Wrappers Are Less Nutritious

February 24, 2018:

Glimpse encounters Witchdoctor and She-Hulk in a chance encounter. Hal crashes the picnic.


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Central Park, late afternoon. People are going around, having fun, and enjoying some semi mild weather. One person in particular has taken up a picnic table in an open area that is covered in food. She has a pile of hot dogs, hamburgers, 4 pizzas, and various snacks. The girl looks very excited about this.

Glimpse looks it over and then frowns, "Not sure how I am supposed to use the money to eat everyday if all the money went to this food…" She hmms and then shrugs as she all but inhales a hamburger.


Witchdoctor was no stranger to the concept of enjoying this world's food. It was so much better and more fulfilling than it had been where she'd came from, but the pile of treats that Glimpse was indulging in? Well, that was a bit excessive even to the Witch's taste. Herself out and enjoying the park, the blonde woman was once more dressed in her 'practical' outfit which at least drew slightly less eyes than her 'Witch gown', her parasol held lightly over one shoulder as she made her way through the space.

Inevitably her gaze is drawn towards the one-woman-picnic and she raises an eyebrow, drawing closer. "Your friends stand you up?" she muses lightly.


Looking up in confusion, the girl finishes the hamburger and shakes her head, "I don't have friends…except maybe the Green Lantern!" She nods her head, "He was really nice to me."

She then blinks, "Oh and maybe Miss Moreau and her drinkers of tea!" She nods her head before then leaning forward, "Were they supposed to show up?!" She looks distant, "Oh no, I don't have enough food…"


A blink, Alyse actually tilts her head. "Green Lantern?" she repeats before chuckling softly. Truly it was a small world sometimes. Even so, she looks back at the collection of edible treasure that Glimpse had gathered while one hand absently twirls the parasol over her shoulder with a twist of her fingers at the handle. "You intend to eat all this yourself? That is…impressive."


A look at Alyse and Glimpse blinks in confusion at this, "Yes?" She considers before looking at a hotdog and grinning as she picks it up and pulls back the paper wrapping. She points at the wrapper, "You are not supposed to eat the wrapper ya know." She nods her head before considering the table and then hmming, "You can have some I suppose." She nods her head, "And I am called Glimpse."


"There you are!" A loud shout from ABOVE, the skies over the park. "Hold still, seriously. I'll come to you again." Jordan the Green Lantern's voice carries down, his last encounter with Glimpse has him prepared this time and he is clueless once more to it that right there is Alyse. The landing the man displays is shy of magnificent, uniformed as he is the touch down on heel to toe and hes slow jogging to a stop by both of them.

"Glimpse right?" He asks, walking towards them as though hes all business, this is important and nothing else matters. Just because that is often how Hal operates.

"Hey, cute blonde friend." He says offhandedly not skipping a beat to carry on, "So, you are needed. This whole speedy thing you do." Maybe if he pays closer look he'll realize he /knows/ the woman with Glimpse.


"Cute bl-" Alyse begins before the Witch lowers her parasol, closing it with a snap and tilting her head to the side. A clearing of her throat comes towards the lantern before she crosses her arms at her stomach under her bust. "What speedy thing?" The newest invited party (or one of) to the league didn't wear a mask, but at least she knew enough not to call the man by his real name when he landed. "Alyse," she finally offers both in introduction to glimpse and perhaps prompt for the lantern. "I had been told the wrappers were less nutrious, yes."


It is afternoon in Central Park on a particularly mild day. Glimpse has set herself up at a picnic table with a pile of burgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and snacks. She is sitting there having finished a couple of things. Alyse aka Witchdoctor, is standing nearby with her parasol and none other than the Green Lantern just landed and walked up.

Glimpse gasps at this new arrival. She stares and then gets a little shakey, "He did show up!" She looks at Alyse, "He did!" She then whines a little and looks to Green Lantern with a frown, "I am sorry, I didn't know you were coming and I did not bring you food."

She then blinks and stares, "Wait, you need my help?"


"I did? Why, what?" The green masked Lantern gives Glimpse a confused look before the parasol's closure *SNAP* triggers a further look over at Alyse, the throat clearing only making her look that more memorable and 'haughty' in his eyes, which adds to the familiarity.

"Oh hell! It's you… " A wide grin appears across Jordan's features, "I am terribly sorry about that, I mean, not terribly but maybe a smidge." Fingers rise up as if on example, gloved and squishing the air to indicate 'tiny' amount.

