A Little Slice of the World

March 05, 2018:

Marcos tries to calm down Lorna after the meeting on how best to handle Zealot

Lorna's Suite


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Lorna entered the suite of rooms via portal from Limbo, a scowl on her features. She wore her simple outfit of tank-tops and jeans, her boots clomped on the floor of her room and she exhaled a long, drawn breath. Anger still hot on her features. With a snarl, she threw her hands ups, the doors to the balcony flying open in her rage.

A miserable sound escaped the back of her throat as she fell down into the nearest available surface, in this case a sofa, and slapped her hands over her features.


Marcos returns the room looking equally exasperated, though he was making sure that none of Zealot's goons was gonna make a single move on Genosha while the others took care of the bastard. Either way, his eyes are on Lorna looking frustrated. A small sigh on his face as he approached her, pulling up a chair to look at her. "Hey beautiful. Everything alright?"

He reaches his hand to rest on her own, pulling them away from her face so he could look at his fiance. "Hey…"


Lorna's tense posture lessened when it became clear that Marcos had found her. Her features, so twisted by rage softened and she practically launched herself into her fiance's arms as he lowered her hands away from her face. She latched onto him, holding and not in any particular hurry to let him go. She inhaled deeply as she pressed her features against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

She started to try to slow her breathing, trying to control her anger. If she got angry, her powers would interact with the baby's and well… her father would have to get involved and she didn't want to handle him at the moment.

All he got in immediate response was a muffled string of profanities as she tried to block out the outside world.


Marcos looked at Lorna then as she just lunged at him, his arms instantly wrapping around her as she buried her head in his chest and shoulder and held on for dear life. His hand combed through her long green locks, massaging her scalp to help calm her down while his free hand was kept around her stomach, holding her close to him. "Hey….It's alright, I'm here now."

He lets Lorna get it all out of her system, from her string of ungodly profanities to her tightening her grip. He kissed her forehead and around a few times, looking at Lorna and feeling…strangely helpless. He doesn't know what she experienced when fighting Zealot, so he looks at her. "Hey…what happened?"


Lorna exhaled another great sigh, drawing back as she looked over Marcos. She scooted forward to settle on his lap, grumbling. "We took out Zealot. He was going to ignite a volcano that would send a river of lava at Hammer Bay." She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. "And then we had a meeting about it in Limbo." Her lips thinned and the anger simmered just beneath her gaze.

"On what to do with him. I wanted… I didn't want him to be handed over to anyone. The man is a monster, and could be used against us.. Against Genosha in the future. But Nate and Tony wanted to give him to SHIELD.." She muttered, her voice clipped and tight.


Marcos kept her close that as he shifted her so that she could easily fit in his lap and curl up all she wants and -still- be comfortable! He kisses her neck a few times as she speaks, looking her in the eyes now with a sigh. "Alright…"

Then she tells him what happened. "….you have got to be kidding me….classic freaking stunt." he shakes his head then. "SHIELD is just going to use him as a weapon…they have no intention of helping him." he shakes his head then with a frown. "It is what it is though, hey, look at me." he lifts her chin then so her eyes are locked onto his. "As it stands, Zealot won't do any harm to Genosha."


Lorna sighed softly as he kissed her neck, her eyes fluttering shut as she exhaled another slow, slow breath. She only glanced at him as he spoke, and to look her in the eyes. She leaned against him heavily. Marcos had said just what she had. "They made a good point.. That if Genosha wants to be recognized by the world, we have to play by the international rules. Even if they won't follow them.. Double standards.. As always." She muttered, her lips twisting.

"That if I just execute the man it won't give us any.. any political power." She dragged her hands through her hair, grimacing. "The mutates lost their altneratie to Magneto. So I need to step into the power vaccum and offer them an alternative…The world an alternative. And if I want to open Genosha up to trade and the larger world, I have to.. play the game." She muttered.


Marcos moves a strand of hair behind Lorna's ear, looking her right in the eyes, nodding a few times. "Yeah…that makes sense. Doesn't make it any easier though…but you'll be happy to know that Genosha came under no harm while you and the gang took care of business." he kisses her lips softly then…and it lingers for as long as Lorna allows it to.

"Hey…no matter what, you did good alright?" he holds her close to him then, his fingers still combing through her hair to help calm her and wipe away her frustration.


