A Lawyer, a Wizard and Spider walk into a...

March 10, 2018:

It was a very simple illegal transaction, but the Wrecking Crew manages to botch it anyway, drawing the attention of She-Hulk and the future Spider-Man, as well as Doctor Strange, since they were doing business in his backyard.

Greenwich Village


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Fade In…

It is a cloudy, cold day in New York. But at least it is not raining or snowing, so New York goes on at full speed. Saturday noon brings some tourists to the Village, restaurants are full and the streets are busy with (well-coated) men and women going back and forth.

Nothing criminally could possibly happen here.

At least not in the main streets. But in the back alleyways some events are unfolding. Dirty deeds going sour and so. Mostly because no one was dealing on good faith. No honor among thieves and all that.

There is a loud crash coming from the back alley, giving pause to some citizens. Some hurry up, some peer down the alleyway with unhealthy curiosity. A sturdy reinforced door has been brought down and a large man stands on its place, yelling something inside.
A beat cop is hurrying towards the commotion to see what is going on. And then a gunshot is heard.

Across from the alley there is a barista and bakery. Most do not sit outside at the metal grated table and chairs but Jennifer Walters AKA She-Hulk, does, the steam rising from her lidded cup of "Decaf".

The white button down blouse, the high waisted 'trouser-fit' pants, coiffed-up hair into a chignon of "tight" proportions… She is of the 'suits' of New York, a lawyer… The difference? Jennifer has Green skin, and is a feminine resemblance to Hulk proportions. A tad more lithe.

Hustle and Bustle of NYC?

A small commotion in a back alley?
Sip. *Clickclick* on her tablet via a clear-coated nail/fingertip striking the screen, the reflection in her glasses showing nothiong back if anyone sought to read her searches of what she is doing.
… the beat cop is watched, and the gunshot…

Jennifer exhales slowly, in-synch with the -clip- of her laptops closure in one hand and the lift of glasses from the bridge of her nose to the massive bun of Swamp Moss Green hair. Slowly she is stuffing the laptop in her 'Messenger Bag', a parcel only gathered in a green skinned fist as she rises and heads towards the alley.

"He better be alive… Or someone is going to…" A lift of the Otter Cased Laptop bag and She-Hulk field goal kicks it towards a distant rooftop.

Bobby pins fall behind feet… shed of heels with every step.

Right beside those Kool's Sale level Pumps is a scattering of buttons, threads floating in a breeze, and her Dollar-Free Glasses.

"PAY!" Eyes flash from a subdues green to radio-active when she leaps from the sidewalk to the alley, landing with a crater into cement before she even recognizes what… or who!

Miguel O'Hara aka Mike O'Mara is back, he has been back for about a week. It is unfortunate his absence lost him his cover job but his identity is at least intact as are several of his contacts like the ranting relative in his earpiece, a wince at the volume levels… Apparently one of his buildings was demolished recently and 'metahuman disaster insurance' is fighting him on it. The man is rich, he will win, O'Mara has faith in that.

"Just calm down, you can buy a new building or three right?" The gunshot heard and he stops dead. "I'll call you back." Swiped off.

"Lyla, was that what I think it was?"
"Yes Miggy, it was." A voice from nowhere chimes. His AI L.Y.L.A. shes wristwatch located. "Suit me up I guess, we are back to this thing." With a shimmer around his body the brunette in the shades with the slicked back long hair and fancy italian suit transforms in to a black-red form fitted 'Spidey' themed individual. "Also, quit calling me that. Especially here. You know better."
"I do." She says in a sweet tone.

It was a simple deal. Even an idiot could have done it right.
Unfortunately there was more than one idiot involved.
See? The lead thug had 70,000 dollars to give to the Euro-thrash messenger with the case meeting at the back room of a warehouse. Said messenger, British, sharply dressed, smug, talked down the lead thug. So the lead thug decided to give him only half the cash.
There was an argument. The messenger’s bodyguard had a shotgun and threatened. Second thug tossed him across the room and through the door. Outside. Causing a commotion.
The messenger pulled a gun and shot the lead thug once. No effect. Lead thug crushed his gun hand and backhanded him. Then picked the case.

