Out of the X

March 10, 2018:

After reporting to Scott and being reprimanded Lorna flees to Genosha. But she meets Nate before reaching Magneto.

X-Men safehouse in Carrion Cove.


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Fade In…

Although the X-Men have an 'embassy' in Carrion Cove Nate insisted it had to be some distance from the safehouse and the secret portal to Limbo. Let Magneto think they are using Magik and Blink as taxi services. Not a permanent gateway into 'his' island. Nate is pretty sure Mags wouldn't like the idea the X-Men can do that a bit.

The so-called embassy is swamped with refugees, fans, people asking to become a X-Men and probably spies from every nation of the world. That is kind of Lorna and Scott problem, though. Pity the mutant that is appointed as X-Men representative. He or she will certainly need a lot of patience and be a strong advocate of Xavier's ideals. So Nate is totally disqualified.

Instead he is on the cottage living room working over strategic maps, trying to figure what the rebel magistrates are up to and if there is still any Sentinel operative left. The last would be his first target, certainly. Barring some outside help the rebels are doomed, anyway. A month tops and Magneto's army will have them out of all the northern towns.

A brief ping reveals the portal has let someone through. Surprise visitor, since he got nothing in the comms. A brief telepathic scan finds Lorna's mind, so he goes to greet her. "Hey Lorna, how goes?"

The green haired mutant could've flown back from the X-mansion, but that would be hours worth of flight and she figured.. what the hell. She'd turned in her comm, why not use the portal one last time. And she'd convinced herself it would be the last time. After Scott got around to yanking everything that she'd previously been approved of.

..You betrayed us…

His words echoed in her mind, which was a chaotic mess of misery, self-loathing, righteous hated and anger and no small amount of hurt. She was practically projecting it, which didn't take a telepath to see. Not with the electromagnetic storm that was brewing at her finger tips in response. Little baby Aurora had no idea the circumstances that caused the increase heart rate in her mother, but it made Lorna's control slippery at best and nonexistent at worse. She had to get either far away from Carrion Cove, or to her father. So he could shut it down. Either one would work.

The green haired mutant was shucking off her leather jacket, leaving herself in a ripped up layered work out tank-top of black and green. A pair of jeans in similar condition, and her hair floating around her as she stomped down the hall away from the portal.

"Doesn't matter, Nate."

Nate pauses, his empathic senses, totally unnecessarily, telling him Lorna is beyond upset and into the miserable mindset. It is plainly written in her face and stance. “Lorna?” He stares at the young woman a couple seconds. “Matters to me. Something has happened, hmm? Come, I have hot coffee. Kenyan. Really strong.” He got it from one of the smuggling boats, but it is okay, they were honest smugglers, not slavers.

“Tell me, please. Don’t make me go back to New York. I am sure Scott will give me a long lecture about letting Stark into the Zealot operation.” Nate is sure it is coming, but he won’t make it easy by dropping by the school anytime soon. Besides, in his experience something MUCH worse will come up soon and his dealings with Iron Man will lose importance.
Which is good because he wants to keep that link open. If not for the X-Men in general, then just because he finds Stark pretty cool.

Lorna didn't budge, not at Nate's kindness, rather she made to try to shove past him toward the exit. "He won't give a flying fuck about Zealot. Neither will you. Go talk to him. I don't have the patience to deal with another person screaming at me today. Not if you want this place standing in another five minutes." She practically snarled, her lips twisting as she glowered at Nate.

Her hands alight with green that practically hummed with the strength of the electromagnetism that glowed there without direction. It cut in and out, as if unsure exactly what or why her powers needed to be at the ready. She exhaled a long, shaking breath, closing her eyes as she made the effort to try to not do as she said.

"I turned in my comm, Nate. I'm not an X-man anymore. So, I don't think I get to hang out here anymore." She added, her voice forced to a flat dryness that was utterly false.

Nate frowns, somewhat shoved out of the way, “what… why?” He follows the green-haired woman outside, noticing the green flares. There goes his tablet, he figures. Not terribly important now, though.