"Green Lantern, we met, we're meeting again." He doesn't elaborate on Alyse, secret identities and all but…

"Glimpse, here, yes, I do actually, some eggheads at STAR Labs asked me if I would track you down. Your uh particular 'type' is popular right now."

A lingering pause follows Hal and his hands find his hips, "Uh… yeah. I really feel like I just interrupted something."


"And to think I was wandering just how much you had to drink last…" Alyse begins before trailing off with a shake of her head. She should hardly risk spreading accidental rumor about Green Lantern and a drinking habbit for the sake of errant banter. "It is me," she says simply with a nod of her head before looking back at Glimpse. "So he did. Perhaps you will have to share after all? Although it sounds like it's not quite a picnic being sought."

Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, is jogging through the park. There is no shame in her 'Game'. Massive ponytail swings high, dark green hair swaying with every impact of feet clad in custom sized tennis-shoes as she jogs down winding paths of Central Park, the Fit Bit glanced for readings of heart rate, miles, calories burned, as if she cared.

Green skinned, the only true visibility of such is her face that still flushes in her push of speed to finish this and enjoy a vendors massive tray of nachos she can smell so bad… She can already taste them! Creepy or not, the circle nearby the Trio, as well as vulturing around the vendor, is She-Hulks path, only stopping when her wrist band beeps loudly!

Looser fit 'Yoga' pants hang in a silvery gray, torso covered in a loose, off-the-shoulder workout shirt of gray, where beneath straps of purple leotard in the purple and silver beneath.

"I could eat you… and your entire cart." She-Hulk states as she approaches the vendor, whose eyes went from wary to wide! Even if she laughs. "Kidding, calm… Please.." A smirk as a curious look is headed the trios way, and the 'Uniform'.

"Take it as a compliment." A wink to the vendor and from a pocket, money is exchanged for… Literally a tray of Nachos.
R *Crunch* "You know them?"

Stunned silence.

"Great convo, maybe later." A pat to his cheek, maybe a smudge of cheese sauce left behind, and here comes She-Hulk their way!


A smile at Alyse and the girl nods, "Oh good." She then looks back over to him with a confused look, "My type?" She then scratches her head, "Umm, what is my type and what do I do?" She then suddenly stops.

There is a sudden flicker as her shoulders glow under the jacket she wears which seems to be getting tattered. At the same time the cargo pants she wear rip a little at her thigh as she glows there, too. A blur of yellow lightning and blue blurs to in beside She-Hulk and the girl goes, "Wow! You're big and green!"


"The answer to that is usually never enough, at least lately." Hal says to Alyse, quieter that the conversational tone. "Not so much I forgot anything about you though, like the invite to the clubhouse." That is likewise quiet but then he is looking past her, staring openly at the jogging green woman.
"Not something you see everyday." He remarks, "Or at least I haven't recently… on Earth… " Upwards inflection makes the Lanterns voice chane tone.

"Your type, yes, a speedst…. seriously don't run… off." A sigh. Hal watches her and looks to Witchdoctor, "You know her beyond passing? IF so it would be a great help to get her to sit still for at least five minutes. At the very least."

Clearly hes not the only one momentarily distracted by the emerald giantess.


Well…a big green woman in jogging wear was coming their way, as Glimpse helpfully pointed out. The witch actually blinks a little and stares herself. No tusks, the ears weren't quite right, so she wasn't a fey or an orc…or at least if she was she was a poor shapechanger. "Huh," she comments softly, remaining standing where she is. "Truely all sorts come out when the sun shines."


It is not normal that 'Costumes' land and linger without pen, pictures, paper, paparazzi, or torches and pitchforks… Unless it is a mutual gathering.

Blame Hal for the assumption on She-Hulk's part as reason to join them, but the show of Glimpse has Jen smiling, the tray of her meal held to the side upon her palm as she /leans/ down and smiles towards Glimpse with a hand upon lightly bent knees.

"Something wrong with that?" She-Hulk asks, but the smile remains genuine towards Glimpse as the tray is swung beside them in offering of corn chips 'Covered and Smothered', taking up her own with the offering /tilt/.

Eyes are a vibrant green as they rise to Witchdoctor and Hal, one brow rising but the smile does not fade. "Forgive me. Je — She-Hulk." Other hand offered towards Glimpse while she rises back to full height but leaves the tray lowered for her to have at!

"And you?" But not only Glimpse gets the question, so does Jordan and Witchdoctor.


"Truly." Jordan remarks with a grin at She-Hulk, "Nice to meet you. You're uh, well, not crashing anything. I suppose my business can wait as its only semi-official." He clears his throat, looking from Alyse to Glimpse then to the lawyer.

