Mind Speak

March 11, 2018:

Darcy is in jail. Nate and Lorna contact with her to talk about what is going on.

Rikers Island Prison

One of the largest prisons in America


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Fade In…

Darcy had been arrested, by a coworker. Rights read and told the charges were treason, she sat rather quietly, rather demurely, rather unDarcy-like through it all. She had her phone taken, knowing all the pictures of the atrocities happening on Genosha would be there, and knowing that there would be record of her sending several to Fury in an email would be there.

Now, she was stretched out on the cot of the cell, staring at the ceiling. She’d been allowed to keep her glasses. Her hands are laced behind her head. The prison jump suit uniform was tight in places too long in others. She kept socks on her feet because it was too cold for her liking.

Nate is pretty much at the other side of the world. Genosha. Without any idea where SHIELD would take Darcy he has not bothered to return to New York. Besides Lorna is not returning to New York right now.

So it takes a while, and some serious effort to finally reach the woman’s mind. Fortunately there are no psi-dampeners involved because from Genosha Nate is close to his maximum range. More so because he is linking Lorna to the telepathic contact.

« Darcy. You awake? Can you hear us? »

It is not really a voice, but Darcy has heard Nate talking into her head before. Telepathy.

Lorna was still groggy from her nap, but at least she was calmer now. A good rest did miracles for the mind. Still, mind links were hardly anything the green haired magnokinetic was used to.

It took some getting used to.

“Hey Darcy, I saw that you got nabbed on the security cameras. I'm… Sorry.” She exhaled roughly and settled more firmly on what she could say, or think?

“You okay?”

The brush of minds was completely unexpected and Darcy jerked slightly. Nate can feel how she glances about before her mind realizes what’s actually happening. She settles back down, closing her eyes to focus on-

‘WHOA! Lorna’s here too? That’s so cool.’ the thought drifts across Nate’s link. Darcy, the woman who typically runs her mouth without a filter, and you’ve willingly plugged yourself into her thoughts directly. God help you both.

‘Yes. I’m awake. So not as bored as I was. Nah, Lorna. It’s cool. I wasn’t expecting it. The little motherfucker. I figured they FINALLY got my emails and were like coming to debrief, and the handcuff was like something for show and then reading me my rights. Dude, it was just like that movie.. The one with the cop and the guy and the drugs. Yeah, that one.’

It is not as if Nate is good with filters on telepathy, but he has learned to parse his thoughts in small bits and not unload the whole stream into other heads. Usually.

Fortunately the distance dampens the intensity of the communications. To ameliorate it some Nate projects into Darce’s mind the image of Lorna and himself sitting around the table of the X-Men safehouse in Genosha. And into Lorna’s mind the image of Darcy sprawled on the prison cot.

« Are you in New York? It feels as if you are in New York. Should have done this from there. Except looks like Lorna is out of the school for passing some info to the Brotherhood. » He shakes his head. « You gotta tell me what happened and what to do now, Darce. I can’t try to bust you out or make a deal with Fury. Or… well, what now? »

It was a very good thing that Nate had taught Lorna to compartmentalize better before. Otherwise her mind would’ve been a chaotic mess of emotions, and conflicting desires. With the emotional extremes in the last week, combined with the fact that she was pregnant.. Her mental stability wasn’t doing too well.

The fact that Darcy was safe-ish, and didn’t seem to be tortured at the moment did help balance the influx of guilt that colored Lorna’s perception of things. At least Darcy wasn’t suffering bodily harm.

“You were in Genosha, and a guest of Magneto and working on the council. That shit they pulled in nabbing you.. Coming into Hammer Bay like that..” She trailed off, because speaking out loud might be silly, but it helped her to cement her thoughts, helped to project what she wanted rather than everything else. But the intense feeling of various curses still trickled through.

A mental glance was spared for Nate’s mention about what Lorna had did had her lips twisting together. “I can ask the Brotherhood to bust her out, you know, since I’m already being condemned for speaking to them anyways. Might as well continue down that path, right?” She sneered. It wasn’t entirely clear if she meant to do it as an option or not, perhaps because she herself wasn’t entirely sure of it either.

