Justice League has Go Karts

March 01, 2018:

Hal brings a new recruit to the Hall of Justice during a charity event that Diana is hosting with Thor aiding her.


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Jordan is terrible with days, dates, schedules and anything that might actually exist on a clock, calendar or in even a notebook unless it is chalk full of scribbled cartoon characters.
A sheepish grin is given over at Witchdoctor as he walks up the stairway of the Hall of Justice, "So, I really seriously got caught up in space and couldn't follow up on our last little thing. I was not joking when I said you'd get to see the stars though."

A look up with an indication of his head nodding towards the gateway of the Hall, past it's openings and inside.
"I've pinged ahead, filled out the questionaire and sort of decided to sponsor you." This will all require explaining of course. It was less than an hour ago he called Alyse, told her to meet him at the Hall itself, even less time from his arrival here that he reached out to any Leaguers that are available to come for the 'Show'n'Tell' session that follows. Its a ritual after all. One he intends to upkeep plus its a good distraction from Red Lanterns, invisible JLA stalkers and Professor Zooms hijinks.

Well…it was nice to be going to the hall for reasons other than being horrifically injured! The Witchdoctor had been invited and after a few minutes more the tattle-tale appearence of those glowing butterfly-shaped lights announced her arrival before the lights took shape and Alyse appears, dressed once more in her 'Witch' gown she usually prefered. This time, she was not carrying her parasol, but her hair was up and pinned back, her hands folded as she looks over the hall itself. As nice as it was inside, it had a certain…presence about it outside.

"I've never been a great fan of paperwork," she muses lightly as the Lantern explains to her. "But then, I didn't tend to write things down."

Diana Prince is already at the Hall of Justice, she was hosting an event for a group of schoolkids and said event was in the process of wrapping up, with most attendees having already left. The event had been taking place in the back courtyard but some of it had filtered in this way…

As of right now, Diana waswellescorting one of the kids to the front of the building and into the lobby to meet up with his parents and they were both separately on go-karts. The go-karts race down the hallway and their engines loudly echo off of the walls while their rubber tires squeal on the marble floors!

To the front of the lobby the two racers go, both wearing helmets and goggles, both of them laughing and shouting things at one another!

When the Racers reach the lobby the kid pulsl ahead and wins, but Diana is right there beside him and after both of their go-karts are turned off she's instantly 'Booing' him… all in good nature of course!

"Paperwork and contracts and books… bah!" Thor's loud opinion comes from their left, as the bulky Asgardian makes his presence more than a little obvious. Thor is dressed to 'fit in' — again. It's been a theme lately. In that he's in 'normal Midgard person' attire, but still acts entirely like himself.

"Is this the official gathering place for your ceremony?" Thor asks of Green Lantern, voice lifted to easily come over the top of the go-kart engines. He turns some to look at the race as it veers past them, and then grins, and applauds the child winner as well, distracted.

"Woman after my own heart. Paperwork is for the birds."

A motion to the side as the Go-Carts tear on through Jordan points, "Go Lantern buggy!" Symbols on the go-carts? Why yes of course. League symbols. It is a theme and his is beating the pants off of Superman's car.

"Thor, you met Witchdoctor?" Of course he has, they were together in Alice Walker's hospital room whether or not costumes account for anything.

"No, well, not really big guy. This is sort of it. I found a newbie to torment." He jerks his gloved thumb towards Alyse, teasing obviously by the smile he is wearing.

Diana gets a bob of the head in greeting, those white eyes behind green mask not easy to read. Like most just anybody he is always happy to see Diana of Themyscira. Shes the face of the League after all.

It was a strange world when the Asgardian 'god' blended in better than someone else in the room. But at least the hall itself is fairly more 'open' about its strangeness. Probably all the capes that help. The go-karts however have the Witch tilting her head to the side, a slight frown of confusion on her face. "These are…games for visitors?" she questions as she watches the children playing and then her eyes drift up towards Diana. Of course she knew who the woman was by face, but she'd not met the woman before. She's staring, but there's every chance that could be as much about the magics that radiate off the Amazon as her physical appearance. Shaking her head and blinking out of the expression before it borders too close to rude, she turns back to the introduction to Thor. They'd met, even if it was out of costume. Clearly neither of the blonde people were big fans of masks.

The 6-foot-something tall bodied form of said Amazonian Princess is raising up out of the go-cart she'd driven into the lobby and she was all kinds of smileys and good emotional vibes as she walks over to the kid who beat her in the race.

