Rooftop Rendezvous

April 17, 2015:

Star_Sapphire, Nyx and Nitro encounter each other in New York.

New York

A rooftop




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The Angel of Metropolis is doing a stint as the Angel of Manhattan. She zips around and alights on the tallest building bordering Time Square. The Conde Nast building is pretty fancy looking from below and has a nice pad to land on. She cuts her wings there making them vanish into nothing a she settles in to check out the city below. "Man." she mutters.

Star Sapphire dressed in her rather revealing costume (Was there a point to that anyways) is flying over the city of Manhattan, having just answered the call of her ring to aid someone. Yet even after she aided them, far less violently than she had in the past; she still sensed a lost soul in need of help.

Her ring alerted her to the strangeness that was Nyx and not long after the other woman touched down on the rooftop, she was touching down not far behind her.

She intoned her head regally and smilled brilliantly at Nyx asking the other woman, "Are you alright? Something seems to be troubling you."

Below in the streets where Tre was, a young hoodlum had just grabbed an old ladies purse and was running down an alley! Go Nitro Go!

Well Nyx isn't really familiar with the Villianous Star Sapphire, or whatever she is these days. Villian right. Who knows. She does look up at her when she touches down and looks her over. "Oh, tons. Who are you….. wait a second." she holds up one hand then squints down below and her arm reconfigures and glows a brilliant white as energy surges around and lances down into the city. The impact of the not as theorotical as humanity thinks, often thought to be a ship based only, particle beam cannon is right in front of the purse theif likely blasting him off his feet and hopefully making him rethink his life as he gets hit with alley shrapnel.

Having told Laurel he would go get dinnner, Tre is out picking up a few pizzas when he sees someone running with a purse, which doesn't belong to him at all. Nitro smirks a little and sets the pizzas down as he counts to three. It's only right to give the guy somewhat a sporting chance to get away right? Still once he gets to three, Tre jogs, then a sly smile crosses his lips and in a blur of silver and blue lightning, he's caught the guy tie strapped him to a fire hydrant and all in the same motion he gives the woman back her purse and is back where his pizzas are and he starts to walk up the street like nothing happened.

Well Nyx isn't really familiar with the Villianous Star Sapphire, or whatever she is these days. Villian right. Who knows. She does look up at her when she touches down and looks her over. "Oh, tons. Who are you….. wait a second." she holds up one hand then squints down below and her arm reconfigures and glows a brilliant white. It looks like she is about to shoot something in the street below and then she pauses "Damn he is fast… is that the Flash?" her arm goes back to normal and she fishes in her pocket and hurls a penny down at him. That should either get his attention of kill him.

Star Sapphire was totally not a villain, even if some of her actions in the past had been a little more 'brutal' than most heroes would be she was definitely a protector of Earth without a doubt; at least the surface dwellers.

The Atlanteans were not too fond of the costumed heroine who had made her appearance during their invasion.

"You may call me Star Sapphire." The woman pauses, her ring flashing with violet light for a brief moment, "I sense you are alone, yet you are not. You've felt great pain, haven't you?"

The Old Lady seems really grateful to Tre until he notices a penny falling from the rooftop, it's going to splat her in the forehead if he doesn't get her out of the way!

Tre smiles to the woman, he talks with her for a moment than something catches his attention and as he looks up, he blinks and processes what it is he sees. He moves the woman away from where the penny is coming down. "Excuse me." he ays as he watches the penny hit the ground hard. He shakes his head, and excuses himself as he blurs up the side of the building to see how dropped that penny that could've hurt him and the woman. He yawns, "So which one of you dropped the penny?" he asks as he looks between both Star Sapphire and Nyx, though Star gets more of a look due to what she is wearing.

Well Nyx is wearing scuffed up tennis shoes, some pretty beat up jeans, and a heavy duty sports bra it looks like as she sits next to the intergalatic stripper in pink. "WEll I'm told I'm not alone true..not sure how you are sensing it.. hacking ring or something?" then she watches the penny and resulting blur. When Tre gets up to the rooft she points to Star Sapphire.

A soft laugh escapes Star Sapphire's lips and she brushes her hair over her shoulder, she regards the young hero Tre for a moment, "I apologize if you were misled, but it was not I who threw the penny."

She looks back to Nyx now, "Perhaps it is the ring or maybe it is just intuition. I could offer you my aid, if you wished it but I'm not one to force myself upon others."

"Doesn't matter." he says as he looks to both women, "I would appreciate it that no one do that again. The woman down there could've been hurt pretty badly, maybe even killed." he says ashe looks to Nyx as Star Sapphire points her out as the one who dropped teh penny down towards him and the woman. He leans there still pizzas in his hands, but he listens to Star Sapphire as she speaks, and he looks to Nyx.

Nyx eye rolls "Sure believe the scantily clad woman and not the teenager.. for fucks sake…" she shakes her head and then looks to Star "I just have no clue how to interpret that… what does that even mean?"

Star Sapphire seems undeterred by the attitude of Nyx, "I can show you, what it is you desire and perhaps what your passenger is truly seeking." She purses her lips for a moment, "Desire comes in many forms."

