His Secret Identity is Hal Jordan

March 12, 2018:

Hal Jordan, along with members of SHIELD, Tony Stark and Glimpse… all try to talk THE INCREDIBLE HULK into give them his evil Red Lantern Ring!


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Overseeing transportation of the HULK was not Ross or the Hulk Busters as much as the man argued fought and claimed he had jurisdiction over anything related, transpo came down to Iron Man and Green Lantern. As some of this incident had fallen outside of typical US and even DEO ranges the Hulk has become a SHIELD concern, this is also pull from Fury in due part because of the Hulk's association with the likes of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, Avengers Protocol. Not that strings didn't require being pulled.

It helped at least that Nebraska coverup took a heavy haul for the US joint force of the Hulk Busters, the DEO and SHIELD both required to assist in making sure this whole ordeal doesn't make the American people think that the government's armed forces are more than prepared to demolish their homes, jobs and cities just to take out one metahuman. Plenty of paperwork, tape crossed and promises made.

The nearest active SHIELD base codenamed /Morning Star/ is a hidden facility disguised as an underused private airstrip and shipping layover that is located just east of the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, immediately north of Nebraska.

An entire hangarbay has been cleared for occupancy by the Hulk and standing guard are four very terrified low rank Agents disguised as fence security. Hal Jordan offered to stick around as long as the ring is on Hulk's finger as inside somewhere, he has been lingering around either on his phone or playing with the old planes here, which was fun for the first four hours but even for an enthusiast like him it is losing it's allure and babysitting the Green Monster, keeping him calm and not raging out is very much a thing and very taxing.


Hulk is a nightmare to babysit without the correct tools. Transportation alone was a bear. Getting him to move, let alone not do something weird like throw open the side of a carrier suddenly is already taxing. And Hulk is more aggressive than normal, meaning it took about four times as long as it should have to relocate in the first place, and one time almost losing him into some cornfields.

But the puppies help. The puppies appear to only work for so long, though, because much like a toddler, he does look at other things that come forward, such as new people. Every single new person upsets the delicate balance.

Right now Hulk is watching some documentary that they set up, but he is starting to fidget and get bored. He has started to walk around the edge of the 'pen' set up for him, clearly still listening to the soothing program, but… starting to also look out at things that might need some smashing. He's restless. This isn't going to last.


Somehwere deep in Tony Stark's mind there was some kind of respect for general Ross. It just isn't something that comes out like…ever. Espicially when arguing with that worthy. Espicially when he was HUNG UP ON by that man. So its been a bit of an exausting day for one Tony Stark.

The man though has finally gotten things settled. SHIELD has things…under control…


There is a big ISH there.

So Stark strolls in and draws a deep breath as he glances around the hanger. "So," His voice low and easy. "Greenbean." This is of course towards Hal. "You said you had an idea for getting that bling off the big guy? Cause it /really/ needs to come off, there are only so long he can remain distracted by puppies. Speaking of witch we might need the baloons soon. And if that doesn't work we are going to have to get creative."

This is said as he eyes the pacing giant figure there. At least he's green now and now gone full Christmas Spirit on everyone.

Thank god for Kamala.

…and goddamit for classes that she had to get to.


Natasha had arrived via a helicopter that was parked quite a distance away to keep noise pollution low near where Banner was being kept / isolated. Once outside of the vehicle, the redhead (sorry Hal) was met by fellow SHIELD members who gave her a rundown of what had happened and what they were doing to try to keep it from further happening… and throughout it Nat's green eyes stared ahead as they walked across the tarmac, staring at the facility, expressionless, her face devoid of emotion.

"Thank you." Natasha tells the people who'd relayed the information and then she reached up to unzip her black leather jacket and put her hands inside the pockets just above her hips. Beneath the jacket she's in full black bodysuit, utility belt around her waist and holstered handguns gently shifting against the outsides of her thighs as she walks ahead.

Natasha strides into the area, her green pupils scanning the faces as she approaches the situation, Tony ahd Hal's location specifically for now.


Agent Mockingbird had just made the trek out in record time, pulled from another mission in the area, she was hungry, tired and more than a little irritated that she'd been pulled from one job to another. Still, she was more of a senior agent, and being a bio-chemist had it's benefits when dealing with those that had interesting biology. The Hulk was one of those.

The blonde entered, stepping lightly as she followed in just behind Tony Stark, her step soft enough that it was entirely possible others missed her when compared to Tony's presence.

