so easy to animate, jam and teleport all at the same time. In fact? The 'rebound' felt like she'd just headbutted superman. Hearing the others over the comm, the blonde sorceress actually gives a little laugh. "Does this mean we won? Because I could use a moment to rest…perhaps a cup of tea or something sweet?" She herself moves to prop herself up against the edge of the unruined rooftop she was standing on. "Perhaps someone should check on the doctor?"


The blast from the walker winking out and exploding shoves cars into Alice's crouched form. She grunts as the blast throws her a few feet and she rolls. Several vials shatter, but that is the price of her type of equipment. It is all just water till she changes it.

Picking herself up she is back in the gray and that last walker goes down through combined efforts. Alice smiles in satisfaction and can be seen shooting the finger at where the thing winks from existence. ~"Batman would probably just glare and make everyone feel bad. Also…I am willing to help how I can."~ The unfamiliar voice, self-named Alchemist, comes across the comms in response. ~"Witchdoctor can vouch for me, if you need."~ She adds and that helmeted head turns towards the floating fairy woman. Who is suddenly not so floating.

Small and quick she is over to her side and sliding a bottle of water towards her. The lips is flipped off and she dips a finger in to touch the liquid. It changes to a tawny brown and smells distinctly of fine English tea. "Ask and ye shall receive, Alyse," The voice scrambler says.

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Superman looks at Hal as he pretty much holds the building with a small grin for Hal. "Would you like to carry this on your own?" he asks Hal then with a bit of a snarky smile, before he looks to Witchdoctor and offers her a kind smile. "I have this Lantern. Make sure everyone is alright, please?" hey, he asked nicely!

A look then for Alice as she speaks for the coms. "Alchemist…nice to meet you. thank you for lending a hand." Superman says over the comms as things seem to be settling down. Though he paid no more mind to Zoom….he was gonna be after him in a minute.

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