Reality Implosion Chaos Kick Rolled

April 20, 2015:

Booster Gold takes Hawkeye and Supergirl with him to go meet with Vorpal who is at the Titan's Castle with Gar. Very interesting conversations about reality breaking and other chaos inside!


Titan's Castle


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Sunday, the day off. Or that's the idea, anyways. There is seldom such a thing as a 'day off' in the Titan compound- even when everybody is free from duties, there's always something going on…

Like Gar running training sessions, for example. One such training session has ended not five minutes ago. The result is a rather flushed Keith, which makes him extra red. Padding into the living room, towel draped around his shoulders, he calls back to Gar - "I want to hit the pool after this so I can float in tranquility among all the aching. You sadist…"

When Booster shows up at the Titan compound he has a black armband on as a somber bit of punctuation to his shiny blue and gold costume. He called ahead of course, because the last time he showed up without enough warning, Keith was soaking wet and running around in a speedo. It would seem no precautions will ever suffice, though.

Gar is actually sweating himself. His training sessions are designed to hurt; he's actually toned down the part he makes Keith go through because Keith doesn't heal like a shapeshifter. But yes, the 'I can do a Bat-style gymnastic sequence and then do that thing with the salmon ladder' workout is not a kind or gentle thing. Even worse when you can't shapeshift to make it easier. (That part was earlier, the Obstacle Course Run. Keith didn't have to do that part.)

"Yeah, suck it up, you still have to do it in under ten," the Changeling calls out, as he turns the lights to 'standby' and then sprints to catch up with Vorpal.

"Yeah, you guys can call me after you finish a run trying to keep up with Captain America," Kate calls from where she shows up just behind Booster. "Or some combat training with Wonder Woman. I'm literally starting to forget what it's like to practice with someone who isn't holding back because they could actually break me." She flashes a grin, though even that has a ghost of something else behind it. She wasn't in France - it was one of the few times she was actually working the Watchtower - but the recent events have hit the team hard.

After the assassination of the President and her major ass-kicking of the Hydracarrier, Kara had been understandably disturbed by what had occurred along with everything else going on. She had a definite hatred of Hydra, she didn't even consider them people.

Instead of her usual cheerful red, blue and yellows she's dressed in a stylish but somber black costume with silver accents.

She arrives with Booster and Kate, arms crossed over her chest, pouting faintly for no reason in particular.

Booster be spared, Keith isn't in speedos. He's in sweats, since they had just finished training, so he is decent (albeit sweaty) when he greets the visitors. "Boo, Kate, Kara. Good to see you." His mood is sudbued, although not by much. The Titans weren't in France at the time- he knows that if he had been there, that assassination attempt might not have succeeded. After all, he saved the life of a senator. He had the power to bend space, create barriers out of nowhere at the speed of thought.

It's a terrible waste. Something that shouldn't have happened… but he'd had had a talk with Gar about that. You can't be everywhere, there's someone getting killed every moment by a gun or by a lead pipe, even a fist. You can't save everybody.

All you can do is make things safer for as many people as you can. "Come in, I was going to take a swim but how does lemonade by the pool sound instead?"

"Been there, done that, have the tee-shirt," Gar says to Kate, indicating the ragged-out WW tee shirt he's wearing, the logo matching the Amazon girl who was part of the teen-age group that eventually became the Titans. Yes, he trained with Wonder Chick, and she regularly made him feel as bad as Keith on his first day trying Gar's routines.

"Hey, Booster, Kara, Kate. What happened in France? The news has been pretty incoherent, the interwebs are full of spung and crapaganda."

Kara perks up a little and nods at the offer of lemonade by the pool but then Gar asks his question and she frowns, "Hydra attacked the Peace Summit with some kind of magical zombies and SHIELD and the JLA tried to stop them. The President was under attack and we were supposed to save him. We were too late.." She balls her fists together, "It's my fault. I was too distracted." She blamed herself, if she hadn't went after the Hydracarrier maybe she could have done something.

With no further invitation, Kara stalks off to the pool to lounge.

