The Zealot Gambit.

February 27, 2018:

The X-Men team in Genosha has managed to find Zealot's current location and move in force to capture or otherwise neutralize him. It is perhaps the last opportunity for the followers of Xavier to make a major impact in the political landscape of the island. (Emits by Nate)

Reisfield Geothermic Power Plant, Genosha

A super-tech power plant currently in ruins and sinking in a lava field.


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So Nate introduced Phillip Moreau to Illyana, the man was the old Genigeener youngest child and one of the leaders of the Resistance. He also happens to be Thomas Moreau's brother.

Thomas Moreau is Zealot's real name. Genegineer David Moreau apparently had no problem experimenting with the family. Not the father of the year of any year.

Phillip was helpful, trying to gather Thomas' personal trinkets for the scrying. But after almost fifteen years not much was left with any kind of link to the oldest Moreau. Only one remains now.

The first three attempts to spy on Zealot weren't great. They didn't fail, really. Illyana found Zealot all the times. The problem was that Zealot somehow sensed the magical intrusion, and SOMEHOW was able to break the link with the item. Without using magic! It was weird, but delving in the magical theory behind the scrying mechanics it looks likely the link to the target depend on the same morphic fields Zealot supposedly (according to Magneto) uses to create his connection with Genosha.

Illyana got 5 to 10 seconds from the previous scrying. It is very little, but it is enough to teleport an X-Men team on top of the mad mutate. So that is the basic plan. No scouting possible, just fall on him like a ton of bricks.

The last item is an old Sony game console from 2003. With the classic Team One vs the Nazi Empire cartridge.

Illyana's really starting to dislike Zealot, and she wasn't that keen on him to start with. For all his wide array of powers, he's no sorcerer. There should be no way that the mutate could have known he was being observed from Limbo, much less done anything about it.

And yet, he did know. And he could do something about it. As eloquently evidenced by the three shattered trinkets that Illyana had used in her previous attempts to scry for him. She was alone, on those occasions, so only her pet demons heard the curses she spat each time the image in her scrying pool dissolved mere seconds after forming.

This time, she needs to be on her best - or at least better - behavior. The X-Men have come to Limbo, and they're looking to her to deliver them a target. Illyana stands by her scrying pool once more, this time decked out in her field uniform of black and blood red. The pool itself stands within the throne room of her citadel within Limbo, a high-ceilinged stone chamber lit by perpetually-burning torches. Incongruously, the sorceress supreme of this dimension has that old games console in both her hands as her eyes move between her assembled guests.

"If anyone wants to back out…" She begins with a bit of a smirk. "…it's officially too late. As soon as I have Zealot's location, we're gone. There won't be time to ask if you're ready, so be ready. Once we arrive, I'll try to teleport Zealot off the island. If I can break his link to Genosha this should be easy." She smiles thinly, not believing her own words for an instant. "If that doesn't work? Stay on him. Take him down hard and fast and don't let him get away. If he escapes, finding him again won't be so easy."

Illyana turns away, reaching out a hand over her scrying pool, the waters beginning to move, ripples spreading across the surface. She glances back over her shoulder. "Here we go." She says, with a grin of anticipation, and an image begins to form…

And the world goes silver-white for an instant as Magik's stepping disc sweeps them all away from Limbo.

Genosha: Reisfield Geothermic Power Plant

Here is the largest power plant in Genosha. A few months ago it fed electrical power to most of the northwest of the island. It used to provide almost 2,000 Megawatts, easily the equivalent to a large nuclear facility.

That is why Magneto razed it three weeks into the civil war. Knocking out most of the industry of the rebellious north. Repairs went slowly, although the magistrates kept here a small detachment of troops.

This was actually one of Thomas Moreau's greatest engineering works. It was Zealot who dug the deep wells to bring the lava close to the surface, hollowing through miles of bedrock, and psionically moving countless tons of stone and soil.

This place was one of Zealot's greatest labors, and he was rightfully proud of it. So he finds oddly fitting he will use the power gathered here for his Great Task:

To Destroy Hammer Bay. A city turned ALIEN in his eyes.

The Magistrates objected. So the place is littered with the corpses of a hundred rebel soldiers and their war vehicles. Crushed and burning.

