Lakeside PB&J Sandwich

March 03, 2018:

Gambit stops by the school and bumps into Rogue at the lake to check up on her while he eats a sandwich because he's classy like that.

Breakstone Lake - Xavier's School


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Spring isn't too far around the corner so today is nice and sunny, but a little chilly still… at least on the edge of the winds rolling across the lake.

At this moment, Rogue is at the edge of Breakstone lake, she's out on the edge of a dock and she's sitting ontop of one of the wooden legs that makeup the support of the dock's foundation. Wearing a brown leather jacket, jeans and boots on her feet, her feet are gently swinging a few feet above the water surface.

With her eyes down on her lap she's adjusting tracks on her cell phone, a set of earbuds going up into her hair line while her brown / white hair blows softly in the wind.

At the school, Rogue's known to have taken a leave of absence from her teaching role and she's been on this leave since the school year started this past fall. She's been said to be keeping mostly to herself, regressing back into the days of when she was new around here some 8 years ago.


Nice day, subtle breeze, and a noteable lack of students this fine saturday, allows Remy to wander the campus. As such, the man is carrying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one hand having been cut into a triangle and also without the crust. In his other hand is the other half of the same sandwich, also sans crust as obviously the cajun is seven years old.

The man wears a pink t-shirt and a pair of long dark brown pants that covers his exposed toed flip flops. Yeah it's a cool day, but he's gotten quite used to it in the several years of living in the mansion behind him.

"Rogue-cluse!" The fellow teacher says, combining the words Rogue and Recluse with a playful smirk upon his face, impossible for the man to hide his pleasure at stumbling upon the fellow X-man on such a pleasant day.


Rogue didn't even really register the voice at first, because there -were- people around afterall, they'd just sort've cleared out of his particular part of the lake right now. There had been a student organized boat race this morning, but it'd ended and the boats were still pushed up on-shore with the lazy students having not returned them to the boat house dock as of yet.

AFter a few seconds though, that tingling sensation in the back of her mind did make the 26 year old look back over her right shoulder and when she saw who'd spoken she just raised her dark eyebrows up a moment before lowering them, her eyelids slitting a bit too as she peers at him in his ultra-casual-look.

"Remy?" She asks, her hand coming up to pull the earbuds out and let the little bright yellow cord fall down across her lap. "When did you get here?" She then asks him, in that thick southern tone of hers.


"Broke outta jail dis mornin'. Been back 'ere fo' about two hours a t'ink." The cajun reports to the girl, his eyes squinting back at her, mimicing the girl's facial expresion before he takes another bite out of his sandwich before the jam can drip out and onto the wooden dock.

"Been busy unpackin' mah duffle bags o' loot an' dirty laundry." Remy says with a chuckle around the bread and condiments filling his mouth. He finally swallows the bite and leans forward to rest against one of the posts with his arms crossed and on top of the wooden beam. "Kinda glad your green eyes are dhe first one's ah seen since ah got back."


Rogue's eyes opened wider again when he spoke of breaking out of jail. "What?" She says back to him then while she rises up off of that wooden post and puts her feet back onto the wooden dock's surface (her flight power always makes her able to move in ways few others can).

"Why in the heck were you in jail?" She had to ask him then as she started to turn down the dock and walk in his direction. She then eyed his sandwich and glanced toward the school.

"Noboedy else is inside?" She asked him then after hearing his quip about her eyes. She knew he was a flirt, just like she was, so she wasn't sure if he was just flirting or being serious.


The man rolls his crimson eyes and snorts out a laugh. "Ah wasn't in jail Rogue. Goodness, you should see the look on ya face." Remy says with a laugh followed by another quick bite of his lunch. The cajun blinks twice before he leans back, off of the beam and squints at her. "You really t'ink ah was in jail? I'm offended Rogue-er-roo." Choosing to ignore her final question about weather or not he interacted with anyone else or not.


When he exposes the truth as having been a 'tease', Rogue's eyes narrow once again at him and she reaches up a gloved left handed fist to send it lightly (even lightly isn't that light from Rogue) into his left bicep. "Don't be a dickhead." She says at him then.

"Seriously… I ain't seen you in like almost a year, and you just wander up in here like ya just got done watchin' your Saturday mornin' cartoons?" She draws her hands up then to stroke some of the white strands of her bangs out of her face. "Woulda been nice t'hear from ya now and then, ya know?" She says that part a little softer, cause she's well aware of it being a bit more 'caring' than she used to be toward him. Like the Southern Belle missed him or something!


"Ow." Remy exclaims as he lifts his left hand to massage his right bicep. "Like bein' love tapped by a brick." The man says as he stretches and pops his elbow with a smirk. "HEY!"