"High five!" She says to the kid, holding her right hand up and out to him and he claps his against hers triumphantly. "Thank you for being a good racer and not shooting my tires out with your heat vision eyes." She teases the kid, who'd been saying all day that he had that same power that Superman did.

When the kid's parents collected their boy up out of the cart and asaid their goodbyes to the Princess, she was turning around to face the others in the hall, releasing an exhale while setting her hands down against the fronts of her jeans-covered thighs. Diana is in a T-shirt with a WW logo on emblazened on the chest and her black hair is down around her shoulders. She's in a great mood right now, wrapping up the event outside behind the Hall.

Diana offerse a wave to her fellow League members and the woman with Hal.

"I am pleased to no longer be the newest member, and therefore not the subject of any continued undue torment! Welcome!" Thor announces to Alyse and Hal, but is… grinning. Thor is enthusiastic about this whole situation with JLA, really. The thunder god is a neverending level of upbeat positive — to those that let him infect them with it, at any rate. No telling about some stick-in-the-mud Bat people.

"Well met. It is 'Witchdoctor', simply, yes?" Thor clarifies, with some solumn edge to the question. He does try to get titles correct. He will offer a handshake (a more subdued one than the others had gotten not long ago) to Alyse. Thor's learning, to a degree, not to pounce on JLA members so much. At least, while he's paying attention.

Soon enough, as the members of the League discussed with each other and the apparent guest of one Green Lantern, it doesn't take long for Superman to arrive at the Hall of Justice.

Arriving with that S-shield gloriusly heralding his arrival along with his beautifully vibrant red cape flowing behind him, dressed in his usual garb as the Man of Steel, Superman smiles to all in attendance. "Hello there. I didn't know we were all meeting up." a warm smile to all in attendance once more. "Thor, good to see you. Green Lantern, good to see you are well. Wonder Woman, good to see you in good health."

His posture is friendly as he lands in between everyone. Superman in the flesh! Though his ocean blue eyes fall upon Witchdoctor with a kind smile. "I'm afraid I don't know you. I'm Superman." he extends a hand in greeting to the young woman.

"Sometimes. Charity and giving back to the community is a big deal." Hal regards, "Wonder Woman's always doing these kind of things too."

A fold of his arms across his chest and Green Lantern is grinning at Thor, "Torment continues, we only just began. You're still technically being sponsored yourself." By who, Jordan doesn't know. One of them has indoctrined him in and he'll poke around later, maybe Di herself.

"Short notice, it's not easy catching everyone at once." Green Lantern says, as if its on them now. "This is our newest prospect, Witchdoctor. Shes fought Zoom already and you can track her more than a year back on some sightings, all her."

"I have been trying to encourage her this is the right thing to do. You know the speel. We… are that speel." He adds.

"Or 'The Witch', or Alyse, or one of those awful titles my family likes to u-…" Witchdoctor begins in answer to Thor before waving a hand to cut herself off. "Witchdoctor is fine." His talk of torment has her raising an eyebrow, glancing towards Hal questioningly. That might require some explaination, but she's not left to pursue it as another arives. Another individual well enough know by sight alone. Bowing her head, the woman who looked far more like she'd stepped out of some formal ball than any sort of costumed crime-fighting turns her gaze towards Superman. "A pleasure to meet you." Diana is of course not forgotten, but she was yet to approach.

Diana's hands reach up to pull the goggles off of her eyes she'd had on while driving the cart and she pulls them with their strap out of her thick black locks of hair then turns and drops them down into the cart behind her right leg. She looks to Thor then and grins at him. "I would never torment you for being new with us, Thor." She tells him in that thick non-American accented English of hers. "I save -all the tormenting- for Hal." And she gives a grin to the green lantern.

Diana walks a step or two over to Superman and she holds a hand up to him. "High fives!" She says to Kal, for no real reason other than she'd had a lot of sugary punch to drink today, as a couple of school children kept bringing her new cups every time she ran out and she didn't want to say no to the kind gesture of it…

When Hal spoke of the new recruit, Diana's blue eyes go to Alyse, she affords the other a big friendly smile. "We are more than happy to have you among us, Witchdoctor. Should you need anything, you may alweys come to me to let me know."

