Mutant on Mutant Violence

March 14, 2018:

Frenzy pays Jessica Jones a visit. And beats the ever loving crap out of the Hell's Kitchen detective.

46th Street, Hell's Kitchen, New York

There's more potholes now. Thanks, Frenzy.


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Mentions: Bucky Barnes, Luke Cage, Matt Murdock

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Fade In…

Jessica Jones does not, despite having discovered the power of flight, zip back and forth between cities and assignments. That would be like literally running a marathon in terms of energy output. It also gets cold up there. Which means she uses the little silver sedan Trish gave her quite often.

Hard to believe nearly a year ago she was afraid to drive, afraid to find herself in another accident. One she'd surely survive, again, but what of the others who might die? And really she gets anxious about her own death too. Every other do-gooder she knows shrugs off fear, at least outwardly, has so much selflessness that they seem to offer very little in the way of personal fears at all.

Meanwhile, Jessica manages a steady stream of eternal anxieties, many of them 100% about her own safety. She's not sure how nobody in her life has caught on, yet, to what a coward she is, but so far she's been lucky.

The long and short of this is this: as she drives back to her apartment she follows every last traffic law like a little old lady. She does not text and drive, phone call and drive, eat and drive, coffee and drive. She drives and drives, with intense concentration. She tries not to even let her mind wander to her new very strange case. Is it magic again? Is it alien bullshit? Some sort of nasty egg laid in sandwich bread? She can't even begin to speculate…

And she won't. Cause she's driving. Damn it.


The Brotherhood is many things to many mutants -

Family. Friends. Home. And also a job.

The particular job Frenzy gave a nearby cell was quite simple; watch specific people and alert her when they move. One of those people so happens to be Jessica Jones. She's the first, but she won't be the last.

There's a statistic out there that says accidents happen within five miles of a person's destination, especially a person's home. Tonight that statistic seems to hold true for Jessica Jones. A half a mile away from her home Jessica's night (possibly) takes a turn for the worse.

It's a simple thing really, one minute the road ahead of her is clear, and the next instant it's not. A tall woman stands there, right in the middle of the street, with her arms crossed. It's only when the car nears her that Frenzy finally moves, though not away, or off to the side. Instead the tall and muscular woman steps toward the car, both hands dropping in front of her, ready to catch it.

To note her outfit is pretty low key, red and blue, but to a practiced eye one might discern the type of cloth is something heroes (and villains) often wear.


"Jesus! What the FUCK lady!"

Jessica's appalled squawk as the car her sister gifted her with bends and shrieks and craters all around Frenzy is actually, at first, concern for Frenzy. Well. And concern for herself, cause holy shit that's a tin can smashing around her legs.

Angry, she rips the door off and flings it aside, because…because why not, at this point.

"What the HELL? You wanna suicide do it on someone else's car! Don't do it on my car! I don't have a car insurance policy that covers crazy!"

She waves her arms about, not really thinking this through at all, because of course the woman was doing anything but suiciding. But the famous Jones temper, snark, and mouth-run-away with ass syndrome skips her to 'this woman is a psychological danger to herself' before 'this woman might be here to kick my ass.'

She's not always a selfish coward, at least.


A normal person would be dead by this point, but thankfully Frenzy isn't normal.

In fact, Jessica's car twists and warps around the immovable object that is Jo Cargill aka Frenzy and all she does is continue to stand her ground quite easily (and proudly) as she stops the car's forward momentum. It's a violent thing, that cessation of movement, and that violence is mirrored to a lesser extent when Jessica Jones rips the driver side door off and steps out from the wreckage of her car.

An amused sneer tips one corner of Frenzy's mouth upward now as the smaller woman frantically gesticulates at her. "There's no policy that covers what I can do." Is all that Frenzy says to Jessica's opening statements, then comes a shriek of metal from Jessica's abused car as Frenzy literally snaps off a quarter of it. "I hear you're strong." Comes Frenzy's next statement, "Let's see how strong - catch." That last word holds an almost sing-song merriment to it as Frenzy hurls the chunk of car at the other woman.

The trajectory aims to hit Jess square in the head/face and it's coming in hot, fast and with a lot of force behind it. And while Frenzy could wait to see how that attack plays out, she doesn't. Instead as soon as the chunk of car is out of her hands, the woman is moving toward Jess.



