God of Fear in the Hall of Justice

April 18, 2015:

Phobos meets Hawkeye and Supergirl in the Hall of Justice


HALL of Justice


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The last few hours had been what could only be described as curiously entertaining. It is one thing to go out and about to various car dealerships seeking a good purchase, trying to wrangle information and a decent deal from people who make their living out of squeezing as much blood from the proverbial stone as they can. But such an endeavour changes when one accompanies an individual like Alexander Aaron on such a normally tedious chore. It becomes… amusing.
Amusing to witness the small beadlets of sweat that creep down the brow of mustachioed men as the seemingly eterntally smiling young man meets their gaze unflinchingly. Amusing to see how their adam's apples would work slooowly as they tried to swallow with suddenly too dry throats. Amusing to watch them shuffle and drop stacks of papers as they sought urgently for just the right information and answers to what seemed like the most innocent questions but had such edges to them.
All this. And he never even used a hint of divine power. Simply that disconcerting presence of his.
So it's no surprise when the two return to the Hall of Justice, where the two met up for their afternoon out, that they're both laughing and reminiscing about the day just spent. Under one arm, Alex has a stack of what could only be called advertisements for a ton of different vehicles, some contracts, and a plethora of business cards. He holds the door for Kate even as she signals their return to the security officers.
"That one guy, Scooter Lou, at the Volksvagen place. Now he was fun. Thought they were going to give us a car just to get off the lot."

"There was so much a better way to do that," Kate laughs, shaking her head as she steps into the Hall. "Although the way the guy at the Jag dealership backpedaled when I told him that car couldn't take a New York corner if you put it on rails was pretty priceless." She reaches for the stack of brochures, trying to get a look to refresh her memory. "I still think you ought to get something more rugged. Challengers are nice. And it should definitely be red. Candy apple red."

Kara had been training in the Hall of Justice dressed in her usual jeans and tank top costume as she completes some rather dangerous routines; those routines consisted of reading up on different laws across the entire world, the danger was dying in boredom, lucky she read super fast.

Hearing Kate with some strange boy, she rushed out and looked between the two, "Kate, whose your cute friend? Don't tell me you dumped Clint already."

Walking along with Kate, the two get along so easily one might think they were dating, but subtle cues might tell a different story. For now, Alexander walks along beside her, dismissing her opinion with a 'pft' as he waves a hand to the side, as if brushing off her words. "Charger is superior. It looks angry with that grille. A challenger looks kind of derpy."
But then they find themselves beset upon by a Kryptonian and like so many times before Kate sees Alex put on, 'The Face'. She knows the one, it's that lop-sided half-smile with the twinkle in those crimson eyes. "Yes, Kate. Tell us who is indeed your cute friend?" And he utterly openly meets Kara's gaze with his own smouldering crimson eyes. He dares a glance sidelong at his partner in crime and winks ever so subtly. Not really.

"Okay, fine a Charger. Seriously, though, you need a muscle car or you're just going to look like you're borrowing your stepdad's midlife crisis car or something," Kate smirks back at Alex with a roll of her eyes. "Hey, Kara," she calls over, laughing and shaking her head at the question. "No, I haven't dumped Clint. This is Alex," she introduces. "Alex, this is Kara. Kara's a member of the team here. And Alex is also Phobos," she adds to Kara. "He's a friend." Like half the population of the planet Earth.

Kara stares at Phobos for a minute, she seemed immune to his charms, "I was talking about her new boots… But um nice to meet you Alex…" She smirks in Kate's direction, "You always have the strangest friends!"

Touching splayed fingers to his chest, Alexander says simply, "Wounded, to the quick." He tsks at Kate and shakes his head, then looks back to Kara. "She does have nice boots, though." He starts to step past them a bit, peering around the Hall of Justice like a terribly curious tourist.
"So we're saying the Charger, then?" He pauses as he slips his hands in his pockets, rocking back on his heels and hmming somewhat. "I did sort of like the Hummvee, but that'd leave me open to tons of jokes and I must maintain my serious demeanour at all times."

"You would never in a million years be able to park that thing," Kate points out regarding the Humvee. "Definitely the Charger, though. That way I can borrow it and make you question everything you ever thought you knew when I drive it as awesome as possible. And hey, be careful," she grins at Kara. "You're my friend, too."

Kara looks between the two again and then her phone rings and she pulls it out and begins texting. TEXT-TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT.

She looks up from the phone and says, "This might be a minute, Power Girl thinks she can text faster than me. I'll catch up in a sec!"

"Well, I'll need to get my license back too, I imagine." Alexander looks askance at Kara and then continues to walk along a bit with Kate. "Though you're welcome to drive me around at my bidding. I'll wave my hand and tell you regally, 'Driver, take me to Mifune's Restaurant.' and you'll have to respond all proper, 'Yes, sir!'. The young deity grins crookedly as he continues to walk and as Kara becomes involved with her texting contest he casually asks Kate, "Did I ever tell you why some of my family chooses to have a more… adversarial relationship with mankind?"

