The Captive: Part 1

April 20, 2015:

Shift is being held in a highly secured SHIELD facility. A number of agents convene to discuss tests Simmons has done, and some outside help is summoned in the form of Beast.

Top-Secret SHIELD Holding Facility

Location: REDACTED


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Three days past, the manhunt for Kwabena Odame, aka 'Shift' ended when Captain America and Agent Carter hunted him down to a rice paddy in rural Indonesia. Thanks to the development of a sophisticated dendrotoxin bullet, the seemingly invincible mutant mercenary had been detained and taken immediately to this holding facility. The place is designed specifically for holding dangerous metahuman captives. If it's on the books, it's probably buried pretty deep.

Shift has been kept under constant sedation, given the destructive and homicidal actions that triggered the man hunt. However, word has gotten around SHIELD of his alleged ties to HYDRA.

Dubana k'noyaC!

Translated from his native language of Dangme: 'Hail the Hydra'.

SHIELD biochemist Jemma Simmons had spent some time studying the renegade mercenary's bio-signs, and has come to some disturbing conclusions. However, there were certain pieces of the puzzle which remained a mystery, even to the genius-level scientist. She needed assistance, which came in the form of Beast. The summons had been made; SHIELD needed his help, and quickly.

Reaching this facility requires a Level 7 security clearance, which is where Senior Agent Melinda May comes in. In order for anyone else to reach this place, it is done so under the cover of nightfall, by aircraft, without anyone below Level 7 having access to the cockpit or permitted to carry GPS-enabled devices. It's a tough sell, but it's not often that SHIELD comes into possession of a dangerous agent of HYDRA, alive. With the recent assassination of President Pershing, many eyes are upon the fate of the sleeping mutant who lies behind nigh impervious transparent walls.


Steve's eyes look bloodshot as he descends an elevator to go check on the prisoner. He'd been warned by Fury to take some time, but throwing himself into work meant not having to think about everything else. Try as he might, he can't get that little girl's blue dress out of his mind, splattered with blood, and the sight of Pershing's dead eyes wide as his wife tried to hold his head together.

Keeping busy was the only answer.

He takes a deep breath, waiting for the elevator to come to a stop.


The moment that approval comes back to bring Dr. Hank McCoy in on this to help Simmons, May is on her way in a quinjet. She knows that the scientist will be ready when she arrives, and that's ideal. Setting the aircraft down outside of Xavier Mansion grounds, she waits for him, and then helps him securely stow whatever he's brought along. As the blue-furred doctor is situating his belongings, May jabs him in each arm with a dendrotoxin dart. Yes, two of them simultaneously, because she isn't fully sure how fast his metabolism will shake it off. Wrestling him into a seat and buckling him in is a few minutes of annoyance, but then they're on their way.

Now at the secure facility, their 'guest' doctor should be awake now after his 'Italian invitation' to the undisclosed location. May is there and ready to restrain the man if he wakes up mean.


Peggy is already with the Simmons in the lab. Though accompanied within SHIELD while she is here, the Agent from the past has gotten friendly with FitzSimmons and with Steve's back up, it's not been a hard road to make sure she has access to ensuring that Shift is restrained and sedated. As half of the team that brought him in - and a founder of the institution to boot - she sees no reason why she should be excluded.

Her eyes continually glance up toward the door in anticipation of the others that are supposed to join them; keeping a look out for one man in particular. This is part of the problem with working with someone you are also seeing. Peggy is a professional, but she also doesn't wish to dismiss Steve or how she know she must be feeling.

Instead, she'll focus on the unconscious, furry scientist that May has brought in. "Crickey O'Reilly, is that another HYDRA agent?" As Shift was brought in under sedation, it makes some sort of sense that Beast is here under similar circumstances without more information.


Beast did bring some equipment when he was told what might be needed and while he figured he was going to get in deep trouble when the jet landed at Xavier's, he did -not- expect to be drugged! It's probably a good thing that his metabolism does move fairly quickly for even as he starts to turn on May, he passes out.

He is -not- happy when he wakes up, though!

"That was completely uncalled for!" is roared as he tries to get to his feet. While he does lunge for May, he doesn't actually strike out. Instead, a clawed finger comes up and points directly at her, "Don't you EVER do that again." The roar has become a growl.


