Baby Names

February 25, 2018:

Marcos and Lorna discuss baby names for little Aurora's middle name. And paint a nursery. Warnings for PDA and sugary cuteness.

Genosha, Lorna's suite


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The day was wet and stormy. A small island storm. Still, it meant that Lorna was staying inside for once. In her suite of rooms that were down right palacial. More rooms than she honestly knew what to do with. But for the moment, one of them was being carefully converted into a proper nursery. It was splashed with blues, purples, and pinks, greens and other colors of the Aurora. Pastles reigned supreme, though it was clear there wasn't any particular color favored over the others.

But right at the moment, Lorna was content to direct a paint brush with a wave of her hand. A looping, cursive word spelled out "Aurora" along the center of the wall over the crib.

A radio played off to one side as she listened idly to some rock station from the states. (Amplifiers were useful and Genosha had plenty of tech for something that small).


Marcos and Lorna had just finished that cradle too…but Lorna insisted that she do the name, so Marcos busied himself elsewhere after stealing a kiss from the love of his life. He seems to be clearing out a space for the baby. Though while it would still be a solid amount of time before the baby was born, Marcos liked to keep ahead of the curve, moving things from point A to point B….and it's a wonder why Marcos isn't in home living or working interior design.

Alas, he eventually takes a break after he gets one of the televisions working after he pulled it from a junk heap a few days ago, and he high fives himself. Oh yes he does. Then? He walks into Lorna's area, sitting down right behind her, arms wrapped around her waist as he sees her handiwork.

"Our Aurora." he rubs her stomach juust slightly.


The TV had not been approved of by either Lorna or the Acolytes. The Spire had more technological marvels than Lorna was used to living with, even as an X-man. There were holographic projectors her father worked with. Robots that cooked meals for her and Marcos, for the dinners when her father was lost in manic focus on some project. There were drones— the one that Tony Stark gifted her for starters.

Still, the rest was more than a little welcome. The little additions for the nursery only made Lorna feel better about how much they still needed to get done. A wedding.. which.. should be within the next few weeks. It was shocking how soon that would be.

Still, green eyes glanced back as Lorna chuckled at Marcos as his hands wrapped around her waist. "It is our Aurora. Jean… I appreciate her looking and telling me. Without having to go for more tests.."


Even if it wasn't approved, Marcos just wanted a TV. Besides, with all this highly advanced technology, it was nice to have a few things that reminded him of normality. He keeps his arms around Lorna then, kissing the back of her neck as they were treated like a prince and princess of the House, which they were. Alas…

Marcos looks at the writing that Lorna's done, nuzzling his head right by Lorna's as he snuggled into her. "Jean did us a big solid…Here I was thinking I'd have to barely contain myself watching you get pricked by needles over and over…" a deep sigh then, but he kisses her cheek then.

"We're gonna have a family." he says, STILL in disbelief, before he looks Lorna right in those beautiful eyes. "I love you, Lorna Sally Dane."


Lorna laughed softly, twisting in his arms to wrap her own around him. She arched a green eyebrow upwards, and couldn't help the smile that pulled at her lips as a result of his oh so romantic behavior. His just being him. She tilted her head back, running her fingers over his cheek. "I don't think it's the end of the tests Marcos, but it's just one less." She murmured softly, reaching for his hand and dragging it to her stomach gently.

"I love you too, babe." She grinned, leaning in to peck him on the cheek. "And I know you're going to love our daughter too. We'll have a family. The three of us. And we'll be safe. Our daughter will grow up without ever being scared for who she is. Or what she is. She'll have both of us.. Together."


Marcos smiles as Lorna twisted in his arms, her arms wrapping around him makes him just smile so wide at her…the way that she was feeling so much more romantic towards him lately. A part of him thinks this is just the side effects that include the 'joys of being a mother'. Alas, he keeps her close to him as she rubs her fingers along his cheek and jaw. "Of course…but even still.." his hands are easily pulled towards her stomach so he could feel.

