February 21, 2018:

Cyberforce Casual, cursing, coffee, 'chalk' (LANGUAGE warning)


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The Gas N' Grub gets a scene as a pint of whiskey rebounds off the slamming door of a Challenger, the driver extending hand out the slightly cracked window to flip a middle finger at the disheveled looking blonde who drops a bag to the ground and roughs fingers through messy hair, rethinking.. to catch the bag before the handle of whiskey is caught in a metallic reflective hand, fingers looped through the plastic handles….

Its the massive Rhino in her other hand, aimed at the dimming tail lights of the vehicle that is evident. Safety clicked. A n eye flared red and then goes pale.

Tsk. A hiss in sound as she holsters the weapon beneath her leather bomber jacket, picking her duffel up from beside the gas pump where the dude dumped it because she reached the destination and didn't put out. She left him a Fifty and a middle finger Grub Car Scent hanging over his rearview.


A Stagger (swagger) to her step and Cass is hoisting the duffel over her shoulder, a cigarette casting a glow over her face as she clears the space between the Grub and the Lot.

It's a lot of bad things/That she is smoking and drinking away when she approaches the Elevator's secret entry.

"Fuck me running." Ballistic only knocks because her indecision comes with her rocking forward and rapping her forehead off the 'wall'. With. Every. Syllable.

Lucia's lurking up on the surface, for once, granted, mostly so she can leaf through one of the magazine's peacefully. A peacefulness quickly shattered by the commotion outside.

By time Cass staggers in, the lean woman in an oversized ratty sweater has one brow cocked and her seemingly real fingers hovering over the page, even if a few of them needed some work after their adventures with the sky cycle.

"That'd probably be very difficult, and not very pleasurable." she notes with a wry absentmindedness,"Or should I go with 'look what the cat dragged in'?"

Ballistic was rescued by them, as she made one mistake… after another it seems.

She will never admit it nor show it openly….

Like now.. "He was hot, and rough and hard is the way to go. Pity his personality was as dry as a nun on…" Let that hang and linger, Ballistic flicks her cigarette to the side and pivots on booted heel, the tanker boots left open to where straps hang lamely beside thick soles.

"Had some business to attend to," Cass states a she uncaps the handle and tips it back for a swallow, holding it out towards Lucia in an offering to share. "How was your escape from duct tape doom?" The question only emphasised by the flick of gaze towards her hand by the one eye that bares an iris.

"That's the problem with the hot one's. Too much in love with themselves." Lucia opines before she accepts the bottle offered,"Very effective… and annoying." she adds drily,"But, we have the cycle mostly stripped and divested of it's… issues, now, so soon you wont have to hitch rides with strange hot guys with the personality of a wet sack." she sniffs the bottle first, judging that Balls probably drinks way, /way/ harder than she's specc'd to.

The Elevator is as always occupied by some manner of cyborg, human or android in the shape CC. Robert is inside, the hatchway noises and talking has the man leaping in bounds down from top floors hes frequenting lately to drop in with them, the rec area dimly lit, less use while Timmy is out of commission and their resident robot-android-cat is being reclusive or more busy trying to impress Lucia. Any attention is good attention, even for 'faux mammals'.

The dark haired man peers around the corner, studying both before leaning in fully, "What time is it?" He inquires, not at all looking like hes been asleep or out of sorts. Just curious apparently. Roberts eyes flick from one woman to the other and back again.

"What is the engine or specs of the Skycycle? Where do you intend to torque the..?" A slow blink and Ballistic refrains from her curiousity as she may not want the Skycycle, but she may want to cross-reference to bolster her own motorcycle wit the adaptive tech.

A lean back as she slowly descends into the Elevator and into the open space, dimply and reflectively lit for a lack of detection. A few of her sister's obvious things are plucked up, a roll of eyes and she is setting them back /exactly/ as they were, aside from a selfie pic of Cass sprawled on the couch is flipped and shoved under another magazine.

"I think I had the hots mroe for his car, come to think of it." A weave backtowards Lucia as she expectantly eyes her. /Drinking or no??/

Robert's arrival draws her eyes slowly from Lucia to him in a flick of motion. "3A.M.", but she is an hour behind, honestly, still set on a different time zone. "You look tired, aren't you noctournal?"

Cass is smiling in her jest… inwardly!
"Wait until we have it back together, at least." Lucia complains as she takes a swig from the bottle, coughs hoarsely and shoves it back towards the blond,"Four a.m." she corrects hoarsely with a smile towards Robert before she shakes her head at Cass.

