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March 05, 2018:

It all starts small, with just a simple meeting in an alleyway.


NPCs: Aldrich Killian

Mentions: Jane Foster

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Fade In…

The alley is dark the weather poor. New York at this time of year has never been the best of things. The alley in just makes it worse. A man in dark clothes, thick peacoat with collar turned up waits nervously there, near the back of a black sedan. He’s an older man, the salt just starting to show around the temples of his dark hair of hair. His hands driven deep into his pockets as he tries to preserve what little body heat he can keep on a night like tonight.

Why did they always pick alleyways for meetings like this.

Lights flicker at the other end of the alley and his eyes flicker away. Trained instincts keeping himself from being blind as a SUV pulls in and down the street. He squints till his eyes adjust and the other vehicle pulls to a stop and the lights turn off.

Two men get out. The drivers side door reveals a smiling tall figure, bald and chewing contentedly on a piece of gum. Mid twenties, athletic, with a kind of casual awareness that just screams bodyguard. The off the rack suit helped with that appearance He’s immediately dismissed as the ‘help’ as the man’s eyes turn to the other figure. The one obviously in charge.

White bespoke suit, blonde hair, bright intelligent eyes and a razored smile that didn’t even come close to his eyes as the man advanced. “Ah,” His voice immediately affable as he held out a hand to shake. A businessman, not a field man. The dark haired man frowned slightly but slowly extended his hand to take the offered greeting as the blonde continued. “You must be the man we’re to meet. I’m terribly bad at this.” That friendly greeting. “I know its irregular, there are usually so many middlemen, but time waits for no man they say…so…you have the sample?”

The dark haired man nods without a word as the door of his own sedan opens and a second figure steps out. A towering seven and a half foot tall man. Massive beard, glowering brows, tattoos up and down both arms as he shuffles out of the car that suddenly seems small. The dark haired man smiles slightly, Sergi always was worth bringing.

“Woah, you’re a big one ain’t ya?” Gum-chewer calls with a bright grin, smacking away as his head tilts back to stare up at the giant of a man.

Sergei growls as he lifts up a case from inside the car, saying nothing as he hands the case over to the blonde.

A smile again, a pop of the top as he looks inside and the smile grows. “Well looks like our business is done, just need one little phone call to make sure all is clear.”

The dark haired man nods easily, always with the check ins.

Pulling out a slim phone the blonde turns away to punch in a number.

“Obidiah! Its Aldrich,” He pauses. “Yes it looks good. I think this will at least solve our problem. Though you know…” A pause. “…ah good good you understand. Well I think we’re done here! I’ll call you when I get the results we want.”

With that Aldrich Killian turns to nod towards his bodyguard as he picks up the case. The ‘Stark Industries’ logo flickers in the street lights.

“Now our payment?” The dark haired courior’s voice stops Killian as he turns for the car.

“Right, right. How could I forget.” Killian stops and smiles. “Eric. Pay the man.”

The shaved head bodyguard smiles as Killian turns away to open the car door. A silenced pistol coughs twice as the sound of a surprised grunt and a body hitting the pavement sounds in the alley.

Sergi doesn’t go down as easy as his friend though. Even shot the big man roars in pain as he swings a massive fist at the face of the gum chewing, bald bodyguard. Eric doesn’t even move. His jaw shatters, his nose crunches and he just keeps smiling as Sergi pummels him with blows that should snap his neck like a twig. Knocking the bodyguard against the alley wall the big man breathes heavy as the pummeled man leans there.

Bright light begins under Eric’s skin, spreading out from the points of impact. Broken bones mend, torn flesh repairs itself as Eric pushes himself off the wall. “My turn.”

The last thing Sergi feels is a burning in his chest as the bodyguard with the shaved head punched through his ribcage. Crushing his heart.

Killian rolls his eyes as he sits in the passenger seat. “Eric, get in here. We’re done here. Send a cleanup crew.”

“You got it boss!” The man calls cheerfully as he steps over the fallen body at his feet to get back in the SUV. Soon enough the SUV is pulling out of the alley as Killian opens the case to withdraw a long vial of black fluid in a containment field. The fluid seems to roil and twist, looking for an escape as the man holds it with a smile on his face.

“Ah yes,” He murmurs. “This will do nicely.” That smile curls into something more than a little sinister.

"Thank you, Doctor Foster. For all your hard work."

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