Benches and Blankets

February 02, 2018:

Monet meets Kara, Morien, Alex, and Nate at the park.

Central Park.

Sitting on 843 acres of public land, Central Park is one of the
most famous sight-seeing spots in New York, and is considered large enough
to have its own police precinct (the Central Park Precinct) dedicated to its
protection. The Park boasts several lakes — all of which have been created
artificially — extensive walking and bridle paths, two ice skating rinks, a
variety of outdoor theater spaces, several playgrounds, and a considerable
collection of whimsical statuary. It is home to Belvedere Castle, the
Carousel, the Central Park Zoo, the Conservatory, and Cleopatra's Needle
(one of three, 70-foot Egyptian obelisks from the Temple of Ra in Helios,
its mates residing in London and Paris).
On the east side corner of Central Park, the Manhattan island zoo
might be considered small for a zoo in such a famous city. The animals in
residence skew toward those that are able to put on shows, perhaps in an
attempt to draw crowds through cute tricks as opposed to variety. Past the
gift shop and the cafe, the largest open space is occupied by a manicured
garden and the slightly raised sea lion tank surrounded by seats and a slate
courtyard. The sides of the tanks are made of thick glass to give visitors
greater visibility into the depths of the water.
Many of the other exhibits, like the penguins and the tropical
birds, are in enclosed buildings to the east and west. Mimicking the feel of
the vast park that surrounds it on three sides, the zoo feels more like a
large green courtyard and meeting space. It is a playground that happens to
have exotic animals living nearby.


NPCs: two eldery women bench stealers



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Fade In…

Having picked out a spot, Monet is lounging under a tree on a blanket before a walkway in the park. Her right leg stretching out in front of her with her left pulled up, knee skyward. She has a textbook propped on her leg while her right hand writes on a notebook. Her eyes are glued to the book for the moment as people pass by. the afternoon sun beats down quietly against the cold that doesn't seem to bother the caramel skinned brunette.

After engaging in a various long and tedious conversation with the one of the hot dog vendors about the recent bad weather, Morien finally receives his hot dog and a fresh cup of coffee. Morien adjusts his backpack and heads towards his favorite bench in the park. Upon arriving at the bench, he grinds his teeth to find that two elderly women have already taken it from him.

Morien peers around the park and then back at the women. He taps his left foot a few times, before walking away from the bench. He puts his book bag down reluctantly a few feet away from Monet. He is still gazing at the bench as he tries to make himself comfortable.
Kara is walking about Central Park, getting fresh air and refreshing exposure to the wonderful, spectacular sun. Just this simple activity gives such an uplifting affect on her spirits. She's dressed casually, if with a bit of a questionable fashion sense. A rather ridiculous off the shoulder black top, thanks to it's weird print, leaving a toned abdomen exposed. Red airy skit, perhaps just a bit too large for her, though it's kept in place by a black belt decorated with golden hoops. Completing the look with quite out of place converse red shoes.

Kara looks a bit lost in thoughts, humming a very unfamiliar tune as she mindlessly walks along the path.
You paged Emma Frost with 'I think I can do two scenes from your tp. One talking with the conservative Congressmen. Hmmm, I am still brainstorming another one.'

Contrarily to the two young women, Nate is not entirely invulnerable to the winter weather, so he wears a battered leather jacket over his regular clothes. Today he is in the city on Xavier School business. First time. And mostly just to help Alex with some mutant-ish business.

Alex is a teacher at Xaviers, so he does student interviews, Nate is… nothing. He just hangs out in Xaviers and drinks their coffee. Yes, he is an X-Men (sometimes!) but he is not a student or faculty or even staff. So he was volunteered to help Alex. Which is okay, really, he likes to keep busy.

Currently the two Summerses just finished an 'interview' with one of those paranoid young mutants that think meeting in the park is a better than an enclosed space. Some kids have an odd idea of what 'security' mean. Xavier should make that a basic course, in his humble opinion.

"So yeah, we should grab some food and head to Mutant Town as there… hey wait, I know that girl," he just spotted Monet. And Kara, who must be a winter-resistant mutant herself.

Alex still has a good bit of adjusting to do, where New York is concerned. The state in general for its winter and the city in particular for its enormity. It is, however, a definite change of scenery from a classroom or a secret basement simulation room, so he'll take it. While most just enjoy the park aspect of the… park, Alex's eyes keep finding the buildings when they come into view.

"Food's a solid plan. All this pretending to be authoritative and know what I'm doing is… eh?" Which girl. It's quite immediately obvious which girl, and Alex furrows his brow and looks back at Nate, "Wait. You know -that- girl? Prove it. And bring me with you."

