Savin' Nebraska

March 10, 2018:

Hal Jordan, Iron Man, Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, Glimpse and Witchdoctor join forces to try to calm Hulk as he rampages across the Midwest under the influence of a red ring of power.

Somewhere In Nebraska

Now it's Hulk-over territory?


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Mentions: Azalea Kingston, Quicksilver, Matt Murdock


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Fade In…

The call had went out before the News was able to make heads or tales of what transpired in and around Mutant Town, before Coney Island, then Jersey, Chicago and now of all places Creighton, Nebraska. A smear of a town compared to the places the Hulk has been sighted, he's making good speed, surveillance footage offered has shown that hes in part jumping and flying, not just one of these but both. The Hulk is known to be the world's largest scariest grasshopper normally but this, this is not that. The Green Machine is apparently now a confirmed aerialist.

It's morning, the sun is just about to rise up in the East, over the miles upon miles of cornfields. This is almost a serene backdrop until streamers of smoke rake across the heavens, a screaming sound of tactical ballistic missiles in chorus heralds it's once again time to piss off the Hulk.

Less than an hour ago, Tony Stark was made aware that the Department of Extranormal Operations had reached out to the US Army, connecting up to one General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross. This is obviously that response. Mobile missile platforms have been set up less than five miles outside of this podunk location, a line up of about six of them and they're firing heavy munitions in to American soil. Fortunately the town itself was evacuated all save animals and possible conspiracy theorists, it is confirmed Hulk is there.

It is also confirmed that with the deployed US Army/Airforce 'Hulk Buster' unit is a team of DEO's Knightwatch in power armor based off designs Tony Stark himself is responsible for. This is not how one calms down or contains a Hulk of any sort. One would think Ross of all people had known this by now.

The Green Lantern, meanwhile, is departing the Watchtower, a stopover point before reentry to the planet after being caught by Bleez, updated on the situation and en route.

Stark is aware that the DEO is on the way. He is also aware that the 'Hulk Buster' unit is SO NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. Which is why as soon as he saw footage of what had happened. And saw footage of his intern fighting in New York. And footage of a glowing flying red Hulk. He had become…


Red is not Hulk's color. He is not the spirit of Christmas.

So he had gone over the footage of the fight. Inch by inch for anything that changed. And when he noticed that Hulk now has a blingy ring he became…more concerned.

Which is how poor Jessica Jones and possibily Kamala Khan got roped into this. This is the danger of knowing Tony Stark. Sometimes you show up and he just shouts something about 'HULK IS RED NOW NOT GREEN GET ON THE PLANE' and then you're on a plane, that you didn't even know he had in his Tower and flying at Mach That-shouldn't-be-possible towards danger.

While Tony shouts at someone on the coms.

"Yes General, I know what those suits can do. I designed them. And I'm telling you that they are so far overmatched that this is not even going to be pretty. I designed them to contain the Hulk when he's green. He's red now."

A pause.


A nother pause.

"Look, what you need is a lot of puppies. Do they have a PetSmart near where you are?"


"…he hung up on me." A pause again as he glances back towards his passangers. "He totally hung up on me!" A longer pause. "JARVIS call Greenbean."

"Of course, sir." The newly fixed AI says in that oh so familiar english voice. "Dialing now…"

Which is when Hal gets a ping on his communicator.

The patterns of flight and jumping are for specific reasons. Those taking more time to study the footage can sort of some logic to it. Hulk will fly when there isn't obvious targets to beat on. Hulk doesn't have it in for cornfields or trees. Otherwise, the jumping is used to propel maximum physical strength into things. He's discovered maximum destruction is through leaping directly at stuff and flinging things around during the landing, not just flying through.

At this time, though, the Hulk isn't really moving particularly quickly. He's gotten to where he wanted to be, at least, until he's starting to see resistance in the form of heavy munitions. It's all of the assaults coming in that are bringing his attention, and, obviously, enhancing the rage. Continual attacks with no pause are mounting power levels.

At the moment? Hulk is following the missile source. It needs to be smashed, of course. Straightforward thinking. If it can be called thinking, which is mostly isn't, not anymore.

Also, is it a PROBLEM that Hulk is shrugging off major munitions? No? Carry on.

Really, Stark can call on Jessica any time he wants. He protected Az. He took care of Trish. For reasons she still doesn't understand, he handed her lots of money and every case Stark's massive enterprise spawns. Many of them are far more run-of-the-mill than crazy machine gods and dimension-hopping murderers…a lot are workman's comp fraud and background checks…but they keep her busy and fed and give her freedom to go do lifesaving things that she wants to do. If he wants her to fight a giant red Hulk, well, okay. She's happy to do it.

She stands in the back of the plane ignoring the fact that you are not supposed to smoke on planes, listening to all of this with a frown. She knows about the Hulk in passing. Only in passing. She stands there, trying to determine two things.

What red means.

What the puppies are for.

The cigarette hangs out of her mouth, smouldering, as she glances to Kamala. "Do you know what red, greenbeans, and puppies have to do with any of this? Cause I've lost the goddamn thread here. At this point I don't know whether I'm supposed to punch this dude or hug him."

"Do puppies really work?"

Kamala — well, Ms. Marvel right now, what with the shiny outfit and the mask — is rubbing her face and her hands alternately. She looks… upset. Sincerely upset.

"As God is my witness, I didn't know Hulks could fly. I think I can contain him. Or at least distract him. But there's gotta be something that will calm him down. Is there? Will puppies help? I think I can…"

Kamala closes her eyes. Grits her teeth. It's hard to concentrate when you're this damn upset. She was there when he freaked out. She tried to take off his ring. She tried to hold him down, to stop him, to chuck him into the bay to cool him off.

She looks over at Jessica when she starts asking questions and sighs: "So this guy is the Hulk. He gets mad. When he gets mad, Hulk smash until he's not mad anymore. But I think this red ring thing has just made him… perma-mad. I don't know what puppies have to do with it, but."

And then she just… puppies. Specifically, one puppy. It's not red and blue and yellow. It's a corgi. It's the cutest damn corgi in creation. One of its ears is even very slightly floppy. Tail wag. Testing-bark. Then it… talks like a girl from Jersey City.

"I guess if this doesn't work and he smashes me, I'll just… be flat, and we can try something else."