He's kissed on the cheek and he steals a quick kiss from her lips…then another…thten another. He smiles though. "I will. More than anything, I will. She'll never experience what we did…she'll never be alone." he holds her close then.

"You both are my dreams made real."


Lorna laughed softly as he kissed her, shaking her head and sending green hair flying about, a wave of her hand making the paint brush stop it's careful strokes finally and settle down in the paint tray. Her other hand lingering on the line of his jaw. "I know. You'll be a great father…" Her good humor, her smile, her warmth faded like a cloud settling over the sun.

Her brows furrowed faintly. "I'm just.. not sure how I'll be.. if I'm being honest.." She whispered, and looked down. Her breath escaped her in a soft rush, her shoulders slowly slumping lower.


Marcos laughs a little bit as Lorna laughs, the sound of joy evident from where they were. Truthfully, 99 percent of the time, it really was Marcos and Lorna vs. the world. Though it was great that they had found help with the X-Men and old friends…and this situational alliance with Magneto. But they both wanted a place where mutants can be free. Lorna's words that he'll be a great father causes Marcos to smile big and wide, looking her right in the eyes as she caresses his jaw and leaves her hand there…

But his smile fades with Lorna's.

"Lorna…from all you've experienced, from all you've learned, You'll be a fantastic mother. I know it." his forehead touches hers then.


Lorna lifted her eyes as he leaned in, his forehead against her own. Her lips pursed together, and she seemed to struggle for words for a long time. "I've learned to fight Marcos. How to use my powers to take out buildings. How to stop Sentinels. Or how to handle a Danger Room scenario. Battle fields tatics. I'm learning international affairs and laws to help Genosha.. I have a degree in geo-physics. No where in there does it say how to be a good mother.. Marcos." She shook her head, eyes slipping shut as she inhaled slowly and exhaled.

"I killed my own mother when I was a toddler, Marcos. I don't know how to be a good mother. I don't even know how to be a good daughter. How a family should work…"


Marcos looks at her as she tells him that alll she's learned how to do is damage with a good-sized deal of knowledge of how her powers work with a healthy helping of geo-physics. That said, Marcos eventually sighs a moment, looking at her. "I was thrown out of my home and I ran with a Cartel gang for a good portion of my life. Much that I've been doing lately has been a high though, so I don't really know how to be a father either." he teases her softly, but he hugs her close.

"It's just something we'll figure out for ourselves….I hear it's more an instinctual thing instead of factual knowledge…" he whispers softly.


Another sigh pulled from her lips as Lorna listened to his words and bit back the urge to grimace. "But you've always been an optimist.." She grumbled, even as he tugged her closer into his arms and she leaned heavily into his embrace. Her chin resting on his shoulder.

"How are we going to balance rebuilding a country and raising a kid? How am I going to be able to be .. whatever I am with the X-men? I can't be like my father… abandoning my kid for some war.. But I can't leave that entirely either.." She wrapped her arms once more around his shoulders, clinging to him as she pressed her features against the fabric of his shirt. Her voice faintly muffled as she remained there and simply held onto him.


Marcos just looks at Lorna as she calls him the optimist, which was true, a perfect counter-balance to Lorna's more…pessimistic nature. Alas, he feels like he's rubbing off on her! Even just a little bit. He holds her close to her as she nuzzles back into his embrace.

"I haven't the slightest idea….but that's one of the joys of a family, of parenthood, isn't it? We won't do what our parents did to us. I promise you." he says as her words are muffled into his shirt, he holds her tightly against him.

"We'll figure it out…we'll wing it." he says that last bit with more humor than anything, trying to get her to smile.