Lorna smiled into the contact, her shoulders sinking under his touch. His kiss was allowed to linger, in fact, she kissed him back with utter abandon. As if his finger really were well and truly magical and he managed to loosen the knot of anger and stress that wound her so tightly. "You think so?.. That I did the right thing?" Her eyebrows furrowed as she leaned back, considering him.

"Because I.. I didn't want to do it Marcos. I wanted to kill him.. but I couldn't do it. He was knocked out at my feet and I couldn't do it. He killed hundreds of mutants.. He tried to kill me and the baby. And I still couldn't do it.."


Marcos was surprised to see Lorna return his kiss with such…ferocity. He parted his lips for her so the kiss is passionate, and it lingers for minutes before they pull away, looking each other in the eyes. "Yes…I do. With everything that was at stake, with everything that -could- have been at stake, I think you made the right call in the end. It's a good start…to show the world that we arn't the monsters they make us out to be."

He caresses her hair before he hugs her tightly, his head resting next to hers in the nook between her head and her shoulder. "I know Lorna, I know….would you like to know why?" he gives it a minute for his question to sink in. "Because that's not the kind of person you are. You're a savior, a rescuer…but you're not a killer. and honestly, that's amazing. You don't need to be cold to them…or we'll end up on their level."


Lorna leaned in against him, even as her stomach knotted and her chest tightened in that same old anger. It was sharp and hot and stole her breath more than the kiss. Perhaps that was why there were no auroras blooming to life as she kissed him soundly and settled against him. Green eyes narrowing in thought as he continued to speak, she drew back her lips twisted into a grimace again.

"It's not right, it's not fair that we have to be better than they behave. That we have to constantly be better when they're nothing by hypocrits. Why do we have to be the better ones all the time? It's not right Marcos. I have to play this game, this political bullshit.. to try to ensure our baby has a tiny corner of the world to grow up in free of their hatred. It's wrong.." She hissed, and she nearly choked on her anger. Hatred boiling strong in her chest and in her voice as she tried to choke it back.

Lorna always played on a knife's edge, her passion for what she believed was right.. always leading her to darker paths. It was always a near thing, always something she struggled with. What she believed was right.. and what others expected was right.


Marcos kept her close to him even after that kiss that stole both of their breaths away, looking at her now as she spoke out her rage against this….machine called morality. He knew she always danced at the edge of a knife…so close that even one wrong move can lead her down a path from which she might never be able to fully return from. He caresses her hair as he listens to those hateful words against those who persecuted them.

When she appeared to start choking on her rage and hatred to the point where she couldn't get words out, he looks at her then, kissing her forehead. "Lorna…if there is any hope at all for peace, then they need to know that we arn't killers, arn't these…monsters. I don't know if it's possible…but it's what I want to fight for. A peaceful world for our Aurora." his hand moves to her belly as he feels where Aurora lay unborn. "I know it's frustrating…I know it's angsty, but if we want to establish a respected government and home here, we need to play by the rules."


Every day it seemed Lorna slipped closer to her father's beliefs. The manner of speech, easily slipping into her vocabulary. He didn't have to lecture or cajole.. it just happened as the world turned. The whispers of the Acolytes still sounded like a crazed cult.. but their arguments.. about humans and their faults. The impassioned speeches her half siblings made. She found herself saying similar things. Found herself agreeing with much of what they said.

Where did that leave her? When people hissed in whispers how monsterous her father was.. as time crawled on, she could not longer simply accept their words and hate him or what he stood for. Not when she herself agreed with many of his very same points.

It was frustrating trying to rationalize herself every day. Exhausting, even. And it built up with each interaction with those in the X-men that so vehemently hated her father.

But then there were moments like this, ones where Marcos held her close and tried to smooth her fears, her anger, and her desperate need to act. His hand at her stomach brought a flicker of light into existence, either from the growing child in her womb, or from Lorna herself. A twisting rope of rainbow that danced around his hand.

She settled her hands against his jaw, smoothing her fingers over the stubble there. "We might not be able to create a peaceful world for her Marcos.. but I guess.. I'll have to settle for this little slice of it. It's hard to change a world in nine months.." A single shoulder shrug followed, "But I guess a small island nation… will have to do." She leaned in to kiss him again. Her eyes slipping shut once more.

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