Glimpse was actually sitting in a diner getting all excited as yet another stack of pancakes was delivered from the back in the All-You-Can-Eat Pancake special. The cook had gone from bored, to surprised, to impressed, to terrified at the amount of pancakes being consumed and ordered. As the eight was on its way out, she stopped and stared into the distance and let out a whine, "There's a problem…" She says to no one in particular and then drops a ten dollar bill on the table and says, "I gotta run!"

Then with a blue and yellow blur, she's out the door and down the street. Back at the diner, the cook lets out a slow breath even as the waitress also does the same and says, "I don't know what came up…but glad it did or else she'd put us in the poor house."

Later, there'd be a disclaimer…

Either way, the girl is rushing along at high speeds, having picked up on a strange report about devastation heading west from her constant search for people 'Up to no good' on the internet. She rushed along at high speed, zipping from town to town, a sort of step behind the big Green Machine, and it is only as she sees Missiles shooting off in the distance does she pour on the steam and go even faster.

Of course, anyone paying attention would notice the speedster making her way across country having only just gotten into range at this point.

Witchdoctor was…being tested. It wasn't difficult magic to try and move people, it was just…a lot of people to move. She was no speedster, so the Witch was having to make use of magical means. The swarm of glowing butterfly lights wrapping up people and instantly teleporting them out of harms way was probably going to fuel alien abduction stories for the next decade, but it was a way to keep people from being squashed! She needed a moment, just a moment, and then she'd be able to try and solve the Christmas-colored-rage that was the Hulk.

Then he's leaping after the missiles and away from the bystanders, it was as good a window as she was going to get, now she just had to not die getting close enough.
Elsewhere Gamma Base - Death Valley a buzzcut sporting old warhorse slams a phone down, not some new age fancy cell phone one of those old bulky ones that you can bash more than once. "Rich prick." Ross looks at the officers standing around him, many of them waiting for his command.
A man with a headset behind a captain looks up, "We have splash down. Goodbye Creighton, Nebraska."
"And the Hulk?"
"Still moving."
"Figures, have them in engage, ten mile radius is a complete combat zone now, anything moves… eradicate it."
"But we have incomi… "
"You got your orders. They're interfering with the US Military. They're collateral damage."
"Prick." Thunderbolt mutters only to stop himself and look over at the nearest Colonel, "Did he say something about puppies?"

SCUD missiles? Maybe once upon a time they could be called that This is future warfare though. As those missile sail above the city they pop out, spread in to clusters and then erupt in to blossoming flowers of erupting fire, like napalm, high explosives and claymores all rolled together, just beads of death shot out everywhere, scatterfiring a mile radius on touchdown, the Hulk? Hes flying free of it, coasting through the air in his ascension, they trail after him, like stacks of big deadly 'puffballs' from afar which is most everyone elses vantage point its quite beaitful if you enjoy the apocalypse that is.

The immediate vicinity is best to be avoided but as Hulk clears it the squad of Knightwatch ten in all and the dozen Hulk Busters are all awaiting, weapons powering up and suits humming to life. Orders are to annhilate everything? Okay then.
The mobile platforms are re-arming, preparing for the second barrage….

Green Lantern is perhaps the furthest out now above New York airspace and getting that incoming call, "He… what number is this, who are you and why are you on a secure line? The Justice League doesn't do solicitors."

"Right so, he's red. He's usually green. So something changed. He also shouldn't be able to fly which means he's more powerful. He also has a ring. Which looks suspiciously like a red version of what Green Lantern wears. Greenbean is Green Lantern. We are buddies now." A longer pause. "And puppies totally work. He likes puppies."

The plane banks towards the target zone, closing in.

"See the trick with Hulk is the more you hit him the more powerful he gets. So you just either wear him out till he gets bored and you can talk to him, or you try to contain him. Or you try to calm him down. Soothing music, puppies, magic spells, knock out gas. Anything that can make him not mad."

A glance back towards Kamala the Corgi.

"Yeah that might work."

Then back towards Jessica. "…I'm going to need your help keeping all the other idiots there alive. Since if they engage they are idiots."

Again a pause.

"JARVIS. Hack into the coms of those Knightwatch and tell them this is a really bad idea and I'm trying to save their lives." Of course thats when Hal picks up.

"Hey, Greenbean! Its Tony. So. Why is the Hulk red, has a new ring in the same style as yours but different color and I'm going to guess that shooting him is going to be the worst idea ever."

A longer pause.

"Wait, Marvel did you say that this ring makes him super angry? God this is is going to be messy. JARVIS stealth systems would you, lets see how bad this is."

Unpredictably, suddenly Hulk has spun around and entered a series of low buildings, dragging all that missile fire in there with him. The dust and explosions will really make him just about impossible to see or find, at all. Even the craters made are just showers of dust and destruction far above what Hulk was doing on his own. But one fact is clear, from the pile of crap: Hulk is now … hurling objects.

This includes everything from vehicles and billboards to signposts and street lights with huge dangling electrical cords. So, yes. Things are on fire, at the edge of town, as electrical lines spark and come down with the wrenching. The stuff isn't even all that aimed. It is a weird display of extreme tantrum, because the rage level is so unmanagable, that it's starting to explode out. The first SIGHT of a Knightwatch will attract all of that tantrum. But the dust and explosion-fest makes it just as hard for Hulk to see as it does anyone else.

Cover made of… explosions.

Jessica Jones stares as Ms. Marvel becomes a puppy. She takes a long drag on the cigarette. "K. I'll fly you up, you lick his face, if he tries to smash you, I'll punch him. Division of labor achieved. Because I will not lick his face, and I cannot look that adorable, and I am 500% not in the mood for hugging anyway. Red ring, like…I don't know. Red energy ring? Red X-box ring? I know some people get real pissy over that one. Red rum ring around his mouth? Red finger ring?"

Her experience says the problem could literally be caused by any of these things.

But then Tony is explaining what her real job is. Not making him more powerful with punching, but keeping people alive. Which is good, because nobody wants her on hug-it-out duty, talk-it-out-duty, sing-it-out-duty, or any kind of animal-related duty. She is surly and sarcastic and just as likely to piss him off, especially this week.

Slowly she takes off this beautifully woven purple scarf she's wearing. She slips it into her phone.

She'd never forgive herself, if she lost that.

That secured, she contemplates. She has a magical cheat, one that could make her invulnerable and insanely lucky. It might be a good day to use it; especially if she's going to get between overzealous heroes who want to engage and a Hulk with a power-up. It would make her a good flying meat shield.