Monet is in the middle of writing when Morien settles in nearby and she looks up at him. Her eyes go over him carefully and yes, he was just judged/evaluated. After a moment she seems to hmm, shrug and nod as dhe looks back down at her work till Kara is caught in the corner of her eye. Her eyes go over Kara carefully as they did Morien and she tilts her head slightly.

Her evaluation seems similarly pleased for whatever reason as she looks back down. Of course, then she archea an eyebrow and looks up upon hearing Nate speak. Then Apex speaks and she smirks before finally the book is snapped shut with a sigh. "Seems this is done with for now." She nods and, almost like a puppet being pulled up by strings, she gracefully and almost impossibly rises to her feet with her arms stretched above her head. The motion almost seems too natural to be planned and yet tightens her clothes in ways too perfectly to be anything but.

Morien doesn't noticed Monet watching, because he is still fixated on losing his favorite bench. Morien mumbles to himself about how many years he has come here and now he has to sit on the ground. Morien pulls out his data pad and a small blanket from his backpack, and places his food on them. He finally takes notices of his surroundings. His eyes briefly notice Nate, and he casually glances at the people he is with, and the direction he is heading before going back to stroll through his datapad.

Just as Monet catches a glimpse of Kara, so does Kara catches a glimpse of Monet, and her curiosity shoots through the roof at something very odd! Feeling an academic urge to explore this inexplicable connundrum, Kara shifts course and walks directly towards Monet, ignoring the others in the area as she points at the blanket she's lounging upon, "this is to put atop a bed! This is grass, and outside! Not a bed! Why are you putting this blanket here?" She asks, her blue eyes vibrant in their quest for knowledge!

Nate gives Alex an amused glance, then hurries up to meet with the dark-skinned girl. "Monet St. Croix, Alex Summers. He is Scott's brother, but we have forgiven him already," pause, "mostly."

He will skip over the fact he is, genetically, Scott's son. The family resemblance is there for those with good observation skills, though.

Without sunglasses the strange scars around his left eye and temple are plainly visible. He seems about to add something, but Kara's odd statement draws his attention. Uh, right. He will leave to Monet to answer that one.

Huh, well that was more abrupt than expected. Graceful social recovery not among Alex's list of refined talents, he leads with, "Uh…" looks from Monet to Nate, then back. He clears his throat. Eventually he does extend a hand, "Well. Most of them have, anyway. Though I think Scott's Brother is still my official title. Pleased to meet you, Ms. St. Croix."

He has some peripheral awareness of some oddness going on over in Kara's direction, but minimizing awkwardness currently absorbs the majority of his attention

A blink at Kara and Monet tilts her head. Cute enough for sure but Monet thinks of how the brain might match the hair color, "Oh!?" She makes a show of looking down at it, "Yes you're right but how would I know who would want to join me on it if I kept it inside?" She hmms and winks at Kara, "Maybe you want to join me?" She tries real hard not to laugh even as she blinks amd looks at Nate, "Alex?" She hmms and daintly takes his hand before nodding to him, "Monet will do."

Kara has no clue what impression she's given Monet with her behaviour and question, which means she's nothing to get offended about, leaving that happy smile of her in place as she eagerly awaits Monet's explanation of this most fascinating anomaly. "Oh…?" Kara blinks, quite stunned by this revelation, "so this is a mating ritual then?" She tries to ensure she understood the explanation correctly, "instead of at home on your bed, you put a blanket outside, and if a male of the specie joins you, than you can copulate?" Then she's offered to join Monet on the blanket, and starts to blush a little, "is it customary for females to mate with females…?" She asks, utter confusion descending on her.

Nate blinks slowly at Monet's response, but it is Kara's reply what makes him burst laughing. "Good comeback," he decides. Then his eyes narrow at Kara oh-so-eager expression. "Wait, you are serious. Aha, another girl 'not from around here', I suppose." He grins at the blonde, taking a step back and giving her a once over. "Hello. I am Nate, this is Alex, and the blanket lady is Monet."

Offering a tight smile and a nod to Monet's correction, Alex has no follow-up as Kara's line of questioning pretty much absorbs what's left of his attention span. Maybe New York is not so terrible, after all… He sticks with saying nothing for the moment, but does glance about to scan faces for affirmation that things are drifting a bit outside the norm.

Reaching Nate on his list of faces to curiously scan, Alex remembers that certain X-People can just be thought hard at when in need of subtle inquiry. « This just your average run of the mill NYC sort of thing, or is it getting weird in here? »

As Nate just plows forward with more introductions, he repeats the tight smile/nod combination for Kara. He adds a wave and a, "Hi."