Jessica catches the car door with ease; fast reflexes, at least, have been trained into her by someone who is pretty relentless himself, even if she is months out of any training other than what she can give herself. But she has to catch the door to keep it from breaking her face. She has the presence of mind to kind of realize this woman is moving towards her.

She raises the beleagured car door like a shield.

"Look, if this is some sort of weird-ass foreplay you should know I'm really, really straight."

Fuck it, she's mad. She starts running towards Frenzy too. Two can play at this game. She intends to sort of shield bash the woman at her own full strength, since, you know, the lady just ended her car by standing there. This is not the wisest course of action Jessica Jones has ever come up with, not the most thought out. There are really questions she should be asking.

Then again, so many of those just got covered by the single, succinct word: dafuq.


While Jessica Jones is one to banter during a fight it's somewhat clear that Frenzy doesn't necessarily do the same thing.

Not when she's actively moving to strike the woman.

The fact that Jessica Jones moves in concert towards her only causes Frenzy to flash a tight grin. While Frenzy doesn't necessarily have a shield that doesn't seem to concern her. She'll bring one arm up in front of her, as her own impromptu shield, as the two draw closer. Whereas others might move or dodge away from Jessica Jones' strike, Frenzy doesn't. Instead she allows the other woman's attack to hit her straight on, at Jessica's full strength.

Others would likely have been thrown backwards, or aside, from all the strength behind the ram, but Frenzy isn't just everyone. Her own momentum and strength allow her to weather that bash and instead of being tossed aside, Frenzy's only shoved back a few feet. A few feet is enough, however, to cause Frenzy to look generally surprised. "Oh look at that." She begins, her grin back, "You are strong. Not that it'll be enough."

There's a one-two-three step forward again and then Frenzy slams a punch toward that car door. It's not her full strength, but enough to make an impression and break the door, if not properly dodged.


The door breaks in half. Jessica is left holding two useless door pieces.

She's also knocked right off balance. Right onto her ass.

She stares at the woman. This. Is a new experience for her.

Rapidly she runs through options. She could just try to leave, the woman clearly has some beef with her, and if she leaves they stop blocking and endangering civilian traffic. It's a really appealing option. But the woman might just follow. Jess knows nothing about this person.

She could also fight.

Bucky, so irritated with her for pulling her punches. Strength isn't everything, he said, beating that lesson into her head again and again and again. She could also fight, she's been attacked, she has the right to defend herself. She's not in love with the collateral damage angle that could happen, but she's tempted to do that too.

In the end, though, she defaults first to what she really sees as the assets that matter. Her words, her brain.

She sort of puts up her hands, in a gesture that's somewhere between okay truce and maybe 'dude not in the face.'

"Look, I have no idea who you are, or what you want from me, or what's going on here. You've made your point, you can kick my ass, so…what is it you're trying to get out of me here?"

It could be she just is the type that wants to pit herself against other strong people. In which case, well, that…definitely informs next actions. But at least Jess will make a stab at trying to understand.


Strength isn't everything that's for certain, but for Frenzy it surely is. In fact, that's all that matters to the woman right this moment.

And while this fight is about who's stronger, there's now also words as Jess holds her hands up and speaks. That's enough to cause a flash of disappointment tho scitter across Frenzy's features. "I was hoping for a challenge." The Bruiser laments, "But clearly that's not going to happen. No matter -"

The last two words bring movement from Frenzy again as she steps forward, a foot lashing out at the downed woman.

"I can still deliver my message." She continues with, that kicked aimed at Jessica, intending to punt her away and possibly down the street. It just depends on whether Jessica scrambles out of the way in time.

"The Brotherhood says hello."


Jessica does. Despite her servile posture, she's ready for that. She actually leaps up. "Okay? Hi? Who gives a fuck?"

Up, and over, and now she knows words won't work. Now she's prepped for a surprise. She attempts to flip her body mid-flight, attempts to get her legs around Frenzy's neck in a chokehold in a move Bucky drilled into her pretty relentlessly. Tries to hold onto her head through it. This one isn't about strength. This one's about leverage. And the element of surprise. What she's going to do if she's successful she has no idea. At this point she is well into tiger-by-the-tail territory.