The Geothermic Plant is running hot. It is because it has been turned into a volcano. Zealot has pulled the lava to the surface, and is now narrowing the conducts deep underground. Soon the pressure will be immense and the mountain will shatter like glass, sending a river of millions of tons of molten earth towards Hammer Bay.

So it is hot in here. Unpleasantly hot when the X-Men and Iron Man appear. Zealot sits on a small island on a growing pond of lava, a few tough-looking mutates around him. He jumps to his feet when he feels Illyana scrying, though, and looks extremely angry at seeing the foreign mutants interrupting him. Particularly Lonra! "You fools! You come here to die!" Lava jumps high, forming a trio of massive snakes of fire and magma which launch to the intruding heroes.

Lorna was ready, more than ready, to see Zealot's end. The green haired mutant knew that should it come to it, Illyana and Alex agreed with her that the man was well beyond diplomacy. Even if it had meant an argument with Piotr a few days ago. So it was that when plans finally came together, that Lorna suited up and she suited up with more than the usual armor plating she usually donned.

Her figure was more bulked by metal plates, and it hid the shape of her chest and torso, protecting vital organs more than she usually cared to. And she had gone full in for dramatics (perhaps she was her father's daughter after all), with a headband that echoed the shape of her father's helmet of entirely black. And similar metallic boots laced high on her legs of similar hue.

As she portaled to where ever Zealot was, the heat made her cringe, her hands thrown out to either side of her as she threw out her senses, hoping that at least a good portion of the molten rock was iron based somewhere. Zealot's words drew a wicked grin to her lips as she sneered at him. "It's your funeral."

The X-Men - and Iron Man, Illyana's going to have to have A Talk with Nate for inviting people she doesn't know to her personal hell dimension - might have left Limbo in a group, but they don't arrive in one. Illyana's heard what Zealot can do, although she hasn't engaged him directly herself, and making them one big target doesn't seem like a clever move.

It's not just one portal that opens, then, and deposits them in front of Zealot. Instead, each of the small strike squad gets their own, spaced unevenly around Zealot. Illyana had been tempted to put Nate front and center before the mad mutate, but ended up taking that spot herself.

As she appears, the Soulsword is in her hand, glowing with silver-white light, and intricate silver armour covers her left arm, but she hasn't arrived in a particularly threatening stance, and she doesn't move straight to the attack. "That doesn't sound fun." She tells Zealot, even as he draws up that lava. "Let's go somewhere else!"

Even as she's saying those words, she's calling on her powers again, trying to open a portal beneath Zealot and suck him away from Genosha. She has somewhere a lot colder and very, very far away in mind for him.

Limbo is a place of the magical and the mysterious. Those born with natural power and ability walk its starry ways and step between worlds. It is a world of magic, a world of wonder, and a world that makes mincemeat of the laws that learned men call 'science'.

…which is why of all of the figures there…one stands out even more than the others…

"One of these things~ is not like the others~" Mutters a man in a suit. But not a three piece suit no, though this amalgam of science and metal would defiantly qualify for 'bespoke' status. It is after all one of a kind. Iron Man wouldn't have it any other way.

To be honest he wasn't sure if he should answer when he got a call. The last time he went to Genosha it ended poorly.

Lorna's dad is a complete dick.

But curiosity got the better of him after he thought about it. So he had come, and had brought…well…not his latest creation…but it was a suit after all. A suit with a few suprises. Which is always the case with Tony.

But as this odd teleportation thing happens…which gives him a few ideas of things to do…and he steps out into /hell/. The man just stares in suprize. And then lava snakes.

"What the hell is it with this island and everyone being super dramatic!!" He shouts as the repulsors ignite to send him hurling skyward.

"I mean /lava snakes/. Come on!" He adds as he sweeps his scanners across the power plant. And his eyes widen.

"I really hope some here can cool /lava/ because this place is going to blow soon! SIRIN!" He calls to his AI. "See if there is a way into the control systems here, we need to vent the damn pressure before everything explodes. Including us."

There is a grunted curse from Nate when he drops to the too hot concrete, but thankful still solid, maybe 20 yards from Zealot. "What the hell is he doing? No, nevermind. Just hit him hard," because he can't do it. His task in this mission is simple but difficult.

