HoM: Royal Clubbing

March 04, 2018:

Princess Lorna and her friend Monet go to a club and gossip.


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Mentions: Pietro, Magneto, Marcos


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The days for the royal gala were drawing ever nearer, and for at least the youngest of King Magnus' children, it was to be a boisterous time. Lorna had lost her lover, the SHIELD Captain had gone rogue, and she had yet to hear news. It was frustrating, disapointing even, but it was a small matter in the larger scale of things. She had her father's gala to plan, dresses to wear.. and clubs to hit up.

There was no time like the present to call up her friends and go to the most lavish club in Genosha. Club M. Only the richest, and most powerful of mutants ever got in the door. Much less on the reservation list. But when one traveled with the royal Princess, her highness, Princess Lorna.. It was only to be expected that things like lines never mattered much.

Redguards led the way, Lorna's own personal train, as they first investigated the club, tightened security.. And confiscated the glittering cameras from the paparazzi, who all hoped to catch a glimpse of the green haired royal and her entourage.

Lorna led the way inside, doors swinging open before she even approached and space cleared for her at a reserved table high above the masses in her private rooms. Front and center a live band of mutants that sang and blasted chords off instruments that sounded downright other worldly. Colors flashed and bodies writhed inside on the dance floor.

The princess leaned against the two way glass that peered down at the masses and she sipped at her crystaline glass of wine idly. She wore a halter top of blue and gold, that left the majority of her mid-drift exposed, along with a long, skirt of matching color with slits up either leg. Gold dripped from her fingers and hair, jiggling as she moved. From her arms draped yards of silk so sheer it could barely be see in the dimness of the club.


Walking along toward the princess, Monet was one of those that could go into the club whenever she wanted. SHe was, after all, M. The princess of Algeria and the queen of the world, if anyone asked her. She was dressed in an outfit that would make most people blush, male or female. Her top is a shirt that goes down to just over her breasts and leaves the bottom of her breasts hanging out. Only tape and hope keeps that shirt from slipping up and revealing more. Her bare abs fully on display.

The top of her ass is just barely visible and the front of the pants dips low enough to damn well near be scandalous. The pants themselves are skin tight and have sheer cuts along the sides to leave bare leg, held together simply by straps. She stops as she nears Lorna.

"Lorna!" She declares, "I'm so glad you could make it." She nods as her cadre of followers approach to. Monet looks back and snaps her fingers and points, and they scatter away.


Lorna pushed off the glass wall and watching the masses below. She grinned as Monet approached and she more or less floated toward her friend and blew air kisses. "Oh my God. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to get away from my duties." She rolled her eyes, and sipped at her wine as she considered what her friend was wearing and grinned again.

"Very nice. I assume you are coming to my father's gala? Really mine, I'm planning it. He's just showing up." She laughed softly, tossed her long green hair back. "I am so not looking forward to it. I think my father is planning to try to play match maker again. He's been talking about suitors." She rolled those green eyes of her's once more.


A grin, and Monet poses for a moment before saying, "Of course." She then looks to the glass a moment before looking back and grinning, "Oh, in that case I ought to put my own name in the hat." She nods her head, "I wouldn't mind upgrading my princess status." SHe winks at Lorna and gives her a nudge before saying, "Besides, you can't do any better than me." She nods her head and looks out.

A small laugh and she looks back, "Any idea who he'll choose? I can't imagine anyone will really be up to snuff." SHe nods her head, "Well, present company excluded." She gestures to the reflection in the window and takes a look at it, posing a little for herself.


Lorna laughed softly again, sipping at her drink as she followed alongside Monet. "I'm pretty sure my father isn't entirely sold on any of them. You know it's very difficult to find a world leader that's good enough for his baby girl. I'm the youngest and his favorite. So obviously, no one is entirely up to snuff for Daddy." She flashed a grin.

"It's why I get to run around doing whatever I want and still have yet to get tied down." She laughed louder this time as Monet offered herself and she leaned forward to link arms with her friend.

"Of course darling. Present company excluded. He wants grandbabies after all. Otherwise he'd have to hope that Pietro actually manages to procreate. Which I think is impossible, and if possible, downright a poor life choice for the royal line."


A laugh and she rolls her eyes, "Oh please, I'm sure there's some mutant somewhere that can help us make babies." SHe snickers and winks at Lorna, "I get to be on top though." She nods and flexes up her arms, "After all I'm definitely the man." SHe laughs and then she looks back at Lorna, "Whatever, you'll find someone."