That Lorna was this worried and upset caused a warm flush to wash over Darcy. Nate could feel it. It was up to him to share it. It’s the same with Nate’s immediate want to bust her out.

‘Aw. You guys really do like me.’ Her mind conjures up Sally Field.

‘But seriously, charging in guns blazing is probably not the best idea. Talking to Fury is a definite yes, though. I’m brought up on charges of treason, and if they aren’t happy about this Brotherhood - whatever that is - getting involved it’ll just make things WORSE for you and Genosha if they got any more involved. But at least we’ve got their attention. But I’m gonig to assume they’ve caught off aid. Those motherfuckers. Well, this whole thing backfired. Sorry guys. I don’t know. I’m bored as fuck, but fine. I wasn’t even really asked any questions. Just read my rights, told that it was treason, given a change of clothes and my ten by ten of complete silent solitude. I’m trying not to go stir crazy.’

« Treason? What the hell? » Then again it is that or what? Working with terrorists? Involving the Brotherhood might have pushed a simple theft into something much serious. Treason involves working with an enemy nation, which is not the case.

« Did they let you talk with a lawyer? » Because if they didn’t his faith on SHIELD is going to be severely shaken. Looks like they put Darcy into insulation and let her rot. Which… uh? They can do that to terrorist for a while. Right? Nate is not very good with American law.

Lorna frowned, “Treason? What the hell? SHIELD isn't a government organization I thought, how can you be charged for treason?” It didn't make sense, and didn't line up with what she'd been learning about international law. Pepper had sent her books after all.

A mental shake of her head followed. “I don't get how they figured it out it was you, Darcy. It doesn't make sense, but whatever..” It likely wasn't that hard. Supplies had been stolen and Darcy was hanging out in Genosha.

There was no paper trail though, no evidence that they could bring to the table that would be taken it court. But then again, it didn't sound like Darcy had a court day set up either. Pietro had been right, maybe.. SHIELD wouldn't want what happened going public.

“I can do an interview with someone sympathetic to mutants maybe. Bring the whole thing to the public eye, how the world ignored people dying in Genosha. Won't necessarily work though. It leaves a lot to the court of public opinion.”

In her cell, Darcy sighed into a shrug. Treason was what she was told, and that she could have a lawyer. She hasn’t used the Phone Call yet, since she didn’t have any lawyer people phone numbers memorized and with her phone taken away she had no way to research numbers.

‘Treason was the charge. Yes, I’m allowed a lawyer. I’m holding my right to a phone call and my right to silence until I speak with one. The problem is.. I don’t KNOW any lawyers, and the only person that I know that does I dont have her number memorized. Hey. Maybe ya’ll can get ahold of…? Nah, bad idea. It’s not like we’re besties. One chocolate pudding wrestling match does not Sorority Sisters make. If you all know of someone, let me know the number and I’ll ask for my phone call,’ Darcy thinks in reply. There’s amusement at the chocolate pudding memory, faint hazy visuals of a high-end high-society something, with a modern art stylized tree, and an aluminum pole in the middle, and a man in a green cloak with a silver face on Darcy’s arm for part of it. And chocolate pudding in a martini glass and an elegant red-headed woman grinning at her as they twisted arms, sipped chocolate pudding from their glasses, and thumb wrestled.

And you thought she and Pepper were going to wrestle IN the chocolate pudding after disgarding the very expensive ball gowns they were wearing, didn’t you? Yeah, so did everyone else at the party.

‘Court of Public Opinion is really the only thing you may have right now. Social media can get your message out, filtered as you want it, until major news networks can pick it up. Hit news blogs, like the Planet’s, and use the same hashtags they use for their reporting on global events. It won’t guarantee anyone will SEE it, but it should at least put it on the radar. Hopefully someone will see it. ….Honestly, Lorna. Work finding out could have been anything. I did send Fury a nastygram email about what was happening here, and I have a text from my SO May telling me to kick ass in Genosha. Both of them should know that I don’t hold back when something is important to me. Right now, I’m running under the assumption that this is a cover for something else, that they needed me out of there for some reason and they just can’t tell me what that reason is. I know, it’s giving them a lot of faith, maybe more than they deserve, but they may it possible for me to finish out my Master’s. I wouldn’t have met any of you if I wasn’t working for them. I feel like… some benfit of the doubt is warranted.’

