When the Darkness Meets the Light

March 18, 2018:

During the eclipse, Lilith and her Lilin have arrived on Earth's plane. She is met with opposition of trio of heroes. After the eclipse, some will notice the disappearance of Atum.

//Cypress Hill Cemetery //

Cypress Hill Cemetery

A cemetary started over a decade before the Civil War. There cemetery
occupies both Queens and Brookln. It consists of about 225 acres separated
by Jackie Robinson Highway. Some of the notable features are the Cypress
Hill and Memorial Abbys, and the Melrose Memorial Garden.


NPCs: Atum The_Lilin Circe

Mentions: Krampus


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There are very few astronomical events that the entire world can take part in, but today's even is one of those events. Even if a person cannot watch the solar eclipse like the western hemisphere, the entire world will get to witness the comet passing close to the Sun. It is just the western hemisphere gets to witness both spectacles.

While the rest of world is enjoying this spectacular, there are small group of people who are befuddled or terrified about another spectacle that has appeared over the Cypress Hills Cemetery, in Brooklyn, New York. For mundane beings it appears that a small patch of dark emerald mist has appeared above the cemetery, but beings that can type into the mystic arts can see that a dimensional rift has opened above the cemetery, and it is rapidly increasing.

A reporter who is cursing his luck that he stock covering what he feels were the weirdos who wanted to watch this astronomical event at the cemetery is now glad he came as he works on getting the scoop by interviewing a witness. A young tattooed woman wearing eclipse glasses is talking about she saw Circe pointing at sky, then disappearing. The reporter turns to the news, "You heard it here, first. It seems that the villain known as Circe is ?.

Ozymandias drops In from his grappling hook and yells, "Newcast is over. Everyone needs to evacuate this place immediately!" Ozymandias peers over at the breach and speaks on his comm device on all available channels, "Circe doesn't seem to still be in the area, but I detecting a very strong chaotic force. The feeling is only getting stronger as this breech is widening. I helping to evacuate the area.

Most people take heed to Ozymandias' warning, but there a dozen of people and including the news crew that are either moving away in lackadaisical manner, or not moving at all.

One of the people not heeding Ozymandias' warning is the middle-age well-dressed gentleman that arrived seemingly from nowhere a minute ago. Doctor Strange got some warning from the Orb of Agamotto in his Sanctum, and came to investigate quickly.

In truth there were some bad omens about the eclipse and the comet, so he was on high alert already, expecting someone or something to exploit the celestial conjunction for dark magics.

Unfortunately he wasn't disappointed.

"Ozymandias, I am on site," he says, speaking on the Justice League communicator. "Circe was here, hmm? And we have not yet captured the Krampus. But I suspect it was but a distraction for worse magics."

Cassandra reaches up and adjusts the glasses she is wearing again.Someone had insisted htat she take this and the girl took it to mean that the event going down in the sky overheaad ws somehow dangerous, but she wasn't overly concerned. This was something verigng on magical, not justw becauseshe hasn't seen the sky behave this wsway before but because other people are clearly so excited by the situation that is going down. It lends the entire event a frenetic excited energy which is frankly infectious.

It's the deep emerald emanating from the cemetary which ultimately draws the girl closer. People are fleeing in the other direction but it seems that the slender teenager in a dark hoodie with a small canvaas bag over her shoulder is determined to defy the turn of the crowd and get a better look at what is happening. She easily weaves in between the fleeing witnesses, ultimately stepping out of sight alongside a street lamp outside of the graveyard so that she can peer inward. These places always feel strange but this was… Different, and not just because of the chaos. She waits pensively for something to happen.
"No, I am afraid not." Ozymandias peers around looking for Strange as he continues speaking on his communicator. "I got reports that Circe was in the area, and suddenly I got this feeling of evil in the area. I thought it might be Krampus." Ozymandias grinds his teeth tightly, "I am afraid you might be right that this is a dis…

Before Ozymandias can finished his speech, the dimension barrier explodes open, spewing dimensional energy into the sky above that reaches above each of the tri-cities and several yards into the cemetery. The only thing Ozymandias is able to do in time to rescue the people still linger is jump in front of the camera crew and tranform his shield into mystical energy to block the attack. The blast of dimensional is does not reach out of the graveyard, but cemetery has rapidly filled with green mists to let outsiders know that something is definately amiss in Cypress Hills.
You paged Doctor Strange with 'Mystical energy flying out of barrier would be bad for the remaining humans in the cemetary.'
"I mean the Krampus was a distraction," replies Doctor Strange. "Whatever happens now…" he pauses, feeling the buildup, and raising his hands he attempts to weave a spell to reinforce the walls between worlds. Unfortunately the sorcerer does not have time.