"It was a big undertaking by HYDRA," Booster says to Gar, as he walks into the Titans headquarters. "They kept us as busy as possible, and still had a mole right next to the President." He shakes his head a little, looking serious and thoughtful, an unusual expression for a guy who is generally pretty sunny. "I think they wanted to ensure that anyone who could deflect a bullet, or…" He trails off for a moment and watches Kara go. "Or be faster than one was busy." The blond man smiles, a little lopsidedly, and rather sadly. "If I'd been close enough, I could have thrown a forcefield around him faster than the speed of thought, but I was dealing with a burning building and trying to keep it from blowing up and taking out a city block. I can't let myself regret saving those lives, even if I wish things had happened differently."

"Kara, it wasn't-" Kate trails off with a sigh as Kara storms off to the pool. "No one's fault except for HYDRA. I was at the Watchtower, there wasn't any time for me to get down to the rest of the team. I didn't even find out it was happening in time to patch into people's comms." She scrubs a hand over her face, sighing heavily. "They're always going to be able to get to one person. We have to save the people we can, and be ready to keep moving forward."

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Keef/Boo/Gaar/Kaat/(Kaar)

"Frking HYDRA," Keith mutters. "So what's the idea, striking at the president like that? That's only going to put the country on high alert…" the redhead frowns as he waves for his friends to follow him into the kitchen so he can make the lemonade. "Unless there's something they will gain from having raised security and investigations going on everywhere? I can't see what that would be, if anything it would make clandestine operations like theirs harder…"

"They can't always get to one person, but you have to know the target," Gar says. "HYDRA doesn't have a single target, a single leader. At least, that's what it seems like. And it might mean that we would become them if we went as far as we have to in order to remove them."

Endorphin high from hard workout, fading under attack of harsh reality.

"They get someone in their control into a position to do what they want. Or they get influence on the ones who are left. Do we know the new Prez is free of HYDRA influence? How about the people in line?"

"I… don't know. Any of that," Booster shakes his head as he admits this, lifting and dropping one hand in a helpless gesture. "Maybe that's exactly what they want, elevated security and so on. For all I know, someone wants that to happen for the 'greater good'. I mean…" In the kitchen, he leans against a wall, lightly folding his arms. "When I'm from, a lot of crime will be eradicated because of raised security. At least, the numbers work out on tablet if you get me, the things they defined as 'crime' dropped and the stuff they didn't care about… they continued to not care about."

"Or maybe they just want people to be scared." Kate folds her arms on the kitchen counter, leaning over them. "Scared people make bad decisions. They do things they wouldn't do otherwise. If those things fit in with HYDRA's plans, then they've accomplished what they were planning on."

Keith finds some of Booster's colloquialisms rather endearing. Works out on tablet. Of course, paper was probably outlawed in the future. Maybe. He starts working on the lemonade. "Right. I understand. So what's the game plan? The Titans are ready to collaborate with the League in the aftermath of this mess."

Pink lemonade. He could've made pink lemonade. Too late. He's making the old garden variety type.

Gar is mildly depressed now, but that will stop as soon as he gets his Healthy Post-Workout Hydration. With lemonade added, because sugar cures many ills. OK, it's a vanilla protein drink with an egg in it. And lemonade instead of water. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT UP… "I'm pretty sure we are anyway. Need to talk to some of the others."

"I'm not sure what we can do, now." Booster remarks glumly. The room is feeling a bit like the Gloom Patrol at this point. "I'm kind of worried about Captain America, from what I understand he was a few steps away from the President when this happened." He shakes his head a little. "What can you really say to the citizens in this country? Cheer up and get over it?"

"I'll talk to Cap," Kate shakes her head. Because that's what Kate does. Remind everyone why they're doing what they're doing. "And we tell the citizens in this country that they're not helpless. They're not victims. They have agency to make the world a better place. Bad things happen all the time," she says to the others. "But the darker it is, the brighter the light shines. That's why we do what we do. Not because we're afraid of the dark. Because we are the light."

"Captain America," Keith muses as he pours the liquid into the pitchers. Some ice… "Do you think this was a strike meant to basically make him look bad?" Keith wouldn't know about the light thing. He's never imagined himself as a light. More like a disco ball, really.

"We had this happen once before. Kennedy. Everyone was in shock for a while after that," Gar says, "Or at least, that's what my Dad told me … People got better, but they never did figure out precisely why it happened. I don't know if that'll happen this time - we know it was HYDRA but why? Not so clear. It's gonna make people pretty hostile to them and their special flashback fascism, I think."

