Another Senior Member

April 20, 2015:

Cyclops asks Mimic to accept Senior Member status in the X-Men.

X-Men HQ - Rec Room

Secured, warded, monitored and highly, highly secret, this is the
operatonal base for the X-Men, containing most of the high tech monitoring
equipment the organization possesses along with relevant specialized gear
for individual X-Men and mission ops. The facilities themselves include
living and sleeping quarters for the teams and guests (though not all of the
teams operate out of the base proper), a medical facilites, storage for
supplies and of course the hangar for the Blackbird.


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Fade In…

It's been a very long day for Scott Summers, and a great deal of it has been spent in the city. Three smooth addicts had been delivered to the X-Red Headquarters, and were being interviewed by DaCosta's team of lawyers to determine what options were available to assist them. Behind the scenes, Scott has been making calls, trying to piece together a way to help, but he's been hitting walls.

It was time for a much needed distraction.

Calvin was sent a message about an hour ago: 'Calvin, headed back to the homestead. Meet me in an hour?'

Of course, Scott was a bit early. That's the benefit of having a highly tuned motorcycle and access to law enforcement GPS feeds. No one ever said the X-Men were above breaking the law.


There's no need to wait for the exact minute to arrive so Cal wanders in a few minutes early bearing gifts: a six pack of Bass ale. A seventh is already in his hand and half empty. "Hey Scott. Help yourself." He tosses the six pack over but as soon as it leaves his grasp it floats leisurely to come to a halt in front of Scott. "What's up?"


"Hey Cal." Scott jerks on instinct, reaching to catch the six-pack, only to form a rueful grin when it opts to float over instead. "One of these days I'm gonna get used to that." He pauses, before the smirk grows a bit wider. "Aren't I?"

Snatching a beer from the six-pack, he cracks it open and finds a seat. "I'm just getting back in from New York. A vigilante named 'Black Canary' dropped off three smooth addicts at Red's HQ, was hoping we could offer them some help. The kids are all tangled up in working with the lawyers now. If we're gonna help him, I think the folks in Red want to try to do it on the books. If possible."

Which means, if it's not possible, he will find another 'solution'.

"But, that's not really why I asked you to come here."


"Hank keeps telling me I use my powers too casually." Cal notes with a grin. "Maybe some day I'll listen to him." But probably not. Once Scott's taken a beer, the six pack moves over to come to rest on a table and Cal flops down into a chair facing Scott. "That drug is a really bad situation. One that's only going to get worse if we can't put an end to it. Did you catch Hank's suggestion the other day? About substituting something else? I don't like the idea of people learning about the serum Hank made to neutralize his powers. If that got out to HYDRA. Or the government…" He takes a swig and looks at the other man with a prompting hmm?


"I dunno," answers Scott. "Around here? This is the place to do it. Get comfortable with them."

As things start to grow more serious, Scott opts to take a long, hearty sip from that beer. "The easy solution? Find the source, cut it off. But Audrey and the folks over at Red have been putting their feet to the street and there's no clear pattern to the distribution. Suggestion is, the network is expansive. Still, I don't like Hank's idea, either. It's a good one - a damned good one - and just as risky. I'm… willing to explore it, but if we do come up with a solution, it's got to be kept as secret and safe as the school itself."

That being said, Scott draws a deep breath following another drink of beer. He sets the can down and folds his hands. "You've told me a lot about your time with the X-Men. Not our X-Men, but the other X-Men. Cal, I think we could use another senior member on the Gold Team, and I think that person should be you."


"Methodone is effective in treating heroin addiction. But then they're hooked on methodone instead." Cal points out. "We can't supply every smooth addict with an endless supply of power inhibiting drugs. The odds of it not getting out are negligible." He just looks at Scott at the man's suggestion then heaves a sigh. "Damn. You mean my vacation is over?"


Good point. Scott's eyebrows shoot up in compliance with that one. "I don't think the answer is… nullifying powers. That's a can of worms I don't want to open. And believe me, I wish I could sometimes. My associate, Doctor Reed Richards? He tells me the only reason I can't control my power is due to some old, irreparable brain damage. Probably from…"

From the accident. He doesn't speak of it out loud.

"But… without these powers, there are a lot of times I wouldn't have been there to do some good." He knows he's preaching to the choir here, but, he needed to hear it himself. "Something that could wipe out the addiction? Is that even possible?"

Now, when Calvin heaves a sigh, Scott laughs. "What, is that you turning me down, Cal?" He lifts the can of beer, though before he takes a drink, Scott shrugs. "Decision's on you, pal. But I'd take it, if I were you. The retirement package is pretty great."


"That's true, yes." Cal agrees with a nod. "That's why I can mimic your power and turn it on and off at will. But the visor is a great tradeoff. I used one sometimes myself since it's so useful. If it means anything? Every version of you I've met has needed a visor or glasses. So there must be something…" He makes a wide sweeping motions. "Cosmic about it and not just dumb chance." Then he shakes his head. "No, I'm not turning it down. But how do you feel about me also being with the JLA?"


"Quantum mechanics," Scott agrees. "Lots of wild theories about it, but there are some claims that certain things just… happen. They're immutable."

Scott takes another drink of his beer. He's long since come to accept his handicap, but there's a secret place of him that will always be bothered by it. Especially when he wants nothing more than to look one his friends in the eye. It always seems like such a one-way street.