“Lorna. Talk to me, damnit,” he rushes to stay on her way, this time less willing to give in. “What happened? He can’t be too upset. He did mention Zealot going to SHIELD himself.” It is ironic Nate was the only one to want to have the mad mutate treated by a geneticist. He is not usually the merciful one.

“It is not that, is it? What is going on, Lorna?” He repeats, trying to hold the young woman gently, his hands going to her shoulders.

Lorna slowed her steps as Nate continued to follow after her, her steel toed boots clicking harder on the floor than entirely necessary. She usually floated through the halls on them, airy and light of step. The fact that the metal was practically a weight instead lent to the increasingly obvious lack of control she had. Her figure froze as Nate settled a hand on her shoulder and she roughly exhaled a sigh as she twisted around to look at him.

There was a calculating measure in that gaze, a green storm of emotions that couldn't decide if up was down, or down was up.

"SHIELD arrested Darcy. She gave me intel on where warehouses were for supplies. The supplies you saw. I asked the Brotherhood to get them months ago. They delivered." She said stiffly. Her voice terse as she waited only a beat to see if Nate would step back and let her go now.

He would've found out from Scott eventually. Now she could get out of here as he railed at her just like Scott had. As if her mental voice wasn't constantly doing that since she'd realized Darcy had been taken.

Now Nate is frowning from real. "You… what?" Oh, and Darcy. That little fool. He considers SHIELD one of the few legit law-enforcement agencies out there. Friends. This is bad.

He wants to scream at Lorna. Mostly because she told the Brotherhood. But mainly because they got caught. Didn't they even consider the consequences? Stealing? Sure. He steals too. No biggie. Just don't get caught.

But there is a more important thing, so he controls himself. This time. His hand staying on Lorna's shoulder, sliding to her arm in a supportive gesture. "Where is Darcy now? We need to get her out as soon as possible. Is Scott on the case?" Is Magneto? It better not be Magneto.

Lorna tried to step back from Nate, the frown marring her features ever further. Confusion rioted on her expression and she shook her head, green eyebrows furrowing deeply as she tried to puzzle out of her emotions why he wasn't yelling. Why he hadn't thrown something. Why he didn't immediately curse her and scream betrayal as Scott had.

"I don't know where she is. They took her. There's only so many black SUVs that aren't hovercrafts in Genosha. The security feeds had that much. And I don't know about Scott, and I don't care. If I wasn't pregnant I'm sure he'd have marched me in chains to SHIELD and thrown away the key. I'm just as bad as my family. Never mind that people were dying." There were the tears, the frustration and hurt were struggling for acknowledgement and it was fast becoming harder to project her anger instead. To hold onto it. Because she knew once that started, it wouldn't stop. And she hated crying. Especially in front of others.

“I’ll find her,” replies Nate. “Probably not in Genosha, but I am pretty sure can reach her mind.” As long it is not in a shielded facility. If she is he will have to go to check minds in the Triskelion. Last time he did with the DEO officers he got into big trouble, and this is SHIELD, the group he actually respects.

Oh shit, the SHIELD supply crates in Hammer Bay! He should have asked then. But of all the explanations possible that Lorna and Darcy had stolen them from SHIELD was not even considered.

“And no. Scott won’t give you to SHIELD. X-Men stand for each other,” he is sure of that. Although he suspects kicking him out of the team was seriously considered after the whole stuff with Waller. At the end they only asked him to stay hidden for a few months. “If SHIELD knows you are involved, though, it might be better you avoid going to New York for a few weeks. Priority now is getting Darcy back, though.”

Nate's continued calm, seemed to slow the racing of her heart. The lack of yelling and enraged reaction doing more to settle the powers that sparked at her finger tips than any other possible breathing exercises she could've tried (and failed at). The way he continued to work through the problem straight to a solution calmed the emotions that stormed in her expression and mind. Lorna wasn't one to sit still and do nothing. Action, and talk of it, gave her mind something useful to do rather than dwelling on her faults.

Go figure that the telepath knew exactly how to take Lorna from a hundred to a ten in a matter of moments.

"I'm not an X-man anymore, Nate. Scott made it clear he wanted me out. That I betrayed everyone. And now Darcy is arrested, and it's my fault. He said they took the wrong one.." She muttered, her voice flat. Green eyed gaze fell.