He chugs his drink and rinses the shaker with water, to get the last of it, and then puts plain lemonade in. He's OK with the idea of being the light, but he does remember some darker times. So it's not so easy and simple, right?

Even though it should be.

"I think it's probably to break morale. And, as Kate said, to make people afraid," Booster says, pushing away from the wall with a sigh. "When you want to break a people's spirit, you aim for their icons. You destroy them, or warp them somehow." As he goes to help himself to a glass of lemonade, he adds, "I'm worried about Kara as well, Kate. I'm not even going to try to lower my voice because I know she can hear me."

Kara finally gets up from the chair she was sunbathing on (in black none-the-less) and moves to where everyone else is and picks up her glass of lemonade and sips it, "Don't worry about me Jon, we came here to worry about Vorpal. Remember? Me being angsty and emo, hopefully I used those words right" She frowns now, "Are nothing compared to someone potentially not existing anymore one day. RIGHT KATE?"

Keith's eyes widen. He looks at Gar, then at Booster, then at Kara, and then at Kate. "… this is the point in the show where the main character asks 'Watcha talking about, Willis?'… "

"I've been worried about Kara for a while," Kate admits, sighing. "But it's…" And then Kara is back, and spilling the beans in her inimitably delicate way. "Yes. Well. That." She rubs a hand at the back of her neck, looking sheepishly back at Keith. "For what it's worth, you know I think the whole fate thing is a crock."

"… Fate? None existence, stopping to exist…" Keith has to resist the temptation to shake someone. He's even forgotten to serve the lemonade. "Can someone please tell me what this is about?"

"It's not exactly about fate," Booster objects, although mildly. "But they're right, it's why I wanted to talk to you, Keith. We discussed it a little bit, before." Booster pulls off his cowl, because sometimes it's easier to concentrate without one's senses amplified. "You know, being Schroedinger's cat, and how you sometimes don't exist. Recently I had to do some serious timeline-related stuff and stabilized some people from a doomed branch…"

Gar crouches on his chair - which is to say, he's pulled his feet up onto the seat and he's more on the feet than sitting. This … sounds like someone's playing too much with meta-time.

He shifts from human/rationalizing/abstract-heavy to a more instinct/response/perception way of thinking, which coincidentally brings a bit more fur to forearms and feet, a bit more fang to the jaw, and oh yeah, a tail. And HUGE green eyes, because he's now gathering a LOT more sensory information from all his senses. And he's focused on Booster.

Kate quirks a brow over at Gar's transformation. "Hey, Gar? You're looking a little bit on the creepy side there," she murmurs, reaching over to nudge at the green one.

Kara finishes her glass of Lemonade and tries to avoid the fact that she let the entire cat out of the bag all at once, "Hey, this lemonade is really really good. Do you have anymore? Nevermind! I'll go make us all some pink lemonade, be back in a jiffy!" She was into the titans castle to go make some lemonade, feeling a tiny bit awkward about her slip-up!

Slipping over to Gar's side, Keith puts an arm around him, just as a reminder that he hadn't vanished. Yup, still here. Solid matter.

"Okay… let's pretend Kara didn't just erase the spoilers tab. Why don't you hit me with the pitch you were going to hit me with, that way we can start this conversation at the /beginning/ instead of dropping our figurative pants right away and jumping naked into the lake of conversation?"

"Very graphic, as always, Keith." Booster rubs his hand over his mouth, mostly to hide a faint smile despite the rather morbid subject matter. "Last time we talked about this, it all seemed pretty dire. I mean… it's still not great but now I'm pretty sure we can figure out a way to keep you from failing to exist." He spreads his hands as he explains, "Keith seems to have two simultaneous states of existance going on at the same time. Most of the time, the state where he's alive and with us is dominant. Sometimes the other… where he died and stayed dead and never became Vorpal, asserts itself… and he becomes invisible to most people because reality says he isn't there. Uh…" Booster rubs the back of his head. "I don't know how to say this simply. But when Keith's timeline branched, he somehow kept both of his timeline states concurrent instead of having it bifurcate."

Gar catches Kate's hand as she nudges, giving it a gentle squeeze before letting go, and when Keith moves in closer, he drapes an arm around his shoulder. He doesn't even snicker at 'naked conversation' and that would normally get at least a smirk. He's letting Booster's explanations wake up memories that he doesn't usually have, the shared dreams and thoughts from the Cross-Time Tower when he deliberately tried to meet up with his other-selves to share experiences. It was worth the risk, to him - how often do you actually get the chance to know yourself from other directions? And some of those other-selves do know Vorpal, though he's the only one who bonded with him in the same way.

