Jules the Sister and Rob Crow

March 13, 2018:

(Backdated Scene) Ripclaw visits Sara at her home and meets the wild younger sister.


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Several Weeks Ago…

New York, Chelsea, 10:38 PM EST.

"Sara, there is some weird guy at your door." Julie, Sara's younger sister can be heard yelling from the front. "Kind of hot in a Crow way." The younger Pezzini, a wild card compared to her orderly sister, spoiled, beautiful, outspoken and always in trouble. Without her sister's she likely would not be alive today. The red head often breaking in to her police detective of a sister's home unannounced. That's what siblings do right?

"Thanks, I will take that as a compliment. The weird and… the Crow thing." Robert Berresford has made a house call, in his black gloved hands is a vase wrapped in twine and he is clutching it closely to his chest. A leather jacket that is black with faded grey spots, a black zipped up hoodie underneath, torn black jeans and combat boots. Its hard to tell that the sharp tips of each finger are actually his own claws and not parts of the gloves themselves.

"Wait here, Bob." She teases and turns around with added strut.

Sara has been gone on an assignment for the … D.E.O (Department of Extranormal Operations), as her Homicide Detective and ranking seemed to take a twist after an exorcism gone sideways and the witness that other officers bore to the attempt and failure while the 'demon' seemed in "thrall" towards Sara.

Yes, let their write ups, thoughts, questions, answers - default to those said presumptions!

Sara is boiling the home-made pockets of ricotta and meat in a deep pot, the steam rising as she strains the homemade ravioli and then drops them into frying pan of oil with loud sizzles that break Julie's yell apart like a static cry from a horror movie.

A pause, those eyes flash towards the kitchen entry, golden shocks domination while she taste-tests the sauce made from scratch.

The small ladle remains in her hand as a lid is slapped over the frying Ravioli, her figure shadowing the threshold with the hand bearing the ladle upon her hip, Julie, inspected with "care" as if shaking a porcelain package with added leer, and then This… Crow.

"Robert…" Her tone is almost relieved, but that Amber gaze is wary, questioning of his presence here after 'all this time'.

Sara is in a pair of low hanging yoga pants, held low on her hips by the tight knot of a tie at her left hip. Abdomen is partially bare to the loose fit of a deeply opened tank top, more like strips of white in a vining cling than a top. Beneath a black Sports Bra straps contrast and vertical lines across the span of her back that Sara turns to Robert.

The motion is a show, but also a means to whip that slender plastic whisking spoon in front of Julie's face, "Taste test…"
"But I am not hun—"
"You're going to eat with me… and The Crow. Now.."
"I have…"
"….now… Taste." A breathe. "Your opinion is necessary."

Every ounce of calm is needed at this moment.

Robert now is regarded by Sara as Julie snaps the spoon from Sara's hand and heads into the kitchen to do as… demanded.

"She is right, you know. You do remind of the Crow… But I got this.." In regards to Julie's…Addictions. "Question is… is do I get to keep my appetite?" A gesture from Robert to the coat-hooks. Make himself at home or not?

"I am sorry to intrude. I just needed to get a number from you soon and you have not been answering phone calls." It is upon being told he is eating with them enters. Almost as though bidden forth like some vampire, hes pale enough to be one.

"I should have tried harder before just showing up and… just… considering your line of work and the lack of contact there was concern."

The object he is clutching in his hand is carefully set down on the countertop, slide towards the center so its well balanced and will not fall or accidentally get bumped off, it appears wrapped in old paper under the twine. Strange writings all along it.

"I am not one to say no to free food." A grin, "It is considered quite rude anyways. What is it?"

The Crow remarks he doesn't pay mind to. Politely not letting his strange animistic red eyes linger upon the comfortable home wear either woman is wearing, "I am guessing the two of you are related? I see similarities." Small talk for now he can manage.

"Yes, well…" Sara begins and then lowly as Robert passes by her towards the counter where he sets the item down. "It seems my line of work is redirecting." Kind of, sort of? But she is watching the object crudely wrapped and delicately propped on the granite counter where remnants of flour still remain from rolling out the dough to pouch meat and cheese had been hand-made.

"The phone… is bowels deep…" A hint to Robert, her gaze flickering a warning, as Sara turns on bare heel and Julie is adding a bit more spices to the sauce post a lick to her lips. Her attire is more Flash Dance-esque. A torn T-Shirt hands from her shoulder, midriff, lira shorts low on her hips and high on her thighs, far more flaunting in comparison.

