HoM: Isn't This Nice?

February 21, 2018:

HoM: Maddie Emitted by Lorna. Madelyn Pryor calls her son Nate and her ex-husband Scott for a chat at a cafe in New York.

New York City


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It was an unusally pleasant day in New York, the sun was high, the humidity was nonexistant and a beautiful breeze swung through the air. People came and went about their days, the hustle and bustle of the city alive and well. Mutants walked in public, unafraid and confident in who they were. Those with the ability to fly did so, and hover cars had easily replaced their older ancestors in much of the world.

At a little cafe, outside with a creamy lace parasol at the table sat one Maddie Pyror. The red head looked content as she flicked through a magazine, sipping at her latte from a tea cup. Sunglasses perched on the end of her nose. The woman was dressed smartly, in a simple button up white shirt and floral skirt of greens and blues

She was waiting for her son, as they'd agreed to have a lunch to talk and catch up on life. Mostly she was concerned that his therapy sessions might be lacking the help he needed, and as a concerned mother, was checking up on her rather adult son… If she called her ex-husband to come make sure their son was doing well…

One could hardly fault her. She had a reputation of mothering everyone around her, from her little sister Jean, her son Nate, to a stranger on the side of the street that looked minutely bothered. It was the telepath in her, she always said, at least to anyone that asked.


Bobby Drake arrives from The Sound Stages.


Nate has been back to New York for a couple days. And he didn't exactly call his parents, although Madelyne couldn't miss his presence in the city given how 'loud' are his psionic abilities. Then again, they talk several times a week.

Weather in Genosha is much better, but Nate never had problems with cold. Even when it snows he rarely wears a coat. Today it is sunny he favors an old leather jacket that might be genuine, and not just telekinetically reconfigured.

But he has been in New York a couple days, which means he is skipping college classes. That is highly unusual as Nate has inherited his father sense of responsibility. Indeed, when he shows up, he looks a little 'off'. For one, he needs a shave; there is a touch of scruffiness that seems out of character in the young man. But he smiles at seeing Madelyne, pulling off his sunglasses and walking to kiss her cheek. "Hey mom, how are you today?"


Bobby Drake heads out to The Sound Stages.


The life of Scott Summers is much different in this reality, much, for starters the man wears no glasses of ruby red quartz, simple dark rounded shades, a casual business suit of dark greys and a black tie.
Between flights and meetings, the man, once a commercial pilot working his way up the ladder after inheriting his grandfather's airline. A simple field out of Alaska now thanks to his current wife's business acumen has become much more, their sights set on the likes of challenging even Ferris Air.

"Maddie, Nate." Offered at his approach, his phone being put in to his pocket and a smile appearing, he's always busy, always one foot out the door. His pleasantries generally feeling fake or rushed. Like now. Scott once upon a time was happy with Madelyne, things change no doubt. He is completely unaware there is a world beyond, blissfully content to work a normal life, hide the fact he is a mutant. Optic blasts that have control here? Open close.


Maddie smiled up as her son appeared, setting aside her book as she got up and promptly made to hug her son. A chiding look following. "A kiss? A kiss? Come here and let me look at you honey. I picked up on you being here the last few days and I was worried. No phone calls, or texts about what you're doing back in New York at all. And now what's this? I'm doing just fine, would be better if my son remembered my phone number when he's visiting though." She leaned forward, clucking as she mussed her son's hair and gestured to his scruff. A mental embrace followed, warm and kindly and just that ever so slight prodding that Nate would be well used to from his mother. A mental prod of, 'You can talk to me, you know that, right?'

Further worried chidings broke off as Scott approached and greeted them. A red eyebrow lurched upwards as she considered the distracted man, and another mental prod followed. It wouldn't be the first time over the years that Maddie had cajoled Scott to take time out of his schedule to see his son. In fact, high school had merited a great deal of 'TALK TO HIM'. College had been better though.

"Scott, don't you think Nate is looking a bit stressed lately? Are you getting enough to eat at school? Are they feeding you enough? Or are you coming down with something?"


"No. College is easy. I am well ahead the rest of the course," protests Nate, tilting his head as Scott comes to meet them. "Dad," he greets, giving the older man a warm smile. He was raised by Maddie, but Scott was around often enough.

Or was he? There is an odd sensation of disconnection. It has been going for a couple days.

"I am fine; I just wanted to see some friends." Only half a lie. He looks as if he has sleeping too little. With his powers keeping a regular sleep cycle has always been difficult. But he mastered the meditation techniques when he was a young teen.


Drawing out a chair and lowering in to it Scott adjusts his suit, half studying Nate at the insistance from Madelyne, "He looks fine to me. Maybe in need of a shave. People respect a nice clean shave." The man encourages.