"There's no evidence that they could have unless they make Darcy talk. If they didn't care about taking Darcy right out of the Spire, I don't think they'd blink at taking me here either. Member of the Genoshan council or not."

Nate would like to know those telepathic techniques to calm down people, but he has never bothered to learn them. They smack a bit of mind control, he hates mind control. They really would come handy for out of control powers from pregnant mutant women, right? Funny how it goes.

He gets to be the calm one.

"Making a mistake is not betrayal," decides Nate. "Come, sit down. Lets think a moment." Again, the irony of him saying that almost makes reality break. "And you are not out of the team because Scott says so. We can fix this. First we find Darcy. Then we make a deal with SHIELD. They usually are willing to make deals under the table because… well, spies." Technically they are anti-terrorist law-enforcement, but with so many secret agents that they do act like spies half the time.

A sigh fell from her lips. Nate was the calm one, yep the universe was either laughing hysterically or it was a sign of the end of the world. Maybe both. Either way, Lorna's shoulders slumped and she trudged alongside the telepath as he talked her out of her mad, stormy, rush to get back to the Spire. Her powers calmed as she did, and the green faded from the visible light spectrum entirely. Her heart beat slowed as she calmed and little baby Aurora went back to being a developing life without exploding everything in the area.

Wouldn't it be nice if Lorna's hormonal rages didn't come with the threat of electromagnetic storms?

She practically fell into whatever seat was nearest, her eyes closing as she pressed her hand against her forehead and shoved green hair back. "They wouldn't make deals before, what makes you think they'll want to now?"

"You kidding? You are one of the most powerful mutants of the world and can talk with Magneto," explains Nate, getting two mugs of coffee. "Of course they will make deals with you. After all they took Darcy in Genosha, which is illegal. Plus they won't want to be known the Brotherhood stole from them, they need to keep their image as infallible. They got a lot of goodwill from the US public for the way they helped in New York during the blizzard they will want to keep."

He takes a seat and flops down, "but first of all we need to know what Darcy wants. If they have mistreated her we will just…" he handwaves. Bust her out. Teleport. Make people forget. Something Scott better does not know. "As for you. Lets see if we can get Jean and calm things down. Just give it a few days."

Lorna snorted and shook her head at the compliment, pressing the heel of her hand against her eye socket as she tried to stifle the involuntary smile that twitched at the corners of her lips. She took the offered coffee mug, holding with both hands. Not that she needed it Genosha was always warm, hot compared to New York. If she'd been thinking about it, she would've worn her jeans with the zippers to turn into shorts. Oh well.

"And they're some massive international organization with shadowy as hell fingers in every country. And who knows what else?" She certainly had zero ideas. Until she'd met Darcy last year, Lorna had never interacted with anyone from SHIELD. At least, that she knew of.

A sip of her coffee followed as she lowered her gaze in thought. "I honestly was more shocked that they dared to take her straight from the Spire. You know? Humans in Hammer Bay. Ones without permission that I know of, I certainly don't remember giving them an invitation." She rolled her eyes, another sip.

"That's pretty damn ballsy."

"They are that. But they are on a budget and constrained by bureaucrats," explains Nate. "You can cause an EMP over an AIM base without them having to go through the red tape of deploying a small nuke costing a million dollars for the same effect. For instance."

As for the balls of SHIELD agents, he has no comments. But they probably consider Magneto far less terrifying than the Red Skull. Which is maybe reasonable. Particularly now Magneto needs to look somewhat sane and sensible in exchange of the UN concessions.

"We will ask Darcy the details, I guess," mostly to make sure they can't do that again.

Lorna's lips twitched as Nate explained exactly what her powers could do to a base and why it was much more effective than some shadowy government type organization that had to deal with red tape. Lorna hated red tape. A sigh pulled from her as she sipped at her coffee and relaxed back against the cushioned back of the chair. It creaked.

She too had to look publically nice. Pietro had even reminded her. She could go and do whatever she wanted, but Genosha was tied to her now. And if she wanted Genosha safe, she had to play by the political game. It was an effective noose when even her half brother told her of it.