The "veiled" lingerie to Sara's Sporty-Frump, while both of them wear their hair up in messy pony-buns of twisted auburn hair.

"Always glad to have Ospiti." Julie states, stirring the sauce and plopping the lid back on top. "Ravioli con salsa el pesto." Julie barely even looks over the odd package as she passes by and flicks a string of Roberts hood with a grin and a wink his way. "I got eye drops for that.." His red eyes.

Sara sighs and bites her tongue at the amount of red pepper grinds have been put into the sauce but her hospitality is… what it is. "It isnt Chef Boyardee level either."

But Sara's eyes are on the package despite Julie's attempt of an exchange with Robert, pushing from her lean on the divide to move towards it and squint to focus on the writing… "Do I have time to eat…?" Slowly her head tilts towards Robert, the dark strands of loose hair dragging over exposed collar bone. "With you and my sister before she undoubtedly heads out for the night…" No not a send off… it is said with an undertone of unhidden anger.

"I got people to meet and things to do!"

"Invertire! I am not daft…" Exhale.

"Are you implying…?!"

"No imply in saying people to do, and -things- to meet!"

"I can just go and…"

"You're eating first." And the way Sara's tone lowers speaks louder than the bass line rumble.


"Can we eat… first..?" Sara whispers, peeling her eyes from the package to Robert while she tucks her hair back behind an ear and starts to open a cabinet for plates.

"What have I missed. Debrief, quickly?"

Robert is burrowing a hole in to the fridge with his forward stare, lips quirking a little at their banter. It is amusing and they are very 'normal' compared to what he is used to, the closest to wholesome home life he gets anymore is visiting others, when the gaggle of Cyberforce is near one another which is a broken thing, they are broken or when he visits reservations on behalf of his training or duties as the Ghost Warrior.

A smile is fought off, unsure why he doesn't let it appear but he just stays quiet. Letting them engage in their sisterly exchange until Julie is bouncing off so they can speak while she changes, "I see you have you hands full."

"Siblings are a blessing." The man adds, "Most days."

"Lara and I had a journey in to the spirit world seeking the Dark things and secret knowledge. We found where the Gris-Gris goes, where it leads and it is not good. I have devised a plan though… one that is two fold, as we are unable to make this venture alone. I can go in to it, if we have the freedom and time."

It is as though he is waiting for Sara to say as much before he will take off his jacket and sit

"… Most days." Sara states as she reaches upward over the counter into the cabinet above to grip… paper plates and a count of three Stoneware plates. An umbra of fire red in the center to black at the rim of cornered edges. Frisbees from Hell! … Literally…

Placing the paper plates on the top of each platform, she is slowly dishing out each pastry-noodled ravioli to the plates while Julie gets dressed up. "I assumed it is not a good thing. You have it mummified in an enchantment?" A glance to Robert, than the object before she focuses on the sauce. Stirring slowly. "I was gone one month. I have been allowed a vacation of 4 days. Is that enough?" Sara does not look at Robert right now as she spoons a vegetable-sautéed hearty 'pesto' over the ravioli.

Julie strides back out in boots that fit over calves, loft her four inches and 'pirate' loosely around mid-thigh with a wrap of straps. Thighs are bare, a mini-dress of form fitting deep blue hangs in tattered straps over her form, as if Spider-Webbed and clinging only to curves alone. "I got 30 minutes then I have to catch mu ride," A pause and Julie is smiling and yet staring between them. For a moment there could be worry for her sisters well being with The Crow. But.. "How do I look?!" Arm raise-turn-strut!

"Like you are wearing my boots." Sara states, at some point her neck dipped and several strands fell free to hang loosely over her face as she serves up their dinner and *slams!* the utensil drawer open. One fork gathered for her plate, stabbed into a ravioli that sauce bleeds off of while she snatches her plate and walks to the small dining room table fit for two.

Dropping her plate, sauce spatters and the lounge chair from the bordering living room is easily spun in her hand to SCRAPE to one side of the table for…

There's Roberts final invite!

"But they suit the dress." Julie scoffs as she sweeps past Robert with a 'brush' of hip beside his with her sway upon heels, could have been accidental… If it was not for her final look his way before she turns to frown at Sara. "I'll bring them back."

Sara stares at her impaled and upright fork while fingers simply rest on the edge of her plate.

"They better be back in 3 days, Julie, a day before I get back from my trip with Robert, if not…"

"Yeah-yeah.." Julie rolls her eyes as she hastily eats and scrolls through her phone and the social media there. "Pound of flesh… You'll hunt me down. I get it. I do not want another instance like last month."

