February 21, 2018:

Blue Blur meets Green Glow with a touch of Evil Butterfly?


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Fade In…

It's unclear as to why anyone would necessarily pay attention to the girl other than the blue hair but now she's bouncing from foot to foot as she looks around, "Wow wow wow!" She declares and grins excitedly, "Wow!" She points up at the nearby building and looks to a passing stranger, "Do you see it?! It's huge!" She declares and the guy seems annoyed and keeps walking, "What?!" She then looks at another lady, "Do you see that building? It's so big!" She nods her head as she then looks over at the building and grins, "I wonder how tall it really is?"

She then is suddenly gone in a blue yellow blur up to the top of the building. As she runs, her shoulders flare with blue light and her legs do the same for a brief moment. She is back down in just as fast a flash of movement. The cargo pants flit about her legs even as the jacket top flares and flicks about as she stands back where she was, "562 feet!" She declares to everyone around, "Wow!"

"I am testing it yeah. It's supposed to trace what?" Hal Jordan the only Green Lantern of Sector 2814 asks in to the JL communicator, "Don't. Just don't explain it, You're going to give me a headache." He says in to the channel to whomever is on the other end.

The odd device in his palm is clunky, shaped like an old camera and being pointed around New York, its a shot in the dark to 'find' tachyon or speed force emissions but something makes the reader bob or maybe hes tilting it? He cannot tel but then, a blur flicker-flash has him looking up and across the rooftops. "Maybe this does work?"

It's a drift through the city skies and hes closing the distance between himself and Glimpse, all emerald nimbus and black uniform like on the televisions!

"If this is the Banana Flash… my night just got great or horrible." No one in particular being talked to.

"HEY YOU!" The shout, its amplified by a 'touch' of will.

A look up and the girl blinks as she looks up at Hal Jordan, seeing the Green Lantern floating up in the sky. She blinks and then waves, "Hi!" She declares loudly to the floating guy. She isn't sure he is speaking to her but she's extremely friendly either way. She then looks distant a moment. She stares off into the distance and then leaps happily up and down, "You're Green Lantern!" She claps happily as she bounces from foot to foot, "Hi, Green Lantern!" She then looks around at the other people and then points up, "It's a Green Lantern!"

"I am and you are not who I thought you would be." Green Lantern confirms and taps the side of the 'camera' like device, "Thing is broken and I look lame carrying it around."

"Ma'am, it is very unsafe for you to be up here… do you require assistance?" He hovers nearer, one gloved hand extended out towards her. "I mean, a fall… and jumping… just. Lets calm down." Maybe she is insane?

Looking at Hal, the girl blinks at him and then she considers, "Well, you are also not who I thought you'd be." She then steps closer to him and leans in, "I was kinda hoping you were Superman. I was wrong." She nods her head as if sharing a conspirator secret before grinning and standing up straight, "However! That is fine! Green Lantern seems pretty cool, too." She nods her head, "You do things with green stuff." She then looks to the side, "Huh…" She looks back at him, "Hey is that where you get your name?" She speaks…very fast. Her words coming in almost unending strings as she looks around at the area.

She then blinks and looks back at him, "Wait! DidYouSayItWasUNSAFE?!" She blinks and then spins around left and then right, "Ne'er do wells about?! Evil doers!" She then shifts eyes left and right, "Villains, perhaps?"

"Superman, you realize… nope. Nevermind. You can settle for the more handsome less colorful of us." The strange machine he is holding is tossed over his shoulder where it slings off of a leather strap, more and more looking like a camera.

"Yeah, I do the green stuff. No, I get my name from the Lantern Corps, I suppose the green… fine, yes, that is part of where I get my name from."

"Do you want to take my hand and come down from here? It gets real windy and you're bound to end up street pizza at this rate." Extend that gloved limb hovers there,"Also maybe lay off the drugs. Its bad for you, this is a clear reason why its bad for you."