"I did just finish my saturday mornin' cartoons. DVR's are an amazin' t'ing." Remy winks and takes a quick step back before the southerner can get another chance to swing at him. He restores his posture after a moment and smirks that sly smirk to Rogue before answering her final question, "Sometimes dat's not how dhe story is written he says with a small frown and a shrug of his shoulders. "Ah'm here now, so Ah say we should focus on dhe now and dhe here. Non?" Remy says, remaining his ever flirtatious self.


Rogue huffs a little indignantly at Remy's reaction to her punch and she just shakes her head. "My apologies… Sometimes I don't know my own strength." And those words are said with a little teasing lilt to her voice.

While rolling her earburd wires up around her phone she deposits them both into her jacket's side pockets and then steps past Remy… her boot soles crunching on the lakebed soil while she turns and lowers herself down to sit on the edge of a boat left behind by the students.

Rogue now looks up at him from where she's seated on the boat's edge, her hands stuffed into the side pockets of her leather jacket. "Its good t'see ya, Swamp Rat." She tells him, her husky voice now a bit more serious and soft. "Its been a crazy little while around here." Rogue's eyes glance back toward the mansion and then her chin dips down and her eyes look down toward her lap.


"Can't 'ave been dat crazy." Remy says, letting his arms fall to his sides where his hands slip into his pockets, followed by his gaze down towards his exposed toes but rises back towards the mansion, "School's still in one piece, so either you just finished buildin' o' it's due for the next demo soon enough." Remy teases with a laugh before he moves to sit down gently next to Rogue.

"Somet'in's on ya mind, share it wit' ol' Remy and see if he's got dhe magic remedy in his back pocket."


Rogue has to lightly smirk at what the man says to her. She nods her head a couple soft times and glances toward the building in question. "Yeah, the school's still standin'." She replies quietly before giving a little shake of her head which causes her white bangs to streak back over her face from the lake winds. She looks up at him again.

"But thats not what I mean, I mean… we, the X-Men… liberated a damn country from Mutant oppression. It was like a full on, war." She shakes her haed and looks back down at her lap. "Wasn't what I thought it'd be like neither. I thought we'd just do our thing and get out like a normal mission, the kind where we're just, ya know, helpin' some kids get away from some stupid robots or somethin'. But nah, it wasn't like that even in the least bit."


Sitting next to the woman, there's something obviously wrong with the woman. Remy leans slightly until his shoulder bumps into hers and he tries to get her to lift not only her head but her spirits, even if it's just for a moment. "Dat sounds like 'ell Rogue."

He frowns deeply before he adds. "As much as it's troubled, you, I'm almost glad I missed it. I don't t'ink dat's what we were put together for. We're not warriors o' soldiers. We're helpers and a big PR group." Remy says with a soft quiet tone, knowing others are around that aren't privvy to the information, but he's also down about the way Rogue is. This isn't the fun loving Rogue he's used to being around.


Rogue looks up at him again when he bumped shoulders with her. "I thought it would -be- helping." She replies to him there-after "I thought it'd be like the other kindsa missions, but yeah… It wasn't."

Another glance is given toward the mansion then and she draws in a deep breath, chest expananding before releasing with a heavy exhale. "The others, most of'em anyway, are still goin' back and forth from there too. Usin' portals to just pop back over there and continue t'work on the place, like we're some kinda… military police."

For a second the Southern Belle pulls her lowerlip in between her teeth and bites down o nit. She looks back out at the lake waters and then speaks again. "I ain't gone back though, not once. Not gonna go back neithe'ah."


"Ah don' blame ya." Remy replies and then he looks down to his toes and lifts one leg slightly to let the limb dangle limply from the knee down and kicks it back and forth through the air slowly. "Ah wouldn't go back an' 'elp build a country. Ah ain't no politician." Remy reports as if that was breaking news."

Then he cants his head in thought, "Ah mean, we have so much to do back here and around our home dat we need some people to focus here, non?"


Rogue glances down at the man's exposed toes as well and she has to faintly smirk at that, since she personally thinks its still too early in the year to be wearing shoes like that… plus she's kinda jealous cause she knows she runs the risk of killing people if she were to don the same type of footwear.

"I think Scott, originally, took it upon himself as some kind of 'glory mission' t'show folks how powerful the X-Men really are." She looked back up at his face then. "But once we got there, I think he started t'see just how outgunned we were and how unlikely we could actually -do- the job."