"4 months ago.."


Sara looks up at Robert. There is no apology, just an anger you see… In a mother bear that is chained to a tree. "When do we leave Mister. Robert?"

"Mummified?" Robert looks confused at then it dawns on him, "No. That is something else entirely." He assures her.

"Perhaps. Not many people decide their vacation shall involve death and the otherworldly." A smile, a respectful one.

"We wil… " The words cut off before Julie even shows back up, the footfalls heard earlier than normal 'human' ears are expected to hear such things.

Julie gets a look upon her question, one of appreciation as well, the Pezzin girls are both attractive, stunning really. "Very good." A polite compliment. "I imagine your date to be a lucky man… or woman." Whatever way she rolls.

The food on plate set before him that invite the mutant was awaiting jacket sheds to stretch across back of chair revealing the long-sleeved shirt that's very tight on his arms, its long, down to his wrists and he has gloves on underneath, striped black and red in horizontal lines, an IN FLAMES tee shirt worn over his broad chest.

"Looks delicious." His tone much quieter than the two bickering, actually drawing Julie's chair out for her and Sara's before seating himself, scooting it in as his hands pause at the utensils. The question getting a look, "As soon as I hear from the old man." /The/ old man is one and she knows who he is taking about. The Curator.

Sara nods to Robert, but it is a slow dip of her chin towards her plate. Her hunger is not evident on the surface, but her stomach growls and it is evident that she tenses with the noise, an attempt to stop it and detract from the noise with a cross of legs and a bending lean forward that has her taking a bite of the prepped meal.

Julie laughs and looks "abashed" at Robert's compliment, smoothing those waves of a more vibrant Red behind an ear as she rocks forward and eats a bite… than several as if she has not in days…

… She hasn't…

"No date! Just people I know!" Julie states as she lifts a napkin and wipes the sauce from her lips before dropping it on what remains as if 'done'.

"You'll finish th—-" Sara begins.

"Soon as you start." A challenging retort from Jules, with her own glare back.

Sara lifts her fork with the other part of her Meat Pasta…

A horn blares on the street and Julie is rising and exiting with a departing wave of excited rapidity! "Don't have too much fun, Sara… Oh.. Wait." The door opens. "That ruins your appetite."

"Rob-The-Crow. Pleasure~"


Sara is rubbing her temples before the fork even drops with a clatter, muttering lowly.

"Better call him first. If you want me in.." A slow inspection between fingers as they /smear/ down her face. "Light a Fire under The Old Man's Ass." A lingering watch on Robert before it goes back to the wrapped package and then the half eaten plate of Julies with a sigh.

It's a matter of heartbeats, and Sara is back to poise, lifting her fork, poking her food, and 'back to business' in her yoga attire and night of 'dress down'. "She'll be gone for two weeks, maybe more. We will, what?" But as she speaks and looks back at Robert her fork directs to his plate and wavers more towards his chest, signaling for him to eat!

"Looks aren't everything. Someone's gotta eat this…"

"A pleasure, yeah. Enjoy your night, Julie." Robert replies to the party bound cover model. He recognizes her now, a magazine once, less than several months ago. "Ahh, it makes sense now. You are the responsible one and shes the animal. More insight in to your world… "

A murmur around pasta and meat, chewing, quietly before speaking again. "Keeps you young." He talks like hes old as hell but the man is hardly more than his late twenties.

"Will she be all right?" A serious yet sympathetic question.

"We will be putting ourselves in danger again, the Curator and I discussed a plan to go in two fold, Lara and I are to scout while you and Jackie distract the target, your presence alone in Metropolis, near them will… give us an opening to enter.

Spiritual and material, dark things, they do so love what you and he carry. LIke attracts like."

Another bite, another swallow and he is staring at her quietly, like hes trying to learn her by looking at her face and eyes alone. Its more intent than he means it to be but, like most of Cyberdata's victims, he is quite damaged especially in regards to social nuances at times.

Sara just stares at Ripclaw as he speaks about responsibilities. Animal to Complacent Pre…dator. The hand holding her fork twists to cause th eerie Red Stone upon her symbiotic bracelet into a Light. "You can go find out after we finish our sitrep if you like." A solid statement, no comment on her age, as dark circles under her eyes are a perpetual thing lately… And apparently not going to end soon.