"I'm so pleased the bullet and gun worked, Agent Carter." Simmons glances up from her data tablet to Peggy momentarily "Even in this short amount of time, we've been able to gather some valuable information." The young biochemist looks concerned, her brow furrowing slightly, at the results she has seen. "I'll wait for the others…." she trails off as Agent May enters.

"Oh Agent May! No Agent Carter, that's Dr Hank McCoy, I need his expertise in the X and meta-human genes. We're seeing some interesting results." As Beat awakens and roars at Agent May, she folds her arms "Dr McCoy, really!"


The elevator doors open up and Steve finds himself in the room with a bunch of scientists and May and Peggy. He gives them a solemn nod, but stays quiet altogether. Instead, he takes a position by the wall.


Melinda May doesn't so much as blink when Dr. McCoy gets all growly up in her face simply standing there with her arms crossed and look at him past the clawed finger in her face. She could probably break or at least dislocate that finger faster than he could withdraw it, but then he'd be less able to help Simmons. Off the hook, Doc. This time.

"You of all people, Doctor, should understand the need for obfuscation. You're here. If you don't want to leave the same way, I'll work something out." There's always ketamine, or the Coulson-approved taser she knows Simmons has in her purse.


Peggy is quick to grab whatever is handy when Hank roars and lunges at May. She's moving entirely on instinct and will certainly use the scalpel she has snatched to defend anyone in the room. She's used far more improvisational weapons against targets before. Staplers anyone? However, at Simmons' request and May's steadfast refusal to fight or dodge, the woman stands down, attempting to pull her momentum back. The scalpel quickly points to the floor, a flash against the light hopefully the only indication it was ever threatening Dr. McCoy.

"I see," is all she says. All the science terms are basically jargon to her, not knowing that Shift is a mutant and that Dr. McCoy's expertise relates to that. In fact, she still is not quite sure what mutants really are. Instead, she takes a step backward, letting Simmons and Hank have some space.

Though she does not do much outwardly in her attempt to bolster Steve - worried that something bold or incredibly personable would be a detriment to his professionalism, the space she occupies is exactly next to him. Their hands, if left hanging down could almost be touching. It's the most British form of professional comfort she can give. Other than offering him a cup of tea.


"She drugged me!" Hank argues at Jemma's chiding. Surely she realizes the humiliation of such a thing. He then turns back to May, "You could have warned me. It's not like I'd have divulged anything…it's all of -you- who have dug up any secrets -I- had." He hasn't said a thing to anyone else who hasn't already brought up the previous work he's done with SHIELD. There's an actual 'harumph' as he squares his shoulders and tries to work through the embarassment the trip has caused.

Peggy is one he hasn't met and he offers a mumbled, "I beg your pardon," before asking of the general group, "So, why am I brought here so furtively?"


Simmons casts as quick Peggy moves, noting that future reference. Unfolding her arms, she glances and May nods slightly. "Dr McCoy, may I present Agent Carter, Captain Rogers and Agent May" She nods to each in turn and then adds "Agent Carter, Agent Melinda May. I don't believe you have met." Turning to Hank once again "I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but I asked for assistance in assessing someone. The results are really quite puzzling." as she goes on to explain about Shift and how he has come to be in custody. Perhaps Steve and Peggy will add to that.

Picking up her data table, Simmons considers "My initial findings show that Odames' brain waves are acting, incredibly strangely, even in his comatose state." The way she pauses, there's obviously more to add.


Captain America looks to Hank and gives a semblance of a nod at Simmons' introduction. Hank and Steve have met, of course. For his life he has no idea what the Doctor is doing here either, but doesn't pretend to understand the science of it. If McCoy was needed, he's sure it was apt.

Steve's hand stays where it is, but he appreciates the concern, even if he doesn't immediately show it.


Melinda May nods slightly to McCoy and steps to the side as Simmons gets to the reason why Hank is actually here, offering Steve and Peggy a slightly more pronounced nod, just shy of a respectful bow. Like the time-displaced woman did, she steps clear of the 'sciencey' area of the room to let the pair of brains work, though she chooses to lean against a small counter space that appears to have been set aside for the beverages that keep scientists working. She crosses her arms again, though it seems more habit than any sort of defensive posture.