She wore her uniform, green and white and blue lines with the SHIELD embelm stitched over the shoulder. Blonde hair bounced as she moved. "I sent out for an order of kittens as back up. I'd try for something else, but really, human babies aren't as cute." She drawled, arching a brow as she glanced around.

"Agent Mockingbird," She offered a two fingered salute as she set a suit case down beside her. Whatever was in it, was still very much up in the air. "I'd say nice to meet you, but circumstances and all.."


Hal is kneeling down at the moment hefting up the front side propeller blade flipping it up and down. A sigh escapes him as he realizes Hulk is getting antsy again and about to break more things, which is the safest thing he can do right now.
"One Super Tucano is enough, that was an ultraprop man. From the looks spy ready too… " It was, likely meant to be deployed undercover in Afghanistan or through Qurac or many of those other Middle Eastern war zones where prop planes have been used for troop cover fire and visual recon missions again. "Smashing up prop planes is just sacriledge."

"Crap… look HULK! A bunny AND a puppy!" Green constructs, a fuzzy looking jack rabbit bounces in circles around a beagle. Both very much not real but as close to life like as Hal's imagination can make them. "So cute right?"

"I made a call already Tinpants, I also up and did several scans on him. His heart is some how there, its when he gets pissed off again which seems to be anytime he is bored or someone twitches funny near him that those things try to pierce him again, if we keep him calm it might just be a simple as having him GIVE it to us. But, you try. Go take his new toy from him. I dare you." Hulk likes red bling? A look beyond Tony Stark at Agent Mockingbird and Black Widow has a sudden throat clear from the Green Lantern and he straightens up to his full height, squaring his shoulders, that prop-plane rotor blade dropped. "Mockingbird and Widow. Hell of an entorage there, bossman."

"Green Lantern." He offers back extending his hand. Not the one with the ring on it. Thats a learned thing a forced one that he had to trick himself in to, shake with the left not the right. His ring is on the right.
Hulk isn't exactly restrained. Thinking he is would be extremely foolish. Hangar 'containing' Hulk is a little laughable. He's reasonably chilled out, and therefore staying there, though, so if those terms help relax government officials, they can still be used. That said? Hulk is bored. And not blind. And he spots Tony right away.


Annnnnnnd Hulk just starts to come RIGHT OVER, directly, in a lumbering walk, RIGHT at them. He does step over a sleeping puppy, he doesn't step on it. So there's some moderate control going on here that makes the sudden approach a bit less dangerous. By a bit. However, he also aimed a loose side-sweep of wrist and hand at Hal, to kind of MOVE him out of the way; if he turned towards the arrivals and wasn't looking to dodge a sudden Hulk toss, he may end up thrown a little distance!

"/Tony/. Hulk is boooooooored," Hulk booms at Tony, and flexes both of his hands in an absent gripping expression, forming fists a few times, as if lacking something he can't quite express. Like a neck of a monster to wring. "Monsters to smash," Hulk requires, with mounting heavy insistence and irritation. Eyes flick onto Mockingbird and he regards her with mostly blank annoyance. It's not personal, that's just current 'resting' Hulk face. It's a sort of mild anger that is aimless: just looking for something to actually aim this upset tension at.

And yes, he's still wearing the ring, an angry piece of jewelry subtly chewing on the green flesh of his hand like shiny red leech.


Finally, as something new happens, Glimpse appears beside Hal in a blur of blue and yellow, grinning as sparks seem to fade around her, "Hi, I'm Glimpse!" She waves quickly and spins around the wrong way, stopping to face Hal after performing a full nearly 360, "I looked at all the things twice except the thongs I couldn't get to. They were neat."

She turns back to the trio, "Super glad you all showed up, I was about to be bored…aww who am I kidding, I was bored!" She nods her head and then looks to Hulk, "I am bored, too!" She nods and strides over to him and grins wide, "Wanna play?"


"Oh they aren't mine," Stark replies as the pair of SHIELD agents slip in after him. "I kept asking for one, but Fury keeps threatening to do /something/ and then tells me I don't want to know what." Fury does that. The inventor replies as he glances back towards Hal a moment before he nods. "Well that's good. I didn't want to try to figure out some /other/ way to get that off him."

Finding something to /cut/ Hulk and then actually doing it was not going to be the best mission ever.

Trying to peacefully get the ring away might only be slightly easier though.