She tugs one of two off the cord around her neck, a strange little vial with a wax seal, made of glass. Blooms of blood morph and shift inside of holy water, like a slightly sinister Lava Lamp. She's not sure how long it will last, so she waits to activate it, but…she's ready.

"Ok. Soon as we get close, Tony, just let me out of the plane. I um. I fly now." Which is why she's not a terrified ball of sweating anxiety in the cargohold. She finishes her cigarette, puts it out, flicks it into something trashcan like, and heads to hover near the cargo bay doors.

And then like a shot, Glimpse arrives and blinks, "Whoa!" She declares as a car nearly hits her head on. She simply lept over it with a blur of speed and then sidestepped a signpost and then a street light and then calls out, "Whoa! It's the Hulk!" She declares and then taps her chin, "Why is he so angry though?!" She asks of no in particular as she sidesteps another car and then looks over at him and then back at the area around and then looks up, "I wonder…" She then taps her chin again, "I should-" Dodge, "-Get his autograph!" She declares.

"Boy is it dirty here though." She nods her head as she looks at the dust and then walks suddenly zips near to Hulk, "Hey! Mister Hulk! I'm Glimpse!" She calls and waves her hand, "You may not be able to see me but I'm a huge fan!" She then dodges a car, "Well, not as big as you, but huge!" She nods her head and then zips away as a bus slams into the ground where she is, "Wow…" She suddenly gets all giddy, "I was almost smashed by the Hulk!"

And is there ANY cuter puppy than a corgi? Potentially. But not many, and they're on a time crunch, and they might as well work with what they know. The sky is blue, Hulks are green, and corgi puppies are ridiculously cute.

So Kamala the Dog hops up back onto her seat, then trots along behind Jessica. "I'm more or less smash-proof," she explains. "As long as I focus on being smashable. I'm getting better at dodging bullets, too, which is super helpful. It just looks super creepy."

Out of purest curiosity, she sniffs Jessica's shoe. She just wants to know if she can smell like a dog. Whether or not she can, she just sits patiently at the doors.

"I'll never forgive myself," the puppy mutters. "I should have been able to stop him from getting this far. I don't even want to THINK about how many people he's… he's hurt. Or worse."

Witchdoctor's plan didn't involve turning into a puppy or licking the Hulk's face…but it wasn't as far from it as she'd probably like. Still airbourne herself, the Witch's brow actually furrows at the military ramping things up, seemingly with no care for collarteral damage. Were they just looking for an excuse to try and remove the Hulk? It wasn't going to end well. As the 'swarm' that was the Witch reforms into the woman herself, she's speeding towards the red ball of anger with a frown on her face. This…really better work, because it was going to suck 'coming down' afterwards.

A breath and a raise of her hands, the Witchdoctor begins to glow brighter, brighter still until the glowing lights form a set of wings, almost butterfly-like themselves. Her skin, her hair, all of it was glowing brighter and her features themselves seemed that little bit more ethereal and 'fae'. It -felt- dizzying, giddy and…like holding onto a shooting star made out of suger, but the fae-charged woman surgers towards the not-so-jolly green giant and tries to wrap her arms around his throat and then…kiss his cheek?

Fae were strange folk. But the rush of magical joy, bliss and distilled 'Happy' she was trying to force into the Hulk was about the best idea she could come up with…and it would probably be all the better with the arrival of Puppy-Khan

"Oh, boss. Dude, JL com lines are not meant to just be 'called' like… nevermind, you're gonna do you."
"Red Ring and the HULK? Thats floor 16 wasn't it? The sign in your elevator?" Hal flies past a commercial airliner, turning to wave at a kid in the window who is pointing with mouth open, a state away and so peaceful compared to the hell that is the likely setting for Children of the Corn.

"That conversation we half had about rings, I told you there is more emotional spectrums, this is one of them. Five of them are loose in this sector still, I've been tracking them but they're dormant, either damaged, not finding a host… whatever, that shit doesn't matter, just hes got one. A rage ring, blood magics and space crazy."
"I'll be there very soon."

The Hulk's gigantic tantrum is more visible when the firebombing stops during reload. The thrown debris, cars, tractors, silos, whatever hes getting his hands on is creating a rather unique trail through the air to follow above the smokescreen.

Easy target for all parties, especially the DEO's Knightwatch and Task Force 'Hulk Buster', they're closer now, actually now able to detect another signature within, Glimpse.
"Second target acquired."
"LOOK OUT!" A Soldier shouts and there is a CRASH as one of the DEO armored troopers disappears underneath a combine.

"CODY!" Someone screams in a break out of professionalism.
"We're tracking another, sir!' Witchdoctor.
"Confirmed." A quick response, no need to repeat the intentions for any extras.
"Rail cannons one, two and three, prep!"
"Yes, sir!" A mixed gender chorus of voices respond as the Hulk Busters plan pylons in to the ground setting down upon them massive guns the length of a grown adults body, these things begin to whir to life, barrels spinning. "Motion tracking enabled. Heat signatures coming online." Wait for it….

Scorched earth and ruin is encircled by rows of corn, one highway that goes through and dirt ways, farmhouses and just about nothing. At least they are largely isolated, the nearest town little less than a gas station with a population sign of 23 up on it. The suns higher now, the overcast sky is beginning to clear itself. It may almost be a nice day for anything thats not in the Hulks direct line of sight.

"Yeah well I figured emergency com system is for emergencies. This seems like one." Stark replies towards Hal as he banks, trusting the stealth systems of his personal jet to keep him safe enough from the military on the ground.

He slows, getting up from the controls as the lets JARVIS take over.

"Right. So." Still talking to Hal. "Crazy rage monster on a guy that just gets more powerful the more angry he gets, with no known upward limit." A pause. "You can see how this is a problem." A longer pause. "So we have ideas to calm him down right now, but we need to get the ring off. How do we get the ring off?"

"Get the ship back home and I'll give these two a ride." This is towards JARVIS as he stands and strolls over to a small hatch in the side of the cabin. Built a little like a Quinjet, the superfast Avenger's transport is his own design, and therefor has his own touches…namely…

He punches his fist into a hatch that slides open and part of the wall seems to animate, technology crawling up his arm and then the rest of his body like a live thing. Plates of armor and crystaline tech unfolding from seemingly impossible size and angle to form into that armor of his.

"I'll give these two are ride—"

I can fly now.

"…you can fly now?! When did that happ—you know what tell me later. Right now you get the dog and the hatch and I'll try to give you an opening." He flexes his arm, now fully enclosed in that familiar Hot-Rod Red armor.