"Indeed! I am making the most of my sponsorship status, to avoid any responsibility that should otherwise go to others such as you," Thor says, with a genuine grin of teasing. Yes, he's sponsored by Wonder Woman. And is happy to side with her on teasing Hal, as well, picking up on the cue with ease. He hides zero of his pleased emotion as Superman arrives to introduce himself, as well as Wonder Woman's waved greeting. Thor and Diana would be the plainclothes ones and 'subtle' in that sense, yet both give off various styles of ambiance to their auras.

"I have a matter as well to speak on, once all that we expect to gather are here, but I do not wish to intrude on your welcome ceremony," Thor supplies to Hal. Well, to everyone, really. Thor doesn't exclude.
Superman smiles kindly then to Witchdoctor, having heard her introduction fairly easily. "Ah, a pleasure to meet you. Will you be joining the League?" he asks then, looking then to Hal because Hal would totally know this right?…Right? Right.

Then Diana walks up to him with a beautiful smile and a high five! Which Superman gladly gives! "High five!" he says then in agreement with an equally epic smile, high fiving Diana as she high fives him.

The awesome that just happened is too good for words.

A kind smile for Thor then. "You look nice in casual clothing Thor. It's a good look." he compliments the Thunder God with a smile, before he looks to Hal.

"Oh? teasing Lantern without me?" he chuckles.
"Torment me, right, yeah, like every woman I know these days. I 'spose." The Emerald Warden says with a half-smile of his own, "Anyways, these are the faces you need to know." He instrucst Witchdoctor, "More of us lurking, you'll meet them in time."

A curious look is given to Superman and Wonder Woman, as if he is wondering their thoughts on the woman but knows that will come later. The round of high fives gets a chuckle,
"More the reasons I need the backup. Appears everyones deciding to gang up on me." A headshake and the man is pushing himself away from the wall, "There is some paperwork admittedly but thats DEO and UN based, it'll come later, we have lawyers though so don't be too affraid of them."

The Witch actually opens her mouth to point out she'd never really been too concerned with lawyers and the laws of man since coming to this world…then closes it as her eyes move between Diana, Supes and Thor. Maybe not the right crowd for that. Instead she shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I'm sure I will manage," she offers instead, giving that same bow of before to Diana now before she folds her hands in front of her. "I will look forward to meeting the rest." Even so, Hal's comment about being ganged up on actually earns a chuckle from the blonde woman. "And you chose to recruit me? You are a…bold individual."

After the high five with the Superman is completed, Diana turns around with a grin on her face and she walks toward Thor to shoulder bump with him. "Other than almost throwing your hammer right into my face in our last outting, I think it has gone quite well, inviting you in with us." She says to him with a little grin before she looks toward Hal and then walks toward him.

Diana's arms spread out to her full wingspan whilst she walks at him. "You need a hug, don't you?" She says at the man. "Come on, hug hug, we will not let the bad people hurt you any longer."

Wonder Woman was also in a good mood because they had defeated the Red Lanterns, at least as far as they could tell! So what wasn't there to be happy about? The League was currently… in a great place.

"Yes, it is fortunate that your reaction time is excellent, and you deflected," Thor agrees to Diana, as if hardly expecting anything other than that. "It actually brings up what I want to speak of — I would like to propose several training sessions with the whole of the group, to better execute coordinated battle strategies; I wish to learn the ones that are in play," Thor says, with a sudden seriousness, but still managing to be positive. He sounds like a battle commander that is certain of victory.

"To be an even more effective fighting force against those that would dare put challenge to us as defenders of this realm," Thor continues. "In the battle against the Lanterns of Red, I found immediate rapport with my fellow Asgardian, and hope to gain that with all of the League. So that any hammers thrown are expected, and I learn if anyone will collapse if they are hit by lightning." Serious Thor face.

Superman can't help but chuckle at Witchdoctor, apparently in agreement about Hal. "…you're gonna fit in great." a kind smile then before he seems to smile at Diana offering high fives and hugs all around. It was good to see the team in such a good mood….they won a big victory after all! It was well earned. Though Kal now looks to Thor with a small chuckle. "You threw your hammer and almost hit Diana? ooohh…bad move." he winks softly at the fellow.

Then his eyes are on Hal Jordon with a little smile. "Be careful Lantern, or Wonder Woman will have to protect you from just about everyone." he winks softly before he simply stands and…watches everyone.

Man, it was good to see the time just….smile.
"All a due time thing." Hal assures Alyse. "Bold, thats one of the nicer things I've been called in the past week."