Laughing a little, at Kara's expense but it could be taken as simple amusement, Monet saunters closer to Kara. Unless stopped she'll idly raise a hand near to Kara's face s if to caress it but stops short of doing so, "Not too uncommon." She smiles a little before pulling her hand down to instead take Kara's hand and say, "And for you I might." She grins and turns her gaze then to Nate, nodding to him and looking back, "Monet St. Croix. And who are you?"

Kara looks weirdly at Nate when he speaks of a comeback, not sure what did she comeback from, until he eventually introduces himself. "I am Kara," she then looks at Alex and Monet, repeating the same to each, "I am Kara. I am Kara." Then looks back at Nate, "you're right, I'm not from here, I'm from Kansas." Is if that in any way explains her manner of questions. At Alex's 'Hi' she replies the same, "hi!" At least she's bright and cheerful.

Kara looks a bit stressed as Monet moves closer and seems like she's about to caress her cheek, but she doesn't move to stop Monet, nor does she say anything, she just stares like a deer caught in headlights.

"Is that a good thing?" Kara asks Monet when she notes she'll make an exception for her. "He said he was Nate," Kara reminds Monet, as if she forgot.

Kara looks weirdly at Nate when he speaks of a comeback, not sure what did she comeback from, until he eventually introduces himself. "I am Kara," she then looks at Alex and Monet, repeating the same to each, "I am Kara. I am Kara." Then looks back at Nate, "you're right, I'm not from here, I'm from Kansas." Is if that in any way explains her manner of questions. At Alex's 'Hi' she replies the same, "hi!" At least she's bright and cheerful.

Kara looks a bit stressed as Monet moves closer and seems like she's about to caress her cheek, but she doesn't move to stop Monet, nor does she say anything, she just stares like a deer caught in headlights.

"Is that a good thing?" Kara asks Monet when she notes she'll make an exception for her. "Hi Monet St. Croix, I am Kara Zo…errr…" she pauses a moment, what was it? What was it!? Bingo! "Kara Danvers! Like Carol Danvers! Only I'm Kara! Kara Danvers!" Yes, that was quite a remarkable save!

"Kansas, uh? That explains it," Nate is not going to press on, but given his grin he does not believe a word. He projects to Alex « New York can get pretty weird on a good day - but look at this blonde - she doesn't even feel the cold. I bet she is an alien. Reminds me to Starfire. »

"Monet, you…" what can he say? He barely knows the brunette. "It is probably a good thing," he concludes, glancing back to Kara.

Morien puts his blanket inside his backpack as he turns his head more to obviously watched the interaction of Kara and Monet. An amused appears on his face as he recalls an earlier memory, he quickly dismisses the memory as he again glances at the elderly women sitting on his bench. Crossing his arms, he proclaims, "I am going to eat my hot dog and drink my coffee on that bench today. I got. loads of time."

Nodding in agreement with Nate, Alex helpfully affirms, "Yeah, they do stuff different in Kansas," before arching an eyebrow at Nate. « Alien? Like alien-alien? Oh, man, what was that movie… Gorgeous blonde, seduced and ate dudes. Mimic? No… Anyway, I don't register 'Too Hot', and then there's Bobby. »

His mental gymnastics to avoid affirming Alien Suspicion are half-hearted, more due diligence than anything. "What brings you out from Kansas, Ms. Danvers? Work, sight-seeing?"

"Kara Danvers of Kansas?" Monet smiles and nods, "It's a good thing." She nods. Definitely a blonde, she assumes before looking over at Alex and Nate. She seems to enjoy their reactions and being the center of attention before sonething causes her to pause. She looks over at Morien in a confused manner and says, "Umm, it is just a bench."

Kara looks nervous as she's asked more questions by Alex, which sound somewhat like an interrogation, so she takes an awkwward step back, "err, yeah, Kara Danvers of Kansas," she murmurs at Monet, still drifting back, before eventually calling out, "I'm sorry! I'm late to a meeting, I gotta go! Later!"

Morien turns his head to Monet and smiles politely, "My great-grandfather and his friend used to sit in that exact area everyday, when they older. They played chess, and he used to bring me a long most days." Morien pulls out a pair of dog tags. "They were in the 761s division together. His friend died on that bench talking to him. My great-grandfather promised him that he would still take sometime out from his day to come here." Morien shrugs, "I am just keeping up the tradition."

Morien nods, "Time goes by quickly. It is good to take sometime off each day."

Nate nods amused to Kara as the blonde retreats. "For the record," he mentions once the girl is out of sight. "I was never that clueless when I arrived from my… Kansas." And that is possibly telling too much, too. "Hey, Alex," he offers. "I'll meet with you in Mutant Town in 90 minutes, okay? I think I am going to check out a few things before." He nods to the dark-haired young woman, "Monet, laters," He heads out.

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