They can almost hear the smirk.

"Well. That worked. You two better have been impressed." A sigh as the Avenger's plane roars by, slowinng enough for the back hatch to come open, shifting to let Jessica and the Khangi out.


Names are hard.

"Stay out of the line of fire of those Knightwatch. The'll have a recharging time on their weapons you can get in. But its better if you do it fast and stay prepared." A smirk. "And both of you come back."

Though there is a pause and one iron hard gauntlet comes down on Kamala's head, gently.

"It wasn't your fault, kid." He says with total conviction. "It wasn't any of our faults. Don't blame yourself for it, else you won't be able to let go. This was the damn rings fault, and no one could have expected that."

Jessica's dark brows draw down at all this Kamala guilt, and her mouth twists into a few different sour and uncertain configurations before she finally decides to do something about it, hard on the heels of Tony's own commentary.

"You gotta quit that shit, kid," she mutters gruffly. "You'll drive yourself nuts."

She scoops the Kacorgi up and tucks her under one arm, adding, "Look, in this business you're going to win some, you're going to lose more, and if you're fucking trying? You're still actually doing more than fucking 99% of the world either a) wants to do, or b) can do. Most people suck. You don't. And here you are, trying again, which is all you can do. Shit goes wrong, people get unlucky, you do the best you can. All you accomplish with this self-flagellation bullshit is a drinking problem and a mountain of goddamn angst that will paralyze you so bad you can barely take a shower or wash your fucking clothes for years, ensuring you can't fucking help anyone, ask-me-how-I-know."

Pep talks. Jessica Jones style.

The door is opened.

"Yep. I fly now. Landings though…" She leaves that to both of her companion's imaginations as she zips out of the plane and into the air.

Tony says to stay out of the line of fire of the Knightwatch. Yeah. Definitely activating this thing. She smashes the vial against her chest. Magic flares as the blood of the wizard inside, a man whose magical heritage resonates with the very strands of Synchronicity, expands to what looks like nothing so much as a flurry of red whisps and wraiths hissing and surging all around her. Jess makes a beeline for the Hulk because she has this Khanorgi, adding, "Do you want me to just…I don't know, toss you into his arms? It seems we don't have too many idiots today except the DEO, surprise surprise; my job might need to change to 'getting shot so nobody else does.'"

Hulk has a few interesting things coming into his massive trantrum. One, a speedster. Which darts in, says some things, and is entirely inconsequential. Hulk doesn't bother reacting to her at this point. Or didn't hear her. Or register her, through the battle-frenzy that has made his eyes fill with blood and only see those mists, nothing else. A true battle frenzy, an Asgardian would say, bloody and deadly.

The bigger thing to notice (other than continuing to throw big pylons at the people in the evil mechanical suits BECAUSE HULK REMEMBERS DEMON ROBOT SUITS!), is an entity that appears next to his face and tries to do something against his will with him romantically.

Two things happen.
FIRST: Absolutely, the happiness and flood of positive magic comes through. Love fights hate. And the bloodmist comes out of his eyes for a moment. Hulk pauses. In order to get a few volleys of missiles in the back, because nobody is working WITH Witchdoctor to be sure that they stop firing.
SECOND: He was in mid-angry headbutt at the person that dared get up that close, and a projectile vomit of pure Red Lantern acid blood right there, and there's no, like, stopping that in mid-explosion even if he had enough of a mind to do so.

Sometimes it takes a little pep talk for ANY pup to feel better. Kamala, for lack of a better way to appreciate it, bonks her head gently against the Iron Man gauntlet. "Yeah, I should practice what I preach to everyone else, I guess."

And then the lady in the leather jacket and boots goes further. Big brown eyes give Jess almost as puppyish an expression as Kamala can usually manage. Two awesome people, both telling her the same thing, and clearly from personal experience. She'd be a real jerk if she didn't take their advice.

"It would be really weird if I licked your cheek, so I'm just gonna thank you. And take it to heart."

She wriggles in place and takes a deep breath: "Yeah! Just chuck me into his arms if you can, and then get out of there. Let's try not hitting him with things and see where that gets us. Man. The poor guy. He's going to be CRUSHED when he realizes what he's done."

Making a huff, Glimpse then pouts, "He's not even paying attention to me…" She then blinks, "Whoa…that's cool." She rushes over to where the Hulkbuster armor is and does not at all stay out of their way, "Hey!" She says to one of the armor's and waves a hand, "I'm Glimpse and you must be here to fight the Hulk buuuut…" She takes a breath, "FightingHimIsRealBADAsItOnlyMakesHimMoreAngry…and…AngryHulkGoesSmash!" She nods her head, "I read that online."

With that she idly considers the armor, "Get it?" She then disappears and reappears near Hulk and blinks, "Whoa! That's gross." She watches all the red stuff all over and frowns, "He's sick…and it's gross…."

The Witch (who was in some ways looking like a larger-scale tinkerbell at the moment) actually feels a surge of her own relief as she can -feel- her magic working. Then she's almost rattled loose entirely from that 'embrace' by the missle impact. If she'd taken the direct hit? It was going to take a whole lot more than clapping to put her back together. That sudden explosion of pure acid blood? Her 'bubble' flares to try and deflect it, but there's still a shriek from her lips as a few errant spatters scald her skin. She just had to keep holding on and pouring on the 'feel good vibes' a little longer, surely someone could get the ring off then…right?

"I… yanno that makes perfect damn sense." Hal replies in regards to the coms, its an unimportant topic anyways. "No upwards limit to his rage? F—-" Muffled cursing and Green Lantern is now in Nebraska at least. "Thats no good. Love, Hope, they counter and weaken, if that can somehow be accomplished… but, we need to remove the run, the only damn unfortunate thing with that is the ring becomes their heart. All that shit they spew out the first time, that was their heart. If you separate the ring they die. We found an alternate proce- a proc… Hold on man, some jackasses are shooting missiles at me." Com cuts off.

The skies are once more covered in streaks of missile fire, those mobile missile bases exercising their per minute limits. The sky snap-crackle-pops above them laying down a canopy of destruction, the intent there this time is to keep Hulk from LEAPING or flying away again, they want him grounded so the Hulk Busters and Knighwatch can take him down. The unfortunate aspect of that is any incoming support from the air has to navigate through it OR just not face air cluster mayhem like sane persons.
The Hulk Busters in particular, those rail canons primed, churning to life. "Begin fire in 10… 9… 8… " The countdown begins as the heat signatures beyond and at range are tracked, fortunately they focus on HULK blob but its also close to the others, they'll get their share.