That incoming Wonder Woman hug doesn't get evaded, no he opens his arms up, "I do, I really really do. Make all the bad men and women stop." The smirk he wears says he is embracing the bold.

"You what?" Green Lantern is distracted by Thor's sudden serious note, enough so his arm drops, no defense to any hugs. "You did well there, man. That thing with the water, that was a good tactic. I can update our info on the rest of the Lanterns but a lot of this stuff… its knowledge I can't share without breaking some rules of my own."

"I got entire galaxies I need protected from. I welcome that help." He says to Clark with a smile, nodding in agreement towards Witchdoctor, "She is a shoe in."

"I am not so much a fan of being struck by lightning," Alyse comments to Thor's words, folding her arms with a little grin, "Especially unwarned. I am even less of a fan of being thrown into a wall by a speedster running through time…" It was an unpleasent memory for the sorceress and a fairly good reminder that even the most skilled magic users were far from invulnerable. Nodding her thanks at Superman's words, she's happy to take the change in topic, although she will rather blink in suprise if Diana's hugs are shared around as far as her before she clears her throat. "I do not know anything about these Red Lanterns, but 'Zoom' has certainly been enough of a threat to have me concerned."
A happy, yet soft, "Yay!" Is released from the Amazon Princess as she engages Hal with a hug. "There there…" She pats him on his back with both of her hands. "You will never be tormented again. I promise you that." And when Diana pulls back she gives his shoulders a squeeze. "Have you been working out?" She says to the Green Lantern. "I'm impressed!" And then her hands drop away from his shoulders and she takes a step or two back.

Yeah, there's a Cartoon Kitty Sticker on Hal's back, and yeah, she put it there!

Diana smiles over to Thor then and reaches her right hand up to stroke some of her black hair back behind an ear. "That sounds like a splendid idea, Thor." She tells him, adding further. "My sisters are looking to engage in more combat with us in our training hall as well. Two of them are with us at the Embassy, but wish to come here to battle practice with our people also."

"I did not miss; I /did/ hit her shield," Thor answers, with no guilt or regret, to Superman. Obviously it was fine, though.

"I was not suggesting that you include secrets in writing to any of us. I cannot supply many secrets of Asgard. I was proposing physical sparring and practice, to better learn limits and talents, as a cohesive group," Thor explains more fully to Hal. There's some puzzled reaction with Thor here: martial training seemed like such an obvious thing, to him. But he regularly beats his face against he culture shock.

"Yes, your sisters are? Excellent. As an Amazon warrior, perhaps you can help me explain the value of what I mean to say, to bringing a team together as a unit in battle?" Thor appeals to Wonder Woman.

Thor takes Alyse at her word about the lightning and nods simply in a 'good to know' manner.
Superman just keeps back then with a smile, his eyes on Thor as he is corrected, which Superman lifts his hands up in the air for a moment like he yielded that argument! Hey, hey…the normal person would -not- argue with a god of thunder when it comes to if he threw his hammer accurately. That said!

He cannot help but chuckle when he sees Hal with a cartoon sticker on his back. But it's a big chuckle! "Oh, Diana, if you're going to be sparring, do you mind if I show up to watch? I haven't seen Amazons truly spar." he teases her softly.

Plus it would end an age old argument! Greeks vs. Nords! Sounds like a good title to a newspaper article….

Either way, he keeps back, a smile for Alyse as she speaks. "I apologize that you had met Zoom…he is an evil man. One I hope to see stopped as soon as possible."
Green Lantern is not big on the whole public display thing and rather surprised with Diana's hug, one he thought she was joking about and wouldn't follow through with hence his redirect of attention to Thor, a forearm lift about her lower back to return it. Albeit briefly before he is relenting for space again.
"Historic moment. Nice to see you in good spirits, Princess." The man remarks oblivious to the sticker thats now on his back.

"Yeah, shes gaining experience with Zoom already, how many times now?" The question hanging on the air.

"Hey, I'm not disagreeing. I'm all for team. Corpsman myself." A thumb thrusts in to his own chest and he is keeping his grin at Thor, "But, I mean, I'm all for some team exercises. We have never really done as much in the League in the past. Not to my memory. We're usually the types who just do our best to operate." It makes complete sense. The man has him there. It pays being an Asgardian Warrior-Prince at times no doubt.

"Just watching, Superman? Sounds like we'll all get a swing or a dozen in."