Setting the beer down again, he leans forward and rests his elbows on the table. "That's a part of what led me to the decision," he admits. "Though, mostly its the length of experience you have. Coming from another time and existence? It gives you a fresh perspective that we need. But. These last few months, when we've had opportunities to work with other…" He doesn't like referring to what they do as 'heroics'. "… 'groups' out there? I think it's a step in a good direction."


"Not time." Cal corrects. "The dates were more or less the same as far as I can tell. Which is not always the case with realities." Scott's opinion gets a smile. "I'm glad you think so. So do I. The world needs to see mutants in a positive light and if we don't do it, all they'll see are the ones causing trouble. The Red Team is a very brave step in that direction. I give them a lot of credit for it."


"Yeah," Scott agrees. "And they're an important aspect in all of this. They're the window to the outside world, and it's working." Black Canary choosing to bring those addicts straight to the X-Red HQ is proof of that.

"So, I'm giving you access to the Blackbird, motor pool, all of the good stuff." He reaches over to take up a tablet and begins to go to work at making it all official. Part way through, however, he pauses. The other Senior members have access to Cerebro. Though Storm would never use it, Beast is essential to its upkeep, and Jean has been trained by the Professor to handle the device without imploding herself. "In these other realities," he accepts the correction gratefully. "Were you able to make use of Cerebro?"


Cal had all that in his home reality when he was the X-Men leader so he's familiar with the checklist. "The Professor trained me to use it." he agrees. Then adds "My Professor, that is. It's probably safe to assume that I've received all the same training as each of you five. Our Professors were very similar in their beliefs and the initial school seems to have been the same in all important respects."


"Alright," answers Scott with a nod. He's still one to err on the side of caution. "Security level seven. I'd like for you to give our Cerebro a test run under Jean's supervision, just to make sure there aren't any quirks, after that I'll grant you access to Cerebro as well. It'll be critical that another telepath be able to use it."


"It was convenient to have all three of us able to use it." Cal agrees. "A test run is logical. There are differences between realities so this one might not function quite the same way and will take some getting used to."


Another drink of his beer is taken. Scott nods his head, then finishes up the work on his tablet. "There we go. Done. There will be an announcement on the X-Net and all of the security overrides will be upgraded automatically within the hour."

The tablet set aside, he maintains his momentary professional demeanor. "Being a senior member means that we're trusting you with command decisions, both in the field, tactical arenas, and perhaps more importantly, in the relations with the JLA and the public." It probably doesn't need to be said, but there's something about formalities that Scott simply must stick by. "Encounters with SHIELD will, for now, continue to be at my discretion."

Then, he reaches for the beer and holds it across the way in a toast. He grins. "Welcome back to the big leagues."


"So in other words, pretty much what I've already been doing." Cal never worried about not doing what he thought was necessary even if it theoretically was above his pay grade. He clinks bottles and takes a sip. "You know what I've notice since I've been here?" he asks. "You've not once taken a vacation. My Scott was a happier you, for the most part. He didn't have the headache of being team leader but he spent more time having fun as well. You need some time off. Even now with everything happening. Or maybe especially now."


There is a grin, but it's troubled. Which is to say, further proof that Calvin has just called him on the carpet, and for good reason. He considers the advice for a long moment, then leans back into his seat and releases a long sigh. "You know, Jean mentioned the same thing." He considers this for a moment, before looking back up at Calvin.

Word around the team, not to mention the school, tends to travel pretty quickly. "I took your advice," he says. "I told her how I felt."


Cal just nods, looking interested but letting Scott continue at his own pace.


There is a long pause. "It went well." Which may have been the understatement of the century, but there it is. "Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass." At this, Scott smiles, showing his gratitude. "Vacation sounds nice. I can't just… up and go, though." Of course, he could. The senior members, four of them now, are more than capable. But Scott is still a very young man, with more responsibility on his shoulders than he sometimes knows what to do with.

Not that he'd ever admit that.


"Sure you can." Cal corrects Scott with a smile. "In fact, you might even want to take Jean with you. Say, to a nice resort in Mexico where you can relax, get some sun and explore possibilities. Get two rooms." he adds, smile turning into a grin. "And make that clear when you ask her. And if something happens where we do need you, I'll come get you both."


In response, Scott laughs. "Good point," he answers. "It's not as if we have to wait for the next airline." The rest of the beer is taken back, and there's a glimmer of mirth in his eye, concealed by the ruby glasses. Cal wouldn't know unless he were to invade Scott's mind, but Jean had already asked him to take a vacation. "Alright. I'll… let you know when we're departing."

The bottle is tossed over to the waste bin. No telepathic manipulation necessary, it's a nothing-but-net kind of affair.


"Good!" Cal states. "It's about time you go have some fun. I know how things weigh on your mind but you'll be more effective when you take the time to destress. The rest of us will handle things while you're gone."


Scott rises then. "Thanks for the beer, Cal." He crosses the way and claps the man on his shoulder. "I'd better go pack." A euphamism of sorts. He's not going to depart right now but… perhaps soon.


"Take lots of sun screen." Cal suggests. "And if you buy the kind that washes off in the ocean, you'll need to spread it on each other more often." Giving Scott a grin, he stands up and grabs the beer when it floats over. "Don't wait too long."

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