"Did you look into the Cait Sith while you were looking into Keith? Because both of them are involved," Gar says. Yes. Magic definitely has a paw in this occurrence.

Kate hops up onto the counter, listening in to the conversation. She doesn't have much to share, though. Inspirational speeches she can do. Temporal physics…not her thing.

Kara returns with the pink lemonade on a tray with glasses, she had totally remembered where it all was from that night she stayed here awhile back. Setting it all down, she puts into layman terms for Kate, "Ok, so basically Kate, this is what happened from what I understand."

She holds up a piece of paper and says, "This is the timeline for Vorpal."

She rips the piece of paper in half and holds them away from each other, "This is how his timelines SHOULD have been, the one where he died and the one where he did not."

Then she crumples both halves of the napkin together and throws it at Kate's forehead, "Now that's his timelines, all crumpled together and smacking you in the face."

Disturbing. How Schrodingerian. "But wait… Gar is right. There's an extra in the mix- the Cait. It's not just a matter of timeline and quantum stuff, there's fairy magic in it too…" he looks at Booster, "How do we account for that?"

Booster gestures at Kara as he says, "I would have twisted them together like a braid, but that's a pretty good representation." He rubs his chin. "The Cait is the real problem, here. If he weren't involved I suspect I'd be able to untangle this immediately. That chaos magic it generates messes things up, though. It has a really significant impact on temporal energy, I'd guess it's how Keith's timelines got tangled up in the first place. As a last resort we might have to re-create the branch where our Vorpal doesn't exist."

Gar frowns. "Why do you have to do any of that? Not just why, what happens if you don't mess around with it? You're talking like you think you get to decide who lives and who dies, Booster. That's NOT ok."

Kate swats at the paper, rolling her eyes at Kara. "Thanks, science girl," she drawls. "That'd be great if I actually believed any of this divergent timeline stuff. Keith's here, Booster. And people cheat death every day. Do you mean to say it breaks the universe every time? Like. D- Robin died. And then he came back. Does that mean he disappears every now and then? Or is it just something specific about Keith's situation?"

"Thanks Jon, they teach every kid about Quantum Mechanics on Krypton so we don't go messing with the future, it's one of the most heinous laws or was.." Kara frowns a little at that and goes to sit down beside Kate, "What a cait? Maybe I can help with it." She holds up her Sapphire Ley Pendulum to show she didn't mean by punching.

"The Cait Sidhe is a Fae. A creature made of pure magic. He was trapped inside a magic mirror." Keith rattles off the bullet points of his Secret Origin (tm) as someone who has done it before multiple times. "The night I was supposed to die, he intervened with his chaos magic so instead of being crushed to death by crates, I was thrown through his mirror and the shards pierced my heart, souls merged. I was supposed to die but I didn't…"

He tightens his arm around Gar as he looks around the room, "And recreating a timeline where Vorpal doesn't exist means recreating the timeline where I'm dead. That… is not going to happen."

"It's specific about his situation," Booster confirms, to Kate. "Gar, I don't actually have to do anything about this. My … what would you call it, job description?" He rolls his eyes a little at this, because it is a mundane way of putting it, "Is to deal with anomalies that threaten the health of the timeline. Keith's situation isn't harming it."

Booster winces faintly and rubs his hand over his mouth again. "The issue here isn't that Keith may or may not die. It's that the timeline might settle on the non-Vorpal reality, in which case, he will never have existed to us. So." He spreads his hands. "The reason why I'm so concerned isn't on any quantum level, it's personal. I'd like my friend to exist."

"Uff. Already has, Keef. That's how branching timelines work," Gar says. "But I'm concerned about this idea that Boo might want to tear apart two melded timelines. How do we know they're truly unstable? Also, what happens if it comes off wrong? This is the timeline where I keep my stuff, y'know?"

Besides, he doesn't know whether Booster really REALLY knows what would happen. He might make all the timelines converge and Harley Quinn would end up fighting a super-cartoon rabbit for the sake of all existence. Not cool, that.