A whistled version of Duke Ellington's "Black and Tan" is heard a few seconds before Ozymandias enters the room. Upon fully entering the room, Ozymandias stops whistling, and lets out an overly deep sigh. "It seems that I always missed out on the parties. It is not like I play the harp at all my parties.

Ozymandias clasp his hands behind as he continues walking into the room. "We have done some training with each other, and there are simulation programs that can help simulate past missions which I have found valuable. I found the best way to train with teammates is to joined them in their specific areas of protection. We all have a lot responsibilities, and it sometimes difficult to get us all together to train.

Ozymandias spins. "So how is everyone?"

Superman's apology gets waved away by the Witch with a chuckle. "I offered to lend a hand in that incident and he took poorly to my tether spell on the one he wished to abduct. It was a…learning experience." Witchdoctor does however turn her gaze back towards the discussion of sparring Amazon warriors and Asgardians with a slight bite of her lip. She was an immensely skilled sorcerer…but not so much one for physical combat. Especially with present company. The question of encounters leveled by Hal is seemingly either missed or ignored with the arrival of a new face, although Witchdoctor seems to frown and tilt her head. she'd met this man before….somewhere.

Diana grins at Thor. "Getting this team to fight as a single unit is a larger challenge than getting say… our peoples to do it." Diana glances at the others around them. "These wonderful fighters are fight so very differently from the tactics that you and I have had drilled into our minds. Though it is something we should certainly strive toward refining and making into as well oiled of a machine as possible."

At Superman, she'd show a smirk. "Watch? I plan to fight you!" She gives him a playfully sorrowful expression. "Make everyone watch that!" And then she grins at the red caped one.

Morien's arrival garners Diana's attention though and she reaches her right hand up to wave it back and forth at him. "Hello there. It is good to see you!"

Thor suddenly seems to do a very good impression of Superman. Meaning, he alerts to something nobody else will be aware of. "Ah— forgive me. We must spar soon, regardless of styles. There must be lots to share. I am willing to train others if desired - but, ah. I must attend to a matter in Asgard," the prince says with some dismay. He moves aside from the group, and suddenly draws his hammer from the knapsack at his back by basically putting his hand back, and the hammer lunges out into his grip with a low thrumming sound.

So much for even remotely being incognito. He looks up and out towards a window, as if… and then Thor says aloud. "Ah. Outside. Landing pad. Fewer craters. I recall." Mostly said to himself. Somebody didn't take well to the other crater located in the outdoor patio area and crushed table. Thor excuses himself to go outside first before doing anything further.

Superman looks at Alyse then with a bit of a smile at her words. "A tether spell? I imagine any speedster would find that appropriately annoying." he winks softly then before Diana gets his attention with her jovial nature, something that Superman was quickly finding himself loving! He loved this mood that everyone seemed to be in, but Diana was the one encouraging it, so she gets the credit!

"Oh? sparring -me-? I don't know how good I'd be, but I'll take you on anytime princess, just say when and where." he winks at Diana softly before he looks to Thor, nodding a moment as the Odinson appears to take off.

"So long!" Then a look to Ozy "Oh, hello there!"
A legit question for Hal in regards to Zoom encounters. The man only knows of the one and is perhaps just boasting a little through her, vicariously and such. It's almost like challenging Diana's own sponsorship in Thor against his own. Who has the better League nominee! Clearly thats not the reality of it and Jordan takes things like being a hero very seriously. Even while sporting a kitty cat sticker on his shoulder.

"Ozymandias, glad to see you. You missed out on the fun but meet Witchdoctor." A motion to his right.

"Watch yourself, Superman. Sounds like shes amped." Jordan remarks at Diana's open challenge. One gloved hand stretching out and closing in a wave of a fist towards the departing Thor.

"That dudes nuts. It cracks me up." Jordan says to no one in particular, genuine amusement in the man's features. He respects Thor of course. Same as many here.
The magic stuff goes in one ear and out the other for Jordan, as usual.
"It is always my honor to see you again." Ozymandias lowers his head in a bow to Diane, before turning his attention to the person Hal was talking about. "A pleasure to meet you, Witchdcotor." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask. "Just let me know if you need anything, and I will gladly find someone else to help you. Ozymandias turns to Hal, "Sorry, about not being able to help with the Red Lanterns. Some other matter has come to my attention, and I have been trying to investigate it."

Diana has to look back over to Hal and give the man a grin. "He is a lot of fun, energy and excitement to have around. But I still plan to try to lift that hammer some day, when it is appropriate of course." She'd heard the legends of the mighty unliftable Mjolnir!