"Whats this about, it almost sounded important. Unless you're just missing me." A tease to Maddie the man folding one leg over the other to rest his hands upon his knee. He looks pleasantly calm, even sporting a warm smile. This is routine, natural. He is aware of mutants in the world, himself being one but really, here, not a big deal. Just a day in the life of.


Maddie pursed her lips, and picked up her latte, sipping it with care as she leaned against the table with both of her elbows. "Your son is skipping classes to come to New York without having told me, or you. And he's here looking like he hasn't slept in a week, or shaved. Honey, if you're trying to grow a beard, you really need to keep up some form of matience. I support your efforts entirely." She added, looking to Nate with a pinch of red brows.

"This is utterly unlike him, Scott. That's why I called you to come down here and talk to him." She waved a hand at Nate, her gaze focused on Scott briefly. Then her gaze landed heavily on the younger telepath. "Is it a girl? A boy? You know you can tell your father and I anything, sweetie. We fully support you."


Nate uh huhs, giving Maddie a long-suffering look, then flopping down in a chair. "I need coffee," he mentions with a resigned grin. "There might be a girl involved, but I don't want to talk about it yet, okay? If I was hiding something serious I would be hiding in Madripoor, not in your backyard. So a little breathing space?"

He leans back, lips pursed. "How are things going here anyway? I kept hearing about Spaien terrorism, but I don't trust much the Genosha's newsfeeds. They have a weird happy-fanatical vibe."


Scott's eyes drift from Maddie to Nate and back, "I am sure he has good reason. Better reason than a girl, I hope." The man says almost bored, his hand fishing out his phone to thumb across the screen.

"What should I say to him? Honestly, hes a growing young man. He will do what he is going to do and there is very little we can do to stop him. Your mother is right though, you should talk to us if there is something going on important." He ignores the subject hop, "Sapien Terrorism, tch, just more scare attempts to dredge up support. News, its all fake anymore and politics."
A look up from under his glasses at them both again.


Maddie heaved a heavy sigh, her brows pinched with worry, even as she flagged down a server and ordered the desired coffee for her son. "I can't help but worry honey, I worry because I love you. And your father and I want what's best for you. Why don't you spend a day together? Do something together? You hardly get to see each other anymore now that you're off to college and being a 'grown man'." An eye roll at that as she looked at Scott disaprovingly as he fished out his cell phone.

"I know I talked to Emma last week about the idea, she seemed supportive of it. And you know you can talk to her as well, she is very good at her job." A hint displeasure as she spoke, but only so subtle that Nate would pick up on it. Maddie approved of Emma and got along well enough with the woman, even if she remained vaguely jealous she'd managed to hold onto Scott Summers for so long.

"And it's not fake, they human terrorists killed thirty mutants. Poor souls just doing their jobs. It was a travesty. We haven't seen a body count that high in years." She made a face. "And are you still looking into that agent training, honey? You'll give me grey hairs before I'm a grandmother you know."


"Thanks dad," mutters Nate. "Heh, giving you grey hairs is part of the job. And yes, I am going to apply for SHIELD training next fall. They are desperate to get more telepaths. And you know I have wanted to enlist for years, there is still so much wrong in the world."

Like the Sapien terrorism? But no, that is not what he had in mind. Apocalypse is in Egypt, for some reason it feels far more important. Of course Apocalypse is a good, loyal servant of the House of Magnus, right? Right.


Where did that come from? Nate looks confused for a couple seconds. Then shakes his head. "30 dead, that aligns with the 'fake news', who would have thunk?" He grins at Scott. "I don't know. Going to do anything fun this week, Scott? Seeing Emma would be nice."


A long stare at Madelyne and her word choice, "And me too?" A chuckle, he pushes the phone face down in front of him and folds his arms over his chest.

"You have been talking to Emma? Do you realize how uncomfortable that is sometimes." The retorts about the fake news get an eyeroll from the man and his head turns off to the side looking out at people passing by, "Propaganda. We'll see where it goes as its clearly working on young men and women like Nate here."

"We're on a first name basis now? I see. Well, I have to speak with Harada out of Kyoto after a redeye, that will be fun. Beyond that I am meeting with several investors Emma encouraged me to talk to and I was thinking about different ways to encourage more gray hair in your mother. They make her look rather fetching after all."


Maddie leaned over the table again, a smile on her lips as the server brought out the coffee for Nate and she continued to sip at her own latte. "I know you've had your heart set on it sweetie. It's just with those humans out there shooting up places that make me worry so. I'm still proud of you though, as always." Even if her smile looked a little pinched.

"I still wish you'd consider your father's offer of learning to pilot though." She sighed and plucked at her red hair, not an ounce of grey to be seen. Her gaze turning back to Scott as he put down his phone. A ruby smirk pulled at Maddie's lips.