"I'm going to say something mildly awful here." Kate at least prefaces it. "But let's say Keith just ceases to exist. Which sucks," she adds quickly, looking back to the cat in question. "Because then there's no Keith, and we love Keith. But if we all also forget he ever existed, then…I mean." She grimaces, struggling for the right words. "The shitty part about someone dying is that we don't get to be with them any more. And we remember that. And that hurts. If you don't remember, if it doesn't hurt, then…how bad is it? Not that I want you to disappear, Keith, just, you know. If it's you disappearing and no one hurting, or screwing with the time-space continuum and potentially breaking everything in the timeline…Or are we talking about people don't just forget there was ever a Keith, but anything he ever did is gone, too? Because then we're talking about a way bigger disturbance in the force."

Kara thinks carefully on the whole situation and sips at her lemonade very slowly, "So, can't we just do something to make the /other/ timeline never occur? Like, go save the other Keith from dying and then possibly, the timelines might stop being tangled up and we won't have to worry or would that create /more/ chaos?"

"That would be tantamount to destroying Vorpal," Keith says. "That means I'd never meet any of you, I'd be back at that warehouse…" he pauses. "Which housed the magic mirror, so the Cait would probably just wait for another chance to manipulate events. Or someone else. You could end up with the Cait Sidhe merging with a villain."

He lets this sink in before adding, "And you saw how THAT went when the Joker…"

"Kate… has a point," Booster reluctantly agrees. "There will be people who will remember him, but it'll be people like me or Zatanna, as examples. Close friends might sometimes get a vague feeling that something is missing, or have a weird dream, that kind of thing." The blond man exhales a long sigh and ends up leaning against the wall again. "If Vorpal as we know him ceases to exist, the things he did may stay as they are, but someone else would have been responsible for doing them. I know this all sounds weird, it's a lot clearer when you see it from outside of the timeline. And when I look at Keith, I can … not see exactly, but feel his chronal situation, although there's a lot of interference. The magic, apparently."

Booster tilts his head to one side, glancing from person to person. "Kara, I believe that there is a timeline where Keith doesn't die at all. Its specifically the one where he dies but doesn't merge with the Cait that's the problem."

Kara takes a deep breath and asks, "So, can we do something about that timeline so it won't be a problem? Sorry if I got confused, this is totally chaotic and crazy. The magic aspect of it all makes it so hard to process, if it was just science.."

"Not sure that any tampering is a good idea," Gar says. "But I'm not a Timelord. I never even got a chance to audition."

They weren't hiring anyone under 50 when Gar was in a position to audition for the Doctor. Besides he was starting his degree work then.

He pulls Keith tighter, also wrapping his tail around the redhead's waist. He looks over at Kate. "The first time it happened, I didn't know it. Second time, I knew something was wrong. Last time, I REALLY knew something was off. So, yeah, at least some people will know something is wrong."

"I still don't get it. I mean, if Keith dies and doesn't merge, then we get a timeline where he died and doesn't merge. This is a timeline where he didn't die and did merge. How are these things tangled? Either they happened, or they didn't." Kate is not equipped for these conversations.

"Actually, Kate, I died in both."

Keith looks up from his glass of lemonade. "The shard pierced my heart. I was dead as dead can be. The difference is that in that shard, the Cait Sidhe's soul was trapped. I died, and I was brought back to life as the amalgam I am now. In the other timeline, I died crushed under boxes and didn't come back to life. But I died in both… and I suspect that what happened has to do with the fact that the Cait used his… fairy magic to alter chance. I can't do that with my powers, but that's because I am less powerful than he was just by himself. I suspect that whatever probability manipulation he did kept the fact that I died a constant, but how I died was a variable that he could exploit."

"There are days when Keith wakes up and no one can see him, and even start to forget him," says Booster. "So he's a living ghost. Oh…" He suddenly looks horrified. "That's actually something I hadn't thought about. If the no-Vorpal timeline becomes dominant, the one where Keith is dead and Vorpal wasn't reborn, uh." He glances to the redheaded man. "Keith may actually still be walking around and alive, but no one will be able to see him or remember him."

"Didn't that already happen sort of? Lots of us not realizing he existed, the day I invited everyone for coffee after Atlantis attacked?" Kara has chills sent up her spine, she would be very sad if Vorpal didn't exist and she had already experienced it. 9

"That's a horrifying thought, Booster," Gar answers. "Also, dangerously likely to happen. And yes, Kara, that was on the day of the Coffee and the Big Ape. Remember, I got Keef's coffee even though he didn't exist?"