"I have not heard from Jackie in months, but that is saying nothing, as my phone is being cut out as we speak." A lift of that Amber gaze from the spinning pasta 'puffs' in her plate via the stab of her fork, dead on to Ro… Ripclaw. "I have a follower that will not go away, though. He calls them Darklings." Ripclaws watch upon her, that meet of red eyes comes upon a gold veined fire that is spitting through a dark brown of her eyes. Her shoulders hunch, her neck bends to drop to meet Ripclaw eye-to-eye over the table that is bare of a cloth, but has a setting of a single flickering candle for softer scent alone, and napkins.

Sara's look is much like a wolf with its muzzle towards the ground, haunches risen with hackles, and eyes dead on like the Mona Lisa. Following even when still. A predator within.

"Tell me what you need from me." And finally, casually, Sara is eating. This… business… Life or death… Is her norm and she settles into the conversation like a blanket, never breaking that stare.

"I don't exactly want to chase your sister across New York. I was just… " Robert lets his words hang in the air again, "I see. Touchy subject you two, I will butt out of it."

To stop himself he actually stuffs a mouthful of pasta back in.

"He is the Darkness, it is expected for him to be elusive, perhaps even an enemy but the Curator and I are trying to find him. Like you, he vanished, we intend to make sure not fallen to our enemies."

"The Darklings? They should not be stalking you still, that is, disturbing and unsafe for you but that says if they've not approached that likely their master is alive and not to be concerned about." He has more than enough knowledge when it comes to the Darkness, much more than he pretends to know of. It is what he was tasked to help Capri and Jackie with, one day Robert will.

"The same thing we have needed for some time now, unity, presence, a distraction so we can find a way in, past the defenses employed by the Waking Death and Blight." Apparently a fast eater as his plate is pressed aside, empty now. Cleaned.

"You'd be the first.." A half-hearted laugh passes Sara's lips at she half retorts to Ripclaw about his 'Not wanting to chase Julie', but her *digs* have run dry.

"I know you 'see' better." No, not 'Know' Better! "When it comes to Julie. Her playfulness is a bit better, that's why I say two weeks instead…" … of two months. Ripclaws cut off brought relief to the tension that made her shoulders go rigid and hunch. In that time frame she managed to pick up ravioli number two in her fork and take a small, decisive bite.

The words Ripclaw states of the Darklings and Jackie have Sara's eyes unwavering from his, still until she casts them to the shadows of her living room that is only divided by trim flooring that moves from tiled stone to plush carpeting and an overstuffed couch and chaise set that barely looks touched save an unmatched pillow and tiger blanket.

"Sounds like a nightmare only CWX would play after 1 A.M. that would keep me from sleep." Another small bite and finally her eyes shift to the left and the fridge where a carafe of water is kept chilled inside a glass container with lemons and ice floating inside.

Behind it there is 53 year old Italian Masseto Toscana rests, unopened.

"Now she takes the rest of the ravioli past her lips, appetite on ten! "You had me at 'The Crow is at your door'. What else do I need to know of this Death and Blight upon my eternally damned soul?"

"Thirsty?" A gesture to the fridge. Apparently Sara is eating and Ripclaw is given full disclosure of her abode.

"The Messenger Crow and Harbinger of the End. I suppose." Robert replies, he doesn't sound amused or annoyed by this just thoughtful, signs, portents, reoccurring things, these are important to someone with his certain level of spiritualism and hardwired way of thinking, beliefs even to some.

"Not always a horrible omen to be visited by black wings, it is intended to make one consider." The man stops himself, a smile appearing across his features, not so large a one but he is never one for huge or over drawn expression, unless you count rage when its loosed.

"She is a grown woman, her path is hers, just as yours is your own. I will drink some, I suppose." His advanced rate of healing tends to keep him from ever really getting drunk so it is of no major concern, "Your ritual daily? Come home, bicker with your sister, cook a dinner for two then sit alone drinking old wine?" Now he is teasing her. "I understand now why you are not facing the other way and avoiding the Curator's tasks."

"Do you name this crow and does it have One Eye?" Sara inquires before she takes a final bite, still leaving her hefty plate half full before she pushes it aside, the new look in her eyes one of a Child at Christmas.

That answers his question about her rituals, and turns it a 180 in degree.

Sara comes home, her apartment is normally empty. She opens her locked and fingerprinted cabinet to research files that plague her mind once another finally can be burned. "Try take out, no company, water and wine.. Libation?" An inhale then and Sara offers Robert a small tilt of one corner of her lips.