The Knightwatch troopers nine now begin to fan out, racing with armor enhanced speeds over that flat terrain through corn rows until they're bursting in to the open at the outer radius of the initial splash zone. Particle blasters hefted to shoulderss but they keep distance, they wont engage until the first Rail Gun salvo is released. They are at least now visible to anyone inside what was once that town.

And Stark is feeding information to his friends even as they head for the ramp.

"Riight so. Red ring is rage. Naturally. Hulk has a lot of that. Love and Hope apparently counter it, so I hope he really loves puppies. I'm going to try to do something with the Knightsbridge guys that is likely to get me in trouble and save their lives so we'll just hope this at least slows him down."

He steps to the edge of the ramp and smirks towards the both of them. "Catch ya on the flip side."

And then he pushes off, repulsors igniting as he streams off towards the firing line.

"Attention Knightwatch! Your General is an idiot. Keep shooting at the Hulk and it just makes him more powerful." He calls out. "I'm trying to save your lives here guys. Fighting him isn't going to work. Not even with the fancy weapons I helped design."

As he says this he comes screaming in, slamming fist first into the ground in front of the trio of railguns. The impact wave carries with it a quantum pulse wave, spiking though the EMP shielding on the weapons to reverse the charge up process. In effect powering down the rail guns. Without taking any out.


"Now that that's settled…" He pulls from his back a trio of launchers. Tossing one to each of the gunners. "…I have more of these in my ride. Use those and it should as least mitigate the damage. I hope. Because that is the Hulk enhanced with a goddamn power ring. And anything that just hits him is just going to make it worse."

The launchers? Air burst missiles in cheerful happy colors, filled with synthetic sleep gas akin to the sample he was given by the King of Wakanda oh so long ago.

"Jess! Marvel! There might be some gas missiles coming your way soon. Try not to breathe it in. And it'll be all easter colored missiles and gas so its fine."

A pause.

"Anything other than cheerful pastels? And you're free to intercept. You get that Greenbean?"

A pause again as he sees a blur of speed and…

"Oh great. Who else is here?"

Please don't be Pietro.

Jessica's Toss of the Corgi is perhaps a little too enthusiastic and a little too fast, because HOLY SHIT there are MISSILES everywhere.


The leather-clad detective in her armor of scarlet magic hopes that stuff lasts long enough. The time limit is…really variable. She starts zooming around, trying to punch missiles out of the air.

The temptation to take them and start slinging them back at the fucking Knightwatch is strong. But she avoids said temptation. If she does that they will either sniper rifle her head at a later date, or Matt Murdock will receive yet another legal headache on her behalf. A case that, point of fact, he probably wouldn't be able to win because she'd be awfully objectively and publically guilty. And you know. Also not killing morons just because they're morons.

She can feel the heat of the things dancing along her skin. She would not be feeling brave enough to punch a missile without her current aide. She's not sure she's feeling brave enough to punch missiles with her current aide, just sure she's going to take one to the face as soon as her luck runs out, but…

Well, there she is. Giving it what she's got anyway. It would be satisfying on some deep primal destruction level if it weren't so terrifying.

And she avoids the cheerful pastels. God.

Into the comm: "This magic doom ring only works if people put it on, right? Whomever ends up touching it isn't going to be our next problem?" Good to clarify that. Real good.

"…oh uh…" Stark pauses at that question from Jess. "…don't worry about that apparently its bound to his heart now or something? I don't know how these things work! There should be an expert here soon!"

Even with the vomit, strange love-thing hangs on. Hulk is sort of impressed, though still angry at her. And you know what a hug deserves? Another hug. Hulk will wrap arms around Witchdoctor. Which normally is very terrifying. It probably is. He doesn't squeeze at first, though, because she's being a lovely upper at the moment, and he's sort of okay with it. "Hulk Smash," Hulk says to Witchdoctor in a confused but conversational tone. The arms do one other thing: They'll protect Witchdoctor from the missiles and new railguns.

But the railguns tearing up Hulk's spine and forearms will take a toll, and undo Witchdoctor's hard work. Hulk turns his head and bellows at them.

So, they can make plans, and so forth, but Hulk doesn't pay attention to plans and doesn't have some awareness that he needs to stay where he was or something, because—- he's not on the comm channel!

And Hulk leaps. With Witchdoctor in tow if she doesn't wriggle free, but he doesn't have her super tight. Because Hulk let go, Hulk needs to smash him some Hulkbusters. With a roar he'll be among them, backhanding and furious.

Oh, hello, Tony. Pastels are over there? Well, Hulk smash here. ROAR.


Jessica tosses the corgi, and it's just really super lucky that Kamala is a bouncy girl rather than a smashy girl. The corgi soars through the air like a well-thrown football, and hopefully the Hulk is a good catcher.




So Kamala the Corgi (Korgi? We'll go with Korgi) smashes straight against his chest and starts scrambling up it, trying to find a foothold. Panting. Adorable. Tiny.

Frowning, she considers, "Angry bad…" She looks over to the area where the hulkbuster folks are all showing up and then she rushes off in a blue and yellow blur. She appears beside one of them and states, "Hi!" She waves at one of the people holding the rifles, "I'm gonna need this." She then disappears and reappears holding the rifle she just high speed stole and states, "It's bad and it goes elsewhere."

Then she is disappearing and reappearing beside each person attempting to take rifles, run them a mile away and then putting them in a neat pile repeatedly before she giggles, "There, no more angry."

They never had mechanical bulls or rodeos where Alyse came from…but trying to hold on to the Hulk now? Well she could hardly be considered 'left out' now. The sudden arrival of 'Korgi' has even the glowing ball of 'happy' that is Witchdoctor blinking. It -was- cute, but she wasn't in a great position to appreciate it. Any second now, she might be showered with more burning blood if this keeps up.

Wait a second… Blood.

If she weren't focusing on trying to keep the good feelings going and not lose her grip? She'd probably be slapping her own head. The ring was all burning blood and the like going through the host's body all the way to their heart? Then maybe she'd been overlooking the way to remove it this entire time. Of course, blood magic wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind. Throwing the surge of collected 'Fae Joy' at the Hulk in one last big push, she actually gives a cry of real pain as she now shifts her grip to press her palm against the rage monster's skull, her entire aura shifting from gold to a pulsing crimson of its own at the attempt to try and turn the bloody nature of the Red Lantern against its host. Channeling blood magic was about as far removed from what she'd just been doing before, even as she speaks the pain is echoed in her reverberating voice. "Yield to me!"