Lorna tilted her head back, and swatted him lightly. "Low bar there. Not doing what our parents did. Lets see. My birth father had my mind wiped and powers blocked till I was older. And abandoned me for years. And my adoptive parents forced me to hide my mutations and dye my hair and tried to put me into mental hospitals a few times over. Your parents kicked you out. So… yeah, not doing any of that is a really, really low bar Marcos.." But there was some humor in her voice now. He'd stoked that back into being once more. Pushed back the shadows as they crept up into her mind. Shadows of doubt and anxiety that always lurked. Just waiting for a chance to push her back into a low.

A green eyebrow vaunted upwards as she considered him again. "Did you ..always want to be a father? When you were younger? Before we met?"


Marcos can't help but chuckle at the words of his fiance, which eventually elevates into a laugh as Lorna started telling him why he set an apparently extremely low bar. A laugh then as he ewatches her with some look of accomplishment. He always had a special kind of way of making her smile. and he loved every second of it.

"Fair point, fair point." he surrenders to her ,but clearly she had a harder childhood than he did. Eyes on her own as she asked her question, he shrugs a moment. "I guess so, yeah…I just always wanted that family. Something real..that I didn't really have." he shrugs then. "But yeah, I've always wanted this. But it didn't become strong until I was the luckiest man in the world and you said yes." he smiles then.


Lorna couldn't stop the answering smile that crossed her expression, her cheeks coloring faintly at his praise. His laughter warmed her as much as his hands could on a cold winter's day and she could only shake her head at him. "Stop that, you're making me blush.. You'll kill my reputation of bad assery you know." She swatted at him lightly, even as she couldn't stop the smile on her lips.

But even then, she reached up and traced her fingers through his hair, combing it back gently. "So, what should be her middle name? She needs to have one of those. We should not do whatever my mother decided would be funny and give her a nickname that spells out a drug name with the initals.. Aurora.. Diaz.. so, A… something D."


Marcos smiles warmly to Lorna as she blushes and starts to smile big and wide for him. He had that affect! and it was something he was -very- proud of. Alas, when she swats him for probably being the downfall of her more cool and collected, punk-rock badass style, he simply laughs. "Sorry, I can't help it." he kisses her nose then teasingly.

Marcos hmmms a moment as Lorna asks him what Aurora's middle name should be, and he seems to purse his lips a little bit in thought. "…I have no idea. umm…how about…Vanessa?"


Lorna wrinkled her nose in a vain show of trying to look as if she disapproved, when in all actuality it was clear that she adored the affection. Marcos knew his prickaly fiance well after all. She rolled her eyes at him, an amused breath escaping her as she drew back to settle on the couch in the room. A soft blue sofa that had just enough space for the two of them on it.

Though the room itself was plenty large, all of Lorna's rooms were.

"Vanessa? Why Vanessa?" She arched a brow upwards, patting the seat beside her. The rain contined its soft patter against the windows outside. "Do you think it has too many 'a' sounds maybe? Aurora Vanessa..?" She tilted her head in thought.


Marcos smiles softly then to her as she tried to look like she disapproved…but likely failed miserably. Alas, Marcos always thought it was cute how she wrinkled her nose at him and gave him -that- look. It's the same look she gives him when he tries to make jokes. Doesn't always work! but hey, what can ya do.

"I haveno idea….thought it was pretty." he admits then with a big smile. But he shrugs then a moment, humming a moment. "Probably….what about Sofia?" he asks then. "It means Wisdom I think? Plus it adds to the beauty of her name….and it does't sound like a drug!


Lorna settled back on the sofa, crossing her legs and leaning back as she watched her fiance smile, hum, and think over the middle name for their baby girl. She loved watching him, no matter what it was that he was doing. Even if she tried to look annoyed, and failed again. Such was life with Marcos and his big smiles that melted her heart. He was too sweet.

"Aurora Sofia Diaz?" She arched a brow, seeming to think about it before she shook her head. "It sounds pretty, but I'll have to think about it. It's a pity none of my friends have a good middle name sounding name. Aurora Jean, Aurora Illyana, Aurora Darcy.." She snorted and shook her head. "None of those work. Never mind that Darcy would make her name ADD.. We're not going down that path.."

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