LEAD THUG: The Wrecker, Dirk Garthwaite.
Former construction worker turned professional criminal. 6’ 3” and built like a bodybuilder.
Possess the physical attributes of an enhanced Asgardian. Vast strength, stamina and invulnerability. Enhanced speed, reflexes and agility. Has a magical four feet long steel crowbar. Not very smart.

“Man, there is crowd here,” states the second thug.
“You shouldn’t have tossed him outside,” mentions the fourth thug. “If Iron Man or some spider comes…”

The beat cop comes first, addressing thug 2. “What is going on? Step out, sir, slowly,” he demands, hand on his gun holster.

THUG TWO: Bulldozer, Henry Camp
Ex-army sergeant. Dishonorable discharge. 6’ 4” and built like a bull.
Possess the physical attributes of an average Asgardian. Vast strength, stamina and invulnerability. Enhanced speed, reflexes and agility. Wears an enchanted steel breastplate and helmet.
Possibly the most competent fighter of the crew. Also an idiot.

Bulldozer steps out, shoving aside the policeman as if he was a rag doll. The man crashes against the wall hard. Unconscious, maybe with some broken bones.

And then She-Hulks lands. “Whoa. It is not Iron Man, it is… some seven foot tall babe.” As mentioned before, Bulldozer is not very smart.

A dash of those Radioactive eyes to the cop, cast aside like trash and slumped against a wall has bright green streaking from one to the next as they step into the open slowly from the shadows.

She-Hulk rights her poisture from the landing crouch, pitching her hair back from her face, standing before them in the silver and purple leotard. Hells to arches taped (blisters due to heels?), but bare foot otherwise in her NYC alley stance.

Apparently she has no worries of disease!

She knows nothing of Miguel quite yet, but staring at Bulldozer is given a look behind batted-lashes while a finger is caught in a tangle within dark green hair. Twist…shakeshake! "Babe? Really, you must be west coast." A derisive snort..

Give him bleach blonde hair and massive SURF Print on hs attire… That is what Shulk sees before her now.

"Oh I am sorry are you… Not my type? More For men in Iron Suits?" A peel of her eyes from the fallen Beat towards 'Dozer and She-Hulk is walking forwards, taking to /twirling/ that tangle instead of rip her finger free of the tangle.

Hip… to… hip… the sway she holds from hips to thighs is more seductive despite the threat underlying just as she positions herself between 'Dozer and the cop. "Pity, you looked fun… For a second!" And if her fist impacts him he is sent right back through the door… wall… whatever!

Five finger… Death Punched.

Spider-Man 2099 launches himself to the nearest building, a stride-hop and scale to the ledge and hes leaping, landing higher than leaping off that to begin soaring through the air in a slow circular glide, his hyper-keen eyesight scouting over the streetways below, trying his damnest to pick out the point of origin for that shot fired, there. A cluster of She-Hulk and the Wrecking Crew, not that he knows who any of them are.
"Shock me. Who are they?"
"I don't know. Bad guys?"
"LYLA, don't be a pain in the ass. Look them up."
"No need to get snippy Miggy, I'm searching the internet right now."

That dark 'gliding' arachnid is slowly descending above them, he doesn't want to dive in without some intel first, like who are good and bad, is this worth it… data first. Data is important.

Bulldozer grins when She-Hulk advances. "I am from Kansas," he declares proudly. He doesn't seem too worried about the advancing Emerald Amazon. Until she punches him. *Crunch*
As powerful as Bulldozer is, She-Hulk is stronger, so the punch staggers him, shattering the jaw-guard of his helmet and making him grunt of pain. He shakes his head, taking a step or two back and falling to one knee.
"Shit. That lady hits hard," mentions thug number three, stepping out into the alley.