"Iron Man, stand aside. We don't want to shoot through you but we will. We have orders." One of the Knightwatch orders, voice amplified by the helmet.
The ring of soldiers lookat one another then safetys start to click off. They're preparing to open fire on the armored Stark.

The Hulk Busters are able to pound off one round each, impact enough to obliterate a tank or tear through slabs upon slabs of steel is absorbed by the Green Maniac's muscular body, thats all they get though. That immediate power down from the EMP fries not just their connection but their stablizing pylons, those three are STUCK in place. Jerking and pulling at the ground. Their com chatter full of panic at their situation. There is a rampaging Gamma Beast out there after all.

A partical blast fires at Stark, then another and another, three of the nine Knightwatch troopers are taking shots off on him, his words falling on deaf ears. They are loyal.

Death Valley ——
"Sir, Iron Man is disabling our men and trying to… rearm them?"
"The hell is a Power Ring?"
"Keep the pressure on." Thunderbolt Ross starts dialing again, its slow, hes staring at a sheet of paper and looking at each number then to the phone and back again with each press.
Soldiers around him exchange looks, doing their damnest to bite their tongues and just remain quiet.
A DEO captain moves over and leans down to one of the dispatchers whispering something to him. There is a quiet exchange of words and a nod.
The shots being thrown at Iron Man from partical assault rifles cease, those men slinging their weapons and hefting up the launchers, they don't say anything to Iron Man but they're now rezeroing to the confusion of the Hulk Busters.
Ross is still dialing.

NEBRASKA AGAIN…. Green Lantern is inside of that fire show above that Jessica Jones is darting about in, the super-PI throwing punches at incoming cluster bombs while he is sweeping them aside or bubbling them up in green light constructs. The indestructable boon for Jess coming in more than handy right now as shes making headway, the immediate fallout area above Hulk and his clingy rescuers is at least much less dangerous in one aspect.
The com question Jessica Jones asks is not heard by Hal this time around, too much LOUD noises of the explosive variety.
She gets a passing look from the masked Lantern while descending, thats about it, priority? That Uber Rage Hulk. The Lantern though, clear now and in descent, hopefully Jessica Jones is out of that explode cloud cover soon too.
"Holy hell… " The man manages, Red Lantern aura for Hulk something hes never seen before but also… a corgi, Witchdoctor riding him like hes a bull and Glimpse disarming the Hulk Busters and Knightwatch? Minus those four who just put away their weapons. Five of them are standing confused, particle rifles ripped free. "HEY quit that" Sounding very much like Storm Troopers chiding an Ewok. The voice modulaters helping that resemblance.

It is not just the aura of Hulk alone that Hal is being warned about by his own ring but what Witchdoctor is doing, shes harnessing rage, channeling it and its making a big bright beacon. "Stop… stop that!" His voice a crack at first.

Those unarmed Hulk Busters now make easy almost defenseless targets for the Hulk as he backhands one, sending it crashing across the blasted earth in a slap-hop of meat encased in composite metals and plastics.

Annnnnnnnd…energy weapons….

They slam into Stark's armor, knocking him sideways as he tries to help. Smoke raises from the metal as he just turns to look at the suit that did it. Somehow managing to convey a REALLY? look though the faceplate of his armor.

He's talented like that.

This look stops when the men there start to pick up the launchers he's handing out.

"Better." He grumbles, trying not to let on just how much those rounds actually hurt. Because it would ruin his image.

"Jess, Greenbean how you two doing up there?" He calls out noting all the explosions. "Also Jess. This is Green Lantern. Green Lantern this is Jess. I'm linking us all to the same com web so I can yell at everyone at once. Cause I'm lazy. Marvel you still in one piece?"

Things seem to be going well. The Korgi attack and the smoke might actually slow him down. Hal's here and he has an expert on this sort of thing. Or something like an expert. The closest they got lets say. Yeah maybe this will wo—

And then Stark's hopes are entirely dashed by one simple thing.

Hal Jordan sounding worried.

See. Tony hasn't known him long. But he is a kindred soul in a way. Him and Owen. They never sound worried. Ever. Even when near death they still might quip out a one liner just before they face the reaper…

…so when Hal's voice breaks…he knows that is just not right.

"Jess! Something is happening! Something bad! Marvel think non-smashing thoughts and hold on!" He calls as he glances towards the power armor soliders. "And you. Get out of here! I don't know what's about to happen but GO!"

He is trying man. He is tryinng.


He shouts that out as he kicks in the thrusters in hopes of catching the one Hulk just backhanded. Trying to save them if he can. Even if he gets Hulk'd for it.

The fairy is doing something. It seems to be magical. People are shouting at her to stop. Tony is yelling something bad is happening. It doesn't bode well.

Jessica Jones remembers the other aspect of the Pinch. Fantastic luck. Reaching to her belt, where six out of seven vials of holy water still march along in their bandolier-type carrier…really, John's demon-hunting kit was a fantastic Christmas present in every way—she palms one.

Taking a deep breath, she notes where Witchdoctor's hands meet the Hulk and flings it with what should be impossible accuracy. Guided by Synchronicity and whistling through the air with magic's aide, it flies true. Whether holy water will actually help the situation, break the spell, keep the effects from whatever the Hell she's doing from making the situation worse, the PI doesn't know. She took Magic 101: The Practicum for Non-Practitioners Who Keep Getting Caught Up In That Shit. But she has learned that Holy Water almost never hurts the situation.

Bad news, the sheer amount of ridiculous lie-to-the-universe luck that shot takes weakens the spell. It flickers around her, red going to pink. A missile clips her, explodes, and while it doesn't kill her neither does it leave her untouched this time. She's spun wildly round, into a tailspin that leaves her falling and twisting dangerously through the aerial field of death, missiles zipping and zooming under and over and beside her; every attempt to correct her flight results in a whole lot more getting clipped, more explosions, more tailspins. No burns, no death, no injuries yet, but she's panting as she plummets. She can't even manage to get at her second Pinch, or anything else. That was a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

She literally prays to all that is Holy (to that which she calls Someone) that it works. Otherwise…

"Hi, Green," she says in a strained voice. It's sardonic correction at its best. It sounds like a woman peeing her pants right about now. Because Jess is a super-impressive heroine that way.