"I'd rather have the skycycle, sure, more noticeable, but, imagine the lack of traffic." she folds her arms before her and leans a hip against the counter with a glance at RC,"She's drunk and got dumped by a hot guy with the personality of a wet sponge." she informs.
"Not tired and nocturnal? No." Robert stares at Cassandra, "You made it out of a bar before last call?" A sudden grin. "Oh, maybe you made it past then if it is 4." He corrects himself at Lucia's add, "What are we talking about? Oh, you guys had me at skycycle and lost me at hot guys." He joins them though, standing opposite of Lucia. "Our vehicle issue is still an issue. I thought maybe this was some huddle session on that."

Lucia is given a leer, but the small quirk to a corner of Balistic's lips is a small sign of her amusement at the other woman's words.
R "Flip that role and rverse it." Cass shot -him- down, and the acidic glean in her gaze tells everything and nothing. "But in the end he was an ass… With a nice 'ride'." An exhuberant sigh and Cass folds into the couch and slings one leg over the other. Faux leather moans, the synthetic fabric parting in factory tears to reveal a 'netted mesh beneath.

A glance to Robert is brief as a remote is plucked from between cushions and AV is switched between. "It very well can be an advancement for the better of…" A beat and Cass slowly glances towards Robert and Lucia. "Has Francesca made another move since.."

…/'I drunk dialed her..'/?
They're all lurking in the main area of the Lot at 4am in the morning, Lucia leaning against a counter, Cass with her duffel nearby and clearly /drrrruuunnnkk/ and Robert peeking around the corner,"Same thing in the end, Cass, still, he was the one with the vehicle." she knows she's tempting fate, to judge from the grin she gives, but still,"It's not ready yet, but, yeh. Granted, that cycle's got more bugs on it than a syphillitic whore, but I suppose given where it came from we shouldn't be too surprised."
"I have us a mark for something more, numbers willing. With Cass here we have the fiepower now." Robert says calmly, "The skycycle woes can be put aside."

"Do we need water, tea or coffee then? I can get some." He offers up, arms foldin over top one another as he regards them further, this casual meet up in the rough ams is not abnormal, at least this time theyre not suiting up for war and its just idle talk, a rare thing most days. So many here just doing their own thing in their own corners. Like Corben who is off drinking and singing because… hes drinking.

Theres a clang of scrap being shot off into the dark and a rush of abnormal winds from all directions as agas station grocery bag appears on top Cass' lap. One streak of speed later and there's a Starbucks delivery park on top of the car roof. "TA DA!" slurpping noises come from a Slush puppy cup and Vel parks her can in a lean against the arm of the couch.
"Someone call for emergency snackage?"

"You mean a Syphy whore who drank water while on Spring Break?" A pale brow perks and Cass is taking back her handle of whiskey and drinking it in a manner only one other person with one eye would…
A pirate!

A cough then about sputters the amber alcohol over lips, but.. waste not want not - Cass needs a minor distraction from her (ab)normal wallowing and Robert gets the other divide of attention. "What mark?" Drink offer ignored. She has one. But she doesn't have a 'mark'… Until she finds out a bit more info..
R The bag landing in er lap followed by a cooler breeze than this place already harbors has Cass plucking it up between fingers and holding it out… It almost looks like it would be discarded until her nostrils flare and the crumpled top is being peeled open to peer into.

Cass' meals have been bottled barley, hopps, and potatoes for two days, even gas station grub smells delicious. "We do need more stealth transports. A busted Kidnap Van and a loud motorcycle is no means for.."

Mmmn, a Torpedo!

Lucia doesn't necessarily look pleased about the idea of setting the skycycle aside, she's worked hard on that, damnit! But at the question she gives a sigh, derailed by the sudden zippy appearance of Vel and shaking her head at the speedster with a grin,"Let's go with coffee, and… snacks, sure. What did we have in mind? For transport, I mean."
Lucia sorries for small poses, braining is hard in this heat D:

"A few months back we hit Mother-May I and some of her allies." Robert pauses as Velocity appears, she gets a smile from him, warm as expected, the usual for the young speedster.

"She had a stockpile of information, Kimata aids and connections. If we can find her again, we can shake her up for intel on Cyber Data black ips surplus. If it pays off we can at least get Lucia's skycycle up and airborne, one is better than none." No remark about the van, hes partial to it. Turning with his back towards them to begin pouring out a coffee pot in the kitchnette area, glancing over his shoulder at them curiously as he does so, "Requires we venture another swing at her 'brotherhood' though." His way of asking who is feeling froggy.

A Torpedo is held at the corner of Ballistic's lips like a massive stogie in a nod to Hellboy while she digs into an internal pocket of her leather bomber jacket, drawing out one of her phones to peer at it and shove it back away to shove the rest of the rolled gas station salmanila into her mouth and chew, chased with the handle of liquor.

