Supply Routes

February 25, 2018:

Lorna and Darcy discuss the possibility of getting more intel on SHIELD's warehouses.

Supply Depot in Genosha


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Lorna was at the supply depot outside of the Spire, a tablet of the various supplies that had 'come in' remained in the palm of her hand. Acolytes played security outside, as they always did. The green haired mutant had gotten the stolen supplies from Pietro and Wanda, had handed out a good amount of them already… but there was a good deal (several warehouses worth) that the twins had stolen from SHIELD. Darcy's list had come in handy. Especially with the hold ups from the UN in regards to the Stark supplies.
The green haired woman was using everything she could to help the people of Genosha. Both by the books and off it. And she couldn't feel even the least bit sorry for it.

Lorna wore her increasingly usual outfit as she went around the island. A tank top, loose fitting, and a pair of knee length cargo pants dotted with various metal odds and ends and pockets. So many pockets. Over her shoulder hovered the drone 'Rolly' as Stark had given her. It was still doing increasing more and more barrel rolls.


SHILED supplies. Darcy was intimately familiar with the coding and the labeling and the way teh crates opened and sealed and all of this. Having so much was not what she was expecting, but she was happy in that this meant people in Genosha were going to get some much needed relief. She was not at all upset at how the goods were procured.

"…and this last crate are first aid things," Darcy calls out, having used her own tablet's supply logistics app (because this was a SHIELD tablet which Darcy stole on her way out) to help her track and monitor everything this warehouse had. She makes her way toward Lorna, squeezing herself around some crates. Swimsuit top and highwaisted denim short shorts. So much better than trying to do this in a pencil skirt and heels.


Lorna grinned over at Darcy, "Good. I think the native Genoshans will be more at ease with the advanced medical supplies in those crates than the mutant refugees. They had things on a similar level before. So we'll have to make a note of that for the medics." She typed a few notes to herself on her own tablet. She had never bothered with them before, too expensive and likely to get fried if she got pissed.. But here on Genosha? Here were mutants with technological powers that ensured her electronics didn't die horrible deaths.

It was nice.

"I think these should do well here in Hammer Bay. I don't plan to share them with Carrion Cove. I'll send the Stark supplies there and here instead. Those are the public ones. I'll make sure to intersperce them as evenly as I can." She murmured, green eyes lifted to Darcy and she came over to the other woman, to peer around at the crates.

"How long do you think these will last?"


"I'll make a note of that dispersement plan," Darcy replies, voice even and crisp and professional. This was one of the things that Darcy DID, supply logistics. She's already starting to make note of how much of each things needs to get given to reach medical teams in which sector of Hammer Bay.

"At current rate of violence, a month; tops. If we can get even a weekend without something exploding, these might stretch further," Darcy informs. Because again, this is part of the Job. Tracking usage trends to stay ahead of the moment of depletion so that new supplies are in and being distributed just as the previous stock was starting to run out.

"Of course, if there are any major spikes of activity at any time, depending on the number injured what we have here isn't going to last the week."


Lorna sighed, leaning back against a crate and dragging a hand over her features. "We just have to take out the Magistrates and Zealot to ensure less violence, yeah?" She laughed weakly and grimaced, looking down at her tablet morosely. She grimaced and steeled her expression again more firmly. Green eyes lifted back to Darcy and she pursed her lips.

"I hate to ask it, you've already put so much on the line for Genosha.. But do you have any other possible sources I might pass along? They did what I asked. Zero casualities. In and out. No weapons." Her brows furrowed, "And I know you've been away.. but any guesses? Thoughts?" She dragged her hands through her hair, and crossing her legs as she settled.

"Or any other pressures that I can try on the UN?"


"That would be a start, yeah," Darcy replies, a smirk on her lips for Lorna's weak laugh. Darcy's chin lifts as Lorna hates to ask, and yes Darcy's put everything on the line, and yet, this is what needs to be asked.