Diana softly tilts her head to the left when she looks back to Superman. "Do not fret, I shall go easy on you, I promise." She then flashes him a grin and shakes her head. "I am just teasing you. I have had a lot of sugar today, I think I should probably go back and help with the cleanup process. I do not want to seem like a Host who is not offering to help clean up after festivities."

Diana would look then to Witch and offer a light nod. "I very much hope you do stay with us, I look forward to getting to know more about you soon."

The Witch nods at Superman, giving a little chuckle. "Oh it worked marvelously until he worked out I was the cause. I don't recall the impact, but the one who treated me stated that the acceleration and stop damn near killed me…and set me on fire. It was not a fun evening." A shake of her head, Alyse herself switches over with interest to the mention of the Hammer. Between that and Diana's own magical arsenal? There was plenty that she'd be wanting to poke at when/if she got the chance. When she's addressed by the Princess? The Witchdoctor bows her head in thanks. "Till the next time."

Superman looks to Hal with a big smile. "What? I couldn't help it! I was challenged by an Amazon, not very often you get to face off against one. Besides, she could teach me a few new tricks." he smiles warmly then to Diana as she starts to reveal to him that she's had plenty of sugar today.

"I think I like it when you have a bunch of sugar. You're much more smiley and such, very fun to be around. Not that you weren't fun to be around already…" he teases softly, though he looks about as Witchdoctor speaks, a look of Sympathy from Superman.

"Speedsters have a habit of doing that, I'm afraid. I am happy to see that you were able to recover." a big smile then.

"It couldn't be helped Oz. We had to act and it went… better than it could have. It is still being untangled and I have to hunt down every Red ring that freed itself in this sector. You might be able to help there. Maybe." He isn't sure how to track the rings beyond his own Power Ring as of yet and thats a shot in the dark, much harder than one would expect. At least until it adheress.

Green Lantern's mouth opens at Diana's words then clamps closed, "We, you know, just theres a talk required somewhere circling." A wistful sound from the man and he exhales, a hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"You admittedly looked like death, Witchy." Hal confirms, "You survived though and are with us to fight again when that maniac pops up again." And so many others.

"She will definitely teach you a few tricks, lets just hope you can still claim to be the strongest of us when you two are done." Not that Superman has ever boasted as much. Others do that for him. The world itself does.

Ozymandias nods to Lantern, "All right. I might need your help with another matter." Ozymandias taps his left foot a few times. "I am not sure yet. I am still trying to figure out all the angles on this problem.

"It is a circumstance I should like to avoid in the future," Witchdoctor agrees before clearing her throat as others begin to depart. "I will go an organize a few things that require my attention, but I will return in a time to take a look around. Thank you for your welcome." With that, the woman in the gown raises a hand with a wave of her fingers and simply…vanishes in a sudden flurry of gold lights and flittering shapes.

Witchdoctor has disconnected.
"We'll manage. Times our enemy really and right now I want to show Witchdoctor the rest of the Hall and the Watchtower, it's entry at least." A look from Ozymandias to Clark and Di, "It'll require you guys full clear her so she can enter but I'm backing her 100%."

Then she is out in a puff of gold again. "She is worse than Batman."

Diana walks past Superman and slaps him on his shoulder. "Oh ha ha, sure, you prefer the sugar'd up version of me. I get it." She says to him with a grin before she walks past Hal then and reaches a hand up to tap his cheek two soft times with her fingertips.

"Do not be gross." She says before adding, "You have a cute kitty behind you." And that is told to him in an affectionate voice before her hand lowers again and she starts toward the two go-karts. She picks them up without any effort like they weigh no more than styro-foam and she starts to carry them back toward the central hallway.

"Its good to see you again, Ozymandias, and Witchdoctor please know that we are sometimes professional here!"

And with that said, the raven haired Diana Prince was off to go clean up after her schoolyard guests.

"Cute kitty?" Hal is puzzled by that before he grins at the cheek tap and then pivots to find this cat nice and slow. "Whats in the water tonight and I am NOT being gross at all."
"Okay… nice talk everybody." A chuckle and hes reaching over his shoulder missing that sticker in both directions only to shrug it off and assume shes just goofing with him. Jordan will headout towards the front entry again to lift up and fly off, theres Red Rings to try and scout out, he has to make sure none are on Earth at the very least. Then from there its a canvas outwards…


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