He also doesn't seem to be bothered by 'Tinpants'. He's been called worse.

A glance over his shoulder at the pair of Agents though and he smirks. "Well you two? Any ideas to trade for Hulk's ring?" He asks right before the floor starts to tremble and Hulk himself comes trundling over like a small mountain.

Stark crans his neck back and grins up at him. "I know big guy. I can whip ya up something to twist up real quick." He's got some old parts and can put something together he's sure. "Don't suppose you would trade your ring there for something to smash up would ya?"

…of course then Glimpse arrives and Tony Stark tries to keep from shouting. "Kid," He says with some amusement. "You do know Hulk likes to play kinda hard…" A pause again before he looks back and forth between Glimpse and Hulk a moment. "…huuuh. Glimpse this is Hulk. Hulk this is Glimpse." A longer pause. "You know Big Guy, I don't suppose you would be willing to trade something for your ring would ya? Something super shiny, not dull and boring like that."


A blonde eyebrow lofted upwards as Bobbi considered first Tony, then Hal in turn. "If I was assigned to Stark, he wouldn't know I was there. I assume the same goes for her." She nodded toward the redhead and flashed her a grin, even while she seemingly was distracted with fiddling with something on her wrist. "Long time no see." Blue eyes narrowed faintly at Glimpse, but she didn't out right say anything against the idea.

"If you play, you can't play inside. That's the rule. And also, that ring has to stay in here too. But if you both wanted to play outside and leave the ring here, well, I would say that's entirely acceptable." It was worth a shot.


When Mockingbird and Black Widow arrived at nearly the same time, Nat's eyes went to her and offered the associate a small nod out of recognition and respect, but she didn't speak as there was a lot of talking already going on and… well… this is a sensitive situation to say the least.

Now, motionless, with her hands inside of her black leather jacket's side pockets, Natasha is simply observing and listening while watching the arrival of Glimpse and the sudden approach of the 'Hulk'.

Its Hulk's approach that has her looking up right at his face, staring at him with a calm and strong gaze. She's studying his face, trying to see the 'man' lost somewhere inside there.


"Nice to meet you la—-!" Hal is interrupted by being 'lobbed' aside by the Hulk only to land in a slap against the side of what remains of that airplane, a hiss sound escapes him and hes rubbing his side, "Damnit, man, we were trying to have a conversation about you here." At least it kept him from awkwardly standing there with his hand out waiting for a shake from Lorna or Natasha.

At least Glimpse has been on and off trying to keep the Green titan entertained. As Bobbi tries to talk to Hulk Jordan cannot help but grin staggering back towards the group, "Good luck. He is even starting to ignore the zoo you've surrounded him with." When Hal was tossed his emerald constructs likewise vanished in puffs.

"We're on a timer though, eventually that thing will recharge and we'll be back to the Nebraska situation again. If the puppies are failing now and Witchdoctor isn't around to syphon off some of that Rage… "


"Ring itchy," Hulk informs Tony, after seeming to consider the question. Hulk isn't particularly attached to it, that statement suggests. In fact, he lifts it to his mouth and PULLS IT OFF entirely in his teeth, raking it across the flesh, which immediately heals. For a second it is 'off' of him, but he fishes it out with other hand out of his mouth and then puts it on a different finger on the other hand. Because clearly that's fixing the situation. The ring re-fastens, and Hulk gets distracted by Glimpse. "Fast person /cheats/ at playing, Hulk not stupid," Hulk growls at her. Anger comes in like a slightly unfolding Dam. Speedsters staying just out of his range is super anger-fodder. "Hulk smash rules, goes outside ANYTIME," Hulk adds proudly to Bobbi. And is very obviously looking for something to get angry about, as if challenging to be told 'no'. He looks to the next person to see if they're something to be upset about.

That gets no traction, though: He meets Natasha's stare only briefly and very QUICKLY diverts off her of her with snort through his nose and narrowing of eyes: down, and then onto Tony. Banner, if he wasn't vomited out with the heart, is at least absent, but Hulk has a bit of awareness of her not being an anger-source.


Glimpse looks at Hulk and blinks and then stares and then blinks again. Tears start to form and then her lip starts to quiver and she sniffles, "I…I don't cheat." She then sniffs again, "That's mean! You got strength and healing and toughness and even have a ring that makes you do things and…and…" Tears start to flow and even though they are more water than anything, they do flow.

