The Balcony at Sunrise

April 18, 2015:

Jean finds Scott at a balcony in the Institute, shortly after sunrise. Scott's Ley pendulum is discussed, and things get a little mushy.

Xavier Institute


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In the Xavier Institute, there is a balcony. Scott has been up since 5:13 AM, sitting on that balcony. A duster keeps him warm, but the cup of hot coffee has long since been finished. He's just waiting for the sun to finish rising over the eastern horizon, deep in his own thoughts.


It had been a long night, really. The chat with Hank and Ororo proved fruitful, if not a little bit stressed. Those two had that effect on people, with the smarts and intensitity between the two; one is often left confused and befuffled. The option to retire for the night was iniment, though with a certain person missing.. it just wouldn't be the same. Never was, really. Someone's sleeping schedule was off.


"Scott?" She murmurs quietly, alerting him to her presence as she draws close, an arm wrapped around his waist to hug him from behind, tall as he was, her ear pressed to his back. "What's on your mind?"


Jean's presence prompts him to draw in a long breath, one that at first sounds stiff and worn, but upon exhale, is clearly an effort at finding comfort. "Jean." He lets another moment linger, if only to enjoy a moment of comfort without the stain of… all that the X-Men are.

"War." A long pause. "Narcotics." A shorter pause. "Terrorist organizations, government intelligence, the…" Lips press into a thin line. "Well. You know."

In short; everything.


There was a soft grunt that draws from her as she hugs just a little tighter, finally disengaging to stand at his side, her fingers lacing around the metals of the balcony as she leans forward, glancing downward as a sigh finally draws from her lips. "And all of it falls on your shoulders." Jean admits.

"It's not fair, in a way. But as it stands, you're the only one capable." She turns now, pressing her back against the metal, arms folded about her chest. A little grin draws upon her features, her head tilted just a little to the side.

"And tell me, Mr. Summers, how does this make you feel?" Even though, she already knows. Anything to draw a smile.


Well. Not really. The X-Men were his team, but… often times there were consultations with the Professor. Scott was far too young for such responsibility. "I'm not the only —" he starts, but that's an argument that isn't viable. Of course he's not the only one capable. He was just the only one truly willing. For now.

Jean does finally draw a smile. Well, more of a smirk. "There's no couch out here, Jean Grey," he murmurs, and turns to face her, leaning up against the barrier while toying with a stand of red hair. "You don't find it ironic asking people how they feel, when you know damn well you don't need to ask the question?" He laughs a little. No, he understands the dynamics and morality issues around telepathy, it's… just a joke.

A more serious note comes over his face. Scott reaches into his duster and produces something that would appear to be an ancient artifact, from centuries past. There is a long platinum chain of sorts, one that bears with it a life energy that remained completely masked from Jean until it was revealed. Attached to the chain are an an intricately carved pair of serpentine women known in Mythology as lamia, carved from pure silver. The duo are entwined around an impressively sized emerald, which seems to be a focal point for the primal energy contained within.

He holds this in his hand, and an eyebrow arches while anticipating Jean's reaction.


"I know that." This was spoken upon both accounts. He was the only one, in her eyes, but that is just a simple biasedness due to the work he has done so far. And all of it has been good. Her heart warms a little as he finally laughs, her hand reaching up to capture his to bring it to her cheek for just a moment, a light kiss given to the palm as she releases it, taking a slight step back as the seriousness crosses his strong jaw.

And then she watches; her green eyes following his hand as he produces the pendant, her hand reaching up to touch upon her own jaw to rub rather harshly as those energies were produced. She takes a step closer, both hands grasping his as she brings it closer to her eye, inspecting.. wordlessly examining the serpentine women, but she does not touch. It felt..

"Strange.." She murmurs quietly, her lips snapping shut as she rubs her tongue along the roof of her mouth. She could feel it without trying; how the metals and intricate molecular properties mingled with something.. old. She could taste it in her mouth, something that she could only describe as salt.. iron.. blood? No. Something different. She couldn't place it.

"Fascinating." She was truly in awe. And this also shows how she doesn't pry into Scott's personal business. "How did you get this? Where is it from? -What- is it?" She wanted to touch it, but she doesn't allow herself the liberty.


"It's called a Ley pendulum," Scott tells her. "An ancient artifact of arcane nature." Judging by her reaction, she could feel the energies that he could not. Beneath the glasses, his eyes are squinting, one can tell by the way the skin around his face clenches. "Do you feel it?"

He allows her to inspect it for a moment, but he does not trust her to touch it. Not yet. Not until they consult someone who may be more of an expert in such matters. "Remy and I both are in possession of one. We were… 'taken' to a place and made to fight off some ancient beast, after which, these items were given to us. No. They, apparently, 'chose' us. To be their protectors."