"Trickery, riddles, ruses. They all are for interpretation, but our paths have to change, wanted or not." A push of her plate to chime the stone edge against his empty plate, her fork withdrawn in the offering. "Shadows stopped scaring me when I was Eleven, Robert. So did teeth, claws, and the little /assholes!/!" Ya hear me Darklings?!? "Inside them."

"Jules is far better than before, but not daily… Yet." There is maybe a hope there?? "But I do not face away because if it threatens me, it threatens those I took an Oath to Protect. Who am I if I fail them." Or Fail.


Now… you know why Sara needs water and Wine!

"Why are *You* here, *NOW*, Robert… Ripclaw…?" Touche..

"It's liege might with how things have turned out for us in recent times. Gods making their presence known, Yule Devils being unleashed, Great Mad Bears storming through one of the largest cities in the world. Already the End of Days is leaving lips but then, its been doing it for some time… " A bunch of his shoulders in what passes for a shrug. Robert looks around the apartment, "Leaves you plenty of room to be scared of new things then."

"She doesn't seem all that bad to me, young, wants to party and live, maybe not quite as 'found' as you are, probably went her life chasing behind you, looking up to you and found out the ways she could be faster than you were the paths you refused to take."

"To check on you. You were not answering calls and I need assistance in getting ahold of information in Gotham, the GCPD to be exact, I was told of a recent arrest and escape, the officer in question used to be NYPD before he transferred, it is a shot in the dark but I hoped you or someone you know may be familiar so I can speak to him directly."

Several fingers had waved off the offer for additional food, he was done, only so much pasta can be stomached in one sitting. "You've been a great host, but, I am stuffed. I normally eat a lot less at these hours."

The story and 'path' of Julie is avoided by Sara rising from the dining seat and moving to the fridge herself. A bottle of water, than wine - both placed upon the counter, straddling the wrapped figurine Robert had left there wrapped like an old and discarded 'doll'. "I don't scare easy." Sara murmurs as she watches the wrapped 'thing' on her counter and takes a long drink of the water in one hand, the other moving like a tender to drop down two glasse and then find the corkscrew, dropping it before the expensive and 'Old' bottle of Nectar.

"Got a name?" A lift of one brow and Sara is having issues peeling her 'curiosity' from the wrapped effigy and the writing. She wanted to put it under a microscope…

Shove it in a 'Junk Drawer' and forget about it(really!).

"I stop eating 5 hours before I go to bed," That would make it 3AM. But that is normally when she gets to eat. "If not you will have to wait until the morning. I'm off duty until.. The morning."

Though technically it is supposed to be 4 days out.. Sara is already shifting her position to prop upon the counter in a lean, hip pushed in the direction of her bag - where her eyes are trying to not go!

"Fuck…" An exhale, the corkscrew taken up and burrowed into the top of the bottle, twisted, as she heads for the bag. Sara does not like suspense she can -solve-.

When she bends to pick up the bag, her back to Ripclaw, that bottle is placed between thighs, and with a twisted wrench of her grip the cork *POPS* and she takes a sip. Screw the glass.

"Home made Tiramisu is done setting in the freezer," The bag is dropped on the slender coffee table and a laptop is pulled free, the cord whipped outward like a whip to land before her outlet. "Extra chocolate due to company.." Or well… Julie left but there is Ripclaw. "Do not insult my offering of Hospitality then, and at least make a dent in things I should *not* eat?"

"You're going to need the sugar." Sara? This is every day to her, the tiger blanket bunched at her hips, a corner of it hung like Spartan over a shoulder for 'warmth'. The hand bearing the bracelet is held up in a 'halt' warning as she enters passcodes, because she will not share those, tabbed windows aligning before she curls her fingers for him to join her.

Wine sip, right from the bottle. Expensive taste, sans the 'Class'.

"William Bryce." Robert replies as he pushes the chair back to stand up, rolling his sleeves off of his bio-metal forearms to just below elbows. It is as though hes been waiting for that. Julie gone he doesn't have to keep them hidden for awkward conversations about whys, whats, who, etc.

"I'm okay. Really… you go ahead, normally I wouldn't decline but these …. very well. I'll eat a couple bites." Guilt-ed much, not at all.

"I was only coming for a brief visit, an inquiry and to ask for the favor not for a Netflix and chill session." Partially teasing her the man does join her though, on that couch but to the other side of it, seating himself the couch cushions conforming around him, "I am guessing you watch old Noir films and strictly action films? But then, your Asgardian nudge says you might have more depth than just some hard nosed detective out to prove herself to the world and valiantly save the lives of everyone around her."

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