Junkyard Valkyries

March 01, 2018:

Dani Moonstar follows a strange signal to its source and finds someone unexpected.

Hoboken Recycling Center


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There was a blip on the radar. A momentary thing, but something that SHIELD picked up thanks to its many technological eyes and ears.

While there were many agents to pick from in the end Danielle Moonstar was picked. Likely because of Brightwind. He's quicker, quieter and less noticeable than one of the quinjets SHIELD uses.

From that, Danielle Moonstar and Brightwind leapt within the sky and arrowed in the generalized direction of the blip. The coordinates are housed within Dani's smart phone and every so often she takes her eyes off the sky and pauses to orientate herself and Brightwind, before nudging him with a light empathic touch on which way to go.

And that is why Dani now finds herself above a recycling center in Hoboken. "Is this really the place?" She mutters to herself, which causes Brightwind to flick an ear in her general directions, "Because a dump wasn't what I was expecting." Still, this is where the trail ends and so, Brightwind tucks his wings closer to his body and laziy descends towards the ground.


The first blip actually happened a few days ago, but that was more a dot the size of Jersey itself. This most recent blip happened when Valkyrie managed to power cycle what's left of the Warsong's engines. The cloak she managed to rig up isn't particularly sophisticated by intergalactic standards, but it is pretty adequate by Earth standards. Still, 'pretty adequate' doesn't fool SHIELD.
Valkyrie's been poking around the dump, searching for things that could possibly be used as parts for her ship. She may be a lot of things, but she's not an engineer. So mostly it's been an exercise in frustration. Still, if Moonstar is looking for something out of place. a woman in a cloak with war paint on her face poking through a pile of twisted metal will probably do the trick.


The movement below, of that cloaked woman, is seen by both winged-horse and black-haired woman. There's a consideration between the two then, an almost conversation thanks to Dani's empathic senses, of whether they should go in hot, or take a more stealthier approach. The fact that the person below isn't making any overtly aggressive movements (in their eyes) helps to cement the decision of simply arriving upon the ground.

With that decision made, Brightwind alters his course by a hair to allow the two to land closer to that figure, versus farther away. The sound of a heavy thud nearby might be heard, as Brightwind lands with a solid weight behind him, and as he settles down upon the ground his rider adds her voice to the mixture of sounds. "Evening -" Dani begins with her greeting, "Looking for anything in particular?"

An innocuous, but one that's asked to see what reaction is given.

For Brightwind, his attention is likewise on the woman and if a horse could furrow its brow, Brightwind would. Something pulls at his senses, enough that his ears swivel forward, as all his attention focuses upon the figure.


There's a lot of strange things flying overhead in this place. Planes, helicopters, drones. Seagulls. So even Valkyrie's highly attuned senses don't register their approach at first. That, and it's a little hard for the Asgardian to be too worried about being ambushed on a planet full of people whose arms she could break with a light handshake.
That, and she may have actually found a stash of Sakaarian brandy that survived the crash.
She turns at the sound of a voice, body crouching low, a blue blade in each hand. Their approach might not be hostile, but she's ready for a fight. Sort of. She weaves a little. The brandy gives her a slightly…cinnamon aura. Her attention is first on Dani, but then half-flicks to the winged steed. "Who're you?"


The frisson felt from Brightwind earns a quick glance from Dani, but there's not much she can ask of him. Not here. And especially not when the knives appears.

That's enough to bring her hands up in a placating gesture, "Hey hey, all good here. I'm a friend, he's a friend, we were just -" And that's /all/ Dani gets to.

They were just here to do something, but the rest of that sentence cuts off as Brightwind suddenly moves. Perhaps it was her voice, or her face, or perhaps her drunken cinnamon-y aura, but whatever it is *something* about Valkyrie is familiar. Familiar enough that he moves without his rider's awareness as this particular steed of the Valkyrior high-steps toward Val; rider still within saddle.

Dani's expression turns to surprise and shock, and for the moment she can't quite find any words to say. Not as Brightwind literally prances toward the cloaked woman.


It's rather hard to read the complicated map of emotions that flicker over Valkyrie's face as the winged horse prance-steps towards her. Her tight stance does slacken a bit, and she stands up straight. She blinks, blinks again. It's horse and not rider who gets the focus of her attention. She circles around one side to inspect the wings, like she's really not sure of what she's seeing. "No. It can't be." The accent even on those few words carries a cadence that humans mistake for some flavour of British Isles, but those who have been to Asgard recognize as native to that realm. All-Tongue has a flavour when you know to listen for it. "How are you…—" she looks up now to Dani. "Who are you?" she repeats.


Brightwind is quite tolerant of Valkyrie going this way and that, making sure he's real. He tries to keep her in view and when she finally asks her question, Brightwind can't quite stop the vague head toss.

For Dani, her shock keeps her immobile for a few seconds more, then she's sliding out of the saddle to land upon the ground with a much softer sounding thump.

"I'm Danielle Moonstar -" Starts the woman, before she looks to Brightwind, then back to Val, "This is Brightwind."

"You're Asgardian." While there's the slightest uptick at the end of that statement, to denote a question, it really is more rhetorical than not.

Automatically a hand goes to Brightwind's neck, "He recognizes you." She adds, perhaps unnecessarily, especially as Brightwind extends his head to the other woman - he's trying to lip at Val's arm, sleeve, or cloak.