He lays a hand on the ground and lets his telekinetic energy flow underground. Spreading through rock and lava to form a barrier just under Zealot's feet. This time the mad mutate won't be able to escape underground.

He spares enough energy to protect himself from one of the lava 'snakes' though. "Someone get rid of those things, okay?" They are not helping with the hellish heat!

Scott Summers aka Cyclops has been incredibly quiet there in Limbo, listening to them talk, exchange and staring openly at Iron Man. Not so open the man is being showered in optic blasts but enough if someone knows the visually impaired X-Leader they know he's giving the eye to 'several'.

Nausea is always a thing in these jumps, like a turbulence lurch and Cyclops has learned to deal with those, it's a tick of the jaw, his lips nose and mouth the only thing exposed. The deep navy blue almost black uniform obscures him despite having been forced public over a year ago or so. Protocol is a thing. He is diligent in these things.

Lagging behind intentionally he sees himself through near the rear point, allowing Magik to take them where she wills.

The whole Limbo thing still made Monet upset due to the nature of the creatures there. She was able to requisition something of a super suit from Scott that for now is a simple grey and blue jumpsuit, tight and tough but no where near as tough as herself. And then they were in a volcano.

Now Monet blinks at the place and for the first time in a long time feels the heat. She glares at Zealot and says, "I am assuming ugly and chatty is Zealot…" She nods and then blinks at the lava snakes, "And here I was just getting to like my new outfit." With that, Monet is off like a shot and slams right through one of the snakes and quickly goes through another with absurd force and speed. Already her outfit is taking hits but she is no worse for wear.

"This all you got?" She calls down to Zealot and smirks as she floats there, belly bared now and part of her legs, too. "I am gonna rip you a new one…"

Zealot control over the lava 'snakes' falters when Illyana teleports just in front of him. "You… you are the one spying on me," he mutters. He is tall and slender, so he towers well easily a foot over Illyana.

Monet shattering his creations makes him step back; apparently he is receiving some psychic feedback. But the teleporting circle that appears under him… shatters. "Foolish girl, I am not so easily separated from Genosha." He reaches with a hand to try to grab Illyana's neck. And also attempts to pull more earth and lava from the floor. But then he feels the telekinetic barrier opposing him.

Alarmed, he gestures, sending several more distant chunks of rock flying towards Iron Man and Monet. And yells to his mutates. "Kill them, kill them all!" Half a dozen thugs, hardy enough to ignore the lava and the heat, rush forward towards the heroes. One of them stays behind and shoots a stream of fire towards Lorna.

Lorna looked more than a little annoyed at the way their plans to teleport Zealot away failed. She grumbled under her breath, but was fast to launch herself into the air to avoid the bulk of the mutates below as well as the lava snakes that flitted around. She grinned as she threw her senses out, finding beams and rebar, shattered vehicles and the alike all around, and threw her powers out.

With a wave of her hand, steel beams dropped from their struts to fly at the racing mutates and wrap around them like snakes of her own making. Though it wasn't the focus of her attack, that remained on Zealot. And she molded the flattened husks of the burned out vehicles to her weapons, and flung them at the confident, crazed, and downright frustrating, Zealot.

Illyana, despite the man's obvious height advantage, not to mention the level of power on display, doesn't seem remotely intimidated by Zealot. "Spying. You make it sound so sordid." She tells him, almost playfully, and the slight smile she's wearing broadens when Zealot takes a step back from her.

It might be Monet who caused him to back off, but it's still an early win for their team.

With Zealot distracted, Illyana's expecting her portal to work. The list of entities who could avoid being snatched into Limbo is short, and she doesn't expect Zealot to be on it. When her portal shatters, it's an unpleasant surprise, and this time she's the one who's rocked back a step by the feedback.

Now the score sheets are even.

Zealot's fingers close around air as Illyana calls another portal to the ground at her feet and literally falls through it, reappearing a second or so later - considerably further away. She reaches up and triggers her comms. "This is Magik. Plan A is a bust, we're going to have to take him down here."

"I'm kinda more interested in stopping the volcano from blowing up but if stopping him does that…well…" Stark's voice crackles over the coms, the man entirely unfazed by all the glares he was gettiing on the ride over. Mostly because he's used to glares.