Glimpse turns away from Hulk, "I was bein…" A sniffle, "…Nice and offerin' to play and…" She just starts to walk off, "Big green and mean with a mean red ring…"


"Itchy?" Well Tony supposes that is one way to put 'trying to devour your flesh to turn your heart into a rageball'. At least it is when you are the Hulk. Hope raises and Hulk just rips the ring off and Stark starts to reach for it so he can take it when…

…nope. It he puts it right back on a different finger.

Of course it couldn't be that easy.

Personally he /does/ think Speedsters cheat and Hulk has a point. Which is why there is a bit of a grin as the big greey says it. "Well Hulk smashes pretty much everything." The inventor agrees there before Glimpse starts up the waterworks. Well…maybe that track will work.

But if it doesn't….

"Tell you what then, Big Guy. You give me the ring, I'll go get it cleaned to fix the itchy part, and while ya wait you and Glimpse can both smash something. I'll set up something for ya, and you can show people how to do it right."

He's trying. There is a glace towards Hal then. A slight smirk. "Hopefully Marvel will be out of class by then, it'll take me a bit of time to figure out how to build a siphon like that."


Bobbi looked unphased by the Hulk's treatment of Hal, much less his near-rage at refusing to follow the 'rules'. She glanced at Natasha briefly, and then back to the Hulk. A tilt of her head followed the water works, and she didn't so much as offer a sympathetic glance. Really cold that.

"So you did big-guy. Good job. There's a bunch more stuff outside though that you can play around with here in about five minutes. Big surprise. Really special." Her voice was calm and unruffled, she was keeping her posture as relaxed as she could, her gaze only to be seemingly half focused on Hulk's giant green figure. Though it was well and truly on him and every move he made.

It was hard not to be.


Natasha is well aware of the conversation going on between everyone, she's listening to it all of course and gathering up as much intel as she needs to know the jist of all of this. But her eyes were on Hulk's face, he was an interesting specimen to say the least, especially to get to see him up close like this.

When he dodged her gaze though, she glanced away for a moment over to Hal and Tony who got a momentary stare from her before she walks softly around them, hands still stuffed into her side pockets. Nat's eyes then travel over to Bobbi, watching Mockingbird offering some potentially Hulk-pleasing words up to the green man also.

But, Natasha is walking calmly to try to get back into his field of view, and when she's able to, she tries to make eye contact with him again. "Hey." She says gently to him, her right hand slips out of her black leather jacket's pocket and she extends it palm-up toward him. "May I see your ring?" She asks the Hulk.


"Yeah, you see it!?" Hal points a finger at Hulk's readjustment of the ring. "Do you realize how bogus that is? Its like hes mocking me. This is a RED LANTERN RING these things are cosmic weapons and hes treating it like its a damn juicy pop ring. Those things that 'itch' are it trying to reestablish link and eat his heart again…. " Hal exhales long and low.

"Glimpse, just… go change his channel to something you'll like. We can't have the emotional stuff around him or hes going to get spazzy." Maybe, then again maybe shes attempting a tactic or maybe he did hurt her feelings. Jordan doesn't know hes frazzled. This is all very new.

"This a look in to your life, boss?" A half-grin and hes looking at the blonde ice lady and her contrasting warmer redheaded friend, "I should have joined SHIELD when instead of the Air Force." A lower mumble, more towards Tony in that regards. No point in announcing the chauvanistic side outright. People dont take too kindly to it these days.

"When will that be? Her out of school and the ability to make a… can you do that?"


"I'm Tony Stark," Quips the inventor. "I can pretty much do anything."


"Nooooooooo," Hulk says petulantly at Natasha. It's like sulking just for the sake of sulking. His emotions are touchy at best. The influence of the ring isn't throwing him into a wrecking ball, but he's very unstable under the influence. But despite saying no, he doesn't hide it or draw away, he just stands there. So she can probably get a closer look if she wants to risk getting into his personal bubble.

Hal pointing at him and gesturing? Hulk feels a bit like an exhibit. Or being talked over. He IS standing right there! So that's a bit insulting. He licks the ring, sloooooooowly, ON PURPOSE at Hal. And grins really large. "Hulk not deaf, green bug. THIS mock." So there.