"Don't burn out the phone this time!" Kate calls after Kara, shaking her head with a fond smile before she turns back to Alex. "Hey, I'm going to take that as permission to drive your new car whenever I need to. Sorry in advance if it ends up getting blown up. But no, you haven't told me why that is. Envious of how awesomely badass we are despite our limited resources?" she guesses.

A long-fingered hand is lifted dismissively, as if Phobos couldn't really care about the status of his car should she blow it up or now. Since, you know, he doesn't. But he looks past Kate, over the young woman's shoulder at the blonde furiously texting away. "Well, they would never admit this, but I have a theory. And my grandfather thought well of it, as did the All-Father…"
Alexander drops into one of the rolling chairs that are set before a bank of computer screens, pushing back on it so it _rolls_ across the floor with a whir and he spins once around. "But suppose humanity as it develops realized that there were these all powerful beings who were set out to help humanity, to shepherd it and protect it. What does that do to their culture? Why would they need to expand or grow themselves if always some supreme being from above would swoop in and take care of everything?"
Nodding sadly, Alexander holds up a hand. "So you see, I am an arrogant narcissist not for my own sake, but for the sake of humanity." He nods sagely, as if having imparted some true pearl of wisdom to Kate.

"That would be more profound if it wasn't entirely true," Kate says ruefully, shaking her head. "Give people a chance to give up responsibility for safety, and nine times out of ten, they'll do it. It's one of the ugly truths behind the work we do at the shelter. You can't help people who won't help themselves. Which is one of the many reasons I'm on this team of superheroes," she concludes with a smirk. "Have to show people you don't have to have powers to make a difference."

Looking past Kate, Phobos tries to see if Kate's going to rise to the bait. He knows she heard him, what with super ears and all, but then again she might be too enthralled to care. He crinkles his nose and makes a small 'hrf' of sound, then nods to Kate. "That also raises the counterpoint, however. Almost even offers an ethical defense for the rise of super villains. With challenges and strong adversaries then the culture grows and thrives. Technologically alone we can see that's true."
He spins in the office chair once again, then holds up a hand. "So clearly, if we wish for true growth of the Human Race, we should all become evil villains."

"Maybe less with the evil villains," Kate grins, shaking her head. "But the concept's pretty much on point, yeah." Just then, there's an alert at the front desk, and she peers over. "Be right back, better check that."

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Kara shoots a glare in the direction of Phobos, although it's not in a mean way, "If you become a super-villain I'll be happy to kick your butt back to whatever weird country you came from. JUST so you know, I'm pretty sure you're kidding though." She looks at him curiously, "So what do you do?"

"Pfft, if you even dream of kicking my butt, you'd best wake up and apologize." Alexander's tone is amused, but pleasant, the laughter is there in the curve of his smile and the subtle smoulder of his eyes. "But right now I am what one would call a student of life." He leans to the side, the rolling chair creaking in complaint as he positively slouches there. "Or unemployed, you could say. My duties as my father's son are not what you would call demanding in a temporal sense."

Kara raises her eyebrows and asks almost protectively, "..and how do you know my friend Kate? She usually doesn't hang around with shady weirdos.." Yep Kara could be blunt!

Crossing his legs at the ankles, he looks across the way at her, those eyes glimmering with amusement. "Circumstances threw us together. We both were out of place amongst some folks who were around us for a time, we bonded decently. She keeps me grounded and I think she just keeps me around because she likes pretty things." There's a small boneless shrug given.
"And you, what is it you do, Kara?"

Kara seems surprised that Phobos doesn't know what she does and replies, "I work with the Justice LEague Avengers to keep Earth safe." It seems simple to her, dangerously simple.

"Oh, is that all?" Alexander uncrosses his ankles, recrosses them reversed. He meets her gaze with smouldering eyes and grins crookedly, clearly pleased with himself about something. Or just seeming that way all the time. "Why?" Then perhaps to clarify he adds, "Why do you do it?"

"Because Earth is my home and I want to see it safe." Kara stares at the demi-god wondering what he wanted from her!

Quirking an eyebrow he scritches a fingertip along the curve of his chin. "Really? I sometimes worry I missed something while I was growing up." He folds his arms over his chest as his gaze distances, "I never had a sense of idealism I believe. Then again scratch a cynic…" He doesn't finish that thought and instead looks back to her. "Is it that simple with you?"

"It is." Kara doesn't seem to be very flexible on the subject, it really was that simple for the young Kryptonian woman.

A fingertip taps lightly upon his upper arm as he looks at her. His head tilts to the side like some quizzical canine but then he says, "I don't feel like pulling down your belief system at the moment, there is something laudable in it." He smiles a bit, then adds. "I can see why Kate likes you."

"I should get back to my training and all that but it was nice to meet you Alex. Maybe we can talk again some time under better circumstances!" Kara waves to the young man and is off to go do what she was doing before!@

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