"I can head back stateside later today, see if my remote log in still works, and see what supplies are being shuffled where. And… I'll double-agent. It'd put me here less, but if I have full access to my work station again, I'll be able to get you more up to date information, facilities to hit and so forth," Darcy offers, not wanting to leave her friend but not wanting to have done less than everything she could. The news that Lorna's agents didn't hurt anyone in SHIELD to extract the supplies had Darcy smiling softly. She didn't know who these agents really were. Best, maybe, that she didn't ever learn who they are.

"There's the main Triskelion itself. I could draw maps of that place from memory, but security will be very tight," Darcy offers now, face serious. May did tall her to kick ass. All in or nothign at all.

"Keep up the humantarian victims here… Have you petitioned the UN for membership?"


Lorna got off the crate, setting the tablet aside as she made to pat Darcy on the shoulder. "I appreciate everything you do for me here, Darcy. You've been my biggest supporter in the work here. You've single handedly managed the supplies and set up for my wedding, the baby, and even supplies for the refugees and mutates here. I can't thank you enough." She murmured, her lips tugging into a faint smile.

"Do what you think is right. I'll be okay. Aurora and I will be okay." She pressed her hand against her stomach, gently and felt the spark of power that radiated there in a comforting way.

"I don't want to hit the main place. There's too much risk. Do what you can otherwise." She let her hand fall away and shook her head slightly at the askance about the UN.

"They won't accept it while we're at war with the Magistrates. Until the island is secure, the UN has been shoving their heads up their asses and claimed their hands are tied. It's why the efforts to get supplies has been so difficult."


Darcy smiles, reaching up to put her hand over Lorna's.

"There are just days I wish that I could do more," admits the normal human, smiling as Lorna puts a hand on stomach.

"I like the name." Slight long pause. "I'm still caling her Lodestone." Slightly shorter pause. "I'll order all the spinning wheels in the country burned down to ash and the ash ground into a fine dust and that dust hauled away to Africa." Because that makes sense if you watch Disney.

"Way too much risk, I agree. But it's a possibility. I think going in and trying to devert supplies is now the best thing I can do. Your supply teams here are capable of working with minimal supervision. I can supply that with pop inspections every few days, and audits once a week; random days. We dont' need anyone thinking they can pinch some off the top," Darcy replies before pursing her lips at the UN thing.

"Typical. Who's your UN Liason?"


Lorna snorted and laughed, shaking her head at the mention of the burning all the spinning wheels. "There's no evil fairies threatening her safety. Though for the record, lets make sure to invite them to the wedding and put out some plates for them, yeah?" She grinned, following along with joke about Disney Princesses.

Still, as Darcy continued Lorna stepped back, considering her words. It was difficult to process where to go from here. How best to keep things as below the radar as possible for her friend.

"Doctor Huxley is the liason. She's the blonde that comes into Council meetings from time to time. Also the one that put the video up with the whole assasination attempt on me. She's tricky. Always trying to play spin doctor. I don't get her motivations."


That her Disney reference was not only noticed, byt that it was understand and followed made Dracy happy. She smiled brightly, nodding and moving to make that note in the wedding plans.

Now, Darcy really was going to do that. Somewhere there will be hints to the fairy-folk of legend and myth. Some soft bells. A mirror. A small table setting. The right wild flower petal set loose into the wind at dawn the morning of… Darcy may have studied them when studying up on Norse mythology. Reserach rabbit holes are fun to fall down.

"If you can't get her motives, she's the wrong liason. Can her ass, fast. And replace her with someone you know will listen to you and to the needs of Genosha. Someone with the know-how to work the political scene and the single minded determination of getting what's best for Genosha. If you can read that she's tricky, then you can bet your ass the rest of the UN delegations are seeing the same thing. That could be adding to the slow shit down. They wont send supplies and aid to places were the liason is tricksy. Maybe contact the Red Cross. They are restricted sometimes as well, but they and the Methodist Church often has better response times than the typical government agency."