He takes a sip of his lemonade, and frowns at Booster again.

"What precisely are you thinking of doing?"

"Okay, but the dying and coming back is still a thing that happened. In this universe. That is a this universe thing. So why would this universe be…rejecting it?" Kate scrubs a hand at her forehead, grimacing. "I hate time travel alternate reality things."

Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. "Well… Booster. I'd rather not stop existing. Mostly because Gar has promised to propose to me…" Keith smiles a little, "So… I'm open to suggestions. But I'm not giving up Gar or this life, you understand."

Kara remains rather silent for the time being, trying to think of some kind of probable solution to the entire thing but her mind was drawing up blanks. As if Hydra wasn't bad enough, now Vorpal was going to make the universe implode.

"That's the tricky part," Booster nods, to Kate. "It's not rejecting it, it's that Keith is carrying both outcomes with him at the same time. When he vanishes for a day, like he did that time we met for coffee, it's because reality is going with the 'he died and that was that' outcome instead." Lifting his hand in a conciliatory gesture, he says, "You don't have to give anyting up, Keith. Our goal is to make sure you exist in this time as Vorpal. The other outcome needs to get pushed back where it belongs."

Booster's brow furrows and he looks thoughtful. "I think the first step… Keith, next time you stop existing, contact me immediately. It'll mean the time frond we don't want is dominant and it'll be easier to grab. If we can dislocate it, problem solved. If not, uh… we'll have to consider more drastic options."

"Quantum entangled. Right. Schroedinger's Cat's Cradle. Boo, you need to give him a communicator. He has more trouble dealing with things like cars and stuff when he doesn't technically exist."

He considers whatever it is that Booster is planning, and still wonders if it's at all safe.

"How is he carrying both-" Kate groans, dropping her head into her hands. "Never mind. Don't even try to explain it, I'll just end up bifurcating myself into multiple Kates trying to hold this same stupid idea in their heads at the same time." Looking up from her hands, she gives Keith a sympathetic look. "I promise to clap and say I believe in Vorpals?"

Keith looks at Kate and then at Gar, exhaling. "I'm sorry I'm so complicated. That's what you get for being perfect." Absolutely terrible attempt at trying to defuse all of the heady talk. "I promise that when I don't exist, I'll come looking for you, Boo."

Even if Kara had no more suggestions on how to help with this incredibly complex situation, she did know one thing she could do. She ran up to Vorpal and gave him a SUPERHug, so tight he could probably feel his ribs starting to crack a little, "Don't worry Vee, we'll never forget you or let you be forgotten."

"Hey, belief might work." Booster shrugs and looks upwards for a moment. "There's magic involved, and it's a big wildcard in this. Doesn't magic require belief?" He has no idea, but he'd heard that once. It couldn't hurt. "As I mentioned before, if there's no other choice we may need to kick the no-Vorpal outcome back into place. If it were there, I could visit it, and I could fix this. But it's here, not there." He points at the floor as he says this. "But if it comes to that we'll… talk about it again, ultimately this should be Keith's decision."

"It corrects itself after twenty-four hours, or whenever there's a big burst of chaos magic," Gar notes. "It doesn't follow any cycle I can detect, but I don't know what cycles apply to that kind of magic. What I do with the Red is more metaphysics than magic."

He can't find any memory-shard having to do with changing timelines around. Not even Red Gar.

"Setting myself a 50 First Dates style reminder," Kate says, pulling out her phone. "This is my friend Keith, and he exists, and if you don't know what this message means, then you should call Booster and show him this." Maybe it'll work. At least it'll get word out in a somewhat timely manner, either way.

Keith flails a little as Kara goes nutcracker on his ribs. "Br-breath! need!" He exhales. "… thank you for the sentiment, though…" he smiles, and then looks at Gar with an 'you ok?' look. Just to check, because it's always good to check.

"Keith, I'll send you something you can use to contact me directly if you're having one of those days." Booster rubs his hands over his face, as if some tension had drained away, and took with it some of his energy. "One way or another, we can fix this. The nice thing is that other Time Masters aren't going to yell at me for it, since it's technically about continuity health."

