MacGuyver'D Cellphone

April 20, 2015:

Fitz replaces Felicity's cell phone. You know, the one he MacGuyver'D. Felicity asks him on a second date. Do-over, anyone?

The Triskelion


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Fitz wasn't lying. As soon as the police checked his SHIELD ID, he and Felicity had been uncuffed and given a ride to the nearest Precinct, where a soft interview was conducted with the local detective. Situations regarding SHIELD agents are automatically re-delegated back to SHIELD, but Felicity was to be detained for an interview before ultimately being released.

Its hard to tell which is worse; being kept in an interview room, or being send back to SHIELD for an incident debriefing.

Regardless, before departing, Leo asked Felicity to stop by the Triskelion in the morning. He needed to replace that phone!


Its a bright and sunny day, the rays of warmth glint through the glass walls of the Triskelion's lobby. People come and go as the day gets underway; SHIELD has shifts that begin and end at totally odd hours.


It's an interesting time of day for Felicity. She's managed to get here early enough so that she won't be late for work. Dressed more for business attire: a skirt and a collared button down shirt, hair pulled back in a severe ponytail, she glances nervously around the SHIELD facility. Large secret agencies like this make her apprehensive. Not just because they could be tracking her every movement, but also because it gives her the itch to try and see just how good their computer security is.

The blonde woman glances around, hands nervously grasping at the handles of her purse, which is slung over her shoulder.


SHIELD has facial recognition software. The moment Felicity stepped into the publicly accessible lobby, Fitz had been notified. Fortunately, she doesn't have to wait that long.

Leo comes rushing out to meet her, slowing a bit before coming closer. "Uh." He reaches up to scratch at his curly hair. "Hi."

Sheepish is certainly a way to describe his greeting.


Felicity sees Fitz coming, taking a step forward and then stopping. She'd barely notified the front desk before the man is already rushing out to greet her. "Hi. I, uh, would've called to let you know I was here," she tells him with a bit of a grin, head tilting just slightly to the side.

There's a long pause and a bit of silence: unusual for her, at least. Then, finally, the words start to spill out. "Thank you. For, you know, helping make sure I didn't get arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a criminal. Though, really, I'm not sure how a shoe could ever be considered—-though, actually, I guess you could really use anything as a deadly weapon. And it was totally self defense." Pause. "And for, you know, making sure those guys didn't kill us." She looks around."You didn't get into trouble or anything, did you?"


What may pass as a grin appears at Felicity's joke, but it's only partly there. Fitz feels pretty horrible about what happened.

"Oh, you could sneeze and get in trouble around this place," he grumps. "But, uh, no, no trouble. No real trouble, anyway. And the law protects people like us in situations like that, so there was nothing to worry about what so ever." Beat. "He had a crowbar! A bloody crowbar! Oh."

Leo produces a phone from his pocket. Brand new, the same exact model as the one Felicity had. Well… the latest model that is. He offers it.

"It's from our civilian affairs division," he explains. "Since I sort of… commandeered it and made it a defensive weapon, you get a replacement. For free. No tax implications either. Oh, it's been pre-loaded with everything from that backup, and like, it's not monitored. Not unless you have some kind of file open with the NSA, of the FBI, or the… but really, if that's the case, then they were already tapping your other phone, so…"

Awkward grimace, check.

Of course, should Felicity open it, she'll find a background image of David Tennant with a caption reading, 'The 2nd Best Doctor!', and the text tone has been pre-set to play the sound, 'MACGRUUUUBERRRR!'

"Sorry for MacGrubering your phone."


Seeing Fitz's smile half-heartedly, Felicity gives him a reassuring grin. She's about to say something when he pulls out the replacement phone that he promised her last night. Ooo! New toys!

Eagerly, she takes it, checking out the software and the hardware. A smirk immediately appears when she sees the background. As she's yet to get a text message, that'll just have to be surprise for later. She looks up from her phone and beams. "This is so cool, thank you, Fitz!"

Her smile turns from eager techie to something softer. "He did. And you turned my phone into a bomb and made sure I didn't get beaten up by criminals. And then made sure I didn't get arrested." She leans forward to plant a kiss on his cheek. "My hero."


"Yeah," replies Fitz a bit meekly, when she reaffirms how he'd made an explosive device out of her old phone. "It was pretty cool, huh—-"

The question mark is never really formed in his sentence though, because then she's up and kissing him on the cheek. And calling him a hero. Really, she should meet someone like… Tripp, or Barton, or Steve. They were the real heroes. He just builds things.

Impossible things, but… things.

Fitz, stop thinking about things.

Blushing fiercely, he looks down and then off toward something else. Oh my God. People he knows just saw that. The whole R&D department will be talking about it in short order. What will Simmons think? Oh, to hell with Simmons.

Looking back up to Felicity, he smiles more honestly. "Well, uh… sure. You're welcome."


Felicity grips onto her new phone as she leans back from kissing Fitz on the cheek. "Really cool," she affirms, with a grin. Though not exactly conceding a point, she adds, "Maybe not as cool as bow ties, though."

She has a great appreciation for smart and geeky people. Especially ones that help make sure she doesn't end up beaten up in dark alleyways. Unaware that she has possibly given his coworkers something to tease him about for the next week or so, she beams. Then, glancing down, she purses her lips and then tilts her head again. "Soo…now that I have this sparkly new phone….maybe…? Maybe you could call it and we can try that again. This time with less dark alleyways and running into people who are attempting to break into things."


"Bow ties are cool," Fitz agrees. "Dunnae if I could pull off a fez, though."

He's about ready to say goodbye and run off. This whole thing has him about as nervous as he was last night, before the scotch. Then, Felicity has to go on and awkwardly ask him out again. "Yes. I mean —!" He sounded a little too eager! Correcting course, he nods his head. "Yes, I'd like that. We'll make a map. You know, I can base it off NYPD crimereports. It's all parsed into a… well, I shouldn't tell you about that. It's public record, anyway." The crime reports are. SHIELD's hyper-computed analysis of crime and trends? Yeah, that's not public record.

A knowing grin then shows up on his face. He's not going to tell her about the ringtones. Those… those ringtones? They're an extra special surprise. "Well, I kinda need to get back to the lab, but, I'll call you. Promise."


At the acceptance, Felicity beams again. "Great!" Then, correcting her own course, she tries to act far cooler about it. "Right. A crime map. We'll stay off the hotspots. I can totally overlay it onto the maps app so we can make sure we're always in a safe area!" Too much? Computer programs and making them useful make her excited. She realizes that her trying to act cool is really just making things worse.

"Right, yeah, totally. Of course. The lab. I should get back to work, too." At that, she starts to back up toward the doors, not exactly looking where she's going. She jerks a thumb behind her. "You know. Corporate offices. Always - oof!" And then her back hits against the corner of the wall right before the doors. She blushes. "I'm fine! Totally fine. I should get that navigation app for myself," she laughs nervously. "Always running into—I'm just going to, uh…okay, bye!"

And then she's through the doors and out onto the street, blushing madly.

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