Ups and Downs

March 18, 2018:

Marcos tries to calm Lorna down from a particularly bad mood. Warning for PDA



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Since Zealot had been captured, and Darcy.. arrested, Lorna hadn't been sleeping. She had come back from the X-mansion in hardly what anyone would consider a stable state of mind. Nate had calmed her down, somewhat, at least to the point that Lorna wasn't likely to set off an electromagnetic storm and destroy everything metal in a square mile.

But she'd handed in her X-comm when Scott had told her to get out. As far as the green haired mutant was concerned, she was no longer a member of the X-men. And as such, she had passed on orders to the Acolytes about tightening security. As far as Lorna was concerned, she couldn't trust Scott anymore.

More over, as she stood in her suite, she was now in a manic phase. Sleep hadn't been happening, and she'd been micromanaging supplies in Genosha. A holo-projected image in front of her held a map of the island on the table as Rolly the drone buzzed around her head as she muttered out commands to be taken note of.

Invitations for the wedding, what was meant to be sent out to the X-mansion, was suffering from a case of magnetized scizzors cutting them into tiny scraps of paper. If Lorna had been overly stressed before Darcy had been arrested, then now was her buckling under said pressures as she tried to balance all of it at once. Even in her hand, she searched up what she could find on the internet about Riker's island and the jail built there. Darcy had told her to not break her out.. but Lorna would be prepared .. just in case. Her hair was a green mess on her head, and she wore the clothes she'd worn yesterday.


Marcos had been in Genosha making sure that everything went swimmingly, including speaking with Magneto to see where else he could be of use instead of being trapped in a room waiting impatiently for something to happen. That said, when he heard that Lorna had returned in not even a good mood, Marcos did his best, but it looked like even he couldn't calm her down immediately. After handling and defusing a situation between two arguing mutants, Marcos called it a day and returned home.

…only to find Lorna still in freakout mode. A small sigh touched his lips as he approached Lorna from behind, his arms wrapping around her waist. "Lorna." he whispers to her as he held her close, his hand caressing her dark green locks.

"Talk to me."


The buzzing of everything around her stilled as Marcos entered and came up behind her to wrap his arms around her. The warmth of his figure seemed to bleed some of the worst tension from her shoulders for a moment, a beat.. and then she was making to try to break away from him. The magnetic energies swirling around her and the room once more a light with the glow of power. Scizzors snapped ever more insistently, destroying carefully written invititations into little bits and pieces.

Rolly did a barrel roll.

"I quit the X-men, Marcos. They're not invited. Well, Illyana, and Monet and Nate are.. Jean maybe.." She muttered dryly. "Depends if she screams at me that I've betrayed everyone too." Her voice was a muted snarl, heat just behind the bite of each word.

"Scott is no longer welcome at my wedding." She finished, as the scizzors seemed to finish one final snip of puncutate her words. A green eyebrow lofted upwards.

"And I'm researching what I can on Riker's prison. It's where they're keeping Darcy. If need be, I'll break that place open and leave it in ruins."


Eclipse keeps his arms around Lorna as he feels her calming down for a single moment…..before she rips herself out of his grasp and leaves Marcos looking almost shocked that she would fight against -him- just becuase she was upset. Either way, he sees the invitations being sliced and diced before he looks to Lorna.

" what? Lorna, why? Was it becuase of Darcy and that….whole mess?" he asks then, approaching Lorna because he sure as hell wasn't afraid of her, arms crossed as he looks at her, but he rubs the back of his neck. "Okay…well, you didn't betray anyone. You did what you thought was right when the X-Men were stretched thin as it is, okay?" he attempts to caress her dark green locks with a hand. "Okay…Scott can be a dick, so I won't ask what happened there, but you can talk to me about it."

Then he hears about her wrecking a prison. "Lorna…" he starts. "That's not the way to go. If you go and start wreaking havoc, you'll undo everything we've been trying to do to live peacefully here. Especially if they know you did it and you made your residence on Genosha. We need to think….but as a last option, we wreck the prison." he says then, looking at her.


Lorna was practically vibrating with the need to move, to do something, anything. Her figure was exhausted, but her mind was going constantly. A machine of her mind that spun out and continued to grasp at move even when she tried to rest. It was a manic upswing, and it wasn't helped by the circumstances around her. She threw her hand out, grasping the scizzors as they flew to her hand and danced between her fingers.