She nods her head and then she shrugs as she looks forward, "Want to run away? Make your dad chase us?" She laughs.


A snort and Lorna nearly dropped her wine glass from the chortle of laughter that escaped her at Monet's words. A green eyebrow lofted upwards and she couldn't help the grin that spread over her features. "I had one of those if I had really wanted. Seems like my side piece went and got himself smacked up the side the head. It's unfortunate really. He had nice genes, good power set. Went AWOL." She heaved a sigh, and shook her head as she leaned against the protective railings that ran between the glass and the drop below.

"And if you want to be a man I won't stop you, pity you can't shapeshift though. That would make everything so much easier. You'd be of good genes, powers, birth, and well.. shit you're downright perfect Monet." She winked at her friend and as the woman mentioned running away she rolled her eyes and laughed again, downing her wine and waving for another by one of the various servers that were assigned to the royal suite of rooms above the club.

"It would be Redguard, as if Dad leaves his palace these days. He's retired from doing things these days."


A blink and she smirks, "A man?" She glances at her, "Pffts, I just want a dick temporarily." She snickers, "If it is good enough for the Japanese, it's good enough for me." SHe laughs a little more and then looks forward, "And I am perfect." She nods her head, "You'd be so lucky." She then looks forward, "Besides, would you imagine? Me, with that?" She shakes her head, "I'd be everyone's perfect choice."

She lets out a sigh, "I haven't got time for that." She laughs.


Lorna grinned at her friend, "I'm not Japanese though. Not even a little bit." She winked and sipped at her new wine, well on her way to becoming sloshed. It wasn't like she had to drive. Much less worry about hang overs. Those were solved with a wee bit of Mutant technology and healers in the palace. She could enjoy getting drunk and partying like hard.. and suffer none of the burdens. Life was good.

"You'd be Prince Monet. Married to the second in line to the throne. Of course.. if Pietro doesn't clean up his act and be a proper Prince, that might go up to next in line." She muttered and heaved another sigh.

"He got Dad all pissed again, I could feel the vibrations all the way to my room."


Looking at Lorna, she snickers, "You should see it when I get angry." She grins, "Buildings go down…not often…but it has happened." She nods her head and then looks forward, "Not my fault really, they wouldn't let me in. Claimed I didn't look like any mutant they'd ever seen. Said I was too perfect to be a mutant…then one thing led to another and some rocky looking a-hole when through a wall." She laughs a little.


Lorna tsk'ed under her breath. "There's a hierarchy of powers out there that has nothing to do with appearances. Those that judge based on that are relics of the Sapien's past. An unfortunate carry over that should be gone in a generation or two. It's a matter of simple genetics. The more mutants there are, the more with higher levels of power. It obviously runs in family lines. So there will be a stable thread of those that rule and those that don't." She sipped at her wine, leaning a hip against the railing before she floated upwards and balanced on it.

"After all, let's be real. My brother may be fast, but 'Daddy didn't build no steel palace for his son'." She tossed her hair back and grinned, and it was every bit as sharp and cool as once could expect from a woman of House Magnus.


A look over at Lorna and she grins, "And I think he might be rather, particular, about what hte best power set is." She chuckles, "Just like I'm particular about thinking I have the best power set." She shrugs, "Psychic, tough, strong, fast…" She shrugs, "Beautiful." She laughs a little and then looks over at Lorna again, "I think personally I look forward to our new queen being in charge." SHe nods her head and then gives Lorna's side a poke, "Even if she isn't keen on having a wife." She laughs a little and looks down toward the floor below, "Look at them all having fun. Honestly, this is a far better world."


Lorna grinned at the poke, and fluttered her eyelashes. "I'll outlive him either way. Much like father is by far older than he looks, I'll age rather more gracefully than most. He's gosh… into almost one hundred years old and still is better than most people my own age health wise. Pietro might look like Dad, but that's where that ends." She drawled and continued to down her wine.

It was likely more expensive than most people made in a year.

"Like I said, you have wonderful genes, Monet." She winked at her friend.

Another glance followed Monet's gaze and she sighed happily, contened, a bubble of joy bursting in her chest. "It's a better world, may it only get better."


A laugh and she nods, "Only get better." She nod sher head and then takes a drink as it passes. She looks over to Lorna, "You let me know if you do find a mutant who can make me your right kind of man.' SHe winks and then walks off toward some guy nearby and a gal with them, "For now, I'm going to go find some fun." SHe winks, "Probably in the back room if you wanna join." She then shrugs and keeps walking.

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