The Wrong One

March 03, 2018:

Lorna reports to Scott what happened to Darcy, and why.. it ends badly. Mugs are broken.

War Room- X-mansion


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Mentions: Nate, Illyana, Pietro, Wanda, Magneto, Zealot, Darcy

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Fade In…

The low light of the War Room often intentional, it's adjusted to help Scott's natural visual handicap, most of this room often awash in reds and warm whites.

Summers is inside, his uniform on and the cowl drawn back to sit on his shoulders like a hoodie, he's scrolling through old newspaper articles, green, lots of green. A cup of coffee with steam rising from it to his right and to his left a tablet he occasionally taps on, adding notes or speaking memos in to.

It is hard to sneak around in the sublevels of the Mansion, alerts by doors, chimes that say names or give off certain coded tones, each X-Men and affiliated sort who has access down here is trusted, but still, designation required. Everyone gets a codename too. It's usually all business when below levels especially for Cyclops.


It had been a tough few days for Lorna, and while she knew Pietro and Wanda would hit SHIELD again with the intent of 'making them pay'… she realized it didn't actually help Darcy any. Didn't help her friend get out. And she also knew, that she couldn't afford to go wrecking everything in a several mile radius in her rage. Darcy had put her life, and her career on the line for those in Genosha.. And Lorna knew that she had to come clean about what exactly had happened.

At least to Scott. He deserved to know before she returned to Genosha.

A sigh, and the green haired mutant left behind the packages she'd had shipped to Jamie's apartment (she didn't think giving Pepper the school's address had been a good idea and perhaps she'd been right). A few proddings from others told her what she needed to know, that Scott could be found in the sub-basement below the X-mansion. A grimace, and the green haired woman made her way below.

She was still wearing the black leather jacket she'd worn when she'd arrived, a pair of ripped up jeans and knee high steel-toed boots, which clomped as she walked. Her clothes were loose fitting, enough that no one could see that there was even a hint that she was pregnant. She prefered it that way.

"Uhh Cyclops?" She called, as she peered through the doorway. She knew Scott took codenames and stuff seriously.. More so than Jean or Illyana for instance.


"Lorna." Scott's simple reply without looking over his shoulder, no alerts required with the steel-toed walk, not many hear wear those. He is also used to hyperfocusing on his other senses.

"Brings you to our side of the globe?" He isn't looking at her. Whatever has his focus has his focus, he's typing more things and sending out what appears to be messages considering the chat bubbles popping up.
The Hulk, it is plastered all over the video panels that are projected out.


An exhaled followed, and the woman stepped further into the room, leaning against the desk and folding her arms over her chest as she glanced at the screen where he was typing. "I thought.. you might want an update on the situation in Genosha. As there have been… developments." Besides the capture of Zealot and handing him over to SHIELD per Nate and Tony Stark's advice.

Something she now desperately regretted and wished she hadn't done. She wished she'd done literally anything else.. but regrets did no one any good. Least of all Darcy.

"Do you have a minute?"


"Yes. I have some time. Probably need a break anyways, I am starting to go crosseyed." Emphasis on that as his gloved fingertips reach in to his visor and pinch down on his nose then rub over closed eyes, as if that'll help.

"I would, it has been quiet and I am waiting to hear from Illyana, not since Zealot."

His hand drops while he's turning around that coffee cup in the other, immediately finding his lips.
Whats going on?" It's probably a subconscious action for him to gaze down at her stomach, like its changed from last time but then he's staring at her face again, that's just a thing people tend to do when they know. Even Scott Summers is a human at the core.


Lorna shifted her weight on her heels, her gaze averted from Scott, missing his look as she shoved her hands into her pockets and bit back another sigh. A mental chiding followed as she shook herself and glanced back to him. "We delivered him to SHIELD, as per Stark and Nate's suggestion.. Given that Genosha needs to play the political game.. I thought it was an okay decision and went with it." She shrugged, and pushed her grass green locks back behind an ear.