"Can make hole in hangar." A point upwards. "Hulk /flies/," Hulk lets them know. Because it was surprising to Hulk also. "But not now." Which confuses him for a moment. Difficult logic chain of what changed, clearly, for the big green mutant. He seems to be somewhat aware of Glimpse's reaction, but has a sort of uncertain look about it. It does appear to diffuse and distract him, the girl crying, for the moment, and smashing things isn't being demanded while he watches her. "/Better/ ring?" Hulk asks Tony, though. "Both rings, for Hulk," Hulk counters, with a 'look how smart I am' leering smile at Tony. He can be a genius too, see?


The blonde was becoming frustrated with the situtation fast. It wasn't that she wasn't typically sympathetic to the oddities in life, she was. But with Hal going on about what that little red ring could do and was doing, the water works off to the side.. and Tony being Tony. The Hulk was just one more thing in the long list of things beyond her control and that was just irritating.

But she at least didn't show it on her expression, which remained calm and cool.

A hand pressed to her ear, and her brows furrowed for a second. "Well, I'm sure you can big guy. Do you like flying?" She asked causually, and stepped back a pace. "Because, I mean, we have a few things around here if you really want to go flying again right now." She murmured, and tucked her hands into her pockets, shifting her weight on her heels.

"We also have that surprise outside, it's all ready for you, whenever you want. In fact, I'm going to go make sure it's just perfect."


Hulk doesn't turn her down entirely though, and she can see that. So even if he doesn't palce his hand onto hers she still shows him a smile and then her eyes look to the ring on his finger. "Its beautiful." Nat says softly, her eyes then going back up to his the Hulk's face. "I'm fond of the color in particular…"

A brief glance is given over toward Hal and the others, she'd heard that mumble about 'shovld've joined SHIELD' but she doesn't respond to it beyond a second-long look. Her eyes go back over and up to the Hulk. Nat's hand is still up and out, palm open and exposed.

"As beautiful as it is." She starts talking once more to him in her husky-hued voice. "Its dangerous. Not just to us puny, weaklings, but… to you as well. The ring is telling you what to do, its ordering you around… its trying to control you. And if you let it, it'll take control of everything you do. It'll… beat you." Nat takes a brief second to inhale, its a shakey and almost emotionally charged sound. "But if you remove it, and place it in my hand… we can defeat it, together, make it bow down to us instead. It will lose the fight, because you're stronger than it."


"You big green Magilla… " Hal's fist rises up and shakes at the Hulk. Yes, hes been taxed. His company here for the past hours has been Hulk who, isn't at all unintelligent as he pretends to be most the time and Glimpse who is wired for sound, speed and emotions he thinks shes young enough not to grasp or is well, not full on human. Thats still a subject to be approached with Star Labs.

"I could use a drink." He says ignoring Tony's quip about being a genius. Then theres Bobbi with the 'contingency plan thats outside'. Now thats one he will have to remember the name of, blondes, Hal is a sucker for blondes.

"Lady, hes going to grab that pretty head of yours and bounce you around like a rubber ball. Careful." Jordan says in warning. He lets himself fall silent a moment seeing if there is any positive response from the Gamma Brute.


Hulk listens to Natasha for a time, brows furrowing. That's a lot to follow. But she does sound really convincing about it. So the big rusty gears start to attempt to turn in his head. He draws the hand with the ring in some, turns it over, to inspect the ring closely since she wants to discuss it and how dangerous it is. "Ring small. Ring being sneaky?" Hulk questions Natasha slowly. And curves his other hand over it. Then looks at it again. Hmmm.

"If dangerous, ring might bite little weaklings too. Hulk can smash it?" Hulk suggests, arching his back up and back, legs planting further apart, one heel sliding just a bit for his personal ideal balance and leverage. He's showing off his physical power to do the smashing. The fully body flex is heavy duty, a full ridiculous alpha male gorilla display, at HULK proportions. It isn't rage channeled, there's a flash of heroism there. A tiny little peek of it.

Is the assumption of Hulk /only/ being a rage machine and monster really accurate? "Smash flat into little /bits/." Well, maybe it is. But his tone suggests he's asking if he should. That's a huge step from immediate smashing at whim.


This is good. "Yeah see this is why I'm good with machines and Red," This meaning Natasha. "Is good with people." Stark mutters before he glances back at Hal with a smirk. "Hulk isn't stupid man, or deaf. You totally deserved that."