Beast nods to Agent Carter, "A pleasure. I apologize for the initial scene." Back to Simmons, "Agent May and Captain Rogers and I have already met, thank you." He then brings the equipment he brought closer and moves closer to Simmons to look at the data she's collected. "Strangely how? As if his mind is still reaching out despite his body being asleep? Could be some sort of telepathy. Do you know his background at all?"


Next to Steve, Peggy is able to take in the rest of the interactions happening about the room. At Hank's apology, she merely nods her head politely. "No apology necessary," she tells him. Were she in similar circumstances, she would act just the same. Despite herself, though, she is studying Hank. She has never seen a man with blue fur that can talk and she's curious about him.

The nod is repeated at the introductions, a wry smile given to both him and Agent May. She glances at Steve to see if he would further the explanation. It's very quick, almost imperceptible, pause that she thought he would speak first before she takes over the discussion. "He's able to change into various forms of matter," she tells Hank. "And there was a curious matter with his eyes. They shift from silver to black, which seems to vary upon his mood." She frowns. "I would not say 'telepathy' would be involved,'" because that would be ridiculous in her mind, "However, he knew my name. I had met him once before, but it was very briefly and there were certainly no introductions. The next time I saw him he greeted me as Agent Carter."


Peggys information gets a nod from Simmons "Just so. He is able to shift states. From solid to various gaseous forms. It…." she looks a little pleased with herself "wasn't easy to create a method to incapacitate him, but we did." Something Peggy says has Jemma looking "His eyes …. changed from silver to black?" Checking her tablet she frowns deeply "That's not normal for Odame. Interesting."

Noting the others making room, Simmons shares her tablet with Hank, although she speaks so everyone can hear. "Well… as you'll see here" her hand gestures to the screen "There appear to be two sets of brain waves. This set, are his. Of that I'm certain, from previous examinations we've done, but you'll note that they appear to be dormant, pushed to the background so to speak."

Another swipe of her hand "This set of brain waves, seem to be a manipulation. Which is concerning in and of itself but more concerning is that I can find absolutely no trace or chemical side effects that comes from drug manipulation or more convential telepathic manipulations." Letting Hank absorb that information, Jemma blows out a breath "Essentially, Dr McCoy, what I'm seeing is scientifically impossible, at least from my point of view. Hence my asking for someone to consult on the matter."


"How it works, I'm not really sure. I just know that when he's in his gas form, he's able to control parts of it. I'm no expert, but to me, it means he must have some sort of natural control. Whether that's some form of telepathy, I'm really not sure." Steve waves as Jemma sort of explains it, and then can't explain it at all.


Melinda May listens to the technobabble patiently for all of fifteen seconds before she turns to look at the accoutrement on the counter she'd been leaning against. Oh, so THIS is where the tea wandered off to. As calmly as can be, she starts fixing a cup of something that is definitely not coffee. She's not worried about Hank misbehaving now that he's here and awake.


There is a lot of things that are being said that Peggy cannot grasp. She's dealt with a Soviet spy dealing in hypnotism - making people believe certain things by talking to them. Perhaps it's something similar. "Like hypnotism?" she asks, attempting to get a grasp on what exactly they are discussing in regards to telepathy, since as far as she knows that's still just a silly parlor trick.

Finally, Peggy surreptitiously puts a hand out to place on him, either by taking his hand or an attempt to rest hers on his arm. Her attention doesn't shift from Simmons or Dr. McCoy, though.


Looking to Peggy as she offers her side of things, he nods and considers the unconscious man for a moment. "Do you have blood samples?" That's really his first go-to for something like this. Hank then looks at the two sets of brain-waves and bushy brows are drawn down as he ponders them. "Dual personality, perhaps? Or…I know it's something that we technically shouldn't believe in, but what about something like Possession? We know demons are real…" He glances back to Peggy and includes the others in his look as well, "Maybe the changing colors of his eyes has something to do with this? Probably not like hypnotism, but it could be something like brainwashing."

He then takes a look at the genetic samples, his frown not easing up. "Something's augmenting him. He has the X-Gene, which could explain the shifting of forms. But it's been enhanced…like on he's on performance enhancing drugs, but I see nothing in the tox screen."