/Kill them! Kill them all!/

"Ah. I see this guy has read from the villian catchphrase playbook. Let me guess, last time you all fought him he shook his fist at all of you and shouted something like 'You haven't seen the last of me!!'" The only human in the room smirks under the shell of his armor as he watches SIRIN race though the computer systems of the geo-plant. There has to be something there to use to help with the problem.

New problem though. Rocks.

The palms of the Iron Man suit snap up and with a split second of charging the repulsors built there send resonating beams into the center of the bolder to blow it apart, the sonic energy used to redirect the debris away from the rest of the little group there.

Yeah, things are never easy for the X-Men. It has taken Nate a few years to really learn it is best to have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C before going into a battle. But still… prepare all you can but improvise like crazy. Or die.

Control is an illusion. Etc.

His telekinetic wall is being hit by hundreds of tons of molten stone. It hurts. He falls to a knee, clenches his jaw. And keeps the forcefield solid. « Holding him. Barely. Keep pounding. I don't think he is as strong today - he must have been spending a lot of power creating this fake volcano. » He projects into his teammates minds.

The mutates charge is interrupted by the metal beams. They are strong, though, and they are difficult to ensnare. Lorna is also finding the fire-projector is sending more and more blasts in her direction. A couple of the thugs get rid of the steel, but Cyclops nails them with optic blasts and sends them rolling back.

But the ruined vehicles sent to Zealot, though, never reach him. He stops them on the air with a glance, and then sends them back to Lorna with incredible strength. He might not be 'as strong' but his control over all things from Genosha is still overwhelming.

"Fine by me." Monet states to the fact that she has to fight him hand-to-hand. She flies down at Zealot with all her speed. Monet's right hand is extended before as she approaches him. "Hey, a**hole!" And with those two prolific words she tries to lay Zealot out.

Illyana, now out of throttling range, fixes Zealot with a cold glare. Time to try something different. She makes a swift, complicated gesture and witch-light flares into existence around her fist. Punching her arm toward Zealot, a bolt of arcane force leaps from her clawed fingers toward the tall mutate. She doesn't have much hope it'll put him down, but she's at least trying to make a dent.

The familiar sound and light show that accompanies Cyclops' powers draws Illyana's attention, and her head turns sharply toward him. Her eyes narrow as she wastes a precious half-second weighing Cyclops' instructions against the reality of combat against Zealot, but just barely comes down on the side of playing by his rules for now.

Spinning around, as if to make up for her momentary hesitation, Illyana takes two steps at a sprint and vanishes into a portal, reappearing behind the fire-wielding mutate who has Lorna in his sights. A silver gauntlet clamps down on the mutate's shoulder, and Illyana's powers flare around them. She might not be able to pull Zealot out of this fight, but she'll see if the same holds true for his minions.

Lorna exhaled a sound of frustration as Zealot hurled the metal back her way, cursing under her breath as she flew wide to avoid them. Irritation bled into her expression, anger riding hot on her cheeks in a flush of red. Her teeth gritted together and she flew rapidly into the air to avoid the fire flinger as well, a near miss that her the edges of her hair smelling burnt. As Illyana went for the mutate she'd hollar a thanks, before switching her focus entirely to Zealot.

A snarl tore from her lips as she whirled, her hands lighting up with a lime green glow speckled with and odd fliter of distortion that was decidedly and affect from the baby's interference. She turned her hands inwards and pulled, armor ripping free from the mold into sharpened, spikes as she flung them at him.

Metal from off the island, something he couldn't control with a wave of his hand.

"Sir!" SIRIN's peppy and cheerful voice comes. "It seems that the pressure will not go critical if the pressure buildup is avoided. And the buildup is not natural!" There is a sudden glitch in the voice and that peppy and cheerful tone takes on a more sardonic and sarcastic one. "In other words, punch him real hard."

There is a smirk on Stark's face at that. "Ah. Simple orders. I can get behind those." He mutters as he shifts position, thursters burning bright as the enviromental controls of his suit struggle with the heat inside the cauldron that the crazed mutant has made.

He raises one hand as he aims towards Zelot and the repulsors trigger again, streaking towards the mutant to keep him off balance. Since he's going and throwing /trucks/ around he needs a bit of a distraction.

"Is he linked to the island or something? How does this even work?!"