THUG NUMBER THREE: Piledriver, Brian Calusky
Useless guy turned useless criminal. 6’ 4”, built like a Californian beach bully.
Possess the physical attributes of an average Asgardian. Vast strength, stamina and invulnerability. Enhanced speed, reflexes and agility. Wears the smile of a Californian surfer (but he is from Brooklyn).
Probably the dumbest of the crew. Which is saying something.

Piledriver charges Jen, trying to tackle her down, but actually hitting hard enough they are likely going through the wall at the other side of the alley and into the Starbucks beyond. Coffee everywhere.

The Wrecker himself is the next guy out, moving to help Bulldozer up. Thug four follows, wearing a long-suffering look. He carries a suitcase.

THUG (NOT A THUG, REALLY) NUMBER FOUR: Thunderball, Dr. Eliot Franklin
Genius physicist turned criminal. 6’ 6”, built like a tower.
Possess the physical attributes of an average Asgardian. Vast strength, stamina and invulnerability. Enhanced speed, reflexes and agility. Has an enchanted demolition ball that can really cause some serious damage.
Supposedly this guy is a genius, for all the good it does to the crew.

It is Thunderball the one with the common sense to look at the sides of the alleyway and up. Spotting Spider-Man. “Told ya we would have Spiders coming.”

The Beat in the way has a large green hand on his head, palming it like a basketball if he recognizes enough in his (maybe semi?) conciousness??

But when her blow only 'staggers' the thug, She-Hulk is standing over like a tower while her other fist is rising for another pile-driving bl—-

That… folks… Is how the limp Beat is Thrown like a Free-Shot of last resort before the brick where his back rested explodes outward!

Jen…loves coffee, caffeine… Despite how it fuels the Shulk inside her, maybe it is the 'mouses' love to skirt the 'lion'.

Despite that factor, Jen knows her Espresso machines, down to the tiny cup of compacted and hot grounds she breaks off in her fist in a blind-feel to rise from flat on her back!

"Double Shot…" She knows by the weight in the Heavy Metal Cusp, twisting the handle to aim the drip-side-up! Heels burrow in broken glass and porcelain aid in her slow rise while pieces of 'Vente" water glasses, and wide mouthed Latte mugs slowly trickle from her person.

That espresso brew-cusp? Held like a shaleighliegh!
Irish and Green.. Not A Thing!
Nor the rhyme…

Shulk seeks to drive that espresso hangle into the Californ-ication syle smile of Piledrive with a lunge, her yell one of an enraged bellow!

"GET OUT!!!"

Any mary bystander on caffeine definitely would!

MIGGY?!? Miggy??

She-Hulk is single focused…

Spider's coming absolutely. The Wrecking Crew have a pretty good portfolio for Lyla to dredge up info on and he is learning this right now. She-Hulk good, those other four bad. This is all Miguel really had to know.

Fast in approach a heel is out and his arms out wide, like a soaring crane kick he is about to drop his heel right in to the face of Thunderball. If that does connecting its a spin-flip off to land on Wrecker's shoulders delivering a doublefist to the top of his dome.

While Piledriver is educated in the virtues of coffee by Jen and the Saturday coffee-addicted crew runs out of Starbucks, Spider-Man falls on Thunderball foot first. Thunderball actually turns to protect the suitcase he is carrying, taking the double kick on his shoulder. He grunts in pain, but does not fall down. It is like hitting a brick wall.

Likewise the double fist on the wrecker barely staggers the large man. Yes, these guys are a bit over Miguel's weight class. Didn't he learn anything fighting the fake Asgardians back home?

The Wrecker turns and tries to hit the future Spider-man with his crowbar. Except Miguel is on top of him, so the swing is not a lucky one.

"I'll get him," announces Bulldozer, fumbling to his feet to attempt to grab Spider-Man. Still dizzy from She-Hulk's punch, however.

Meanwhile, back into the main street (Bleecker Street) another exceptional New Yorker is coming hurriedly. "Let me pass, please" he tells the growing crowd of curious (and lacking common sense) civilians. "I am a doctor," adds the man.