The lamia are of an ancient nature, resembling an appearance similar to this:

"It is, apparently, empowered with some kind of ancient magic. Those who bear a pendulum are able to communicate and travel through a series of ancient, arcane networks. Ley lines, they're called."


"Arcane.." She echoes quietly, tightening her fingers around his hands, her thumb striking out with the need to touch until she pulls away before she actually could. Her hands soon join to wrangle each other into submission, soon clasping together to draw towards her lips as she listens to the story behind it all. Go figure; Remy was always getting himself into something interesting, Scott.. well. Nevermind, it was expected as well.

"I feel it, yes. You don't?" She glances up towards his eyes.. covered as they were, but the memory of actually seeing them were still there. "So.. this is the reason as to why were were able to jump into battle so quickly." It all makes sense really. Mostly because she hadn't thought about it.

"Nngh.. Scott." She takes another step back, her hands drawing upright to push at the air, a mere gesture with no power behind it. "So along with the threat of our kind, SHIELD, war.. and everything that it all entails, you're in possession of something like this?" Her head shakes briefly as her hands drop. She was not upset, she was actually impressed. And worried. "Are you not afraid that you will stretch yourself too thin?"


"Not like that," Scott admits. "I know when it's calling me, or when I'm calling it. I don't feel anything. I just know. Deep inside, with some sort of confidence. It doesn't feel funny, it's just there."

And getting stronger by the day. Scott doesn't tell her that much.

"There is a Ley line that runs through the Professor's office," he admits with a nod. "I suspect Illyana may have something to do with that? Or, perhaps its purely circumstantial. They tend to run through old, historical sites." And the Xavier Institute, the building itself, has been here for a very, very long time.

The mere thought of it causes the titanium chain to lift and move, stretched of its own accord in the exact direction of where Professor Xavier's office lay in relation to the balcony.

Looking down at the item, Scott curls his hand around it and the chain drops slack again, the quiet sound of titanium circlets striking each other filling the empty space. When he puts it back inside of his duster, the sense of its power is just… gone. Like that. Only those with arcane senses can find it there, and even with that, the closer it is to Scott's heart, the quieter its register is. The quieter it will become.

"If not me, it would have gone to someone else. It 'chose' me. Just like it 'chose' Remy." He shakes his head. "I don't understand it. Zee has taught me how to use it, though 'understanding' and 'ability' don't always run together." As to whether he's afraid? "I… have my concerns." The duster is pulled a bit tighter to his frame. "But…"

He can't lie. Something about having this kind of power, small as it might be, is something he doesn't want to let go of.


Her hands draw upright again, fingers lightly pinching and toying at her lips as she stares towards the pendant. "Old historical sites are almost a witches folley." She suddenly states, her jaw tensing a little as the chain tilts and lifts. Another step was taken back, for fear of what was to happen, for the need to reach out and grab it just to see. Old and powerful, when it comes to psychics, is a dangerous combination.. possibly head breaking.

Her legs nearly tremble at the need to rush forward, but she doesn't.. only taking those few steps to cross the distance once the pendant was out of sight. She couldn't feel it, the taste upon her mouth slowly subsiding, though her face scrunches up into something that resembles a look of troubled concentration.

"Whatever it is. It chose right.." Themention of Zee causes her brows to lift, her lips forming into a slightly thin line. "I've met her two days ago in an official capacity. Along with Jericho Trent.." Did she say what it was for? Not yet. That would possibly come later.

She doesn't dive into his feelings nor pry, but if she had? She'd know the exact feeling that he currently has. The taste of power, the world at your fingertips.. able to shape the universe and to tear the sun from its invisible tether..

"..Scott?" She was nearly breathless as she says his name, the breathe she takes was deep, inhaling the weight of that feeling to breathe it out slowly. "Let me propose something to you. Just hear me out."


"I just wanted you to know," Scott admits. After his display of apparent teleportation power, he didn't want such a secret to be kept from her. He does want it to be kept a secret from the others, for their own sake. All things in due time. His primary role was, after all, to protect it, not to abuse it.

There is ample concern for the visible reactions Jean is having to the item, which is yet another sign that he should keep it out of sight. Perhaps try to 'think' about it not affecting her, since merely 'thinking' seems to be the way to use it. Try not to think too hard though, Scott Summers, or you might end up in Prague once again.

"Okay," he answers, angling his headwhen she shifts the subject into another direction.


"And I thank you for that." Any secrets shared between her and anyone else would remain just that. A secret. But she does take a moment for herself; searching the air around him which he could possibly feel, there was no sign of the ley pendulum that she could feel, even if she knows it was in their presence. Which was strange. How could something that old not be felt when it was just simply hidden in his pocket?

"I want.. no. Recommend that you see Dr. Richards, just to be safe. Just so that you know that it isn't affecting you health wise. Else I will worry, and then I will start to smother you, and you'll hate me for it." The grin that she carries now is slightly uneasy.

