Glimpse Through The Looking Glass

February 22, 2018:

Miss Moreau and some of her minions have 'tea'. Glimpse arrives, and is a cheerful soul. Moreau gives the childlike hero some advice.

Gotham, Shelby Park


NPCs: Freezer McSemiTruck, Boris, White Rose Goon



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Fade In…

And then another person is there in a flicker of movement. The odd girl is standing beside Moreau and looking at the white snake and then an odd blue glow and a blur later and she is right in front of the wolf.

"Furry puppy!" She declares and hugs the animal long before it can react before she is spinnijg away and around the table, "What are all of you doing?!"


It's the snake that notices first, as usual. The creature is rising up, ready to lash out at a perceived danger. Even when not using her abilities, her pets are well trained. Serpents are simple creatures and take well to simple commands. 'Bite threats' is as simple as it gets.

But Glimpse is away by the time fanged mouth snaps to air. The wolf takes the hugging with a growl, but a push of her toes and the beast calms. The three card players are quick for their size, hands going for automatics.

"/Gentlemen/! A Lady arrives and this is how you treat her?" Three sets of dark eyes follow Glimpse with quite a bit of wariness. That flickering movement could be a problem. Moreau may not be able to see, but she follows well enough with her ears. Feet find her shoes, and up she goes. "Good evening, sweet visitor! Pray forgive my companions, they are often overprotective of me! We, my dear, are having a bit of a tea party for the afternoon's entertainment. Sadly we are short on guests! Would you like to join us?"

A curtsey in welcome, and with some feeling along, she pulls out a chair.

There's 'tea' being poured by Freezer, comically oversized hands tipping the pot of steaming dark liquid.

"Wouldn't recommend playin' with Freezer, he cheats."

"Gonna beat you into next week!" More infighting, tea drinks interspersed with a minor fistfight. Moreau doesn't seem to mind a bit of playful violence.

"Your name, sweetling? Please call me Miss Moreau!" Mmm. "Do you like animals?"


"I love animals!" She grins and then waves, "I am called Glimpse." She settles into the seat and grabs the tea, "Oh, bitter." She then peeks about and grabs the sugar and poura some in. She then proceeds to drink the whole cup dry in about ten seconds.

"Ah!" She nods, "Very good." Her eyes scan over to the guys before saying, "Which of you is Freezer?"


There might be an odd taste to the tea, in fact. Mostly because it's about seventy five percent horrible bathtub-quality grain alcohol. Truly, Moreau is the most fancy.

Horrid taste aside, Moreau actually laughs at just how peppy the woman is.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance my dear! Mmm. Ah, how pleasant to meet another lover of fauna! Well then, Miss Glimpse…" She starts.

Freezer is the biggest of the goon trio, currently on top of the slightly smaller man named Boris. PUNCH! He looks up. "Yeah, that's me teleport lady. Pipe's all yours! Got the good stuff." All said while Boris is ineffectually strangling him.

"What brings someone with such…ah, unique abilities to this part of Gotham? In the market for something my peppy little jewel? I am a merchant of many things, sweetling, not the least of which the beauties we are surrounded by." The wolf, by now, is walking up to Glimpse to noseboop her leg. He's really fluffy, and now? Friendly. Also he looks like he could swallow a man's head with one bite.


Glimpse looks up and tilts her head, seeming wholly unaffected by the drink, "Oh, I am looking around." She nods her head, "I heard it was all datk and scary." She grins wide and nods all excited like before her gaze goes to the wolf.

"Hi again, puppy." She pets the wolf's head like it were not so huge but just a puppy. She turns her gaze over to Freezer, "Don't cheat." She waggles a finger at him like a child scolding an adult with all the confidence of a mom. She then turns her gaze back to the wolf.

Her hands start petting over the wolf. She grins, "Furry baby!"


Moreau shakes her head a bit, and then she ponders. This…no, this woman could not be a criminal. She's so innocent. So very, very open and wonderful. Childlike in some ways and its that exact quality that has Moreau deciding that, rather than test that peculiar ability of hers, that she would instead act the mother.

"This is a very dangerous, dark place, Glimpse. Men and women of urges beastly, hunters in the dark that claim territory and devour lives. You are safer than most. With your reactions, I imagine a ruffian with a gun means little to you."

She spreads her hands meaningfully. "Some advice if you choose to continue walking these streets. First, do not easily trust. Second, fear what lurks in the dark. There are little flying rodents that believe themselves Kings of this city. Gangs or bats, either will not like you. You are a ray of light in a city that brims with lunatics and killers!"

She stands again, walks over, and tries to run a hand through that pixie cut hair.

The wolf, by now, has rolled over and is enjoying belly rubs.

Freezer tch's, taking a drag after the small fight has ended.

"Lucky you that I like curious sorts. Not all will be so welcoming to their table, sweetling." It's said softly, but sternly.


Still petting the dog, the girl looks up with a blink at her and nods her head, "Oh, they are mean? That is no good." She awws and shakes her head.

She doesn't seem to mind the touch but is up in a moment and grins, "If they are mean I will tepl them to stop


She nods sagely before she leans down and very literaly hefts the dog up, "Oof, you are heavy!" She then hugs tue wolf before letting go, "K, thanks for the tea! I gotta go." She waves. Then her shoulders seem to glow and a glow comes from under her pants and she is gone in a blur of yellow electricity and blue.


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