Middle-aged, well-dressed. Doctor Strange is reacting to the presence of four Asgardians in his neighborhood. Except they are not real Asgardians. It is the Wrecker and his friends. And he left the Justice League communicator in the other cloak. "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth," he mutters in annoyance. At least it looks like Spider-Man is in the case.

Wait, is that a good thing?

Piledriver and Espresso Brew-Cusp have a meeting of minds!

He's brained so hard the handle breaks off in She-Hulk's fist and burrows the steeping 'nipple' into is jaw! Explain that to the Bro-Fest… Later…

But right now Shulk's bicep flexes with the simple wrist-flick to cast the handle aside as she stares through the hole in the Starbucks wall, breathing slowly. She knows thee are more out there, they outnumber her… No allies (No known "Miggy" or Doctor in the House!)

Snapping her hand to the side in passing she grabs the serving towels from a splintewr of counter.. A yelp from beneath from a 'Buckian'..

Her eyes redirect to him, her forced smile more fearsome than intended. A shrek'ian response from the tender as he shrivels into the under-counter!

"Soften the blows. I promise, you go home to your parents basement tonight." A wink. A kiss blown to the kid and when her hand descends the 'rag' wraps over her knuckles…

Stepping through broken brownstone, She-Hulk sees Spider-Man and his attackers…

Among horns and fleeing Cafe-destrians… There's a Doctor approaching!

They're going to need one… The Crew that is!

Teeth are ground tight on a corner of a rag, cinching it onto a wrap of her fist, fingers curling… On like Donkey Kong!

"That's my Spider. He keeps the mosquitoes away at night." /She/ states as her hip pushes to the side and a wrapped hand places on out thrust hip. A gander taken to a crumbling brick and in a single sweep of her arm she PUNCHES it towards those remaining!!

Yes, Doctor is needed!

Future Spidey is not one to stay out of motion, no experience has top him that is a very bad call. There are so many mega-heavy hitters out there that can squash him like a bug. The crowbar slap is leaped above with a high vault, Mig is latching ahold of an overhanging street lamp to haul himself up, that jump suitable enough to carry him out of the incoming grab.

"Your spider? I never got that holotel."

A leap to another lamp post as he formulates a plan, "I mean, memo. I never got that memo."

O'Hara has no clue Doctor Strange is anywhere near them. That is at least someone he knows here unless something weird has happened with the timeline again. Who knows. He has been away for quite some time. These things do happen.

“Bulldozer, go get Piledriver,” barks Wrecker, “I’ll take care of tall and green,” he growls, charging She-hulk. He is by far the strongest of the foursome, and with his crowbar he can injure even people like Thor. Hitting Jen in the head with it is what he is trying to do.

Meanwhile Thunderball follows Spider-Man acrobatics, still keeping the suitcase safe, but spinning his wrecking ball slowly. When the arachnid finally lands on the lamp, he throws the ball at him. Hit or miss, it turns in the air to return to his hand, like a cheap copy of Thor’s hammer.

And back in the street Strange finally manages to break free of the crowd, to scan the ongoing battle briefly, but his eyes go straight to the suitcase. Strong magic there! “Spider-Man,” he looks up, remembering that particular Spider-Hero. “It is critical they don’t escape with whatever is in that container,” he is not speaking loudly, but his voice is carried to the ears of the hero from 2099.

"No… no…holo…hotel…" A blink and She-Hulk is reconsidering "Spider-Man" and his gear. She knows their profiles, from physical attributes to that of gear…

Same height..
More weight, couple pounds.
Gear… Obvious difference!

"Not… Mine…!" The peoples! Is what she meant but she has Wrecker swinging his crow bar at her in a blow meant to leave her brains across the pavement. A coffee stained wrapped hand rises and seeks to meet the sweep of weapon and catch it, or at best - deflect it while her other fist comes upward in a follow through of pivot to upper cut his jaw and send him back!

The blow from the crowbar though… Is brutal, if she catches it… /Something/ is going to break. No good either way.