Once more her lips pursed into a thin line of white, and she looked down at the steel that covered the tip of her shoes. She focused as much as she could on that steel blip in her mind's eye. Trying to simply make that be the sole intent of her powers. Shoes were easy to fix and less deadly than say, the school's support beams and nails. Or electrical systems.

She knew that the conversation was going to go south fast soon..


It is easy to miss Scott's visual focus, his eyes are always hidden behind something. Right now it's that single horizontal line of ruby. A lean backwards and he is placing his hips against the War Room central table, those projections also vanishing, drawing back in to the console in the very middle.

"Right, it was that or kill him." Scott's smile is wry, barely present. "You're hesitating, that's not usually like you. Generally your broque is set to quickdraw."

A silent pause from Scott and he's taking a long sip from his coffee.


Lorna glanced back at him as he mentioned her hesitating and she pursed her lips together. "Nate and Tony talked my ear off, alright?" Pietro had also admitted that killing a man knocked out like a light was difficult for him as well. And that it wasn't some personal failing of here's to have paused, to not be able to do it. Which was better than Marcos' cherry 'you're not a killer'… Never mind that she'd killed at least three people that she knew of. Mother, step-father, and possible sister of Zala Dane.. but who was counting anyways?

"They made some valid points about what sort of country Genosha needed to be to be recognized on the World's stage. To get trade deals and get the embargo lifted.." She shook her head, green eyes lifting to turn her gaze at the ceiling above.

"And I regret that necessity."


"I'm following you." Scott says comfortable now in a one handed prop and lean while Lorna talks.
"Genosha is a world changer, it's something new, promising and quite possibly terrifying, but, they're right.

"You regret it?" A thoughtful sound rolls out of Scott's throat but he doesn't persist on that, instead just letting her proceed.


Lorna's hands lifted to run over her features, pressing the heels of her palms against her eyes as she exhaled a rough and gusty breath. "Yeah, you're gonna be pissed.." She pursed her lips, dropping her hands as she shifted, leaning a hip against the table where Scott had been working as she tried to muster up the courage to admit.. she'd done something incredibly stupid, foolish, and well.. at the time it had sounded clever.

She was in so much shit.

"..Because I should have held onto him to use as a prisoner exchange with SHIELD…"


"I'm always pissed, Lorna. That's my trade secret." Scott does grin this time, it's an odd thing and it is hard to tell if he is serious or not. This might say he wasn't as it fades though when she drops the bomb. His lips at the corners turning downwards, jaw suddenly tightening in place as she can tell the man's entire posture has just tensed up.

It's a forced drink the next one, a long pull at the coffee like it is liquor and not just black bliss, his tongue pushing the fluid around, taking his sweet time as it is. Letting this sink in and his Zen take hold.

"Keep going." He encourages. The tone very much conveying a lack of any warmth but he is at least strikingly calm.


Her heart pounded hard in her chest and Lorna had to calm her breathing, there was nothing good that could come of her freaking out in the Mansion. There was no one there that could stop her powers in the immediate area, and if baby Aurora decided that mommy was stressed enough to merit an electromagnetic storm.. well then nothing would get done.

Calm. Calm. In and out, hold a breath, and..

"SHIELD arrested Darcy for leaking me intel about where supplies were.. So I could ask the Brotherhood to bring them to Genosha." There. Like a band-aid. Right? Right?

She couldn't meet Scott's gaze. Much less, move from the frozen stance she'd formed. She wasn't sorry about the supplies. She was only sorry that Darcy had gotten caught.