Tap tap tap. A woman exits out of a nearby Starbucks, sipping her coffee in one hand and feeling about with a cane. She wears a lively sundress, striped socks up to the thighs today, and has a wide-brimmed hat tilted far down across her forehead. A rather modest attire, ending in slightly clashing black heeled boots. On her shoulder is a black raven, and when she sits down?

There's a minor gust of wind, that has her struggling to retain her hat. Her cane goes flying, and both hands shove said hat down to hide her forehead.

The raven flaps it's wings desperately, feathers literally ruffled, as the woman crosses her legs. When the high-up wind ends thanks to Glimpse and Hal? Well, she sips her coffee.

"My, my! What an odd wind." She offers to several other confused cafe goers.

Sophia Crowley shrugs her shoulders, pets her raven, and then relaxes. Nope. No villains anywhere after a recent crime.

Surely not.

A blink and she looks at Hal before looking down and looking at Hal. She blinks a few more times before she tilts her head, "Umm, I might?" She then looks around a moment before she looks up at him, "Drugs?!" She then looks taken aback and states, "Drugs are bad!" She nods her head and points at Hal, "And besides…what would I do with drugs? Seems awfully silly!" She nods her head, "But if you are offering a flight, I'll take it!" She declares and bounces from foot to foot, "I get to fly!" She declares.

"We get to land is more like it." The Green Lantern is oblivious to the scrying, spying of ravens and from afar. He has yet to actually encounter Moreau anyways, "They are and you're not on any? You uh… " He just stops himself and if shes accepting his hand he'll manifest a green platform underneath her feet and like an elevator ride down they'll start to descend to the streets below.

"How did you get up there?"

A little giddy squeak and she is on a green platform. She walks around it a little to peer over the side and grins, "Neat…" She then looks up at him before blinking several times. She then looks confused, "I ran…duh…" She then rolls her eyes and looks to the side, "What a silly question." She giggles and then looks at Hal, "You're funny." She then looks down and then looks back up at him and then down, "Is this gonna take long?" She stares down and starts tapping her foot, "I mean, this is like…so slow…" She then slumps a little, "Way slow…" And more, "…super slow…" She then sighs, "I should of walked, it'd have been faster."

"Take long? I suppose it beats falling to your death?" A confused look is given the peppy and hyperactive woman, "You ran? UP?" He inquires, "Okay daffy. This is why we just had that little exchange about drugs that only one of us is paying attention to."

The descent is slow, for a speedster? Maybe painfully.
Green Lantern isn't one for super joking right now it appears. Not his usual shared 'pep' he is accusing her of but the entire Red Lanterns ordeal took a lot out of the man.

Nearly slumping to the actual green floor she is on, she whines, "This is the worst…" She then sighs and looks up at him, "I'm gonna run…k?" She asks and looks up at him, "I mean the wall is like…right there." She points to the wall only about ten feet away. She then looks at him questioningly as if waiting for permission.

For like, a total of 3 seconds and then her shoulders seem to glow under the jacket and her cargo pants get a strange glow around the thighs and in a burst of yellow lightning and blue blur she is down the side of the building and to the street again. She then lets out a breath, "Phew!" She declares and laughs as she pats a passing guy on the back.

"That was an ordeal, right?" She then blinks as the guy backs off all annoyed and she nods, "I agree!" She then looks up toward Hal and gives him a wave, "Hey, you can hurry up, right?" she asks and tilts her head.

"WHOAH WHOAH! HEY… okay then." Hal stops himself and his alarm, as she 'zips' along the wall and is then moving, "Maybe the device is not broken as we have a speedster." A long low exhale from the Lantern as his heart tries to relocate proper placement, "So a meta or something? Good to know and this explains much."

"You are going to draw a lot of unwanted attention at this rate." He warns loudly.