The oddity that was Nyx was not unknown to her, even if she wasn't sure exactly what the woman and her passenger represented, "It may not always be clear, but I can help enlighten you if you wish it and perhaps help you gain a greater understanding of your passenger."

Ironically enough, the woman herself had an extremely powerful cosmic entity lurking in the back of her psyche.

Tre shrugs, "It doesn't matter who done it like I said." he says as he looks to Nyx who is defensive. He yawns and streaks off, only to come back in a matter of seconds without pizzas. He sits down with a plate and two slices of pizza. He yawns and opens up a liter bottle of Mountain Dew, he looks between the women and is quiet as he eats which the pizza is pretty much inhaled quickly. He sips on his soda though as he nurses it wondering whats going on, and he looks to Nyx to see if she will take teh scantlily clad womans offer, which he hopes she isn't going to have Nyx dress like her.

Nyx head tilts slowly as she studies Star Sapphire. "Zamaron huh…" yeah Nyx has no idea how she knows this but it comes out of her damn mouth. She shakes her head "I'm really not certain it would be a good idea to try to enlighten me and my hitchiker… said hitchiker seems to have self defense systems and who knows if your alien mumbo jumbo would set it off…" she sighs.

"We will only know the outcome if we try." Star Sapphire responds simply, still smiling in the direction of Nyx. She seems to positively radiate warmth and light, "You need only say the word, if there is an issue with your 'hitchhiker' as you call it, I will be able to contain the fallout. I assure you."

Tre drinks his soda and seems pretty interested in what may be happening here. He sits up and quirks a brow at the two for a moment, "So yoru able to see into her and find whats troubling her or something?" Tre asks of Star Sapphire. He quirks his head to the side, "May I ask of both of your names if you don't mind?"

Nyx's expression seems to indicate that star sapphire has a very high opinion of herself and probably doesn't know what she is dealing with. She looks to Tre as a distraction now. "Sure… Nyx…. also Angel of Metroplis in the news… which isn't a very good codename."

Star Sapphire replies to Nitro, "I am known as Star Sapphire, it is lovely to meet you." Her gaze falls back to Nyx almost languidly, her eyebrows raising as she waits for permission or denial, "The offer will be open if you change your mind at a later date Angel of Metropolis. My only desire is to help."

Tre nods to Nyx, "Nice to meet ya." he says as he stands up. He looks to her for a moment. "Just go by Angel?" he asks Nyx. Short and more directly to the point. He than looks to Star Sapphire, he nods keeping both women in his head just in case in run into them again. He smirks at the two as he drinks more of his soda, and he too waits to see what Nyx does.

Nyx eyes Tre "Can you get me some pizza .. meat lovers?" she is curious to see what he does, then she shifts to look to Sapphire "Explain more… need more disclosure"

Thinking for a moment, TRe is gone and back with two slices of meat lovers, "Lucky thats what I went adn got." he says to Nyx. He stretches and yawns a little, "I'm starting to get tired. You going to take Star Sapphire on her offer to help you?" he asks Nyx.

Ignores the Sapphire while she zones out in a haze of love there. "I dont know…" she devours the pizza though happily. "Your speed make you tired?"

Actually another thing thats different, is that he is now drinking Code Red Mountain Dew. "I gotta keep up my calories." he says to her. "Granted, I've been pushing myself a lot trying to see how long and fast I can go without tiring." he says to Nyx. "I think I'm coming up on my limit." he says to her. But he doesn't say how long he's been running, just in case she is trying to analyze him.

"It is deceptively simple." Star Sapphire holds her hand up for the violet ring to be shown, "My ring will create a glowing light that will surround us. When you gaze into that light, you will see what it is you truly desire and perhaps, due to your shared connection with the 'hitchhiker' you will see what it desires as well."

Well that manages to fill Nyx with boatloads of dread, nausea, and a helpful dose of near violent avoidance "I'm not sure that is a good idea." she notes then looks to Tre "not sure that is .. calories really for running.. you need to hit like GNC and get runner stuff."

Star Sapphires inclines her head graciously to the pair, "Very well then. I wish the pair of you luck in all of your endeavours. If your mind is ever changed, you need only seek me out Angel." Nitro is given a wink before she departs, a sad whisper for him alone, "Unrequited love is painful, best to find one who will love you back for who you are. You have a kind heart." In a streak of amethyst light she's gone flying towards Metropolis.

Shaking his head, "That stuff don't work." he tells Nyx. He rubs teh back of his head as he watches both women, "Well it was nice meeting you Star Sapphire." Looking to Nyx, "Why didn't you take her up on her offer to try to help you?" he asks. But when Star Sapphire speaks to him, he pauses and lowers his head a little, "I know." he says back to her. "I will keep looking." he smiles to her. "Thanks."

Nyx looks after Star Sapphire "Man… an alien offering to look into my head and expose my desires… whacky…." she looks to Tre without Star here "It may have had a very bad reprecussion… I worry…. but it was good to meet yo." she stands and pops her wings, brilliant contained particle energy .. white.. extend from between her shoulders and she tips her head to you. Then she takes off, a bolt of white light into the sky.

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