Strange is cast a glance at a final moment, nano-seconds before impacts that could end horribly, a hint in the flicker-flash of Shadowed-to-neon green eyes!

"MEMO!" He repeats louder to She-Hulk.

"Hot tomato? That is what is called right. That I can do." Spider-Man responds to Doctor Strange, those spinnerets being fired out of each hand at the briefcase to latch on and yank. He ducks the first toss of that artifact, its propeties unknown to him though and he lacks the Spider-Senses of Parker-kin and the return is overlooked, not until the sound of it catches his earss, augmented reflexes has him lurching aside, turning at the upperbody but not enough to completely avoid it, a thump as it hit's his shoulder and knocks him forward off that lamppost towards the ground only to slap on to concrete.

"Ow, that…. really shocking hurt." A flip up and he'll try to finish reeling in that briefcase, not that he intends to just sit still now and let these bruisers take more whacks at him.

The crowbar is no mere chunk of steel, it carries the powerful enchantment of the Norn Stones. She-Hulk is strong and tough enough to deflect it, but not without pain and maybe some broken bones. Fortunately her counter-attack also hits the Wrecker's jaw squarely, sending the villain flying through the sky, crowbar and all, to land stunned and bruised somewhere in Long Island. The impact of her fist sends a shockwave through the alleyway, shattering some windows in the contiguous city blocks.

"No," screams Thunderball, trying to recover the suitcase. But Strange casts a bolt of force and the man staggers back, crashing against the wall of the nearest building. With a second spells, he slows down Spider-Man's fall.

This leaves Thunderball facing three heroes, including She-Hulk, that just punched the strongest of the Crew to the other side of the city. Being the smartest of the foursome, he turns away and runs.

Bulldozer and Piledriver? They are limping away the other way, nursing some serious bruises. If the heroes are quick they can still catch them!

It took a moment… That shock to work (Rapidly!) through her system and to feel the pain of the damage done to her hand with the blow of the crowbar.

Wrecker, who just got a one way free flight ticket, can count himself lucky he is not there when the pain is inflicted and finally recognized on She-Hulk.

Her hand and all the metatarsals crumble inward, causing fingers to curl inward like a spider meeting rigor-mortis, her body shaking in a tremor to keep it from the injured appendage she almost hunches over protectively. Teeth clench, lips of midnight moss peel away from them to show the grimace in a flash while shoulders hunch… Square… Trapezius muscles pulsing to the surface of green skin as if they would burst the straps of that strappy body suits hold.

There is more of them than me, and the not-Spider-Man. A pang of fear, survival… Her eyes almost begin to go bloodshot when they open to see Strange and the safe capture of 2099…

Safe… Safe..


Even as tiny bones *pop* and realign, fingers maligned slowly going back into place and bruising of a Black, bleeding to purple into Green Skin.

"Need.." A pant.. "..to…"

Piledriver and Bulldozer are seen, recognized and a single leap blasts her from the ground in a sudden eruption that angles her to land before them with a skid, her good hand attempting to capture one by the face and loft him from his feet. "…Stop…" An order through still clenched teeth!

Spider-Man's got the briefcase and thats what matters to him unaware that the reason he didn't fall harder is Strange's slowfall spell, adrenaline does amazing things like overlooking magic, "I got it. I got it, we're good!" He announces to She-Hulk and Strange, hopping on to the top of a parked car and crouching, both arms bound around it.

It is Piledriver, his head full of coffee (and bits of the coffee machine) the one Jen grabs. "Hey, let me go, you crazy bitch!" He cries. Bulldozer moves to try to help, but Strange catches him with a mental restraint spell. The big man slows down, but doesn't stop, a look of surprise in his face.

Strange recast, putting far more power this time, finally overriding the Asgardian resistance to magic. "I can't hold him for long," he glances to Miguel. Some webbing, please!?

Fortunately there are police sirens closing. And Piledriver can't escape She-Hulk's grip. Soon both villains will be in the D.E.O.'s hands and on the way to the Raft. And the mysterious suitcase… well, that is up for Miguel!

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