Repercussions of War

April 20, 2015:

Clark and Kara meet to discuss the fallout from her actions.

Clark's Apartment

An apartment in Bakerline, a borough of Metropolis.


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Clark had been in the middle of helping quell a riot between workers and factory owners in a small Eastern Asian nation when the call came through. Unfortunately, the call came after Superman's earpiece was crushed. He never heard the call from the League, and was still blowing out the fires on the factory when the President died.

Rumors within the Justice League Camp have hinted something pretty awful happened, but details have been sketchy. All he knew is that it was bad. And it was Kara.

Clark sent her a text, but was careful not to jump down her throat. He's not even sure what happened exactly. The text simply said: Here for you. Talk when you can.

Kara had been surprised to hear from her cousin, he had been scarce to say the least but she understood that his responsibilities and duties extended farther than most other heroes could comprehend.

Getting the next while she was still at the Hall of Justice waiting for Booster Gold she replied back to her cousin: If you can, now would be good.

Leaving the Hall of Justice she flew into the sky, presumably towards Clark's apartment or wherever he told her to meet him.

Clark opens the door wearing a white t-shirt and pair of blue jeans. He's barefoot, and likely just about to have something to eat before he goes out on his nightly rounds. His hair is a mess and he's wearing his trademark owlish glasses.

"Hey," he says to her with a weak smile. "Come on in."

"Can I get you anything?" he asks.

Kara stepped in wearing a blouse, skirt and glasses; the most common disguise used by Kryptonians to hide their true identity it would seem, "Kal!" She smiled brightly at him before leaping forward to hug him tightly, "It's so good to see you, I feel like it's been ages. Have you been alright?" She contemplates the offer to get her something as she stares at the fridge, but for now she was just happy to see her cousin.

Clark oofs as he's about knocked over by Kara's tackle. His eyebrows come together in confusion. He'd heard she'd been responsible for hundreds of deaths. He thought she'd be more reticent. "Me? Yeah, I've been fine. What about you?"

The truth is, Kara had been downright full of angst but it wasn't just because of France. Pursing her lips she made her way to the couch in the living room and sat down with a sigh before answering the question, "Honestly, I'm terrible aside from getting to see you today." She stared at him for a moment, "You heard what happened in France, didn't you?"

"I did. I'd heard about the President, obviously. Everyone has. I also heard about the HYDRA carrier," Clark says softly as he looks at her. "You wanna talk about it?"

Kara looked towards Clark sadly and nodded her head, "I do." She hugged her chest tightly and frowned, "I feel like, I thought I was doing the right thing but then I didn't feel like I did the right thing after? I'm not sure how to explain it Kal, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hate Hydra but, I don't even think, they deserved that.."

Clark nods a few times with some difficulty. Not only had he sworn against killing, his family had always taught him that people deserve trial. HYDRA didn't conform to the rules of the Geneva Convention, but Clark was of the opinion that they, especially the JL:A, was supposed to rise above. That it was his own family hurt him, and he's not really sure what to say.

"What happened? Exactly, I mean."

Kara bites her lower lip for a moment, "It's a longer story, than just France, I didn't just see the stupid Hydra airship and decide I wanted to kill anyone. I've been really angry and Hydra has taken every opportunity they can find to use that anger and nobody around me can really understand it."

She looks down at the ground, "Fenris showed me how Hydra was trying to make a future where I served them, he showed me an image of me but wearing a Hydra uniform. I was terrified and when Hydra attacked France, I was scared. Not just of what they could do to me, but what they could to do others. I saw that carrier and it seemed like if I stopped it, maybe I would stop Hydra and they couldn't get the president or hurt anyone else. They did though and it meant nothing, it was my fault the President died."

Clark sighs and knows he must take a seat. He plops down on a chair at his small kitchen table, leans forward and puts his head in his hands. His long fingers slide through his black hair as he tries to think of the words to say. Off come the glasses; he sets them there upon the table. "Not the President. But the others. Kara, I just…Those men deserved a trial. You could have done something, anything. You could have disrupted their propulsions. You could have pushed them out over the Atlantic. There are literally so many different choices you should have made."

Kara nodded in understanding, "You're right and I made the wrong choice Kal. I got so caught up in my own hatred of Hydra, I let my anger blind me when I should have been controlling my emotions and setting an example like you do."

She looks down at her hands, "I wish I could go back and change what I did, I wanted to ask Jon.. Booster if he could but I know he would say no even if he could. I have to live with it, don't I?"

"I think you probably do, Kara," Clark says as he looks up at the ceiling. "But I'm not sure it'll be that easy. I mean, eventually it's going to hit the press. The pressure on you, not to mention on the League, is going to be immense. That's not even to begin to speak to what my parents are going to say, which is a smaller issue, but to me it means everything." He sighs, "They're going to come for you, Kara. Politicians, talking heads. Everyone."

Kara sighed softly the emotion showing in her eyes, "It wasn't the right thing to do, but why are they all going to be so mad? Hydra are terrorists, they killed the President and so many others… I've seen other members of the League kill Hydra before, I didn't mean to I just wanted to stop them before they hurt anyone else." She balls her fists together and stares at Clark, "I didn't want any more innocent people to die. "

"Kara, part of the reason I don't wear a mask is because people need to know we're normal people. Everything we can do, everything we could become if we were pushed to the wrong side—It would terrify people. And this isn't about the rest of the League. This is about the S on our chests and what it means," Clark says in retort.

Kara was pale as she stared at Clark, the knotting in her stomach and chest had grown unbearable. Others had congratulated her on what she did, but the disapproval from her cousin made her feel like she was the worst scum on Earth, "What can I do to fix things Kal? I'm sorry.. I didn't want to let anyone down, not you especially." She was doing her very best to hold back the waterworks.

"I'm not even sure. I think the best thing for us to do is to sit and see how this plays out. How you atone or how you don't atone for this is probably something that only you can answer," Clark says as he rests his hands on his knees. "I guess I just don't know at this point."

"I've been trying really hard Kal. I want to live up to the example you set and I feel like I fall short every time. Anytime I do anything, I feel like I'm in the shadow of a greatness I'm never going to achieve." Kara pulled her legs up onto the couch and asked, "I just want to know what I can do to be better, to be more like you. I don't want to let everyone down all the time.."

"Kara," Clark says, looking over at her. "We're talking about killing perhaps thousands of adversaries. It's not one mistake. It's thousands of mistakes." With a groan he gets up to his feet, ready to get dressed and go out on patrol.

The first thing he'd thought about was Kara when he heard. The second was about his parents, but then he thought about the parents he met who wore that crest proudly. He wonders how they would feel, and he wonders about legacy.

"I've got to head out here," Clark says a bit sadly. "We'll talk again soon."

Kara would save her tears for after she left, picking up her things she gave a sad look to her cousin and nodded, "I'm sorry again, I let you and everyone else down. If you don't want me to be Supergirl anymore, I'll understand.." She started for the door, leaving her cousin alone. She had never felt so sad in her life except when Krypton had been destroyed.

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