"You mean, you'll ask Darcy.. Cause last time I recalled EMP's don't do long distance mind talk." She yawned, time zone shifts, emotional wrecks and power surges were exhausting.

“Psa, I can mindlink us three if you want,” offers Nate. “You two are close, I bet she will be happy to hear from you too.” The yawn makes him smile a little. Not enough coffee? That Kenyan stuff is really strong, better taken with a ton of sugar (like he does) but it will take half an hour to kick off. “Anyway, stay here for now, maybe take a nap. I… am not sure if it is a good idea to go to Hammer Bay now.” Because Magneto is likely to notice how unbalanced she is, and will ask.

“I gotta tell you about Mags… because, well, you don’t really know my story with him, right?” After all Magneto was the leader of the X-Men in his native reality. So why does Nate hate him so much?

Lorna blinked, more aware again as he spoke of mind-linking them. "Well.. I guess? I mean.." She'd been in lock up before and knew isolation wasn't fun. Whatever it was that SHIELD did with Darcy, she'd imagine Darcy could use all the company, mental or otherwise. She continued to sip at her coffee, and the idea of a nap sounded like a very good idea just then. And when she woke up, she'd likely be all kinds of jittery from the caffine. And it was likely a very, very good idea that Nate had stopped her and calmed her down. An unstable, emotionally compromised Lorna in her father's hands wouldn't have gone over well. It would've been like gift wrapping everything he'd wanted for his daughter. A Polaris pissed and upset and too hurt to talk to anyone beside her father. Yep..

Of course, even as her eyes were drifting shut, and Nate spoke up about Magneto, her brows furrowed as she looked back to him. "I don't.. he was a hero there. Wasn't he?"

Nate nods, dredging on his memory telepathically. So much is forgotten, but some details stands. "Magneto was a hero. So I expected him also be a hero in other worlds," he murmurs. "I didn't come here directly, y'know. The first alternate world I went was… similar to this one. Peaceful. I was about seventeen when I got there. Man… I got some culture shock. It was where I found Rose…" he sighs, pushing away those thoughts.

"So I expected Magneto to be a hero too. I was surprised he had a bad reputation," he continues. "Like here, he was considered a terrorist. I didn't really believed it," a brief pause. "I learned better. When he took over Genosha," he frowns. "It was a… horrendous. He cut the island from all contact with the rest of the world. Established a super-powered tyranny like… well, like Doctor Doom has over Latveria. Maybe worse. Dissidents vanished without trace. Telepaths monitored the thoughts of the population. All humans were expelled or murdered. Later I found the mutants resisting him were lobotomized, cyborged and turned into monsters for his army using the very same mutate process the old Genegineers had developed."

Coffee mug is set aside, empty. "So, this is how I learned to hate Magneto. And this Magneto you have here look is much more like that one than the one in my world."

Lorna listened, how could she not? It was about her father, not the hero that had saved the world. But it was also about another man. Another Magneto, and she frowned over the lip of her mug. "That's not what he's done here. In this world. And he's spoken of leaving Genosha in the future. Pietro and…" She broke off, Nate and the other X-Men didn't know how close she and the twins had sort of become. And she didn't need to add another layer to her secrets here and now.

"Maybe he's lying to me, he likely is.." Though he'd told her the truth so far, that was likely another manipulation..

"But I don't think he means to stay where he's at. Not long term like everyone would prefer."

Nate nods. Lorna probably has a clearer view of how exactly is Magneto. Except maybe she is seeing him through tinted lenses. It is painfully obvious she has some father issues. “He seems to be behaving decently with you. But it might be because he wants to use you, not out of parental concern. I mean… hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, Lorna. He has done some pretty terrible things, so chances are high he is a monster, not just a misunderstood visionary.”
Or there might be a little of A and a little from B. But Nate is on the other corner now. He expects only the worst from Magneto. No hope left for the old man.

Lorna shrugged as she considered him again, finishing her coffee. "I'm not disagreeing with you. It could easily be a ploy with me. It probably is. But I don't think he's entirely either one." She worked it over once more and yawned.

"I think a nap is a good idea."

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