Zealot is barely distracted by Illyana mystical attack, but maybe that saves Lorna from behind run over by the remains of a tank. Or maybe it is Monet slamming him like a freight train. The hit sends the mad mutate skidding over the lava a score yards, but he stands up quickly, looking more angry than hurt.

A second later a spike hits his side. Magnetized foreign steel hitting hard enough to get through his skin and draw blood. He grunts in pain, and then glares at the attacking heroes.

No more threats, she raises his hands and the lava glows hotter, swirls and shudders and rises again, trying to engulf Monet to pull her down.

Zealot is also trying to dive into the lava, but in an area of about ten years around him it remains reluctant to obey him, kept in place by Nate's telekinesis.

So when Iron Man fire his repulsor blasts Zealot is an easy target and is staggered back. He attempts to respond making more rocks jump from the ground to hit Iron Man, but they are smaller this time, and poorly aimed.

When Illyana vanished, she had a fire-wielding mutate with her. When she returns… she doesn't. It's probably better not to ask what she did with him. Popping back out of a portal, she sees Zealot punched back by Monet and speared by Lorna, but he's still far from down. And then Iron Man's voice crackles over the comm-net.

"For the Abyss' sake, Na-Scion. You brought him with us and you didn't. Tell. Him. ANYTHING?"

Illyana's voice is close to a snarl, but she hasn't got time to berate Nate properly now. Besides, Lorna's trick with the spike and Tony's words themselves have thoughts racing through her head. "I've got an idea." The displeasure is gone from her voice now, replaced by something that sounds suspiciously like anticipation.

Anyone who knows Illyana might start to worry at this point.

"Try not to let him kill me." She adds, her tone having turned downright nasty. There's a flash of light as she ports away from the mutates, finding what cover she can, and then begins rapidly muttering under her breath, her hands drawing sigils in the air before her. She's left her comms on, and the words she speaks are dark, sharp-edged, and don't seem to stick in the mind. She works hurriedly, and then abruptly goes silent, dropping to one knee and pressing a palm to the ground.

There's a diffuse, silver-white glow that seems to come from the ground itself, and then it begins to change. The lava that Zealot's been playing with starts to be streaked with black, as if something's infected it, and new growths of stone push up through the floor, curving like the fossilized bones of great beasts. Even the air itself seems to change, the scent of Illyana's domain reaching even those whose breath is filtered.

Illyana looks up, her face drawn, but an unholy light in her eyes as she grins a dreadful grin at Zealot. "See how you like Genosha now, idiot."

A little Limbo, mixed with the source of the mutate's power. Illyana's trying to poison him.

Lorna didn't let up in her control on the sliver of metal she snaked through Zealot. Her hands gripped the air invisibly as she forced it deeper and further into Zealot, worming its path into flesh and muscle. At least with the fire throwing mutate down, her focus was solely for Zealot. The intensity of her focus was such that she barely registered that Illyana ahd returned at all, or what the other woman was doing in the least.

Under her direction the metal split into hair-fine fibers, that slithered and snaked under each flick of her finger. If she could skin him alive or likewise do worse damage internally.. it was clear she had every intention.

"Na-Scion? Is that like a pet name?"

No, for those listening Tony Stark can't be serious for more than sixty seconds at a time. The Iron Man though is being targeting by more rocks, several rocks. For all the poor aim though? There are a lot of them. Several slam into the suit to knock it sideways in the air, but the man inside seems unworried once he checks the damage reports. The armor holds well enough as his mico-missile systems activate. Tiny munitions fired into the various chucks of debris to tear them apart as he swoops in to slam into the ground near Illyana. "You got it." He drawls in response to her request to not die.

His arms raise, then charging of repulsors echoing in the room as Iron Man gives the cover she requested.

…after all. He's the guest. Might as well be polite.

…besides getting between Zelot, Lorna, and Monet just seems like a really bad idea.

Zealot cries, this time in pain, as the dagger seems to twist and push deeper into his near-invulnerable flesh. He grabs the chunk of metal and pulls from it, and he seems strong enough to counter Lorna's magnetism. But focusing in defending leaves him open to…

The alien land. Worse, cursed. Limbo slips into the Genoshan soil he is so deeply connected, insulating him in an even worse way Magneto was using in Hammer Bay. Limbo is not just foreign soil; it is tainted by the darkness of the Elder Gods. “What are you doing?” He cries, sounding scared for the first time. “Stop!” Some rocks, still ‘pure’ are launched at lethal speed towards Illyana, but they shatter against Iron Man’s armor.