"Who're you?" She ends with, the question returned to the other woman.


"And you're not. Yet you ride an Asgardian mount. The mount of the Valkyrior." Something softens in Valkyrie's expression as she raises a hand to touch Brightwind's velvet muzzle. The arm she lifts shows the top edge of a tattoo - one that the Valkyrior might not wear any longer, but its symbology is distinct. She's lost in an eddy of thought. Her defenses have dropped, unwillingly.
She looks over at Dani now, fixing her with a firm gaze. "A Terran. On an Asgardian mount. I would be suspicious of that were it not for the fact that this animal would not let you near him if he did not want you near." Funny how she's the alien but she's turned the interrogation around.


A snort of breath might be heard from Brightwind, at both touch, and words from Val.

Dani, for her part, keeps her attention both on the pegasus and the woman with the paint upon her face.

She waits in silence for the woman to return to the present and when she does, those questions of hers earn a quirk of a smile from Moonstar.

"I'm not." She agrees to the statement of just what she is, before she adds to the last, "And I do." The edge of the tattoo garners a look from Dani, but the recognition doesn't flare within her eyes, and careful inspection of her own arms will find them free of any such markings.

The tables being turned isn't lost on Dani, but for now she plays along. "I saved him." She offers, "And he saved me. From what I've gathered that forms a bond. They allowed me to bring him back to Midgard - extenuating circumstances and all that." An edge of humor lightens her tone somewhat, though soon it returns to something more serious.

"Was it you that caused the blip on our radars?"


Valkyrie only lets herself indulge in the eddy of nostalgia for a moment before her hand drops and she steps back. Her posture gets slightly more defensive, though she doesn't immediately go for her weapons. She weaves slightly. "What do you think?" She half-squints, then snorts. Crap. Underestimated Midgardian technology. "Are you here to arrest me for trespassing?"


Brown and blue eyes regard the other woman and the reflection of her posture.

Once more Brightwind reaches out to the woman and almost there might be a sense of a question from him.

Where have you been? What have you been doing?

And for Dani, her eyes narrow, as she considers the weaving woman. "I'm going to say yes." To Val's returned question about the radar blip.

It's, however, the mention of arresting her that pulls an amused sound from Dani. "No - unless you're here to take over the world?" She asks, even as her gaze side-eyes to Brightwind, "Though I have it on good authority you're not."

Then it's back to Val, "I feel obligated to ask if you need help." Dani states, her expression serious again, "From one Asgardian -" Brightwind, "- To another."


Those unspoken questions are exactly the kinds of questions she's been running from for a very, very long time. "I could do a better job of it, but no. I'm not that brand of Asgardian." Since they do have a conqueror's streak in them, as much as they might try to deny it.
Valkyrie backs up a step, not explicitly leaving but out of nuzzling range. She scoffs a little at the comment about offering help. "How do you manage that? How can you have allegiance to both Midgard and Asgard? You might call yourself Asgardian, but you weren't born there."


The sense of sadness from Brightwind is felt by Dani when Val moves away from the winged-horse.

It's enough to cause her to cast a look over to him, before she focuses back on the other woman.

Her words bright a faint tick to Dani's expression, "Does an offer of help have to bring forth a discussion about allegiances?" Inquires the woman, "In the end isn't helping people the right thing to do?"

"Though -" Continues Dani, "Perhaps that's a conversation for another day." And then there's a heart-beat of pause, before Dani states dryly, "I don't suppose you want to give me your name?"


"The right thing. Mhmmm." Which is distressingly close (from Valkyrie's perspective) to what one Luke Cage said to her the other day before shoving every cent he had on him into her hand. She pointedly avoids looking at Brightwind, lest she be guilted by horse-eyes.
To the question of her name, she replies, "Not particularly." She turns to walk over to a pile of garbage. She kicks over a piece of metal and paws through it until she finds a metal pipe.


Again two sets of eyes watch Val, even as she paws at the garbage pile, and with another glance to Brightwind, Dani says, "I see."

Which she does.

"I'd ask what you're really doing here, especially here - at this recycle center - but I have a feeling you might not want to answer that question either." A note of sardonic humor filters into her voice with those words of hers, "But, be that as it may, I'm still going to ask - what are you doing here? Here on Earth and here at this recycle center."

And while she would like an answer, Dani feels somewhat certain she likely won't get an answer.


Valkyrie tosses a bit of garbage down. Coincidentally or not, it makes a rather loud noise that is either a conscious or unconscious statement. She looks back over her shoulder and makes a soft sound. "Just trying to clean up a mess and get home. You don't have to worry. I don't intend to be here longer than absolutely necessary."
She's got bottles back on Sakaar that miss her.
She pointedly does not look back at either horse or rider as she starts to pick her way over a pile of rubble. Despite her slightly inebriated state, she's quite nimble of foot.


Brightwind and Dani watch Val pick her way over that trash. "Hm." Is what the Migardian Valkyrie says, before she trades a look with Brightwind, then she calls to the retreating figure, "I'll stop back later."

And while Dani would like to ask more questions it's pretty clear the answers aren't going to be forth coming. For now, the Cheyenne woman vaults neatly into the saddle and once settled, Brightwind extends his wings.

"I know boy, but we'll figure it out." And with that said Brightwind leaps into the sky, his feathered wings catching the wind to help him ascend to the heavens.

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