"Of course Emma and I talk. How else would those child support payments been routed to my new bank a few years ago?" She lofted a brow upwards. "Plus we go to pilates every now and then for girl time." The fact that it had been going on a long while gave weight to just how distracted Scott was these days.

Though she made a face at Scott's mention of her grey hairs again. She wagged a finger at Nate instead, "This is why I'll be grey haired, you and your father. Can't you at least give me grand babies before that?"


"I can pilot just fine," replies Nate. "I just need to pass the exams, but I got not enough time right now. Well, maybe I would, but then the grand babies would get delayed," pause to sip coffee.

"Kidding. I can't even get Illy to respond my texts. Then again, her brother threatened to kill me last time we went clubbing." He is probably still not being very serious there. "And we decided not to talk about my dating life anymore, didn't we?" Well, HE said so. "After all I am not asking about yours," he offers, for the sake of fairness.


"You say that but you hardly paid attention. We'll just pretend you can 'pilot just fine' for sake of confidence and parental encouragement." Scott counters Nate dryly, "Child support has never been a concern, nice though to fire that one out. They say my humor suffers." The man's not finding the humor in that one but he does afford Madelyne a large smile.

"No rush on the grandbabies, I prefer my youth illusion as it is."

"An exhale and Scott, lifts up his phone again, showing the contents to Maddie, "Recipes, even? Should we just consider moving you in and you and Emma can cut the middle man out?" joking of course, lightening things up.

"I haven't heard anything about your dating life in some time, you want to hear mine? I'll happily dish. How far back do you want to go? Your mother and I? Lets see… that first dress I remember you in, the one with the open back." Scott starts to go off, intentionally ribbing the young man.


Maddie shrugged, and grinned over her latte as Scott counter her own pokes and prods. As he waved off the mention of grandbabies though she pouted dramatically at her only son. "But I want to be the hot grandmother. Will you spoil your beloved mother's dreams?" She teased, and sipped at her latte. As Scott flashed the phone her way though, she laughed, nearly choking on her drink.

"What, she wanted my pasta recipe. And her almond brittle was mind blowing. I had to have it for my company party. We were having a competition!" And then of course her ex-husband continued onwards with wanting to talk about dating lives. She arched a brow, crossed her legs and leaned back.

"You mean the one I wore for prom? It was dark green. You were in the most handsome tux. I mean, blue isn't so fashionable now a days, but it was then. Oh gosh, I'm dating myself." She flapped a hand at herself, sighing dramatically.


Nate finishes his coffee and eye-rolls at all the parental teasing. "See, all this is why I go to Xavier College in Genosha and not Columbia here," he points out, leaving the empty cup on the table and pushing it away. "Anyway. Everything is fine in Nate's corner," (wrong). Beat, "and I can afford missing a week of college for… stuff. I can…" he rubs his left temple, missing something? No. All is normal, no scars. "I just remembered I have to make a call, I will be out there, give me twenty." He stands up and heads out.


"Was it green? For some reason I remember it black. Lacy." Scott frowns, maybe he is remembering it wrong himself. Some part of his memories bleed and blur together and he just shrugs it off, passing it along.

"It's in Genosha now? I suppose I just don't keep up with these things."

"A competition, entirely the sort of monster you don't need in your corner." Scott tips his head to look at Nate as the younger man sstarts to depart, younger than he remembers him being? Been away too long. "Keep your head on straight and good luck with the SHIELD exams, you'll have to tell us how it goes."

A look back at Maddie, "Are you sure it was green? I seriously was just looking at that picture the other day."


Maddie watched her son like a hawk, like a mother-hawk, mother-bear-hawk. That seemed intense enough. Her eyes lingered on him, her brows furrowed slightly as the young man rose to call someone. Her lips twisted, concern etched in every flicker of her eyes. She didn't say anything outright, but Nate would feel the telepathic brush against his mind. A warm and prodding presence, but nothing more. A gentle reminder that 'Mother was there'.

Her gaze returned to Scott promptly. "The black was what I wore underneath. Of course that's all you remember. I spend weeks picking out a dress, and all your mind goes to is what was under it." She teased, amusement flickering strongly in her voice and posture as she leaned to the side, propping up her chin with a hand as she watched Scott.


Scott's concern is less shared, not because hes not aware of their son but because hes quick to pass things off as unimportant or best saved for later. He is also very hands off with Nate, there are things young men must go through on their own and experience.

"Was it?" Scott considers out loud, thumb and fingers tapping along the tabletop, "I remember the important things, the black, maybe I am just fond of those memories. I vaguely remember having to match up and green just, not one of my colors, looks good beside me or in that nights case on the floor!" A laugh and he leans back in his chair letting the hindlegs prop it up, "Seriously though, it felt like that should have been yesterday and don't know why I keep thinking it was black or maybe red."

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