"I got time. If it replaces the retired stalker Ice Cream van, you had me at 'Hello'." A wink towards Lucia as Ballistic heads towards Velocity, a leather clad arm sweeping to attempt to headlock her 'sis' into a headlock and chase her drink with Velocity's slurpee.


"I'd shake Mother May I up for less." Cass states lowly, it almost seems… sober.
Twitches slightly at the name of Mother-May, an extra long slurp of her drink used to share her momentary torment before setting the cup aside. Wedging Cass to the side with food in mouth, Vel plunks down on the couch her cheer fractured for a moment. "We need to put a hole through that whole lot." A glance at Cass' flask seems to consider something for a long moment and she sighs reaching over to snag a pack of skittles out of the bag.
"I'm up for doing anything the messes up their ops.. what are we looking at?"
"A whole bunch of cyborgs that are immune to my abilities and loaded with enough firepower to snap me in half… why not?" Lucia drawls before deciding that she's going to root around for one of Cass' bottles that hasn't already been emptied yet.

"Oh yeh, and that whole 'Speaker' bit. Or you mean someone other than the bitch at the farmhouse and her friends?" she asks, alcohol's needed, very needed right now.

Cass looks towards Vel, then Lucia, noting one look to her bottle, than another that looks like it needs it just as much by Lucia while Robert is offering the drink of a 12 step program.

They're going to need one!

Flask??? No… Cass brandishes a flask from her other internal pocket of her jacket and sets the handle of whiskey down on the table beore them. "Have at. I left my games of Dirty Minds and Twister in the ashes at my apartment. Sorry." Can always do drunken target practice, or binge shopping… Money and weapons - only things she grabbed and loaded into her duffel.

The mention of the farmhouse has Cass cringing, yet… Grinning broadly at Lucia. "Their lack of weakness to you meant shit, in the end." Literally, figuratively… No matter.

"The Deadliners are still out there, yeah, Mother-May-I is a different story." Ripclaw say quietly, his head facing forward again as he starts the brew going strong, "We can work around that weakness, at least you were able to stun them. That is helpful. How long that works though…. "

A tap of a claw on the coffee pot, *tinktink* "Shall I add chalk to this or are you all wanting to actually sleep?" The man is teasing, coffee plus the series three and lower required chalk is something only he and Ballistic require, Lucia and Velocity more advanced than that, at the moment.

"Three days we can move on Mother. I have an idea of where she is but we all need to be here and available to do so."

"Nah, I'm not par taking, that lady just gives me the creeps compounded by a Murder-Death-Kill urge.. Freaking high tech head job. Seriously, Cass can you put a softball size hole through her face? Pretty pwease??" One rainbow in a bag is finished off and she fishes out another as Ninja slips in to shove a giant furry head in her lap with a heavily battered squeaky toy in tow. Insert dire wolf in adorbs puppy mode and Carin's smile glows back to full sunshine state.

Lucia nods her acknowledgment to Cass with a grateful smile,"Well, because I lucked out. Farm means farm equipment, and then this weird bunch of lunatics showed up and kicked their asses…" she muses with a smile with a small shake of her head for Robert,"No chalk. But you know, bad enough with one lot out there, okay, two. Even if the Deadliner's are their little… pet project, but… seriously. I'm envious, the day they catch me without you guys or some serious machinery around 's the day I'm toast."

"Sleep is for the weak…" Ballistic says towards Riplcaw as that cybernetic hand is held out before Velocity, eyes peering her way side-long. /Whisper/ "Red ones…" *NUDGE!*

"I don't have plans," Anymore, at this moment…For now. Cass states towards Ripclaw … Then the others.

She knocked on the door with her 'head' for a reason, everything she had 'intended', every back-up plan, was just put on a 'London Bridge' level of 'Falling Down'. Sans Teddy Bear. Just a Big Ass Semi-Auto…

"Then maybe we need to stop production on skycycle repairs and start some on 'serious machinery' for you." A deadpanned look to Lucia and then it goes to the flask she trns in her hands, uncapping it.

"Chalk me up." There is three days of planning, tactics, and 'progression' to try and grasp in her un-sober hands.
"Coffee and chalk. The real homebrew." Ripclaw grunts, "Why not. IT will keep the gears banging for hours if it doesn't outright make some of us want to run through walls." A grin over at Carin and he is pouring coffee cups out, a cylindar of shiny silver being shaken and a soup of gray is mixed in to the cup being slid over to Cassie.

"At least Mother only employs mutants and not cyborgs, which, good for us maybe bad for you, Lucia." Maybe. It is not as though the 'stun' effects have worked all that grand on SHOC, upgrades needed all around.

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