Instead he moves quickly, shielding himself with magic and pulling the amulet from around his neck, holding it high. The Eye of Agamotto glows golden, slowly opening.
You paged Doctor Strange with 'What are you doing with the Eye of Agamotto?'
If Cassandra had been inside the graveyard she would have been toast As it was the energy exploded outward in a wave of mystical force, washing over everyone stilll inside and stopping mere inches short of where the girl had concealed herself. she stares for a second, eyes slightly narrowed, taking llong, slow breaths. Calm the mind and spirit. Her eyes shift slowly to focus on Ozymandias. It was hardto ignore him any longer, with mystical force exploding in all directions. That is still less damning than the raw might and shimmering glow of the eye as it opens.

Cassandra pauses for a second„ considering the pair from her perch and resolves to stay where she is. She tenses slightly, lifting a heel in case she needs to fdive away..Sofar, however, the smoke isn't spreading. She isn”t going to let it touch her by any means. That largely leaves staying where she is or fleeing. She chooses the former.
Doctor Strange pages: flood the cementery with holy light, eventually
The explosion rocks Ozymandias back into the camera crew, sending everyone to the ground. Ozymandias gets on his feet first, and yells to the crew to run. This time the camera crew heeds his advice and run through the mists, showing that the mist itself is harmless. It just a by product of the dimensional rift. The explosion was not harmless to the reporter and one other bystander. The energy transforms them into statues. But that is not the worse result of the dimension exploding, it is what has come from the other dimension into ours…

Lilith, the Mother of Demons, steps out of the mists, licking her smiling lips. She claps her hands filled with dark glee, "Is this really a welcome home celebration for me? She places her hands on her chest and stares down at Strange and Ozymandias, "I hope that you do not think it rude of me that I invited a few of my children along for this little celebration. They like me have been gone for such long time, and they could use the entertainment.

and with that statement, she takes a step back and a dozen Lilin pour of the dimension. Lilith points her hand and begins to cast a spell.

The first Lilin that Ozymandias see immediately gets an arrow to the chest. Ozymandias quips. "I am cutting loose, Doctor. Let me know when you got a plan, or even an idea what is going on."

"So, you are one of Circe's minions now?" Replies Strange, digging for information on what is going on. Demons often easy to provoke into making prideful statements of intention.

Unfortunately it looks like Lilith is not here to talk, but summoning her children, which are a veritable horde. That needs to be prevented outright. No chatter:

"I am afraid this 'celebration' is cancelled, old monster," he declares, focusing the light of Agamotto on Lilith and her children, he calls upon the power of the Vishanty. "And in the name of Hoggoth, he who is ancient even by the reckoning of the stars, I summon the Hoary Hosts to return these invaders to the dark hells that spawned them!"

The light of Agamotto merges with the deep gray of Hoggoth's spirits, summoned to close the path between dimensions and to expel demonds from the physical world.
Doctor Strange pages: some of those Lilim might be native to Earth, so Cass has someone to punch :)
Cassandra watches Strange's ritual with narrowed eyes, her dark eyes severe as she studies his movements for some indication of what he does The girl is perched on the balls of her feet, leaning slightly forward, staring at the demons pouring from other dimensions and into the graveyard. The magic is impressive but in the mean tim there are… Civilians.

A couple of the people Strange and Ozymandias saved make ill-advised attempts to escape. They're pitifully slow commpared to the monstrous Lilin. The first who moves is a two faces thing, one in front and back of her head, with an improbably long tongue and glistenings fangs. She is joined by her sister, with grayed skin and a pointed heqad beneath long, black, ropey hair and claws on her hands. The man they descend upon screams.

Cassandra's toes dig slightly into the dirt and she leas forward before taking a leap. She vaults the three foot tall Cemetary wall and throws herself at the first of the monsters. The difference is striking. They have claws and sharp teeth, she has hands and a hoodie. They are eight feet tall, she is 5. Then Cassandra kicks the monster's leg out from under her and suddenly the fight seems more even.

It's harrowing. The two monsters surround her, flailing viciously and somehow pieces of Cassandra Cain don't end up on the ground. Vicious kicks and punches punish every movement. Like she knows what they intend before they attack.
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"Monster? When did your race becomes so unhospitable. Surely, your kind has always been simple beasts, but there is no need to act like one." Lilith winces ever so slightly as her children are pulled back into their dimension. Lilith glares at Strange and the Eye of Agamatto, "The Sorceror Supreme, how quaint. Allow me to introduce myself, because I feel the next time we meet will be your last. I am Kiskillilla, Bat Zuga, Mother of Demons, Archmother of witchcraft, and 20,000 other names that you race have given me, so they could calm their fears. I prefer Lilith, and I am noone's minion.

The demons that still partly human are bound to this world. Two of these demons learn that this world has protectors, and they come in all sizes. The hones and tendons of the demons are broken and torn under Cassandra onslaught. It is enough to give a third demon pause, and he stiffs the air in the direction of Cassandra as it slowly backs away from her.