Lorna resettled on top of a crate, thinking over all the ways that the wedding was approaching and fast. How little time they had before Aurora would be brought into the world and how much needed to be done in Genosha until then. It was dizzing, and she was sure to fall into a manic phase before long. Her father already was in one, she could tell by how much she'd seen of him.

"No can do. It's Magneto's word on her. She's playing whatever game he's working on I think. Otherwise she wouldn't be here. I'm only one voice on the council. And because it's Magneto? The UN will continue to be resitrictive. I know plenty of countries that were against giving him power here." She dragged a hand through her hair and grimaced.

"I can try to contact the Red Cross, but they've got a checkered past in discrimination. They helped Nazis after the war, and I know Magneto is well aware of it. We have to worry about the embargo that the UN put on us here. Which is frustrating to say the least. The Maria Stark foundation is working to get through, but it might be a while. But if they can force it, it might open other channels."


That the current liason is Magneto's puppet has Dracy rolling her eyes.

"Of course she is. Fine. Then put it to Daddy-Metalbutt that his liason needs to steps up her game," Darcy retorts, frowning at the Red Crosses' past. She chewing on the inside of her cheek, a nervous habit of thought.

"Stark's got the money to throw at it. It might work, but as you said. Time's a concern. Can't have it be too late." The frustration is clear on Darcy's face too, but she turns the frustration into typing a note on her tablet.

"I'll see if there are any other ways. I'd rather keep things above board. I chatted with a reporter friend of mine last time I was State-side. I was hoping he'd jump on the humantarian crisis bandwagon, but whatever.."


Lorna nodded, "I'll see if I can snag him to talk about the council and moving things forward with the UN if possible. I doubt it will change things. I've played with a few different ideas, but its the court of public opinion we'll have to sway to get sympathy for Genosha at large. Its hard though, with states toying with the Registration act, and anti-mutant sentiment.. There must be some mutant rights organizations some where that we could channel. Maybe some countries that are more sympathetic or liberal in their views for mutants." She wrinkled her nose. None came to mind.

"I'd rather keep things above board too. Not need to push the envelope if we don't need to. Perhaps make some formal pleas for supplies and see if they don't end in a tangle of red tape."


Mutant Right Organizations. Liberal countries. None of this is any different than trying to find sympathy for the LGBTQ community. Hell. Darcy should probably talk to them. Similar mission statements, only a change in identifier. Mutant instead of Bi or Lesbian or Gay or Trans. A light grin comes to her face. Wasn't there a Congress Woman with some LGBTQ support?

"I think I know an angle. But yes. Make a formal plea."


Lorna grinned, "Good. I hope that we can manage something, you're the one that's good with social media. Right? People keep saying I'm supposed to be the sympathetic one in this family. That the baby, and the wedding make me look human. Make me look like a normal person. Lets use that. I hate being in the spotlight, but if it gives us an edge in this, then I'll use it." She murmured softly, her voice sharp with the consideration. Lorna was perhaps a more shrewd politician than she gave herself credit for.

"Maybe we can get something then." She gestured to the supplies around them. "If needed we'll go below. I'm not above doing whatever is necessary for my people."


"Your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are ready and waiting. All you have to do is find the rhetoric and start posting. Keep things short, keep things current, keep things relevant to your situation in the now. I'm ready to follow after your first post and I'll be sharing it across all my social medias," Darcy replies. Because this is what she had been saying in the begining, but Lorna was reluctant so Darcy never pulled hte trigger.


A strained laugh at that, yes Darcy had brought it up previously. Perhaps Lorna was learning. A hand dragged through her hair as she leaned back and grabbed the tablet, settling it on her lap.

"I'll figure out something to get out there. Thank you, Darcy." She smiled weakly and exhaled a long, heavy sigh as she closed her eyes briefly. "In the meanwhile, let me know if there's anything else that you can think of."

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