But running away isn't going to help. This sounds like someone who knows where she lives. That flash of disappointment tells her she's dealing with a bully, maybe, one who likes a fight, maybe who is going to relentlessly mess with her for…reasons?…if she shows herself willing to back down forever. Reason's now Officially Failed, so Jessica is gonna try the other thing now.

All those anxieties whisper she REALLY ought to just fly away, and fast, and hide. But the more valiant half remembers.

These are the terrorists. That's what they call themselves. Why terrorists care about a Hell's Kitchen PI, with powers no less, she does not know and she does not care, but there's…probably…something good about trying to take her in or some shit.


"You will once you -" Realize who you're dealing with.

That's how the sentence should have finished, but then Jessica is trying to get a chokehold on her. She's even successful and while Frenzy isn't yet seeing black dots from the pressure upon her windpipe, the woman does realize the precarious position she's now in.

And she knows she has to get out of it fast.

As such, Frenzy's hands reach up and grab Jessica's arms that grip her head. Then the woman exerts enough strength to break the grip Jessica has upon her head and neck. With that grip broken Frenzy pulls Jessica down with a heavy force aiming to slam the woman hard into the asphalt covered road. Something that would crush an unprotected skeleton of a normal person in a heartbeat.

"You know you're lucky." States the woman, "I wasn't sent here tonight to kill you. I was just sent to introduce myself in a friendly sort of way." Which brings a sardonic tone from the woman, "Next time, however, it won't be so friendly."


Jessica did learn one other thing from Bucky Barnes. How to be slammed into anything without allowing head trauma. She slaps her hands down and her head up at the last minute. Learning how to fall is the first move of any competent fighter. The force, nevertheless, rattles up her teeth and down to her toes. For one agonizing moment she fears her spine has been snapped, and the groan of pain that takes her brings tears to her eyes in a wholly involuntary fashion.

She blinks back those tears and sniffles a little bit, pain is pain and right now she's just been randomly assaulted by a terrorist for reasons she can't even discern. It's one of those things that cuts against her lines of safety, of control, of being able to handle herself, all the things she has carefully built to deal with the aftermath of Kilgrave's touches on her life, to say nothing of other issues, other traumas which have followed as a result of her chosen profession.

The part of her that is a raging bundle of anxieties, of PTSD, of everything, tells her to fly away already. Just go. Lick her wounds and hide before she has to use a panic button or punch in a number to call a friend who might scrape her off the pavement. That part kind of hopes someone who cares about her is watching what is surely live news by now. It aches for a rescue, aches for someone to somehow drive this bitch off. It shames her, how much she sometimes actually kind of likes being protected, knowing there are people at her back, from her invulnerable Man Mountain to Matt Murdock who would step in front of even this woman with quiet resolve, to Bucky himself, who would already be lining up the shot if he could see this. To say nothing of others she has called friend in her life, who have never let her down, who have tricks at their disposal who could turn this woman inside out.

The part of her that has had enough of being a god damn victim, who has now, within the past five months been drugged, nearly experimented on, thrown face-to-face yet again with the spectre of the man who violated her for months, who was thrown into some strange Pleasantville gilded cage and who needed her friends to come get her yet again…who can think of a dozen other times where she has been made helpless since she got back into the ring and started swinging at this 'hero' shit again…a dozen other times where her ass was grass because something in her just seems to need an awful lot of help for a woman who can lift six fucking tons…

That part of her suddenly twists painfully and lashes out with her legs without leaving the ground. It aims to hook over the back of the knees, to exert force on the front as well, to slam Frenzy back down to the pavement next to her with all her might. If that's successful she'll roll over and try to offer an elbow strike right to the back of the woman's neck, letting out a roar of defiance.



The thud of Jessica's body impacting is almost music to Frenzy's ears. It also doesn't go unnoticed that the woman knows how to take a fall; how to lessen the impact and the potential injuries as she slams into the ground.

That brings a faint grunt from Frenzy, a sound of approval, perhaps oddly enough, as she waits to see what Jessica does next.

And while Frenzy waits her stance shifts to something more battle ready - something that has her shifting her weight forward, as she readies herself to move quickly when needed. Not if, but when.