A pause as Hulk asks for smashing, and his grin widens. Pleasure there as he sees Hulk show up, getting to be just a touch of a hero. "I'm good with smashing it flat, but hey. Greenbean," A nod towards Hal. "Is the expert on the things. They might go and explode. But…" A flash of a grin again. "…I'm totally going with the fact the ring is being sneaky. Why don't you let sneaky people deal with it right? They know just how to get it good for being like that."

Sneaky people being Nat and Hal of course.

…Hal isn't sneaky but look it works just go with it.

"I'm going to go fix up some sparring bots for ya buddy. Some ones that'll smash up real good. That work for ya?"


Natasha releases a light breath and just softly dips her chin a single time to the Hulk's words. "It is sneaky." She says back up to him. "Thats how it wins its wars… wins its fights… Thats how it beats people." She then sends her head right to left one time, decisively while staring at him. "But we're not going to let it beat us… are we? I need your help though, because I'm puny compared to you… You hold all the power here. But the ring can't be smashed, it wants you to smash it."

Natasha's hand remains extended as it had since she'd first stepped up to him. "Place it in my hand and we can figure out how to make it lose from there. I need your help with this though. Overcoming its power, as a team."

Calm, cool, collected. Some part of Natasha is certainly terrified, some part of her DOES see him throwing her around and turning her into human pulp just like one of the others had warned her… but this was as much part of her job as anything else she did for SHIELD, for the Avengers, its about protecting all lives. Banner's, and the Hulk's.

Jordan grunts and folds his arms over his chest just watching. "Expert, yeah." He just agrees.
"I would not suggest trying to break one. I've never seen it done before and they do have auto-defenses, Reds are tad more… crude and sorcery laced than my own but consider them a lot like technology, which, they are, just super advanced beyond our stuff, the sort of technology that doesn't want to be tampered with and will hurt anyone below a certain clearance level.

"All of us fall below that line." He looks at Stark on that one. You too! Especially you listen to this warning


Hulk snuffs and nods once at Tony. The bots will be acceptable for smashing. Tony makes strong bots that are fun to throw around, some of them come back for more punching. Then, back to ring talk with Natasha up in his business. Hulk frowns a lot, and then pulls on the ring with opposite hand. Fails to remove it. Applies his teeth again, ripping it free. There's some blood this time, but the regeneration takes care of it very quickly. He looks at it, then curls fist around it, flexing hard, holding it fast. And looks at Natasha's hand. Onlookers might be holding their breath for a second.

"Sneaky ring will bite. Hulk protects; Hulk is very strong." He squeezes the ring harder; it's chewing on his palm, though, so there's that itchy problem he doesn't like. He looks at his closed fist, reacting to the biting, distracted by it. He glances at Hal, not really following what exactly the guy with the green glowing animals is trying to say.


Natasha watches the Hulk struggle to deal with the ring but when he has it off she's putting her eyes back up onto him for a moment before she turns to look to Hal. "It has defenses from being held?" She asks the Green Lantern next. "Can it be safely wrapped up in something?"

From her side pocket, Natasha pulls a red handkerchief that she holds up as a suggestion of wrapping the ring up inside of it. "I plan to make sure that the item fails at whatever its goals are, we want it safely disposed of…"

And her eyes return to Hulk's then, "Thats how we defeat it, and keep it from tricking us anymore." And just the -slightest- hint of a smile is shown to the Hulk on the corners of her pale red hued lips.


"You're exactly the kind of strong it wants Hulk. You are what it preys on." Hal Jordan tries this in a less gruff tone, following suit with Tony, Kamala and the others. Right, hes right there and intelligent, not a thing or a monster to speak about as if hes not there.

"There is a way to contain it, yeah." The Green Lantern extends his fist and a light shines off of it in a flash and a small circular emerald orb appears, it stupidly looks like a Pokemon ball. It sadly was the first thing Hal could think of right now and its what appears.

"Hand it over to me and I can dispose of it properly. It won't hurt anyone here again."

Compassion, thats a thing Jordan doesn't always default to.

"Listen to the h-uh… Agent Mockingbird." Oops, he mixed them up.

Thanks to the efforts in saving the wonderful state of Nebraska the ring is largely depleted, dormant except for its feeble attempts to get back to Hulk, it does whisper those same 'Rage, Hatred, Burn, Pain, Vengeance' but they're heavily muted by puppy whines, smells and a calmer atmosphere. Theyve known he can escape the hangar at any point, hes not been 'trapped here' just distracted here. An attempt to keep him calm to the point they can come up with another plan or Hal's frien finally arrives from galaxies away.
"Hulk IS strong." Yep.