"To point out the obvious this is on the side of awkward. I mean, not in a bad way. I just had an intention that is now entirely off course."

"You're in to /the/ gig, right, She-Hulk? Still or retired or… "


With Witchdoctor's outfit, she looks more like she'd escaped some private academy (which wasn't -that- far from the truth!) rather than any sort of heroine, but the blonde woman touches her hand to her chest in indication of introduction.

"Witchdoctor," she offers lightly, looking back to the woman with the green complexion and her horde of nachos. "It seems you are in good company where hunger is concerned Glimpse."


A swift blink and She-Hulk is more focused on the fact that her dinner has been mostly stolen in a quick manner, lifting her tray after the assault to /almost/ covet it behind a Green wall of Fort Knox.

… Hungry…

The trio's words took a moment to recognize and piece through when a limp smothered chip is lofted, the smothered and soggy morsel eaten, giving her time to respond, though Glimpse's show of her own food changes the demeanor massively! "Share, and share alike.." Right? Right.

"Glimpse, fitting name, how fast have you been clocked?"

Hal's words now getting him a look as she passes and sets her tray on the table beside Glimpse's own Picnic Spread'. To share, after all. "Green Lantern, correct?" A pivot and She-Hulk is seating herself on the table top of the picnic bench to face them all.

Witchdoctor is nodded to in acknowledgement, but recognition? Would the Attorney for Supers' have seen them before? That is what She-Hulk is trying to gather to memory for Glimpse and Witchdoctor.

Jordan, as Green Lantern is known openly, obviously. "Can't I be *both*?" In response to Hal, but her pause has her looking over Glimpse's spread of food.

"I am back on both fronts. What time better than now?" A question as she picks up a finger food (to her) and eats.

"If I interrupted though. I can carry on?"


"So, all right." Hal says in that carrying tone. "Witchdoctor, Glimpse and She-Hulk."

"I guess as this is an official, we're using our fancy names kind of gathering I can speak a little more clearly. I mean, right out here in the open and all… " A hesitant chuckle and the man's rubbing the back of his neck with a gloved hand.
"Glimpse, a speedster, is a possible key for us in to tracking down another speedster. I say us because… " A tip of his chin towards Witchdoctor, "I'm trying to sponsor her and you, She-Hulk, well, you're not exactly an unknown."

"Justice League business." Hal adds with a nonchalant flip / wave.

"This, right here, this is also why I do not do this kind of thing. There are much better qualified people."
"No, no interruption, seriously, no time like the present." The Lantern insists.


"Well…this is hardly the most subtle of meetings," Alyse comments, the Witch chuckling to herself again lightly before tilting her head to the side. Official business had Hal here, but she didn't know what new developments had occurred. Color the Witch curious! Even with Hal's talk of no interruptions, the blonde woman bends at the picnic table to retrieve herself a slice of pizza before straightening up, taking a bite even as she makes a raise of her brow to prompt him to say more.


A wag of finger at Witchdoctor and She-Hulk waits until she is done chewing like a 'proper lady' before speaking. "After what you speak of is when I… Did Not… Retire."

A pointed glance is cast Green Lantern's way in his semi-awkward motion before he mentions the League. Now the two have her full inspection… Attention! Though She is far more subtle in the manner, especially while looking over the gathered offerings.

"I can stop being who I am just as much as the next." She-Hulk states to them all, now while she opts for silence and to listen.


Meanwhile, while they all chatted, Glimpse was just back sitting at the table chewing through food. She is almost like some kind of mad vacuum destroying flavor town! She just tears into one thing after the next before she blinks and then raises a hand, "Oh, sorry." She grabs something to wipe her mouth (luckily it is a napkin) and then says, "Father said I could go faster than the speed of sound." She nods her head, "At least."

She then looks down at some more and begins to go that way before saying, "One day I might be even faster than the FLash."

She then looks up and nods before looking to Hal, "What do you need though, Green Lantern?" She then looks distant a moment and hmms, "No signal out here…" She shrugs and then goes back to eating.


"You want subtle? Go for uh… one of those other guys. This is always more fun." The man adds with another of those short lived smiles, Hal's heels become an anchor for him and he teeters back, looking left and right as if hunting down Glimpse again, she is there and not… annoying.

"Also very glad you haven't retired, we can always use the added help. Great taste in color a perk." She-Hulk gets tossed at her.

"Faster than the Flash? Hah, fat chance, but who knows. Thats just… thats like saying Cheetahs one day grow stripes. I dunno, at least you're ambitious." Not that he really knows Glimpse's capabilities anyways.