"I did what was necessary to save our people, to give them a chance at life here and to stop the death that Zealot and the Magistrates were bringing down on them. I will always do what's necessary, especially when no one else will stand up to do it. SHIELD and the rest of the world was content to ignore Genosha Marcos. They ignored what happened here for years and now, when people need their help, they don't care because of who and what we are. I'm not sorry that I asked Darcy for the intel and gave it to the Brotherhood. It was worth it. It saved lives. And if Scott and the X-men can't see that then I don't need them. I don't want any of them at my wedding if that's how they see me. As just some mutant extremist, just like my father and my siblings. That's how they've always seen me. As a ticking time bomb waiting to go off." She practically snarled, tossed the scizzors aside and sent them flying into the wall where they stuck.

Her anger was a palpable thing, and it showed in the flicker of the lights over head.

"Darcy doesn't deserve to be in prison for saving lives." Her voice was soft, gentle even, as she swallowed a hard lump in the back of her throat.


Marcos looks at her as she starts moving about Manically, messing with the scissors in her hand, a breath then as he sees Lorna looking dangerously upset. "Lorna…calm down." he says then, eyes serious, face neutral as he approaches her, not even afraid about the scissors in her hands as he moves so close that they are almost chest to chest. "You did what you had to do, I got that. But if you start causing trouble -now-, you could bring 10x the greater mess to Genosha. We need to think, not just be angry." he says then. Marcos was -always- the cooler head out of the two, despite the fiery nature of both his powers AND his temper.

"Look, I know what you did was what you thought was right. I even thinjk it was. But as it stands now, we need to start thinking about ways to get her out of there -without- going on a warpath, alright?" He leans in to kiss her head. More than likely she ha too much energy to keep still.

"You're right, she doesn't. But she still broke some sort of rule, otherwise they wouldn't have come and snatched her. We'll figure this out, alright? We always do. But first, we need to calm…down. Okay?" he looks at her then, those eyes looking right into her own and that smile that could melt a glacier is shining.


Lorna made a frustrated sound at the back of her throat, but at least she wasn't pulling the scissors out of the wall and back into her waiting hands. She did that when she was stressed, flung around sharp and pointy metal objects. She knew Marcos hated it, especially when she was in a low, depressive episode.. But it was an old reflex.

"Don't tell me to calm down Marcos, I am perfectly calm." Her voice's pitch proved otherwise, especially as the lights over head flickered again. Green lighting up her finger tips and she shivered as she inhaled slowly and exhaled as he came nearer to her and kissed her head gently.

She breathed as if she'd been running, and in many ways she had, just not physically. "What are we going to do exactly to get her out Marcos? Wait on politics? She's part of an organization of spies and black ops. She gave a known terrorist organization intel that allowed them to be robbed. SHIELD isn't going to be all forgiving about that. How long am I supposed to sit here and do nothing while she rots away in Riker's?" Her voice climbed in emotion, thickening and crackling at the ends as much as the magnetic energies twisted aroun dher hands.

"How am I supposed to just go on with my life pretending that everything is just fucking dandy and get married like it doesn't matter?"


Marcos definitely did hate it when she just started throwing sharp things. But hey, at least she stopped before Marcos actually got -upset-. At least some part of the calming method is working!…hopefully…right? Anyway.

Marcos knows when Lorna's talking absolute bullshit. Like when she says she's not angry, but she's extremely angry. "No, you're not." he says then, arms crossed over his chest as he stared Lorna right into her eyes, though he relaxed after he kissed her forehead. Though as she speaks and her tone goes higher and higher because she's panicing and she's angry. So what does he do? he hugs her. Tightly. He says nothing at first, until she can hear him breathe like he was about to start.

"Lorna…what I'm asking you to do and wait, and consider all of our options before we make a move. Let's speak with Magneto and the council and see what we can do. If our only option to get Darcy out of the prison is to turn it into rubble, then I'll be right by you when we knock the doors down. Okay?"


Typically Lorna didn't argue back about being calm, or being angry when she was worked up as she was, but it was a struggle to calm down enough to listen to Marcos. To listen to what he had to say rather than the storm of emotions that screamed at her to do something. Darcy was safe, ish, in prison. It wasn't some hole where she'd be tortured. Darcy was okay. Bored. But okay.

Lorna had to remember that.