Gar did manage to get his arm and tail out of the way when the glomping was launched. He did hear the faint creaking and cracking noises, and returns the 'you ok?' look with an 'are YOU?' look. Because he's been hugged by scary-strong aliens in the past. He had to heal up. And, now he won't be able to torment Keith nearly so much on his next workout. Upside?

"Other Time Masters?? There's more than one of you meddlers out there?" Gar is a bit growly. Probably a side effect of keeping his instinctive side on top.

Kate sticks her fingers in her ears. "Lalalalala, not listening to your discussion of the entire corps of time cops messing with things, lalalalalala." She's just protecting her sanity, really. Kate's not very good with things she can't do anything about.

Kara had let go of Vorpal and went back to sit beside Kate and drink her lemonade quietly, she seemed very sad after the entire conversation, "We'll figure it out somehow, all of us together. I don't know what else to say, except.." She stares at Jon and calls out loudly, "DON'T MESS UP JON!"

"Hey, easy on Boo. He was there to kill me with the glass sword in case someone needed to do it. I can always count on him to save my life," Keith says. And if you can figure out what that means without needing the back story…

Booster waves one hand. "This isn't a reality-destroying situation. That recent stuff with the holes opening up everywhere and monsters falling out? That was going to wipe out this timeline completely if we didn't deal with it. This is minor compared to that." Leaning back against the wall, with his arms loosely folded over his chest, he says, "There's a few of us, Gar. Mostly, we just keep an eye on things. Now and then you get people who try to destroy timelines, and then we have to step up and tell them to knock it off."

Gar is drinking his lemonade, when Kara yells at Jon. As a result, he jumps, and sneezes lemonade down the front of his shirt. This is not a painless process. Lemonade doesn't belong in nasal passages. Fortunately there's a way to fix it: stop having a nose. So Gar turns into an earthworm for long enough to end the pain. Earthworms are easy. (Wasn't that a movie?)

Thus, he misses Keith's defense of the Booster, but he's back to human(ish) when Booster explains his happy affiliation. So he just nods. Sure. Sounds fair.

"Booster? Do me a favor and never tell me anything about me, or alternate me, or historical me, okay?" Kate requests as she lifts her head, reaching for her own lemonade again. "I just want to live this life. That's where I'm at."

Kara smiles at Booster, "Sorry Jon, I just want to make sure we don't lose our friend Vorpal. He was one of the first people I met on Earth and I'm grateful, because if it wasn't for him one of my first friends could have been The Joker or someone.."

"You don't want to hear about the aternate timeline where you marry Green Arrow and have a daughter called Purple Arrowette, Kate?" Keith grins. Hey, if they were talking about impossibilities, might as well make it a flight of fancy, right?

He looks at his boyfriend as he does his shifting, and gives him a patpatpat on the head. "Don't choke. I thought we worked on that…"

"Don't worry, Kate. Heck, I'm not supposed to tell anyone I can even do this stuff," Booster admits, shaking his head a little. "There are a lot of people who'd love to get their hands on the means to travel through time and hop dimensions. Some would do it just for fun, others like to… you know, destroy particular realities that they don't like." He waves his hand as if to brush away such thoughts. "In any case, now you guys know about it, for better or worse."

"I keep trying to breathe lemonade," Gar complains, because OBVIOUSLY that's what he's been working on… he says nothing about the Kate/GA universe. NOTHING. He may or may not remember that such a place exists. Probably not. Because GA would have to be a LOT cooler, even though he's gotten better.

"Well, I'm not going to tell anyone about it. It's bad enough that we have Green Lanterns."

Speaking of police forces which aren't actually there with the consent of the oppressed governed…

Kate wrinkles her nose at Keith. "Very funny. If I have kids with anyone, my daughter is going to have a way cooler name than the Purple Arrowette, thanks. I just don't like thinking too much about what's happened in other times and places. For ideas, maybe. But we are where we are."

Kara had never met the Green Arrow, "Kate, I'm pretty sure you and Clint will have an amazing daughter one day and you will name her Kara and if you have a boy, you will name her Keith." She looked at her phone and sighed, "Looks like I need to be somewhere soon, Primal Force stuff."

"Well, with that out of the way, then… shall we to go the lanai for some lemonade?" They don't have a lanai, it's a courtyard. But it sounds good. "Kara, at least have one glass before you go. It's why we made these things. C'mon, lemon snorter-" he nudges Gar and gives him a kiss on the cheek, "Let's take these outside."

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