Cutscene: A Rain To Wash The Face

February 03, 2018:

Following - Wakanda gathers to mourn a fallen sister.



NPCs: The people of Wakanda



Mood Music: [ - Skylar Grey, "Coming Home, Pt. II"]

Fade In…

- Taking a life is the act of cutting a person's story short. -

Her sisters cried for her. They took the body back to the golden fields of Wakanda, the sisters released by the king to take charge of the body. To bring her back home. She would not be buried in this foreign place, away from her home and away from the mountain ranges and the skies under which she was born.

- As family and as countrymen, we are obliged to protect one another from all foul things. That is love. -

The Dora Milaje were sisters among one another, each holding one another in the utmost trust. They were stronger than any man could claim to be as they took her from the Talon, her casket draped in the colors of her tribe. Each carried out their duty in solemn valor as befitting of women who may one day be queen. It would take unimaginable bravery to wind down the gyre of the day, but many shed tears for her long and later, after the rise of the moon.

- But when the worst happens, all that remains is justice. -

They sang the songs of her people, winding the tales of those who were first among those kissed by the fallen star, and the women who loved the sky. The spirit must be coaxed to return in this way, plied to return to the land of her home.

- Justice is the act of continuing the story for a person to its rightful end. -

The women danced in the water to assuage the spirits while the men prepared the meat to be eaten to mark the beginning of the mourning period. The elders spoke with her as she was prepared by her sisters, the colorful pastes and pigments prepared for her face and her hands. The elders spoke with her through the night, to lead her spirit through the process of entering the afterlife. They spoke with her and of her, praising her many heroism to the ancestors already past, vouching for her and asking that she be watched over.

- It is different for those who serve, as we belong to our country. -

It rained early that morning, and they said it was a sign that those who went before had prepared the way, that she was to be welcomed into the endless veldt. But would she be ready to make the journey to the Djalia? The elders disagreed with one another. They did not reach an agreement, though the ground long grew damp and soft underfoot.

- Once something is taken from the country, it is the land's story that is being infringed upon. -

After the rain, the fires were burned to light the path to the Djalia, and the men danced and sang when night fell. Her mother remained still and quiet. To receive her daughter with grace was a task unimaginable. Though loyal to the country to which she gave her daughter, her mother was inconsolable, seeking an understanding that would not come. She knew the same as the others knew, though their celebration of her life and honor would last well into the cool savannah night. Though she has set foot in the house of her ancestors, she cannot run yet. She cannot fly yet.

- And the land does not abide these injustices. -

The elders said that her spirit is restless, unprepared to leave life behind. Though members of the royal family and the queen-mother were present to pay their respects and append her with the due honors, the king was not there. They say he was still off in the western world, as distant and opaque as ever. Some have placed blame at his feet squarely for the dereliction in responsibility. Some say he honors her in a different way.

- We, the land's children and the country's soldiers, have duty to honor this will. -

In a song that lasts for a thousand words, they will all remember her.

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