Nerf Darts

March 07, 2018:

Rogue and Remy have a bit of back and forth while some kids shoot Gambit with their nerf guns. Its pretty ridiculous, but its cute too.


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Rogue is out in the garage area of the school and she's seated in the back of her car with the car door on the driver side open. Its the type of car that you have to push the driver's seat forward and crawl into the back 'sofa' behind the two front chairs. She's got a restored 1969 Dodge Charger in black and green and she's quite proud of it. Right now she's got some music going out of the prime sterior system she had installed down at 'Music Center' in Salem Center, the place she used to hang out at a lot when she was in her late teens / early twenties.

Right now the southern belle is just lounging in the back seat of her car and reading her phone's screen with her head leaned back on her leather jacket that is balled up behind it.


The car suddenly shakes and there's a loud crashing THUNK as the door is pulled shut quickly and there's the shadow of a figure laying down in the front seat and slowly a blue and orange looking gun is raised up to the top of the long bench seat of the car and the wielder says in a hushed whisper.

"Stay quiet an' none of us'll get 'urt." The gunman slowly peeks his head up, brown hair messed up and sweaty, the familiar red and onyx eye looking from Rogue with a wink to outside of the car where a bunch of kids go running past.

"I saw him come this way."

"Yeah me too. He's gotta be somewhere."

"Everyone spread out and find the cajun!"


Rogue, of course, looks over to the front of her car on her right side when she sees someone jump in and shut the door. She's got some classic rock turned up 'fairly' loud inside the vehicle, but its not ear-pounding by any means.

When she sees his eyes, she smirks, then looks at the colorful gun and she shakes her head. "Don't you dare shoot a super soaker inside my car." She warns him before she sits up higher on the leather sofa seat and looks forward through the front windshield to see the students run by.

Rogue smirks and looks back at Remy. "Ya know they got Frankie Snelnitz on their team, he's gonna find ya… he can see where people have been recently… so he'll just follow your trail."


"No powers." Remy says as he lays back down in the front seat and with an audible smirk he lifts the gun again and aims it at Rogue quickly before the sticky dart sticks to her forehead briefly.

"Promis Ah wont shoot a super soaker inside-a ya car." The cajun says before pulling his gun back down to the front seat and then an empty hand pops over the top. "Dart please." He says before closing and opening his hand twice in quick succession.


Rogue stares forward at the man as he draws the gun up and aims it back at her. "If you think a buncha kids like that are gonna stick t'the 'no powers' rule, then you got another thin" Rogue looks down at the barrel of the colorful gun. "If you shoot that thing at m" POP and the dart sticks to her forehead.

The southern woman's eyes close and she just sits there in the backseat until he asks for the dart back, to which she reaches a gloved hand up to pop it off her head again, reluctantly setting it down into the palm of said hand of his.

"Ain't you like thirty years old? Shouldn't you be complainin' about back problems and how you're gonna be on social security soon?" She teases him with a 'dart of her own.


"Ah'm thirty years old, Ah should be complainin' about how my kids grades aren't what they should be and how Am'm… just disappointed. But Ah ain't got no kids so Ah'm gonna complain about not having enough ammo to shoot dorks wit'." Remy says with a chuckle as the sound of him reloading the gun with the dart peppers the air from the front seat.

"Speakin' a shootin' dorks." Remy quips before he fires another snap round at Rogue once more, and chooses to leave the round and so he moves to roll out of the passenger seat. "Chatcha later mon ami" Remy smirks partially hoping she'll follow but the thief isn't going to limp away. He's got a target on his back.


Rogue does follow, but she does-so with the dart he shot back at her caught in her right hand sand squeezed to a smooshed-state within that powerful grasp of hers. And she follows him by using that flight power of hers to easily raise up and glide out of her car like a ghostf—and once outside she drops down onto her leather booted feet then tails after him. "Cute." Rogue says at the cajun who'd breezed back in here a few days ago and was now right back to where he was. "Its like you're one'a them." She says to the man who came and went from this school all the time.

Rogue tails after him, her brown and white hair flowing in the breeze as she steps lightly after him. "Hey ya'll, he's ove'ah here!" She shouts!


"Here's you a gu-… Traitor!" Remy grimaces before he slips his second gun back under his jacket and back into the back of his pants where it was holstered before. Remy then vaults over the next car over and holds up his orignal gun. "Y'all'll never take me alive!" He shouts and fires darts rapidly in several directions. One at Rogue expertly again, and four more in the direction of the children that are swarming.