Scott's fingers tighten on the mug and he realizes he's just holding it there against his lips at this point. He has been angry with Lorna several times in the past, general irritation and annoyance at her lack of discipline, shaken loyalty and lack of full conviction to the team itself. This new fury he's feeling is a cold lance, his thoughts going immediately to their SHIELD Liaison, a person who has proven essentially to be one of them, she fought with the X-Men against Apocalypse himself, even snubbed SHIELD superiors on behalf of the team and now, this…

There is a sudden flare of violent red, a brilliant pulse of light from that visor like its about to fire but it doesn't, it just forms a glow. Simultaneously Scott's right arm lashes out and that ceramic mug rockets through the air slamming in to the War Room's wall. Wide of Lorna, the man's got a hell of a pitching arm and his accuracy is never to be questioned, so this says there some coherency in his sudden eruption. That CRASH and sizzle of hot coffee is the only sounds right now.

Words Scott… use them…
A voice inside his head. His own or another's, he doesn't really know right now.


correct second 'lack' to absence* Damn repetition)


Nope, not like a band-aid at all. More like a volcano. More like she wished she'd died in the lava pits that Zealot had summoned to wipe out Hammer Bay. Anything was better than Scott's silent, cold, fury. She jumped as the light glared red and livid in his visor and even more so as the ceramic mug rockets through the air wide of where she stood. She was already jittery, and to see Scott's rage? She wanted to run. Wanted to flee.

And little baby Aurora seemed to latch onto that fear. Lorna was scared, therefore, Lorna was in danger and that whole protective instinct leapt into action. Her powers sizzled reflexively at her fingertips and she struggled to calm the rapid, short breath that escaped her as she took several steps backwards.

What else could she say? She'd asked, and Darcy had wanted to help. Darcy had leapt at the chance to do something to help the mutants of Genosha. And somehow SHIELD had found out and took her. And it was.. well, if Scott's reaction was anything to go by.. her fault. All her fault. Just as the voices always told her.

Green light poured around her finger tips and she shook, scared, well and truly frightened, as she tried to breath, but it was difficult at best.


It's an exhale and Scott's hands both in time rise up to rake through his hair, ruffling through it until they clasp together behind his head. A noise again, a sound that's not meant to come through as any kind of language beyond a grunt and a mumble.
"Agent Lewis, Darcy Lewis is one of /us/ she jumped at the chance to be a member of my team, never once turned on us, never once backed down from anything we faced despite the odds or ramifications she could face with SHIELD…. "A pause another breath.
" I want to understand this but I am having a very hard time figuring in where the Brotherhood required involvement at all. Was she aware of their involvement also?' His fingers flex as they fall away from his scalp, dropping to his sides where they clench. Visibly calming, holding himself together impressively out of sheer will and a calm rational, it's not just the two of them in this room after all.


Lorna didn't have much in terms of control these days, and it was an effort in and of itself to calm down the gush of power that flooded her senses as Aurora, little baby Aurora, reacted to her mother's stress. Moira wasn't kidding when she'd warned that Lorna needed to stay calm. So the green haired mutant didn't respond to Scott immediately, in fact, his words made a fresh spike of hormonal power spark at her fingertips, and the lights above flickered warningly. "I know! I know! Alright? I fucking know!" She hissed, her voice strained as she tried to breathe.

Lorna backed away, seeking out a chair that was arrested and practically falling into it. She closed her eyes, pressing the heels of her hands against her eyelids. She shouldn't have said anything, she should've … it was pointless to think about what she should've or could've done differently.

It was a long, long time before she could manage speech, and her powers hand calmed that there was at least no immediate threat that she'd take out the school in a panic attack.

"People were dying, and we lacked medical supplies. SHIELD wasn't responding to any of Darcy's memos, or pleas. No one was. She thought we could stage a robbery of the warehouses that were just supplies. No deaths. I suggested the Brotherhood as a means… because it was another step away from her. We agreed to it.." She breathed.

And she hadn't told anyone. Neither of them had.


"Where was Illyana and Nate in all of this? Where the X-Men not a consideration before you decided your family was the best course of action? I am going to assume the Brotherhood you reached out to was the obvious options." Scott says, he waits though, gives her time enough to reel herself in, calm down and shake less, even breath. It does none of them good right now to lose their heads and especially tempers.

"This is some serious serious shit, Lorna." It's not that it needs stressed, its just not something he can't hear himself saying in his own mind and out loud.