The lava flows up and around Monet as she is attacked by the very lava below her. She lets out a cry of surprise and then gasps in a breathe before going under. For a while, she is gone and things look grim.

Then the lava parts and a gasping scream follows as a lava covered humanoid bursts out and flies right for Zealot as lava streaks off of Monet and Monet figuratively and literaly streaks right toward Zealot to try to slash im rught in the face with her fist!

Without needing to dodge mutates, or others, Lorna let Zealot seize part of the metal spike, a least the part that hadn't already sunk into flesh. She grinned, never letting up in her task of peeling off tiny pieces and bits in her continued efforts to cause the man pain. For it was pain that she was seeking then, whatever she could take.

A glance was spent toward Illyana and the ever darkening soil, her brows furrowed, briefly, but she didn't stop or even comment.

Focus broke however when Monet came streaking out of the lava and flying toward Zealot. She could follow the path of the metal, but it was harder to twist and slither further beneath his skin when he was moving.

Illyana climbs to her feet. The spell to infuse this place with the essence of her domain took a lot out of her, but as the infection takes hold her strength seems to return. When the rocks come flying toward her she doesn't flinch, and when they shatter she looks up at Iron Man and gives him a crooked smile, flicking her fingers from her temple in an ironic salute, before returning her cold gaze to Zealot.

She walks forward, running a silver-gauntleted hand along a rib-like stone projection and smiles in satisfaction at her handiwork. "You didn't want to visit." She tells Zealot, utterly calm in the face of his sudden distress. "So I thought I'd bring a little taste of my home to you." She halts, and cocks her head to one side as if Zealot's asked a question she can't quite comprehend. "Stop? But I've barely started." She spreads out her arms to encompass her surroundings. "You won't recognise the place when I'm done with it." She grins, but her eyes dart to one side, to Cyclops. This would be so much easier… but no.

A flash of fast movement, and Monet's spearing toward Zealot again. Illyana politely waits for her to finish pummeling Zealot before she continues. "I'd surrender." She calls to him helpfully. "To her." A thumb is jerked in Lorna's direction. "But feel free not to."

Cyclops is 'sidelong' watching Illyana and those who are nearer to Zealot. The heavy threats appear to fall on deaf ears with the man, hes listening to them, weighing them and assuming it is all just bravado, meant to encourage Zealot to stay off key.

A red strobe of light from his visor and Cyclops is pivoting to cover another direction, safeguarding while he monitors where everyone is, mapping out the area while keeping tabs on things. He's playing a backup and coverfire role here, its also not like he isn't checking off a list. It is what he does.

"Build your enemy a golden bridge to cross." Cyke remarks over the coms casually. His tone much more dulcet and calm than his current posture, a wary defensive stance with crimson illumination framing his masked features.

Stark hardly budges as stones slam against him, a single step back to brace, his arms raising to take the blows against the armors thick forarms as stone shatters and the man just smirks towards the crazed target of so many people affections.

At the salute there is a two fingered wave in acknoldgement. "You can owe me a drink." He drawls before looking back towards Zelot himself, the figures there collide and he quirks an eyebrow. "Man. Hank really needs to make some better clothes for you all." He says with a shake of his head.

The darkening of the lava is noticed and he nods slowly. "So he is connected, you linking planes of existence is poisoning him. Huh. Outside the box. I like it."

Zealot is pounded down by Monet's sudden return, but he can take a beating, and reaches for the girl, striking back with his empathic projection powers, trying to drown Monet in the pain and distress several months of civil war have brought to Genosha's collective consciousness.

But it is his Hail Mary, because he is alone, bleeding, insulated from Genosha and facing six super-powered enemies. He struggles for another minute before finally falling unconscious. And when he does, he can't stop Illyana from taking him away.

With Zealot gone the pressure of the lava flow begins to ease. It might still be safer to dig some kind of escape valve, but even if the mountain collapses it is unlikely the damage reaches any inhabited town, much less Hammer Bay.