Rogue just stands there with a big dopey grin on her face as he gets chased by the kids. She lets him shoot her again since he wasn't aiming at her FACE this time. The dart just hits her left boob and bounces off harmless. "Uh huh." She says back at the man while he ACTION DIVES over the car. "Its gettin' all Dukes'a Hazard up in here. Your neck is gettin' redder by the second, Swampy." She says calls over the car at him, though its kinda hard to hear her past all the noise that the kids are making. The southern belle's arms fold across her stomach, rumping her long sleeve t-shirt up there while she just watches him. "Go around the other side, you'll corner him." She advises the kids, not that they'd listen to her!


"Ah haa!" Remy says with his best Three Muscketeers tone as he leaps up onto the car after Rogue's advice. "See dis children, loved one's'll always betray you for shits, giggles, and o' profits." Remy says as he slides down the windshield and slips past a pair of darts headed towards him. With his quick actions though Remy dodges and is left in a crouch just in front of the car.

A brief moment passes where Remy savors the idea of how cool he just looked and before he can start to dart off, a dart strikes him in the back of the head.


Rogue just grins at the man with a little shake of her head side to side. "Loved ones, huh?" She repeats to him. "I didn't realize there were any'a those around here!" She has to tease him because well, he deserved it! Every time Remy and Rogue had gotten even a shred of closeness between the two of them, he'd vanish. It almost seemed like he was doing it just to string her along, and even though the last time they'd seen each other she'd been in a relationship with someone else… that someone else was gone a week or so after the Cajun vanished.

Now he was back, and she was glad to see him? She figured if she left him though, even a little, he'd vanish again. So which was better? Keep him distant and here? Or close and watch him leave?

Rogue wasn't sure.

After he gets shot in the back of the head with the nerf dart though, Rogue snickers and uncrosses her arms to stuff her fingertips into her jeans pockets on the top/fronts of her thighs. "I think you just got Lincoln'd!" She shouts after him.


Remy slowly pitches forward until he touches the ground and 'dies'.


The kids keep laughing and shooting at the cajun, enjoying the suddenly easy target for a few moments before they wander off shooting each other and giggling the whole time. Once out of the room, Remy begins to rustle again. He rolls over onto his back and opens one eye to look at Rogue. "See, dey're like bears. Play dead and dey'll leave ya alone after a bit." He smiles that cocksure grin of his.


Rogue is standing over him by the time he rolls over and had bored the kids into leaving him there dead and done.

"I can see that." She says down to him with a grin on her face that is shadowed by the white and brown hair framing either sides of it. A second later and she offers him a gloved hand to help him up if he wants it. "I was thinkin' about goin' t'Harry's tonight, if you feel like it? I kinda wanted t'listen t'some music and play the pool tables? I know you're horrible at pool, but hey… I wnn't judge ya." The southern gal says to the southern guy.


"You love ta judge me." The cajun says with a perplexed look on his face while looking back up at Rogue and he smirks softly before taking her hand in his and pulling on her incredibly hard, as he is trying to pull himself up and he knows she'll be perfectly fine against his weight and strength. "Ah ain't been t' Harry's in ages."


She's an unmoveable rock against his puney little tugs and he can use her to stand up as if he was pulling on a 100 year old oak tree firmly rooted in the good earth. "I try not too." Rogue says down at him. "I mean, I don't -want- t'judge ya and make ya feel uncomfortable." She says after standing him back up and folding her forearms again across her stomach. "I just, ya know… don't wanna make ya run away again. I don't wanna be the reason ya do, if that makes any sense?"

Rogue turns back toward the garage then and aims to walk toward her car to use it to get to the bar tonight. Since she's taking a leave of absence from teaching she can do all the drinking she wants!


A hand brushes somewhere it probably shoulder and yet Remy's walking ahead of Rogue but away from the garage and towrds the door that leads inside of the mansion for Remy to get prepared.

"Marie, ya never made me feel self conscious or uncomfortable." He says with a wink before he slips into the doorway and closes the doorway after Rogue could get her response out.


Rogue steps over to her car and she pulls her phone out to text a few of the people down at the bar that she's coming and it sounds like she's got someone coming with her. She smirks at the words Remy speaks and then glances over at him. "I strongly doubt that, Cajun." She says back to him before he's inside and gone again. She turns around then to sit herself down on the exterior edge of her car's driver seat then leans her left shoulder back against the leather of the chair. "Hurry up too!" She adds in a shout a second or so later, not that he'd hear her.


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