« Well. Okay » the explanations seem to have quieted down Nate quite a bit. He doesn’t really think Darcy arrest is some kind of ploy, because what Lorna and her did was totally illegal and involving the Brotherhood was possibly the worst idea ever.
Except for a few ideas he implemented here and there. He really can’t judge. Glass house and all that.

« We could talk with a lawyer to see what kind of problems you could be facing, at least. This is SHIELD, so international laws or American because you are an American citizen? Hell if I know. » Definitely ask Xavier as soon as possible. « Hey, can you tell us where you are, at least. Maybe we can visit you and bring some books or something so you are not as bored. »

Lorna grimaced, “Public opinion hasn't ever been strong for mutants, but there are humans here too. I've got the pictures that Doctor Huxley has on file. Pretty sure I can send those out. SHIELD is an international agency filled with spies. I'm sure they'll just love the attention…” One could hope that it at least would gain their attention and make them turn those international bureaucrats in Genosha’s direction.

“We handle Zealot, and it's just mopping up the Magistrates. So the UN can't hide behind them as an excuse to not get involved.

There was a mental smirk that followed.

“Besides, I'm sure there are besides newspapers that would die to get an interview with me after we handed Zealot over. I'm stuck being tied to Genosha. I'll use it where I can.”

But on the subject of lawyers, she didn't know any.

“I can ask Jamie? He's gotta know someone..or have a dupe.. Besides, if push comes to shove I can always claim you as a Genoshan, right? That'll slow paper work if they're only keeping you in a holding situation rather than higher security facility.” Yeah, Lorna expected the worse. A spy gone rogue? She's shocked as it was that Darcy was alive and not being tortured for everything she knew.

Much less that she was going to get a phone call and a lawyer.

‘Ryker’s, in New York,’ is the reply when asked where she was.

‘I have no idea which laws do what, and I have no internet to look anything up, but yeah. Books, a porn magazine, something.

‘I.. dont know if you can claim me a Genosha citizen. Would that revoke my American citizenship? Do you have free healthcare, free wifi, and no student debt? These are the real questions here.’ Darcy thoughts ramble.

‘You got the bastard? Fuck yes! That”s awesome. Yeah, put that on all the medias.’


« That is a common prison, isn’t it? » It feels strange given Darcy is a SHIELD agent. Why is she not kept in the Triskelion or an Helicarrier brig?

Meanwhile they are trying to get some good publicity for Lorna. But the UN keeps faltering. Moving at snail’s pace. As usual. Nate is not terribly optimistic about the embargo ending soon, but at least they will have some peace soon.

« Hey Darce, I’ll get you some books and whatever you are allowed to have, » checking with a lawyer, definitely. « And I will talk to you every day, okay? If you need anything… we can talk from New York. It will be easier. »

Lorna mentally shrugged, as she did in the real world, her distinctions weren’t up to pat to separate the two. After all, telepathy wasn’t her power set. Though considering how many she hung out with, she should be better at handling it all.

Oh well.

“Hey I dunno, don’t people get dual citizenship all the time? And right now, there’s no universities, much less any student loans to parse out. And since there’s an embargo, I don’t think they can come after you to pay them…” So very off topic, but still, Lorna was trying to keep calm.

“Besides we can always say you had asylum with us, right? I mean, there are reasons why SHIELD can’t just go in and grab people all over the world that are in certain countries. There are traitors to the US hanging out in Russia and other places.. And no one goes and grabs those guys. But then again, they’re not hanging out with Mutants. So.. go figure.” Her mental voice was dry with disdain and dislike for anything that even was vaguely ‘governmental organization’.

“Still, I’m glad to hear they don’t have you in some black hole where they keep people they dislike.. Makes little sense.. But whatever.. I can break you out of a human jail if push comes to shove.” And she would. No doubts about it. Human jails had a lot of iron all over.

‘That’s sweet Lorna; I really don’t want you in more trouble than you’re in. Fight this legally or not at all. You have a fledging country and a baby to worry about. I’m just some dumb chick that gets in way over her head.

Nate, books would be great. Anything. I’m just bored. And i think i’m going to take another nap.’

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