Marcos' soothing words, and the firmness in his embrace was almost like running into a brick wall of stillness. Lorna's mind was a caustic tangle of emotions and it was hard to breathe, much less think. She had worked herself up into this state, and Marcos was trying his best to help her. She exhaled a shuddering breath, the green fading from her finger tips as she leaned against him, eyes slipping shut as she wrapped her arms around his waist to steady herself.

"I'll talk to my father.. Okay.. Sure.."


Marcos held Lorna in his arms….but even as Lorna's breathing slowed down, though still remained shuddered, in it's own way. It was when Lorna visibly just relaxed (kinda) and leaned against him, her arms wrapping around him as Marcos comforted her. His lips kiss her forehead once more as his hand massaged her scalp.

"We'll get this handled together, okay? We will help Darcy. I promise you that." he pulls away, but not out of her loving grasp. "Hey.." he attempts to lift her chin with his finger so he can look her in the eyes. "I love you." and he attempts to kiss her lips passionately. She was calmed now, and they were gonna get through it.

Woe to any who get in their way.


Lorna exhaled another shaky breath as Marcos ran his hands through green locks and soothed some of the worst of her temper away. It was still there, still bundled up with manic energy just calling for her to do something to be productive. Anything really. Even as Marcos leaned back to look down at her, lifting her chin and promising her the world, he always did, it brought a twitch of a smile to life on her lips. A ghost of humor.

"Yeah.. love you too." She murmured, even as he stole a kiss and left her breathless against him.

Lorna was keeping an ever increasingly difficult balance in her life. The knife's edge she'd always balanced on seemed to have gotten thinner and harder to stay on the longer she remained in Genosha. But Marcos was right. If she wanted that future for their daughter, she had to keep her head down and play by the poltical rules that was the World's Stage. If she slipped in anger and rage, she could put that all at risk.

So even though it killed her to stay and 'do nothing' immediately… she had to. She knew she had to.


Marcos smiles softly to her then as she smiled then to him, his lips touch hers and it's a lengthy, and passionate kiss. He holds her close to him for those few moments , those moments where Lorna always managed to think clearly was when they kissed or when Marcos was around. That said, Marcos Diaz may be the only man alive who can calm her down at the height of rage. EIther way, when he pulls away, he looks her right in the eyes, his forehead against hers.

"Thank you." he smiles warmly then, his hand rubbing her back up and down.

"Alright, what would you like to eat? Because I sure as hell know you haven't eaten anything." he says to try and bring that smile back to her face, the smile that could light up a room.


Marcos could bring a smile to her features, he was her sun, in more ways than one. He gave her hope when she'd lost it. A warm hand and an even warmer heart to share the burdens of her rather turbulent life. And her life had always been that way. He never seemed to lose sight of his dreams and always rolled with the blows life dealt him. Perhaps it was something he'd learned on the streets, but either way, it steadied Lorna.

His hand at her back, warm and comforting had her closing her eyes briefly.

His mention of food had her blinking and she grinned up at him. "Guilty, yeah okay. I haven't had a thing to eat."


Marcos smiles then when he finally manages to get that famous grin out of her! "There she is." he comments, stealing another kiss from her lips and a caress of her hair. "Geez, not one thing? Well, tell me what you want to make and I'll cook it for you."

Marcos was a bombin' cook.

"Unless you would prefer to get takeout?" a friendly smile for her then as he kept close to her, arms around her waist as his eyes never left her own. "…man, I can't wait to marry you."


Lorna's mood warmed in reflection of Marcos' own sweetness, and she even laughed softly as he leaned in for a second kiss and pulled her close. She reached up with both hands to twine around the back of his neck and lean against him. "I lost track of it…" She mumbled defensively, something her own father fell into, she'd learned. They both had their manic swings, an inherited trait, she had learned. Magneto lost sleep to get his projects done, he forgot about things like eating too. She'd seen it. And that was a sobering thought indeed.

That perhaps watching the Master of Magnetism was like looking at her future. A possible future. One where he'd lost his everything, his wife, child..

But that was a depressing thought she shoved away stubbornly. She was not her father. She would never leave a child behind.

"If you want to cook, why not." She murmured, her fingers playing with the ends of his short black hair. Even as he murmured how he couldn't wait to marry her. It made her chest tighten and expand rapidly with a burst of happiness she wasn't entirely prepared for. It took her breath away, that smile of his as he looked down at her. Her stomach flipped and tightened and she let her hands fall back. "C'mon, lets get something to eat."

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