Queen of Spatulas Returnith

March 15, 2018:

Jubilee returns to the X-Men, Scott picks her up from the airport.


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The Westchester County Airport sometime after one AM and nearing the morning hours.

Scott Summers is tired, he has been up since five am yesterday and just got away from a meeting with one SHIELD Agent Peggy Carter over the incident involving Lorna Dane, Darcy Lewis and the Brotherhood. It is an ugly affair, one he doesn't know the whole story behind and is met with SHIELD walls everywhere he looks in to it, not an easy thing to get around, hell its damn near impregnable.

Adjusting his wrist watch under his sports coat he glances at the time, waiting in the lounge just outside the TSA entry gates, he knows who he is here to pick up. Everyone at the school and in the team who has been paying attention is more than happy at the return of one Jubilation Lee. Scott could use the numbers, the light the young woman brings and is hoping she's matured, maybe just a little. All team assets are assets after all.

With his glasses on, with the bright lighting of the airport overhead it doesn't look entirely out of the blue, lots of hung-over men and women here, pilots who like to 'wear their sunglasses at night' and strangers who just don't want to be seen. He is none of these but he is nursing a scotch he ordered, heavily watered down and overpriced. Not that he intends to drink much of it as there is a drive home, thankfully all mutants are a tad more robust than humans. Just enough.


And there she is. The one. The only. She bursts through the gate with a flourish of…shuffling. Maybe "bursts" was an overstatement. Jubilation yawns and adjusts the brass goggles atop her head. She's wearing some sort of boho getup that places her squarely between gypsy and steampunk kitten, with an ivory poet's blouse, a laced corset with gears, a yellow peacoat with wooden toggles, and flowy (if short) patchwork skirt that bares the vast majority of her legs. And Hello Kitty slippers. Her bags are draped around her in such symmetry that she doesn't have to hoist them so much, just stay balanced.

"DAD!!" She brightens as she sees Scott, and she runs to him with open arms, embracing him in a hug.


Scott just about overlooks Jubilee as a Stewardess starts talking to him, smiles are exchanged and the woman is soon drifting on, dragging her roller baggy behind her. The man chuckles and looks at the number on the handkerchief, politely he picks it up and folds it away but it is unlikely he'll do much more than throw it away later. Where no one will see it because he's a gentleman.

A final sip of his drink, water and ice battled against and he is straightening up in time just to be bombarded by Jubilee in her rather eccentric garb.

"WHOAH!… I think you have the wrong per… " A squint down at her and his eyes under the glasses round, a chuckle rolls out of him, "Scared me the hell out of me. Do you realize I have a realistic fear of children I do not know sprouting up?" A hand rises up and tousles her dark hair. The goggles stopping his hand as he taps on one lens cap, "What are these and how was your flight?"


"Protection," Jubilee replies offhandedly. "My flight was fabulous. They liked me so much that they moved me up to First Class!" She shrugs. "Also for my protection, they explained. But I fail to see how moving me into a seat by myself actually offers protection…And how are YOU? I haven't seen you in soooo long. You must be fifty by now, right?"

Bags are falling off Jubilee like shed skin, landing on the floor around her feet. "I lost my Converses, but I think they're in one of these bags. But these are comfy. You should try a pair!" She wiggles her toes inside the plushy, plump little white kitties with the pink bows.


"Protection from what? Angry birds or sunlight?" Scott teases her, the hand on her head falls off and that hug is briefly returned before he is motioning at the table, "Hungry or do you want to head straight home?"

"Things have been different. No, I am barely past my thirties, if I was fifty something how old do you think that would make you? Maybe finally aged enough you could drive legally." A headshake and a grin, "I don't look good in Hello Kitty or pink. Jean tried once and it didn't work out."

"They're much better on you and her."


"Ahh y'know, light shows and the like," Jubilee replies with a furrowed brow. "They're sorta like yours, only mine are there to protect ME." She shoulder bumps Scott gently and shrugs. "You know me, I can always eat. But I could eat wherever. I'm not gonna starve to death without a Cinnabon, or anything," she says nonchalantly as her gaze flits over to the donut case.

"Fine, so you're not quite elderly, yet. And I CAN drive legally, and I've been able to for years. I just prefer a motorcycle. Cars make me fall down."


"They're very uh trendy in a steampunk way." Scott compliments.

"Is that your way of saying not so subtle like you are craving a cinnabon?" He jokes back but is steering them down the terminal towards one of the many Airport restaurants, "Not picky for certain? Actually lets hit the one on the way, they're bigger. I forget the name of the diner but probably as large as your head there." Without a word he grabs at her bags to drag to lug them along, his keys coming out.

"I know a couple who are going to be ecstatic to see you again." A smile tossed over his shoulder.

At some point it began raining outside, a sideways fall that is heavy, streets flooded at the drains and water pops in spikes on the cement. He from a distance starts the engine on the waiting RX, a speedy two-door he is quite proud of. GRey with tan leather interior, red lining and LED. Luggage and belongs tossed in to the trunk. She should remember Scott's driving, he has a lead foot but hes a pro, he prides himself on his piloting skills in all things.

"You know, we have Logan's old unfinished bike. Maybe I can help you fix it up, he probably wouldn't mind it being yours."


"Hm…but what would I do with Bump?" She grins, referring to her red Harley with orange ghost flames. "Wait a second. There's somebody who would actually be happy to see me? WAIT…a COUPLE?? There is more than one person who would be happy to see me? ME?" Jubilee is standing there staring at Scott, getting drenched as she stares at him incredulously in the rain. "Seriously this better be one big-ass donut, cause I'm gonna need it to wash down the bullshit you're feedin' me."