Hulk was starting to head more towards a more natural version of Hulk. Super angry, yes, but less mindlessly hating all things that so much as breathe. He also stared at that corgi. Just for a beat. She had red (red?) hulk eyes into her adorkable cute corgi ones. Like, maybe he could have kept staring at her for longer. She's just damn CUTE.

And the holy water: well, that may actually save Witchdoctor, it may keep her from being carried away into the lava of emotion coming off Hulk, may break the connection between herself and the rage machine, may protect her from what is about to happen.

Now, his blood is being called, ordered, with rage. And the ring pulses with heartbeat of the bloody order as it channels the anger into a massive beacon around them. The rage will flow, ballooning out, like waves of heat, off of the Hulk at the center.

This is how more red rings find hosts: the first one gives off the rage aura, infects everyone, and brings others towards the core of rage as they also go berserk, and then the rings come. And there may be a lot of rioting Hulkbusters primed for it.

Heat.. real heat now, the flames of the burning blood radiate and then swell towards a fever pitch. There is some warning, but this is about to become a blistering inferno, a ground zero.

It is a forge of Red Lanterns. And the beacon screams a spike into the sky. Come. Be remade in the cauldron of hate.

There's… there's honest to God no hate in Kamala Khan. She can get jealous, sure, and scared, and upset, and she can rant up a heck of a lot of frustration when she gets killstealed in World of Battlecraft.

Not really any appreciable level of hate, though.

It's just that she can remember the few seconds she saw the scared man in M-Town — terrified, frankly, and ready to cut his arm off to stop the ring from taking him over. And how she decided she was going to help him, and how she's not gonna stop now. And it's hard to see Banner in those big red eyes, but she's decided he's still there, because Ms. Marvel doesn't believe in lost causes.

Big ears perk really ridiculously high. Big brown eyes stare into enormous red ones. One really adorable paw presses on a massive bony jaw. A cool wet nose rubs a gorey cheek. On the now-relatively-clean space, Kamalacorgi gives him a winsome lick. And even a convincingly puppyish whine.

There very much -was- rage somewhere in Witchdoctor, a little ball of anger born from her early life and things the Witch had endured. She was -forcing- the ring's power away, but it had to go somewhere. For a moment she was basically sticking her arm onto a furnace and risking catching fire…then the holy water splashes against her and seems to offer clarity. Was it that insane luck, something about the consecration of the liquid or just the shock of getting water splashing her in the face, but it's enough to prompt a 'stop and think!'

Jordan is wrong about what he is witnessing, Witchdoctor is not the one 'channeling' the rage, the anomalous nature of the magic she uses and the Red Lanterns themselves is at times a confusion even for the Guardian's Green, it is the HULK himself with that unlimited surplus of pure unbridled rage that is forming the beacon. If anything the sorceress-fae is a slice in through it, a rupture in the beacon. She is draining focus from the ring, breaking it's cohesive bondings, emotions tethered through Blood Magics…

"Hi, Jess." Hal's own voice a lower level sardonic delivery, not because hes not happy to meet more of Tony Stark's unique friends, but because the man is worn thin, burning both ends between Red Lanterns and whacked out Speedsters.

That hurled Hulk Buster in a pop off the ground is caught by Iron Man, feet touch down only to be zipped away by the blur of blue and yellow crackling streamer, its the same for the others, the third one managing to pump off a round of that sleepy smoke launcher before its clattering to the dirt and Glimpse is whisking him out of immediate radius. That same projectile meeting a holy hand grenade pelt on the Hulk, more magic introduced, this time of a differing nature, the Green Meanie has become a serious cocktail mixture, the Corgi radiating pure hope quelling much of that expelled burst, that radial discharge them, the heat levels rising to the point the unprotected will begin broiling, flesh, clothing, hair, eyes, but no, not the Corgi, not Witchdoctor, the rest feel it just briefly before Hal Jordan is thrusting his fist forward and devoting a heavy focus of will in to a protective dome, one that will encase just the Hulk, Kamala and Witchdoctor. It's a fast action but one he can't think too much on, "I'm sorry." He tells them both, trapping them in there WITH the rage explosion.

That initial 'heatwave melt' that likely would have been devastating is stavved off, contained but shards of green hardlight start to rip through, burst out in geysers as Hulk pours it on, flares out and then SHATTER outwards through of all Hal's power, it pixelates with his focus gone and only does so much as mitigate a portion of the rage blast. A rage blast thats spiring high above the Hulk becoming a beacon of pure CRIMSON light, it shoots up and out of the Earth and elsewhere, beyond the planet four other tiny bits of red bling just floating out in the void start to blink, flicker and light on and off like shorting out Christmas bulbs unsure if they should power on fully or stay broken.
One stabilizing, glowing crimson, then another….

"Hey Greenbean, can you make sure Jess doesn't die while you're up there?" Cause she's falling and…wait hold on. HE CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE. "Cause I'm about to do something stupid that I have no idea if it'll work or not."

As Jess tumbles the Avenger plane uncloaks under her, offering her a place to land that isn't. You know. The ground. And as it does so tiny drones deploy from the back to rush towards the pillar of crimson light.

Stark can feel the rage, jetting further back, trying to stay on the edge so it doesn't overwhelm him. Fighting against it, focusing on the pure science of what he's doing. Trying to at least.

…and what he's doing…

Thanks to on Dani Moonstar he's found out that magical energy has specific fields associated with it. So…he assumes /now that he can see it/ does emotional energy. So one drone zips by Kamala as she focuses the power of Hope at the Hulk. The other zips towards the red beam streaking out into the sky as he charges up, amplifies the emotional energy of one little Korgi that will never give up to infect the beam generated by a Hulk that will never surrender.

Does he have any idea what he's doing? Only in the most vague sense. This is just amplifying energy waves, its something he's done thousands of times before. Its the principle applied to the armor he wears…

…this is just a slightly different scale…

"Come on, Tony. You can do this…no idea just what he's doing but giant beams to space are almost always bad…" He mutters to himself. "Marvel! Just keep up with the happy thoughts! I'm…multitasking!"

…its what he does best.

Jessica Jones is certainly not really inclined to respond to empathic pressure of hate blazing out from the epicenter of the Incredible Hulk.