The distance was closed fully now, her body fully relaxing, not hugging him but leaning against him just for the feel of him. "And once all of this is over, the true proposal, is a vacation. Just the two of us. Maybe.. a day or two. A week. Or even just a date in it's official capacity."

She looks up towards him now, the warm smile that she always does is given. "What do you think?"


Behind the glasses, Scott blinks. He had expected… something else, given all of the weighty matters facing the X-Men. "Oh," he answers, grinning a bit. "Yeah. You know, I've been meaning to visit Dr. Richards, anyway." And no, hecertainly doesn't want her to smother him! Not in that… gross, motherly way. Orphans, man.

When she leans against him, Scott curls an arm around her shoulder, holding her around the back. "A week," he answers, when she looks up at him. The grin widens. "We can cut down on travel time now, you know. And see all of the historical places." Eyebrows rise, and a mock expression of futility is formed. "Just promise me we won't end up like the Griswolds. I'd like, you know, more than a few seconds to look at the Eiffel Tower." At that, he wraps another arm around her, pulling into more of an embrace than before.


"Yes, we all have. I imagine getting Dr. Richards and Hank together to make a vaccine for the Smooth, but with their strong personalities.." She winces. "More importantly, I think Reed would be a good friend to you. Aside from him.. or at least me wanting him to be your personal doctor."

As he curls an arm around him, she leans her head against her chest, her eyes closing, not realizing how much she needed that embrace now. She does laugh, a pure melody of joy as her arms slowly creep around his waist to return the hug in full. "That's abuse.. Scott. However, I don't mind that sort of abuse in power. And just imagine. We can see it up close; stand upon the scaffolding. Possibly picnic.." She scrunches her nose rather cutely. "And Rome. I want to see the arenas. Taste the foods.. mix it up with the locals at night.." Oh, she had plans. But one thing at a time.

"In light of this.." She states with a sigh, sinching his waist tighter with her arms. "I'm going to seek out someone from SHIELD. I'll explain more once everything has been.. explained to me."


Well, the care is certainly appreciated, but Scott doesn't say anything about it. Again… fricking orphans, they're always so damned independent. Talk of mixing it up with the locals at night has his nose curling a bit, but he didn't expect Jean to pull that trick Betsy pulled. Especially considering, despite how hard he tried to prevent it, everyone in the damned mansion and probably all of the X-Men knew about it.

"Well. It isn't abuse if we pack our gear and save some people from criminal activity while we're there. Nothing serious. Maybe a purse snatcher or two. Hell, we don't even need our gear for that." A pause. "You know, they have spotlights on the Eiffel. That's a lot of telepathic work to keep us from getting arrested."

When SHIELD is brought up, Scott closes his eyes. "Okay," he answers. There's no need for any warnings. He trusts her to do the right thing, to be cautious, it goes without saying.


"This is true." Jean comments, though.. there was a little mischievious gaze she soon adapts. "It is a lot of power, but who says we'll need it? We're trained. We're at our peak physical health. If we do it right, and I am sure that we will, all we have to do is duck and dodge at the right times and remain mindful of our footings. No power required." She bumps him a little, drawing back enough so that she lifts herself upon the tips of her toes to kiss his chin.

She was glad that he didn't ask more about SHIELD, she didn't want to refuse him answers.


Well, they never said that Scott Summers thinks with his brain around Jean Grey. At least, not 100 of his brain.

The kiss on his chin prompts him to pull her chin up so that he can give her a proper kiss. It's early enough that most of the students won't be up and about to notice; not that the whole school doesn't already know. The early risers, well, they'll get a little gossip material as a reward for being up early.

"I love you, Jean," he admits quietly. To be truthful, he can't recall if its the first time he's ever told her or not… he's felt that way since he was younger, so much younger. It all becomes something of a blur.


Jean, was almost, a professional. Surely those have seen the eyes that she gives Scott when he's not looking, giggled and made comments about it behind their backs. The kiss was a testament to how she felt of him, and it took a million ounces of restraint for her to not push the envelope there in the open.

Her heart nearly melts as he openly confesses his love, when in truth, she's always felt that when near. If it wasn't the connection, the words cemented it and make her cheeks burn red to contend with the color of her hair. "I love you too, Scott. Always have."

She presses her forehead against his chest, her hands soon joining to curl fingers harshly against his shirt. "I have another proposal.." Her voice, it was certainly muffled, yet he could hear her easily.


Scott can feel the warmth that comes with her answer. Embarassment? Relief? No, certainly something else. Something quite else.

"Yeah," he answers, almost too quickly, before turning away, grabbing her hands, and walking off briskly into the mansion with Jean in tow.

Walk, Scott. Don't run.

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