"You act so surprised by that." Scott says while they climb in, the car is nice, smooth even in the rain and his attention is crystal as always, "They're big. Trust me. If I wasn't off a cheat day I'd eat one with you but… can't keep up with the rest of you 'youngsters' if I don't keep up my regime."
A stretch, a turn, a longer highway and he is speeding up until they're hitting a turnpike and drawing off towards a small truck stop, lit up even in the wet and heavy rainfall thats coming down, "Just uh, make sure you ask for a straw. Trust me on that one."

"A.. what? If this is one of those 'cinnamon roll' flavoured protein shakes of yours, you can keep it. Real cinnamon rolls don't need a straw. What sort of hocus pocus are you trying to pull on me? Do you REALIZE the importance of pastry in my life?" Jubilee is still staring at him incredulously as he drives.

"And yeah, I'm a LITTLE bit surprised. I never met anyone who didn't learn to loathe me!"


"No, I dont think this place knows what a protein shake is." Scott says, "Just try it out." A short distance from car to diner and they're more or less drenched, his hair clinging to his scalp and stomping off his dress shoes at the welcome pad, a 'tingting' sound on entry heard as the heavyset man with a fishnet over his head behind the counter waves a spatula at them, "Be right with you." Not at all chipper sounding.

Scott ushers Jubilee and himself down to a booth and slides in, "You're not giving yourself enough credit. I showed up right? That says something."


"They probably paid you…" Jubilee retorts with a grin, then seems momentarily transfixed by the man in the hair net. "Whoa, that's a REALLY nice spatula."

"So what's the straw for then, if not for slurping up pretend cinnamon roll? Am I gonna make holes in it and suck it out one little tube at a time? OH!! Can I DO that?? Do we have that kind of time?"


"Who are you talking to?" Scott asks his head canting enough he is almost looking over the rim of his glasses at her, "Seriously, me take money to be nice to someone?" A headshake and a small smile, he knows shes joking.

"The glasses, not the cleanest. I think that guy does about everything but they have a bakery dude that comes in."

"I… I am tired and do you think you can suck a cinnamon roll through an entire straw?" He looks dubious. Ordering coffee and one massive cinnabon, they both get their own coffee of course.


Jubilee deadpans at Scott and arches her brows. "I can suck anything through a straw if I try hard, and believe in myself."

Jubilee seats herself as Scott orders, and she yawns, resting her chin on her hand and watching the cook intently. "I was talkin' to myself, but that IS a damn fine spatula. One of the best I've ever seen, and BELIEVE ME, I know spatulas."


"You're a spatula expert? I never knew." They'll eat, get their coffee and try to play catch up. The diner for the most part is quiet, lets them keep to themselves and finish a 'head sized' cinnamon roll, one nobody except maybe the Blob could suck through a straw which is disturbing to think about all by itself.

"You're yawning. I'll get you back."

It's fifteen minutes later, pulling in through the gates of Xavier's that he stops the car, parks and looks over at her, "Are you returning to the X-Men or the School? I need to know these things to plan ahead, I could use you, more of us. Not sure if you've been watching but… the Brotherhood is back, Purifiers are lurking in upper New York again, we're… about to hit a serious point of importance, a day where all of us are about to be tested… " Scott pauses realizing he sounds like some Doomsday Preacher, "No pressure."


For the first time since Scott came to pick her up, Jubilee looks back up at him with confidence and resolve. "I heard about the Brotherhood. It was why I came back. I'm here to help with anything you need. The school. The X-Men. Use me wherever I'm needed. I think I've got a few surprises in store for you guys, as well. And this time it doesn't involve the spatula I stole back at the truckstop."


"That is exactly the look and answer I was wanting to hear. I'll let you get settled in, give you 48 hours before I run an evaluation on you and see how much catch up you need. A new team, we're working with new tactics and have different enemies to consider than before, I have to have you, us, myself… all ready."

"You stole that man's spatula?" A deep frown appears under his shades, Scott extends his hand out, palm flat. "Give it to me."


"AHA! I KNEW IT. You're all the same. Every last one of you think the worst of me, no matter what. You saw the size of that spatula. Where the hell would I hide it? You've doubted everything about me since you laid eyes on me again. But you didn't doubt for a second that I was a filthy thief." Jubilee picks up her luggage and starts carrying it toward the garage. "I'll get Bump and find a place to stay. Thanks for the pick-me-up so I didn't have to walk back here to my motorcycle in the rain."


"I do not know but I know Kurt, Remy and lately Rogue. You think a stolen spatula the size of a tennis racket would be a mean feat?"

"Your room is inside Jubilee. Don't be a brat." Which, thats a stretch itself! Scott climbs out of the car and clicks the lock to the garage from where hes at, standing in the rain watching her. "Come on! It's only going to get colder out here before it gets warmer. Wetter too."


"Fine." Jubilee sniffs indignantly, completely disregarding his argument as she huddles with her belongings and follows Scott. "It's the least you can do for calling me a thief."


"You know better." Scott says with as much warmth as he can imagine, diplomacy not always his strong suit after all. "I'll make it up to you, it was a good joke though. You should remember who you talk to." The guy without a sense of humor supposedly. "Some things haven't changed but I'm working on it. I'm a work in progress… " The door to the mansion is held open, he'll let her enter before he shuts it and escape the rain.

"Welcome home, Jubilee."

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