Lorna fought to keep from reacting in anger, defensive anger. But it still showed, her lips twisting as that old reflexive outrage lurked in her posture and she wrapped her arms around her middle. She still kept most of her body hunched forward, her shoulders rolled inwards, and legs crossed tightly. Her gaze remained averted from Scott, she couldn't face him.

"I had to do what I could for my people, our people. For all of Genosha. No one was helping, no one was going to help. Months ago you said that the X-men couldn't have a presence there. That's when this all started. People were dying. How could you expect me to sit there and do nothing? I thought, that if I gave this to Pietro and Wanda it would keep them from attacking people and stirring up even more problems. And they didn't kill anyone." Her throat tightened and she exhaled a rough breath.

"I did what I thought was the right thing at the time."


"Months ago." Scott repeats. "I told you months ago and since then we have taken a forward position since then. The entire team is aware of this and we have been operable there. You're just making excuses for a bad call." The man states, that anger he's cultivating calm towards, its rising again.
"This what you do, you put yourself out there, act as though it the best intentions but then when it backfires on you, you turn yourself into a damn martyr and blame someone else."

The X-MEN have been there to help all along, COVERT! I expressed this several times over. Why do you think they all haven't been pulled out? Illyana was in charge, she can make these calls, your biggest mistake in this wasn't including Agent Lewis, it was going to your family, terrorists, murderers and maniacs who are tossing the rest of mutant kind in to a war with humanity."
"It doesn't matter if they killed anyone or not, they HAVE and they will again, they're in check this time around, sure, right but what about next time? You've associated yourself with your father and now them, worse, SHIELD is the first to know, not us, not the people who have been trying to help you all along, I have went out of my way to accommodate this mission of yours, to help you find the right course in all of this… I had hoped, somewhere in there, somehow, something what have woken you up."

"Now it's not you paying the biggest price in this either, it's Agent Lewis and the rest of us."

Scott stops his near rant, his voice rising only to fall as though he's pushing back that yell that's not coming out, not quite but wants to.


might have woken you up*


Lorna rose as Scott laid into her, her features twisting as she swallowed rage and fear and hurt and self-loathing in a large lump that formed at the back of her throat. She didn't argue, or at least didn't try to argue, as his voice rose and fell. She looked at him finally, and instead of tears there was a hardening in her expression. A look that made her utterly her father's daughter in that moment as she stared at Scott, and it was clear … she wasn't listening. She had determined she was right, and had done the right thing.

Which was the most damning of it all.

That simple, stubborn determination that led to chaos from most members in her family ran in her just as strongly. Though it was usually tempered by milder reason. Her jaw worked over the tightness of emotion that welled within her, struggling to figure out what she could possibly say, or do at this point and coming up short. She crossed her arms, and looked away again, staring hard at some point on the nearby wall.

The green haired mutant was shutting down, and fast. Her rage, her anger, her split second, impassioned and impulsive behavior was standard.. but she calmed down. Rarely had she ever been a wall like she was now. She didn't speak.


"They arrested the wrong person. You've betrayed us and now we have to clean up your mess."
Scott turns around and his hands place flat on the War Table control surface, fingers splayed out and eyes forward as the images spark back to life, projected out before him.
"Thanks for the update. You can get out now."

Summers is definitely not the sympathetic diplomat Charles or Jean are. Some days he wishes he was.


Lorna glanced at Scott as he spoke, and some of that wall broke. She blinked hard, rapidly, and her jaw tightened as she looked away at his words. But rather than speaking immediately, she shoved her hand into her pockets. She shifted on her feet for a long moment, the silence weighing heavily between them as she glanced at the broken mug on the floor and back to Scott's brooding figure before the projection.

Then she was setting her communicator (designed not to be fried under her electromagnetic freak outs) down on the top of the table, green eyes lifting briefly.

What else was there to say? or do? There wasn't.. And she turned and made to leave, completely. Back to Genosha.

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