Glimpse blinks slowly at Hal and then tilts her head left and right, "Umm, what?" She then idly considers and then looks around, "Umm, don't you guys have people who go really fast here?" She then blinks and looks to the side. She stares off into the distance again, seeming to think for a moment and hten she nods, "Yes, you do!" She declares and points at him, "You are acting like it's weird." SHe nods her head, "I found out about at least three in just a few seconds of looking and one is…" She sputters and begins to laugh.

"We do which is a big issue lately so… hold still one sec if you would." Hal says his speech going slower as he aims that camera thing up again directing it at her, its not registering again, maybe this was all a fluke. "Garbage." He says letting it fall. "Back to the 'track thhe speedy asshole' drawing board."

Green Lantern would throw or break the device like hes wanting to but at the same time he knows some egghead might flip out.

"It is not normal so it can be considered weird, just because a couple people run stupid fast doesnt mean everyone just accepts that as a thing all of a sudden."

As she finishes laughing, missing fully half of what Hal says, she stands up straight and holds her mouth, "A banana flash…" She snickers and shakes her head, "That's just funny to think about. Does he slip on himself?" She asks of no one in particular before blinking and looking to Green Lantern.

She then tilts her head to the side, "So, you have people who go fast and it isn't normal?" She then takes a breath and then shrugs, "Fine, fine."

Her eyes then blink and she looks around a moment before looking to Hal, "DO you have food? My dad normally makes me food but…" She then frowns and looks to the side. She stares at the ground for a long moment and then frowns deeper, "I hope he's ok…"
"I… we can find you food." Jordan is perplexed, this once again is not something he is prone to dealing with but finds himself in this situation. "How old are you and where are your parents, I guess I should ask that."

The joke about Zooms name overlooked for the moment, the mans confusion is settling in fairly heavy. "Yeah, it is not normal at all to go 'fast'. Who is your father?" He doesn't touch down upon the ground, sort of hovering there beside the young 'android' woman.

The girl begins to hold up two fingers but then blinks and looks at Hal, "Umm, 22." She nods her head and clears her throat before nodding again. She then looks around a moment before saying, "Umm, I'm not supposed to really talk about all that." She then considers Hal a moment before saying, "Umm, but if you can find me food, that'd be great." She nods her head, "Running really fast means I need food." She then smiles, "I do like they taste of cake and also pizza." She nods her head, "And I find that fish is very good, too." She then considers and then blinks, "Oh! And there's this stuff called relish!" She nods her head, "That's very good."

She considers for a moment before saying, "Perhaps it is best if I learn to retrieve my own food." She nods her head, "Seeing as I was sent away, it is probaby for the best." She then looks up at GL with a cautious look, "You don't have…red lightning here, do you?"

"Twenty two? You fooled me. I am no good at this age thing anymore I guess."

"You know, gah, okay." Hal Jordan says suddenly, "Look, I'm not a tour guide and I have picked up enough strays lately. There is a DEO office front down on fifth street, you're a speedster, right now this is the best time to get registered or find the Hall of Justice and talk to Sam at th e front desk, shes a sweet girl. Will hook you up with the 'official' paperwork." A look off to the side and he tips his head up, "I am needed, I want to find out more about you, this whole whether or not the tracker works but, I honestly have a date."

"Red lightning, what?" A float up and just higher, he aims his ring at Glimpse, "Smile for me, kiddo." He says loudly, insta-profile for the Justice League database if she complies, face shot or not.

A blink and then she stares off into the distance, "Hall of Justice…" She nods her head and then looks up at him with a blink before she smiles brightly and he'll get a good shot. She then waves, "Have fun, if they have food at the Hall of Justice, I'm there!" She then looks around and then blinks, "Oh, there it is." And she's just…gone. A blue and yellow blur of lightning and speed and Glimpse is heading to see this Sam.

"They do… " Like that the woman is off and Jordan stares after her. A small grin appearing, he really does not like Sam. They'll have fun figuring this one out. An exhale and the Green Lantern ascends quickly, the information gathered on Glimpse is sparse but he figures if he found her once like this, odds are they can find her again.

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