Mutants & Mutates

March 07, 2018:

Bruce Banner and Scott Summers meet and possibly have a job interview.


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Mentions: Tony Stark, Moira MacTaggart, Jean Grey


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Under suggestion from Moira MacTaggart herself the school has been sending out scouts and inquiries, gene specialists and biologists of all sorts required. It makes sense with the over amount of work that Jean and Hank have been buried under, Moira herself. Post-Inhuman crisis and now the Genoshan refugees that the United States is accepting, there are new /mutations/ to be considered.

With his better equipped colleagues currently busy Scott Summers finds himself playing representative to Xavier's School for the Gifted once more. A simple grey sweater, tie underneath a button up shirt, slacks and needle toe dress shoes he waits one of Mutant Town's more popular Cafe's the Kulu-Caw, a bird themed side street dinner, Summers himself seated in one of the outside chairs, under a canopy that hangs over all the seating. A small tablet open in his lap. He is looking up what information he can about one Doctor Bruce Banner a rather esteemed individual with a spotty track record, hard to follow, lets of gaps and oddly enough some closed off portions. He'll ask Agent Lewis about that later.

The invite was sent. The meet chosen, time place, a 9 PM encounter in District X. Its dark, fortunately not as cold as it has been and warm coffee will make up for much of that.


Bruce takes an Uber, from STARK Tower, over. He climbs out of the car, a tad bit jumpy, as the door is closed behind him and he nearly got the edge of his coat wedged into it. Banner is dressed very clearly as … exactly what he really does appear to be: a somewhat ordinary looking scientist. He only adds to this with a press against the middle bridge of the glasses on his nose, as he pulls his coat back on. The Uber was warm inside. He flips the collar out from being bunched against his nape and approaches the café, curiously.

Banner is smiling, in his vague, distracted way, as he isn't entirely sure who he is looking for. "Oh, excuse me," he says as a waitress needs to squeeze by him, scooching back out of her way willingly. First perception of Bruce is possibly highly strung or awkward, but friendly, warm enough.


The Uber's arrival is acknowledged with a down tip of Scott's head, almost like he wants to look over his red glasses (at night!) at the arriving vehicle but not quite. Standing upright the tall man steers long legs around his chair to bridge just enough of the gap with Banner to be polite, a handshake extending.

"Doctor Banner?" The very public mutant says pleasantly enough. "Scott Summers, I am meeting you in place of Miss Grey. She is indisposed right now but I am happy to fill in."


"Oh! That helps to know. Yes," Dr. Banner recovers, with only a sort of brief awkward pause. And then adapting. He does look a little bit of askance at the red glasses, but doesn't actually say anything. Polite. "Yes, I'm Dr. Bruce Banner. Mr. Summers," Bruce says, warming up finally. Yes, public mutant. And Bruce has absolutely no problem with that. Hardly. There's that slight edge of scientist interest or curiosity. Pushed aside for the moment. "What can I do for you?" Bruce asks. He'll follow to Scott's table to be seated, or stand: easy to guide.


"You can call me Scott." The handshake accepted, shaken and withdrawn as Scott turns and settles down in to a seat, "Sorry for the hour, its been a very hectic week and this is usually not my sort of thing, you ended up getting shuffled in to my later hour routines."

Not that Cyclops didn't need the break and drives to get out and clear his head, the snow gone driving is again an option. Westchester's got some nice roadways anyhow.

"It is actually a what can we do for one another sort of thing, do you know who I am?" The man asks directly. Never one to beat around the bush.


"Hardly a bad hour; I've been working bizarre hours with Tony Stark for a month. This is really nothing," Bruce jokes with a slight squint of his eyes and friendly chuckle. He didn't mind, is what the gesture shows. "I usually like to meet in places a little bit more out of the way. Crowds are less my … thing," Bruce admits, with the flinch that tends to lurk most often on the face of a telepath that dislikes having so many minds around. But maybe not.

"I have some general knowledge of what your school is about and does. And your… group, to some extent. Which… I mean. I think you've done a great services so far. I don't think you're here to kidnap me to make a bomb." A cough. "…Which has happened." Bruce pauses, awkward.


"Tony Stark?" Scott echoes, "Brilliant man, I suppose I am not surprised you're top of the list for Doctor MacTaggart then." She is a known face, one of the worlds lead experts on the mutant gene and fast becoming known for her work with related human 'subspecies'.

"Oh, I wasn't aware of the crowd thing. Apologies on that front. We're at least on the less tourist-y side of M-Town." As if that helps.

"No, we save the kidnappings for the second meeting at least." A blink behind lens, "It has happened? Wow."


Scott chuckles after an awkward pause of his own, "Bad humor on my part then. I assure you Doctor Banner, we have no intentions of foul play or ill intent. The contrary really, we want you to work with us helping people that our school is known to cater to. The gifted and unique. Mutants are not our only focus anymore, it was selfish of us to think that we are the only things special out there."

"I'll wait until we both have some fresh coffee before I carry on."
"If you do not mind."


"No need to apologize, really! It's honestly not an issue. At least not right now," Bruce says very quickly, lifting both hands as if to briefly show how unarmed he is. But with how many SHIELD and government types are crawling on him, this may not be the strangest reaction or behavior.

"My guess originally was that, like Stark, you may have some scientific or medical problem you'd like me to look into. I'm willing to do what I can to help, for what that's worth. Although, in the interest of being… similarly transparent, I'm probably needing, to, ah…. well." Bruce hedges. "/Ye-es/, …Let's do that coffee," Bruce says, flushing brightly. Look, a good distraction. He'll take it, from a somewhat uncomfortable subject.



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