"We can eat, make nice with one another then I have to take you to STAR Labs, get you to fill out some paperwork and they want to run some tests." A mutter under his breath about his job, duties and the rest of the League.


Another bite of her pizza and the Witch just chuckles, even with her mouth full. At least she put her hand up in front of her lips, right? For Glimpse's words? She'd only seen the Flash once, then felt first hand the speed that Zoom possessed. It was certainly a lofty goal if ever she'd heard one.


The words about subtle in a mutter by Lantern, has She-Hulk's watch narrowing. This is definitely the epitome of 'Come And Get Some', if she has ever displayed it.

Leather, fingerless gloves moan beneath the long sleeves of her loose fitted top, a fist curled and opened while they exchange introductions. "Jennifer Walters. She-Hulk. Attorney for Rights - Civil, Criminal, Corporate… Traffic?" A glance towards Glimpse and her lean is adjusted to prop a foot upon the bench where she 'should' be seated. "Obviously who or what you are is the last of /My/ concerns."

Hal and Witch both are regarded. "I didn't get to pick the color, but I am partial." In regards to her green tone and his remark, the slow grin forming before she piles some nachos on a slice of pizza.


A blink at what She-Hulk does with nachos and the girl pouts, "Oh, that's a good idea. I should have tried that…" She then blinks and looks over at Hal before she twitches, "You want ot run tests on me in a lab?" She then shifts her gaze to the side and considers, "Not sure that that's a good idea…" She nods her head, "I want to help but you don't want to…" She squints at him, "Hurt me, right?" She nods her head a little as if encouraging confirmation.

She then looks over at She-Hulk again and then looks down at her food as she picks up a hamburger and begins to eat. She looks back up at Hal and peers at him as she wolfs down the hamburger, "No hurting."


Hal looks at Alyse, the woman chuckle gets a tilt upwards of that strong chin.

"A lawyer? Thats… thats kind of scary. Never seen an attorney quite like you. Progressive of this day and age, I got to say that at least." He offers up. It has been a few years for him since he made himself familiar with a lot going on Earthside, mutants, metas, aliens, its always ugly mix of affairs met with tons of ignorance and bigotry.

"Not at all going to hurt you. We're the good guys, remember?" A thumb to his chest and the Lantern logo in the center of it.

"Hell, if you need, you got a lawyer right here, she can even look over the paperwork." Yeah, he really did just volunteer the green giant.

"Witchdoctor, back me up. Justice League, we're here to help." A poster in the making.

Jordan isn't eating like them though, no, hes standing there looking out of place as She-Hulk, uniformed, green and arms folded. At least shes got the casual wear thing going on unlike him.


With a slice of pizza still in her mouth and suddenly prompted as she is, the blonde witch blinks a little before shrugging her shoulders and then raising a hand with a 'thumbs up', her currently chipmunk-like expression of her face with her food full didn't exactly have Alyse looking her usual dignified (or Haughty as Hal would put it) self. Not the best 'glamour picture' for the league recruit.

A look at Hal and then at Witchdoctor and the girl nods, "Ok." She then downs several more pieces of food and there just seems to be no place for the food to go and she still inhales it. She looks down at what food is left and then up at Hal, "What am I gonna be doing?" She asks and tilts her head, "How can I help?" She hmms and peers at him questioningly.


"Actually, I hadn't thought of that." Hal grins at Alyse once more, "I really only showed up for Glimpse there but if i can swing it right, I drop them off at STAR Labs, they speed test and run some scans on our speedy pal here." A pause, a look to She-Hulk, "That is if you're coming along, I mean, I am all insisting you're in this and want to help. Really… Just…

Train of thought back in ordr after his white eyes unfocused in that mask, "Really, yeah, it's time I take you to the Hall and show you that thing I mentioned before." The stars, the secret part of it. Witchdoctor at this point in time is technically now a prospective member, he's laid that out.

"Right now though, we do nothing, we eat. Let everyone settle a moment, I get all this done and I go find something to punch because seriously… I am not the poster child for the Justice League, that is not what I signed on for."


"I will meet you at the hall," the Witch speaks after swallowing her food and licking her fingers clean. "I am not the biggest fan of science labs and testing facilities myself. It is a…sore spot for me." Bowing lightly to the trio, she turns her gaze specifically back to Hal. "I believe you and your people have my number, but I am simply returning to my suite for a while." With that, the woman lifts one hand to wave her fingers in farewell and then her physical form disappears in a rush of swirling golden lights.

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