Even as Zealot fell unconcious and Monet pounded away at him, Lorna floated downwards, approaching with a heavy clunk of metal boots hitting cooling rock. She glared at the fallen mutate, and with his departure from the land of wakefulness… lifted the metal to her in a swirl of steel and iron. Her hands at her sides clenched and she exhaled a sharp breath from her nose.

Her hands flexed, and metal sharpened. She was clearly poised to end Zealot while he was down and out. X-men (specifically Scott) be damned.

Iron Man… again. There has to be a discussion about that eventually.

A tensing of his shoulders and Cyclops' fingers can be heard moving in his gloves, the crush of leathery composites as tight fists are formed.
"Suits function just fine." He informs Tony Stark in his monotone delivery.

"We're done here."
A question and a cautious look around, "I'm not quite in to Geology like my brother but I figure we'd best stifle another issue here with him out, combined firepower we should be able to do that with ease."

Looking at Iron Man and Monet, "Scout the outside Monet for a good channel, the two of us should have enough firepower to make a suitable hole."

"If you're up to snuff for that of course, Iron Man." A challenge to the man, Summers is of the mind to think Lorna won't go the route of cold blooded murder, hes also in a state of 'lets do this and that quickly and get the hell out of dodge' it has his attentions diverted, plus, really this is Magik's sortie. Not his. He is just a wingman.

Looking at Scott, Monet frowns, "Mind if I go get decent first?" She holds on to the tatters of her outfit, "I went through lava, Scott…" She sighs and shakes her head.

Lorna exhaled a breath, glancing toward Scott as he addressed her, and a frown marred he features. There was conflict in her expression. It was one thing, in the heat of battle to kill, but it was difficult, looking down at Zealot now as he remained fallen and still. With Scott calling to her and the others still present. Her gaze lifted upwards to the area around them, and she dropped the metal she'd had floating around her with a clang.

"Without him here to stoke the lava, it should return to its natural path once a hole is made carefully." Green eyes dropped once more to the fallen man at her feet and she clenched her hands, metal ringing in her ears as she struggled with herself internally.

The desire was there. The need to destroy him completely and utterly lurked in her, just beneath the surface. He had threatened her, her baby, the whole island and everything they had worked for. He was a threat that was left undone. Even if he was locked away.. the only way to be sure he couldn't come back to haunt Genosha again.. was if he were dead. It was War.. and she knew his death would do a great deal to cement the power structure here. Just as she knew that his capture by the X-men would change the balance.

Lorna didn't move.

Nate joins the group, looking pale and bleeding from his nose and ears, like usually happens when he pushes his powers too far. "Nice. Plan C worked I guess," he hovers close to Illyana who seems almost as exhausted at him. "Let it go, Lorna. He is insane, and it was not his fault. Guy is just another victim of Genosha old rulers. Maybe he can be healed, the mutate treatment is somewhat reversible, isn't it?" He sighs. "Lets go. We have drawn Magneto's attention for sure," and as much as he wants a crack at the Master of Magnetism, he is in no condition to fight anyone now.

"It's not the functionality of the suit, its the fact that she…" And Iron Man gestures vagely towards Monet. "Isn't /wearing/ one anymore. I mean hasn't Hank been able to develop something lava resistant yet?" He asks…like…he actually /knows/ all these people.

But not knowing people never stopped him from acting this way.

"Anyway! You realise miss 'I fly though lava' over there is pretty much naked right? I mean…scouting is one thing, exibisionism is a different one, but…if thats what you're into! Anyway, I'm gonna go help dig a careful hole. SIRIN already has most of the channel path plotted out, I'll forward it to the rest of you so you can help from this end."

However he does pause before he launches himself away, glancing towards Lorna for a moment. The faceplate itself not showing emotion, but the slight nod does.

"Ya did good, Shamrock. Good sometimes sucks. But you did good."

Then he's launching himself again up and out to help make sure the mountain doesn't explode.

…because even if it won't hit the city, eruptions /still/ suck.

"It's lava, man. No one is expected to take a swim in that." Scott manages to Iron Man.

"Saving the day naked? That is headline worthy. Besides, it is not like you're hiding a tail, right?" This is Scott's way of saying /deal with it/.
"Polaris, that man's life isn't worth your soul. He is broken. Leave it be."

A look at Nate. It conveys plenty in regards to Lorna Dane right now.

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