And while she is ready for that attack that doesn't mean that Jessica's attack will miss. In fact it doesn't! Her foot hooks at the back of Frenzy's knee and like some great tree felled the woman goes down. Now it's her turn for her body to offer a low thud when she hits the pavement. That elbow strikes at the back of the woman's neck and lands neatly, hard even, and while it pushes a grunt out from her, it doesn't seem to cause Jo too much pain. Her durability saves her from the potential broken neck.

Oddly that and Jessica's defiant shout just makes her wheeze a soft chuckle.

"Oh good." She says with a rasp, "A challenge. Wasn't sure you had it in you."

Now Jo moves, quick sharp things, as she rolls to her feet. With that movement her own hands lashes out for Jessica, mainly the arm that struck her just so. If successful at capture that arm, Frenzy will try to pick the woman up and toss her again. The toss holds a fair amount of superhuman strength behind it, but not enough to kill Jessica Jones.

Frenzy only plays currently.


Here's something that wasn't in the dossier, because it's new.

Jessica flies.

And while she is definitely getting the sensation of being tossed around like a mouse in the paws of a particularly large cat, she nevertheless is not giving up. She tumbles ass over head through the air, but somewhere in the middle of it she unfolds. She kicks off the side of a building like she's kicking off the side of a swimming pool in the 40-yard dash, and comes swooping in towards Frenzy.

Her big concern, in continuing this battle? Collateral damage. She's decided to do something about that here and now. There's a scrap yard not far from where this confrontation began. Her goal? To get them to it. If they're going to fight, they can fight somewhere that smashing up everything they'll be around is the motherfucking point.

So she tries to grab Frenzy none too gently under her shoulders. If she's successful, she'll zip them up in the air to a fairly nasty height, then just…let go. Right over the scrap yard. She's not trying to kill Frenzy either. Knock her out maybe.

But there's a dark light in her eyes. For the most part she's not violent. Violence isn't her first choice. For the most part she's no killer either. But she's looking dangerously close to that moment where she just wouldn't cry over it if this woman landed on something that gave her a bad day. Or ended all her days. That being said, she's planning on just dropping her and letting the chips fall where they may. If she gets the chance.

It's all too possible Frenzy might just swat her like a fucking fly. She's hoping the element of surprise and height gives her what she needs.



That's new. And that surprise is enough to help Jessica pick Frenzy up (non-too-gently) and get the two to the scrap yard.

Now, if she were hoping for a scream from Frenzy as the large woman falls, Jess will find herself disappointed. Instead, the powerhouse of the Brotherhood just shouts, "AW, HELL YEAH!" As she drops like a crazy cannonball and barrels downward to the scrapyard below.

The impact when Frenzy lands while not terrible is a thing of beauty (in her eyes). It causes the ground to shudder and a crater to appear. The scrap piles and junk all around the point of impact rattle and shake. Bits and pieces of metal and other assorted metallic garbage rains down upon the ground. Dust likewise rises up into a vaguely mushroom shape and for a few seconds all seems quiet. Then movement can be seen from below and a blurry figure rises up from that hole. "I jump from planes for the fun of it." She shouts, and then a half crushed car is ripped from the nearby ground and casually tossed at Jessica's form. "What else you got flatscan sympathizer?"

And the derision with that word flatscan can be easily heard from the Bruiser of a woman.


Jessica lands atop a pile of scrap and just stares at this woman. What the actual fuck? She herself would be rolling on the ground in agony. As it is she is feeling cracked and bruised in a dozen places. "That what this is about? I'm not some moron who thinks the answer to bigotry is some more bigotry? I hate bigots of all shapes and sizes, lady. Doesn't matter who they're being an asshole to."

Because she can't help it. She's gotta ask questions.

But she realizes if she doens't keep fighting this woman might surprise her. And for now? She keeps her distance, or tries to. Projectiles all the way. She catches the car midair and flings it back at Frenzy. Maybe as long as she can stay out of the woman's reach awhile she can wear her down?


The car is flung back at her?

This just makes Frenzy smile more, then she puts both her arms in front of her face and allows the car to literally slam right into her. It perhaps causes her to be pushed back a step, maybe two, but when the figurative dust settles (again) Frenzy still stands.

It's only with Jessica's words that Frenzy's expression actually changes and loses some of that amusement. Her expression turns more serious, her eyes holding a grim note to it, "If only 'that' was what 'this' was really all about."