This act of cowardice from one of her demons causes Lilith to wave her hands disintergating the demon in a puff of green smoke. "It seems to call upon my stronger children." Lilith turns to Strange, "Now, I must be the rude one, and leave earlier, but know that the next time that we meet my children and I will destroy you. This world is mine, Sorceror!" Lilith lightly taps the ground and shockwaves rock the few remaining demons and heroes as Lilith disappears.

Strange knows a good number of those 20,000 names, unfortunately. The sorcerer is quite alarmed Lilith managed to resist the power of Hoggoth. Whatever way has brought her to the world has used a major ritual.

When she makes the floor shake, he hovers a few inches over the land, avoiding being knocked over. A blast of magic is sent to Lilith, but she vanishes before the impact. "Ozymandias, the Justice League needs to know of this immediately," he states. Then turns to the remaining Lilim, apparently being beaten by a girl less than half their size. Very interesting. He quickly casts a pair of binding spells on them. Interrogation might reveal some of Lilith plans, after all.

"Do you know the young woman?" He asks Ozymandias more quietly.
Cassandra is breathing heavily but seems no worse for the wear. Neither Lilin managed to land a blow on her. She glances at the man she's rescued and he quickly elps and runs away without so much as a thank you. the girll doesn''t seem to mind.WhenStrange binds the fallen demonspawn Cassandra gives him a fiant nod but otherwise it seems her attention is on the departing Lillith. She shields herself with an arm as s shockwaves begin, and rocks bck onto her ankles but isn't toppled. This is a formidable person, even if the only skills she's displaayed thus far are in unarmed combat. Then again, not many people can break the aarm of a demon. She doesn't speak to either man, though sshe doess turn to faace them slightly, perhaps inviting comment.
The comet is almost out of sight as the sun is also almost completely revealed. Somewhere on Earth, Circe is watching the events unfold through a mystical mirror. She talks over her shoulder to some unseen being or beings. "The heroes needed another diversion. Lilith will keep Strange occupied once she has given birth to stronger demons, and she will automatically take on my role on helping to further weaken the barriers to bring forth more of her children. It allows me free to pursue our ultimate goals. By the time of the end game, neither Lilith, or Strange, or anyone else will be able to stop us. Let her spread chaos, even her destruction will dwarf what is coming.

Back at the Cypress Hill Cemetery, Ozymandias puts his bow back in place on his back as peers at Strange as he shakes his head, "No, but, I have always had a fondest for people who can kicked butt, while wearing a hoodie." Ozymandias thinks back to the times he has fought crime in a hoodie, but he normally grabs a bag to put on his head. Ozymandias nods his head to Cassandra, "Thank you for your help." Ozymandias smiles behind his mask, "I am Ozymandias, and this is Doctor Strange."

The eclipse is over, and the comet has passed the Earth.

The Sun is once revealed in all its glory, but there is something that is wrong. This wrongness is what keeps the Mother of Demons from cursing her first defeat, and even brings a wicked smile to her lips. It is the same wrongness that cause Circe's eyes to widen in surprise. Something that can only be felt by those deeply attune with the forces of the universe, the Sun, or perhaps a relative?

Because what is wrong is that Atum, first son of Gaea, the God-Eater, and resident of the sun is not in his home. He has gone missing. Since the time of the Elder Gods, there is no Demongorge to protect the Earth from the threat of the Dark Gods, and you have a terrible feeling that this is just the beginning.

Cassandra does not reply with a name. Instead she cants her head slightly toward the graveyard and takes a deep breath. She steps forward, still silent and also quite calm. Her body language is open, feet spread, hands at her sides, palms out.. But the girl doesn't seem inclined to answer them with anything other than a nod and the occasional glance toward where the portal used to be.
Strange was going to introduce himself to Cassandra when he feels the 'wrongness'. His eyes rise to the sun and he frowns deeply. It will take him a few hours of research to find out what it the reason of this dark feeling, but for now he only feels the urgency to return to the Sanctum.

"Young lady," he states, turning to Cassandra. "What you did was extraordinary. I am Doctor Stephen Strange, sorcerer and proud member of the Justice League, please feel free to drop by my home anytime," he gives her a card. "I think we should talk, but unfortunately right now I need to leave. Dark events are transpiring and I need to figure out exactly what."

Regardless if Cassandra took the card or not, a shimmering gate appears at the Doctor's side and he crosses over, vanishing from the cemeter

Ozymandias wait for Strange to leave and prepares to fire off his grappling hook, "If you are looking for something less Justicey, contact me." Ozymandias tosses her a hitech burner phone. "Watch your back, and really nice moves!" Ozymandias flies off into the air.

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