Simmons nods to Hank and pulls up the blood sample results as well as gesturing to a cold storage container. "This is what I've found so far but I've drawn a number of samples, if you wanted to do some tests for yourself." Peggy gets a small smile "Potentially, Agent Carter but I'm not sure. The results are confusing."

"Well if it's performance enhancing, that rules out Smooth, doesn't it? I mean, Smooth suppresses the X-Gene doesn't enhance it." She considers before offering the next "Would it help to observe him awake? If we wake him up, he can't escape, this facility is designed to hold him."


Steve leans into Peggy's shoulder, speaking loud enough so the others can hear him, but not distractedly. "I need to go grab some air," he murmurs before giving her a nod. The others get the same and he moves for the elevator.


Melinda May sees that Steve is ducking out again, but continues on her way to offer Peggy a cup of tea. She also raises one eyebrow slightly at the SHIELD founder, tilting her head slightly after Steve. WHat's up with him?


"From what we know, there's no dual personality in his previous record," Peggy answers Hank. Otherwise she doesn't know very much else about him other than what she saw in the fight. "Though, from what we-" she glances at Steve for a quick moment, "-have seen it seems clear that he is at times himself and at times is not." She has never know Kwabena other than in this state, so she clearly cannot know his other personality. In this, she is completely trusting in Steve. But, much like she always has, she has Faith in him.

"Hold him? He's able to super condense himself and attacked the pair of us - as well as crushed in a Congressman's skull without a second thought. Not only that, he can turn him self to both smoke and liquid in an attempt to choke the life out of the nearest person. Waking him up is something we should only do if we are sure that it is necessary. Are you sure he can't escape this facility? Even in his smoke form? There are cracks an vents."

As Steve moves for the elevator, pressing against her for a moment, Peggy moves to follow him until May arrives with a cup of tea. The pointed look is given a sigh and look toward the SHIELD emblem that is everywhere in this facility and then back at May. Duty. It always comes down to duty - which Peggy can completely respect. She just wishes it was easier to help him through it. Then she shrugs, taking the mug from the other woman with a small, grateful smile. It's all over in a couple of moments, but there is far more respect coming from Peggy toward May afterward as she blows on her newly acquired hot cup of tea.


"Dual personalities can develop through trauma or…I suppose, potentially some intense hypnosis, but I've never really known hypnosis to be that deep," Beast quiets and listens to Peggy, nodding some as she describes what he's capable of. "Well, he's a mutant, so I would be fairly sure that his shifting has something to do with that…although something seems to have made it stronger. The samples would be great, thanks." He glances at the unconscious prisoner and then says to Simmons, "No need to wake him yet, I don't believe. Has he been through a MRI?"

They have brain scans, but that in particular?

Even as he looks over the samples, he offers, "Agent Carter, I want to assure you that not all mutants are destructive or disturbing in appearance. While I don't exactly know his story," he briefly indicates Shift, "Most of us have little to no control over the cards we were dealt." And that's a little white lie there, "But it is, as it is with everyone, what we choose to do with our cards we do have."


Melinda May on her way back across the room, she slips someting on to the table next to the mug of tea she made for Jemma. It looks like an honest to goodness sterling silver hip flask for liquor, but if opened, it appears to contain only water.


Simmons recovers the blood samples for Hank and gestures to the lab equipment "Do let me know if you need anything else, Dr McCoy." It's clear that the samples won't be leaving the laboratory though.

"MRI's yes. The results are right here." More gestures and tapping on her data tablet and Simmons actuall pulls up a holographic screen displaying the MRI's for all to see "This area right here" she gestures to an orange area on the model "is Odames real personality and it's been pushed, for want of a better term, into the background. This area" she gestures to a dull red area "is what I believe to be the supplanted personality. It's a dull red, because it's asleep. That's due to the dendrotoxin." Letting that sink in for a little bit, Jemma continues "I believe if we wake Odame, his real personality will present because the supplanted personality is affected by the dendrotoxin. It may give us opportunity to question him… and do some more examinations."

Looking to Peggy, Simmons nods and replies seriously "I fully understand your concerns, Agent Carter. Once you bought Odame in, we had some modifications done. There is an in-cell scrubber recycling the air. Even if Odame shifts and finds a crack or vent, he'll be caught in that scrubber. As to his plasma form, there's no material in there for him to draw on, he'll burn himself out."

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