First of all, she is well inured to anything which might call into or reach out to her mind whether through thought or through feeling. She does see red, ironically the very color of her mental defenses: blooms of it explode across her vision, across her entire cerebral cortex, her early warning system telling her something is trying to push into the well-guarded corners of her brain. She feels no fear there. She trusts in her defenses to keep any compulsions it might be trying to enact away from her. She put her foot down, she said never again, never to be controlled or altered by any other force, and she took steps to make it happen. She believes in those steps and in herself on that count.

In this case, those carefully sought-after defenses are not really even all that necessary. Not for her, not today.

Thing is, she has a temper. She does. But most her snarling expressions of it are merely obfuscation. Her weaknesses are anxiety. Fear. Guilt. Sadness. All of that swirls protectively around a high-empathy core that she tries to guard because life has taught her that being a highly empathetic person is dangerous; should she fail to protect her core she will be abused, taken advantage of, hurt beyond hurting. Shouting, sneering, sarcasm…all really just a way to cover for self-loathing and a sort of low-lying dread that follows her nearly everywhere, even now, when she's as stable as she's ever been in all her life.

If someone were summoning yellow rings? That might be kind of a thing. But rage? Hate? Kind of not really. Everyone just thinks that's what's she's about. Only those who really know her know that the compassion usually wins out, one way or the other, that she'd rather think and talk than fight any day, that often in high-conflict situations her instinct is to provide support, not to do violence.

Occasionally (practically always) giving a damn. About a select few people (nearly everyone), anyway.

That being said, for one long and awful moment Jessica Jones can no longer see, the red, red, blood red of her defenses, the warbling whine of Tibetan singing bowls in her ears mingling with the dark music of deadly projectiles as those defenses ramp up.

All this combines with the moment her luck runs out. The spell dies, pink lines of mystic energy swirling and drifting away on the wind.

She hits the plane hard, groaning but definitely not dead. Thank you, Tony Stark. She did say landings weren't on her list of super powers, right? Right.

Jones is left gasping in pain and momentarily unable to do much of anything other than breathe and wait for her vision and hearing to clear up. Which it does in short order, at least, as Hal flings his emerald dome of protective light around the bulk of it, cutting it off from her mind's alarmed awareness. She sits up, puts a hand to her head to shake it off.

She forgets to turn off her comm as she mutters, "Damn it. I need a Red Bull and a shower. Have we fucking saved all of humanity yet?"

Oh, nope, sounds like no. She flops back onto the plane as she listens to Tony improvise.

The explosion of red heat is something of a bomb going off. It flings physically outwards with the release of energy, the sheer amount of hatred that gets flung, sending debris and people alike backwards, anyone not out of range may find themselves crispy and on their mechanical hulkbusting asses.

But in the center, when that smoke clears, is a Hulk that has just spent one hell of a lot of anger all at once, and in this moment, there are no attacks, no fuel. And Hulk sort of… sits down on his butt in the massive blisteringly hot crater. Yes, the reddish aura is still there, in a muted way, his green showing clearly. Normally such a BAD thing, that green, but compared to the red, it's a welcome sight. And there's a corgi on his face. He lifts a hand and paws at her a little. Two fingers near her face, soft tongue and big ears. She won't see Banner yet, that man is still buried, he gasped out his last warning LONG ago now, but there is a quiet in the center of the storm, just for this second: she's found the eye of it, a lull.

Hulk's just looking at the little dog, even stroking her right ear a little with an enormous green finger. For one little second, it is a boy and his dog.

Contained in a green globe, the greatest blast of hate. It should, frankly, roast them all. There should be nothing left except the dust and ashes of Witchdoctor and Kamala and the furious bloodrage Hulk, shaking off the cinders of his would-be rescuers and tearing across the plains.

Instead, it isn't that. It's a corgi puppy and a big green guy who is looking a lot better and maybe a little tuckered out, because he's had a real long day.

The puppy on the Hulk's face wags its tail furiously. She doesn't even look singed. Her head tips to the side when her ear gets scritched. Wow. She understands why dogs do this now. She even goes so far as to lean out and lick Hulk's nose.

That was maybe a mistake. There's still blood there. Have you ever seen a dog try to spit?

When the smoke fades and the green bubble has them shielded, the green monster and the Corgi might be unscathed and celebrating, but Witchdoctor? She was laying slumped at the bottom of the bubble. Magic was not infinate and all powerful and the Witch was entirely spent. At the very least, her slightly burnt self might not be glowing but she could stop herself from crashing to earth. She'd barely concious and is probably going to need a lift home…but she wasn't a pile of ash, so that helps!

A singular MASSIVE upwards pillar of ragefire unleashes then fades. It is gone.

Jordan would have loved to further assist Jess in that fast moment before trying to save everyone too close from boiling outside to in but his situational awareness isn't as mutli-capable as the Iron Man's inventor/pilot.

No, Hal is too busy worrying he just damned the Corgi and his enlistee in to the League, Alyse. It's enough that even when tossed, flipped on to his head back and shoulders to roll ass over elbows until hes flat on his face and scrambling to look up and see they are all right, a long exhale from him, clambering to his hands and knees to feet hes staggering towards Hulk, Kamala-pup and Witchdoctor, his fellow League member being raced to and encased in a green protective egg, its got recooperative effects but they're slow, limited. "Man, I owe her… just… " Guilt later, the com chatter distracts him.

"Assuming this is how hes supposed to be we very well might have saved the world … okay Nebraska, we definitely just saved Nebraska." Jordan is taking a quick headcount, his own ring quietly informing him he is low on energy. A recharge required.

A thing happens, maybe a miracle, an odd coloration change in Hulk's ring, from brilliant red it will dim down and darken visibly thats not much but internally… the Hulk's heart is regenerating, fast growing one, two, three sizes bigger until its returned to his chest cavity. The connection from Ring to it's Bearer still present but its lessoned, not so much loud BLOOD RAGE BURN RAWR screaming through his skull, now its just a voice back there with Banner's own.

Hal: "I'll be damned. If we can keep him like this we can move him, get him someplace safe and somehow get that thing off of him… if he lets us. Lets husstle before the fireworks start up again. Those assholes…" Hal stops talking, focusing his reserves on keeping Witchdoctor secure and flight ready.

Speaking of…. RING RING RING…

OFF in SPACE… only one ring manages to breach the planet's atmosphere but it doesn't descend, doesnt find a target it shoots off, up and chases after that expelled BEAM of Hulk Rage, chasing it off in to the cosmos where, like an Angel's air show, the other three rings join in, racing after it to the beyond…

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