Frenzy stomps a foot hard into the earth and great cracks appear within the hard packed ground. A chunk of earth, bigger than Frenzy, is yanked up and then (you guessed it) thrown at the woman standing upon her pile of scrap. "But, sure, let's pretend this is only about the oppression of mutants if that makes it easiest for you, girl."

A second chunk of dirt is torn from the ground and quickly, like a meteor following another, it's likewise hurled at Jess.


Giant cracks in the earth. Meteor sized earth chunks. Jessica stops attacking and starts dodging her ass off. It goes something like this; she starts in the air, nearly gets clipped, flies backwards, nearly gets clipped again, and starts looking like she's not exactly sure where to go or what to do. The cars don't hurt her. The strikes haven't hurt her. Being dropped hasn't hurt her. And if Jess leaves the junkyard, civilians will be in danger again.

She's sweating. And just focusing on surviving until…until what?

What would Bucky do?

Bucky would start shooting, that's what Bucky would do. Why did Jessica disdain to learn a gun again? Time to beg Bucky's help and rectify that shit.

She doesn't even have room for banter anymore. She's got to do something intelligent. There's the Pinch, but that would just make her invulnerable and lucky long enough for Frenzy to wait her out and then kick her ass some more. She won't waste John's gift when it won't do any damned good.

Finally she swoops in and comes in for another tackle. She tries to fling Jo up as hard as she can. Into the power lines above, in the hopes of maybe shocking the shit out of her.

Probably, she's just going to make a mess, take out power all over her neighborhood for the second time in as many months, and possibly create a bunch of live wire hazards, but she's out of ideas here. She's sweating hard, she's hurting, and she's moving from angry to just grimly determined. This also has the impact of silencing her attempts to conduct interrogatories mid-battle.


Frenzy isn't sweating. She's looking as cool as a cucumber and as Jessica tries to dodge and dodge again the woman simply watches with her steady brown-eyed gaze.

She watches as the smaller woman drops back down at her, swooping downward for that tackle. While others might try to dodge Frenzy doesn't; she's just too full of herself right now. So, that tackle hits and when Jess flings the woman upward, Frenzy goes flying. There's laughter to be heard, but that sound of mirth stops when Frenzy tangles with the humming electrical wires above. Her teeth grit as her body contorts with the electrical current that runs through her form. "GAH." Is the only sound that she can force past her lips and thankfully (for Frenzy) gravity takes a hold of her and brings her back to earth.

When Frenzy lands she lays there for a few seconds, electricity showing a bit of vulnerability for the woman. Still, though, Jo staggers right back up to her feet. Her costume smokes, though it doesn't show damage otherwise. "No more witty words?" Taunts the woman, "Usually you heroic types always bring out the words." A slant of a smirk lifts a corner of Jo's mouth upward, "That's fine. We don't have to talk. Just fight. You're going to be the non-verbal message for all your friends anyway."

And once again, Frenzy attacks. She could throw more hunks of earth, or metal, but she doesn't. Instead Frenzy uses her own strength to launch herself into a leap; she's aiming to slam into Jessica wherever she may flying, or standing.


It worked a little?

That's good to know?

But here she is. Smirking and…Ouch.

Jessica is suddenly flying backwards, slammed into by Frenzy. Barreled back to the earth or to a pile of scrap or to wherever they're going. She groans; her ribs and her spine are so unhappy with her right now to begin with. She can't even see what they've hit. Her eyes are swimming with stars. But something Frenzy says catches her attention, and she chuffs a painful laugh.

"Yeah. Well. Thing is…I'm not a hero."

As evidenced by this. Jess is aware the woman is only playing with her. But there's only so much play she thinks she can take before she dies. There's only so much being played with she'll take before darker instincts take over. Before memories of being played with for eight months flip a switch.

She grabs around for scrap.

Anything sharp.

And then she tries to plunge it down into anywhere soft on Frenzy she can reach, gritting her teeth.


The two crash into scrap and then the ground. Bits of metallic debris fall around the two and swiftly Frenzy begins to straighten from that tackle.