Her shoulders shrug inside of her leather jacket and she glances away. "But, by skin, hair, teeth, fingernails… we pulled it out. Nasty as can be." Another little exhale and she looks back to Remy. "I killed folk." She tells him. "Slaver types. Runnin' 'capture pens' filled with mutants. They tried t'get me inta them… But when I got my powers back, I was full'a rage. Left a wake'a dead bodies behind me…" Rogue's head shakes back and forht and her hands come out of her jacket to rest ontop of her jeans covered thighs. "Its fucked up, havin' those memories in your head."


Remy's mind flashes to the memories of such moments he's not only experienced, but even worse, orchestrated. The cajun takes in a deep breath and frowns slightly, hand hands slipping out of his pant pockets and he clasps his palms together with a sigh. "Ah'm sorry Ah missed it. Ah'm sorry Ah wasn't dere t' help ya. And Ah aim t' never be apart from dis team as long. Nevah again." They're his family, this he knows now and this is how he knows he failed them. Again. His traumatic past and his unknown future and even in the present he wasn't present. A failure.


At this point in her life, Rogue didn't feel as though she had any real close family or friends. She felt she had friends, but their closeness was relateable to laying on the sofa and the remote control being about two armlenghts out of reach… 'There' but not helpful.

"Thats nice t'hear, Remy." She says softly back at him and even affords him a little smile. "Ya should track down Scott and tell'im that. He's gonna be thrilled t'have another heavey hitter around that can deal out some serious hurt on the whole host'a new anemies we've probably made after this past year."

Standing up then, Rogue stared at him, she stared at him and thought about how she wanted to believe him that he'd be there but the doubt was strong in her—mostly because life had hit her pretty hard and she had little faith in much of anything, except the sun rising in the morning and cell phone reception being awful out here at the lake.

"Its good t'see ya hauntin' this place again too." She tells him with a little smile. "I figured ya found some 'hot babe' and were gone forever."


"She wasn't that hot. Ah came back, didn't Ah?" Remy says with a flirtatious wink towards Rogue as she stands up and then he brazenly and openly makes a show of his eyes moving from her white hair down to the bottom of her shoes and slowly back up. "Yeah, bein' an X-man has MUCH bettah perks." Remy teases further as he remains seated on the boat's side.


The 'look' he gives her is not one she was oblivious too, she knew what kinda guy he was. "Careful, Heartbreaker." Rogue says back at him with a grin. "I know that look." And she takes a step toward him until they're close enough that her opean lethaer jacket is able to brush against his torso as its sides are moved by the gentle cool breezes.

"Its been a long time, and a lot's changed." She speaks at him all up close like this. "But I'm still that girl… ya know. The one that ain't nobody can touch, no matter what." Her gloved hands come up and she slowly wiggles her fingers at him while her pale green eyes are locked onto his oddly hued-own.

"The very reason that the guys always run away from me, back to their other… lesser hot options." and she shows a sly little grin.


"You know more than anyone else, men want what dey can't 'ave. Dat we t'ink wit' what's between our legs wit'out even realizin' it." Remy reports or at least reminds Rogue that her powers are far more than just the physical. She's the greatest psychological threat to men.

"Don' make you a bad friend and terrible on de eyes." Remy's crimson eyes say as his hands rise up out of his lap and onto her leather jacket, pulling her a bit closer with her own clothes, even as he stays sitting and he has to look up into her face. "Everyone is a lesser hot option." Remy says in the weirdest compliment ever spoken on this boat he sits on.


Rogue plays along with the man's words and motions, even allowing him to tug her a little closer with the edges of her jacket. But after he speaks she just grins at him and lets HER eyes go up and down to look at as much of him as she can see in this position, this closeness.

"Ya got peanutbutter on your face." Rogue says at him then, showing a big smile and a lot of amusement on her sculpted features. And with that said she takes a step back and starts to turn around. "You gotta stick around here, if you wanna be ridin' on this ride, Remy LeBeau."

Rogue would then start to turn back toward the mansion and walk at a casual pace. "I'm an old fashion kinda girl, ya know." She calls back at him, leather boots carrying her away from the lakeshore up to the pathway. "Gotta court me!" She calls back to him.

Remy remains seated on the boat side as he allows Rogue to slip through his generally sticky fingers and he shrugs. "Ah'm just savin' it for later, or maybe Ah'm gonna let the dog 'ave a treat latah." The man says with a wink before he stands up and starts to look around for the second half of the sandwich he knows he brought out here, but it's not to be seen anywhere.

Damn it. Nothing like making food for yourself and suddenly finding it's gone. It's a hollow feeling and one of pure disappointment. So the cajun remains, on the lake side, watching the more than gorgeous southerner walk away and simultaneously he's looking for the sandwich he knew he had.



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