A project! Hulk grabs for the handkerchief. And then slowly lowers himself towards his heels, then abruptly down to sitting on the ground, legs thrusting out automatically. There's a little shake of the ground from that forceful flop. And then Hulk works on the fine motor control required to fish at the ring with the (to him tiny) cloth. There's a lot of focus here needed, and calm, to make this work, for him. Small objects that are trying to grab fingers is difficult! It's squirmy. He gets it, finally, but it's with a sweaty, sort of disoriented fashion, and the bundle is kind of shoved at them. The delicate task and steadiness took a toll. It certainly wasn't, say, NECESSARY to wrap it. It's poorly wrapped, in fact. The act of it was important, more than they may realize at first.

Hulk gets back to his feet and trudges a few steps to his left, pauses, still disoriented. And begins to slowly lose mass, with a pained growl and extreme tension through his arms, then back.

The green flares and starts to dissolve away, and Hulk collapses some onto one side, easily still big enough to be jarring.


Natasha watched as Hulk went to seat himself and wrap the ring up, which was endearing in a way to witness that act. Her eyes glance over to Hal when he offers his 'pokeball' to contain the item which gets a little light nod in his direction also.

"Thank you, Mister Jordan." She tells him, but when Hulk rises up again and offers the wrapped up package, she takes a step back when he stumbles then moves to stand near to him. "Are you okay?" She asks the Hulk next, seeing the transition, but not fully understanding it as its rather… alarming to witness this close-up.


"Whoah, hey, ixnay on secret identit… " Jordan stops himself mid-hissing that out to Natasha. Hal Jordan is not the best at keeping his secret identity safe, anyone with any sort of real access to beyond normal databases knows it, SHIELD has a dossier on him, hes worked with the UN and their space programs, hes had to as both his civilian self and the Lantern. It all meshes together, the idea of his /other/ life is mainly to keep his family back on the West Coast safe.
Maybe he deserved it anyways for calling her the wrong one anyways. Black Widow looks much different from Mockingbird. Pitiful mistake.

Clearing his throat he straightens up, "That… is a first." Hal remarks as the ring is gifted over to the hankerchief, the orb itself floating over to clasp closed on it, a green 'chain' wrapping up around it, followed by a box and then its drifting back towards the Lantern who is already hovering.

"Nice meeting you, a regular snake charmer. Keep an eye on him, I'm not sure… what I am seeing but if there is any residual or he gets mad this thing could fling right back to you guys. I need about twenty four hours to get far enough away he should be in the clear."

A look around a headshake and he is GONE in a green tracer flash. Happy to be away from the stank of puppies! So many puppies.

Time to face the music with the Guardians anyways… hes been avoiding Oa but to get rid of this particular source of nasty, its that time.


Hulk being massive and green and FILTHY and covered in soot and dried blood and evil vomit and whatever else was all just sort of a thing that is easy to overlook as just a monster. But when coming down, now, slowly back into a human male that is barely clothed with the same description: no shoes, shirt, hair caked with the fallout of /missile fire/, there's a greater obvious quality of what he actually just went through.

Disorientation is front, at least at first, as Banner finally gets the wheel back. And reacts in extreme alarm, flipping over and shoving to his feet, stumbling as he tries to figure out where he is. He checks his hands immediately, and then finally orients on Natasha. "What?!" Bruce asks, panic mounting.

Natasha's green eyes are on the Green Lantern while he contains the dangerous red ring, then they remain there after he calls her out for using his name. She doesn't really show any expression toward having said it, or him telling her not to, she simply stares at him up until he flashes away with that impressive power he wields.

Afterward, Natasha's eyes go then to the Doctor on the ground who's now recovering from his transformation back into his human self. Now she steps forward, over his legs and then crouches in front of him. Both of her hands reach out to steady him and keep him from falling over and injuring himself, she's not in the slightest bit concerned about his lack of being 'clean' after everything the Hulk had gone through.

"Welcome back." Natasha says to the man, now showing a small smile toward him. "Relax for a moment, we'll get you some water and let you rest for a moment. Then we have a lot to chat about, I do believe."


Dr. Banner clearly has a billion questions, and he opened his mouth to ask them in a stream of guilty worry. But he looks at her hands and shuts his mouth. "All right," Bruce agrees, quietly, tiredly.


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