Only her movement arrests when Jessica tries to plunge that sharp-edged bit of metal into her belly. For Jessica her attack will likely disappoint, as the edge crumples against Frenzy's own durability. "Uh oh, looks like that didn't work." Chides the woman gently and again, JoJo reaches down for Jess. It almost looks like she might be trying to help Jessica back to her feet, but in reality she just wants to pick Jess back up.

And if she's able to pick her up, Frenzy will once again toss the woman aside. Towards a haphazard tower of compacted metallic squares. "And you sure about that?" She asks, to Jess' remark about not being a hero. "You sure do seem to help a lot of people - even the ones that don't deserve it. The ones who help to oppress all mutants. You can't tell me you've never been treated differently once someone found out you're powered."


Crash. Jessica finds herself with bits of metal tearing into her own flesh from that throw. She finds herself feeling like she's being pummeled by a hundred and five fists. It's like she and Luke had an extra-crazy lovechild who turned ten times more powerful than them, came back from the future, decided she hated Mom and decided to issue a beat-down before any parenting happened. Her life is weird enough that Jessica briefly entertains that possibility while she bleeds and throws her hands up against falling debris.

When that's done, she's on her hands and knees, spitting blood.

"You don't have to be a hero," she coughs, "to take a pass on being an asshole. They treat me different, fine. That's worth some snarky comments and maybe a furniture-ending temper tantrum. Not god damned murder. Not letting them be goddamned murdered."

Why is she saying this shit? It's just going to make things worse. But sometimes her mouth runs about 14 miles out in front of her ass.


When Jess finds herself on hands and knees, spitting blood, she'll also find Frenzy standing right there in front of her.

Dark brown eyes watch the woman as she coughs and whatever mirth that was so recently seen is now gone. Only the Acolyte can be seen. An Acolyte of Magneto.

Her voice settles into something that can only be described as cold, ice, stern, as Frenzy says. "They've murdered us without second thought. Without feeling sadness, or regret. It's an eye for an eye. A hand for a hand. That's what this world needs us to be, not some damn hippy shit. We have to show them /who/ we are and that /they/ are now the species that's on the decline." A sneer now, "A dying breed. We're the next evolution."

Jo reaches down now to the somewhat prone woman and picks her up by the scruff of her neck. "That is what The Brotherhood is here to do. That is our mission. Tell your friends they best not get in our way or we'll take them down too."

And with the last of that message given Frenzy once more moves to toss Jessica away. Towards the ground now, versus any type of scrap towers.


Getting in the way of shit like that, Jessica thinks dimly, as the ground sort of rises up to meet her like a giant high five coming right for her face

To say nothing of the rest of her body…

…is kind of like the life purpose for me and everyone I know.

Oh yeah. Being high-fived by the ground sucks. And she just lays there. Some referee could come wandering out to shout: One! Two! Three! OUT! It would be accurate. And so she doesn't share this thought, because arguing with fanatical terrorists who have decided, for whatever reason, that she is an important person to attack…well, that's madness.

Instead she curls into a defensive ball and lays very still. A, because she's in a lot of freaking pain. B, because she hopes if she lays still she won't take any more hits. It's pathetic, lying like this, arms around her head, knees drawn up, but protecting her vitals is now what she's got. Everything in her screams at her for even moving. She's definitely broken some things. She's not entirely sure what. She even goes so far as to nod a little; if nothing else this incident will be spoken of.

And if the net effect isn't what Frenzy expects…if the net effect is some of Jessica's friends get real damned pissed off and focus on the Brotherhood where they wouldn't have before? That's the Brotherhood's problem.

For one thing, Jess now knows electricity works. Next time, she'll be wearing her taser gloves. She might even go see her good flatscan friend to ramp up the god damn voltage. Next time this is going to go…

Oh did she just black out?

Yes. Yes she did.


When Jessica awakens from the ever-so-brief blackout, she'll find Frenzy gone.

The only clue to where she went are the footprints that can be seen leading out of the scrapyard itself.

Clearly Frenzy and The Brotherhood are done with the woman for this day.

Back upon the street, Frenzy walks down the sidewalk, an old-school flip-phone in her hand. Slowly and carefully the woman ticks out a simple text message -

"Focus diverted."

Then once the text message is sent the phone is crumpled with a quick closing of her hand, before the ball of metal is tossed into a nearby public trashcan.

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