Reckless Planning

February 21, 2018:

Lorna and Monet plan to hit the Magistrates while having tea.

Genosha, Lorna's Suite


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Fade In…

The afternoon had brightened to a sun and warmth that was the usual for the tropical Genosha. It was hot, but inside the Spire, there was the delicious coolness of AC. Lorna had passed off Jean's bridesmaid dress yesterday after the rather joyful announcement that she was right, she was having a little girl. It decidedly made the name Aurora much easier to settle on.

But for now, Lorna had just come back from her Council duties, and was frustrated, looking for anything to occupy herself with. The X-men in general, were not welcome in Magneto's palacial home The Spire. It was heavily frowned upon, even when they were accompained by Lorna herself. The Acolytes decidedly had strong feelings about the X-men.

Still, Monet would find herself escorted to Lorna's set of rooms—which were down right opulent. A wide and open sitting room, decked out in classical styled furniture. All cream colors and dark polished wood. Tall windows let in a steady stream of light through the gauzy curtains, and clearly led out to a balcony covered in tasteful potted plants. And still, there were more rooms, more doors connecting to the suite of rooms that Lorna held. Though it was clear she spent most of her time in three of them: her bedroom, sitting room and the growing nursery.

"Well, here we are.. there's a drone around here— Rolly?" She called and a the little drone rolled and flipped in the air once or twice around them. "Rolly, put in an order for tea and coffe, yeah?" The little drone buzzed, lit up and twirled again.


A blink as she realized the Acolytes were unhappy she was here and luckily Lorna was there. Frankly, they would have regretted telling Monet she couldn't come in here. No, not just cause she can rip half this place apart in a fit of rage. Nope, cause Monet is the daughter of Cartier St. Croix, an ambassador, and Jamilla St. Croix, Algerian Royalty and on and on about how she's rich and they shoudl know better and do they know what kind of pull her father has in the UN and it would have been such an uproar that Magneto himself might have come down and then ran back upstairs cause even he didn't want that mess.

Of course, none of that happened and now they are in such a lovely room and Monet was going to be getting tea and have a conversation with someone who understands that sometimes a girl needs to be pampered and needs to kick someone's face in. It's a balance. Either way, Monet settles into a seat near to the window if she can get it and looks out over the place before saying, "I'd like it if they have scones, too." She nods off handedly and looks to Lorna, "So, are you excited? Are you a bridezilla as I have heard it called?"


Lorna waved at the happy little drone and ordered scones as well, and a few little odds and ends of various sweets for Monet. But also a side of plain buttered toast for herself. If she noticed Monet's irritation at the Acolyte's behavior, she didn't comment on it, even as she reclined in a rather plush seat opposite of the other woman. She grinned, propping her chin up.

"They have whatever I want. And you by addition. My father has a robot that he trusts handle things if he doesn't have time to cook. There's a bit of a paranoia about being posioned so.." She shrugged, crossing her legs. A glance was spared for a dress bag that hung over a nearby door to another room.

"I'd rather elope, but Marcos won't have it. He wants it to be everything a wedding is supposed to be. Supre it'll piss my father off to have something vaguely Catholic for the ceremony, but Marcos is Catholic.. heavily.. and I'm pretty sure my father hasn't practiced at being Jewish for decades.." she muttered.

"I couldn't care less about the whole thing. I haven't planned much other than ask that there's red roses somewhere."


A nod and then she hmms, "Ah, Groomzilla." She nods her head as she looks over at the robot as it moves off and then she looks up as if she could see Magneto right now. She considers this before shrugging and stating, "Well, in that case, let the boys fight it out." She nods her head as she looks over at the window, "The place looks like it could be amazing." She nods her head, "Genosha that is. If it is allowed to be so." She looks ot Lorna, "A place where many mutants could come live and stay." SHe nods her head again before looking back to LOrna, "I really think some people just don't even want mutants to be happy." She chuckles.


Lorna leaned back, her lips twitching. "Only slightly, he doesn't care too much about what it looks like. Darcy is planning more of it than I'd know what to do." She glanced toward the balcony as Monet mentioned how the island could grow and she nodded, her smile widening to a full on grin.

"That's the goal. A place for every mutant that wants one. This place had been built on the backs of mutate slavery and blood and it was one of the most advanced places in the world. Imagine the freedom to create and discover? With everyone's gifts respected and treated as they should be? Where everyone can just be themselves without judgement, without fear? Yeah.. that's… well, that's the goal." She sighed, her smile fading somewhat as she tore her gaze from the double french doors to glance back to Monet.

"It's a long way off from that. I'm hoping that the island will be secure by the time Aurora is born. So.. five months? This time next year this place has to be secure… or well.. I dunno what I'll do with a kid."


A look over at Lorna and then out on the island, "One would think the world would be happy with a place to stuff mutants." She shrugs and chuckles, "It'll be safe." She nods her head, "I'm here after all." She looks over at Lorna, "Only a matter of you letting me do what I want and I'll secure it hard." She chuckles and then looks out again, "I won't be staying though."


Lorna shrugged, and with a wave of her hand the doors popped open to reveal the sparkling sight from the top of the Spire. At least from here the skyscrapers immediately before them had been rebuilt. Tall and pristine with shimmering glass works. Green glinted below and from other balconies, gardens from mutants hard at work to bring back fresh produce to the island.

A tropical breeze sent the curtains fluttering and carried the immediate scents of flowers from Lorna's own balcony. The tinkling of wind chimes clinked and jingled.

"That's actually one reason why I think the UN will slowly.. back Magneto. After all, they can shove all of the mutants they don't want here when the island is secured. It's just.. until then they want to pretend that they 'care'. And if he failed.. they could wash their hands of it." She pursed her lips thinly, even as a robot wheeled in a tea cart loaded with two different pots of tea and a fine assortment of baked goods.

"If you want to take out the Magistrates, I'd be happy to go with. Not that I'm really encouraged to do anything here. People don't want me to risk myself or the baby." An eye roll at that. "Load of bullshit."


A look over at Lorna with a nod and tehn she looks back out at the beautiful area below and takes a breath before saying, "Typical." She shrugs and nods her head, "No one ever wants to take the chance of being responsible." SHe nods her head as she then looks over at her before looking back out, "I am happy to take them down." She chuckles, "But I imagine I'd be told to leave and never come back if I went alone."


Lorna leaned forward, propping her arms on her thighs. "Lets hit them. You and me. I can slip my guards, I do often enough to get back to Westchester. It's not hard, just annoying. I think the two of us could make a pretty good team to take out a Sentinel if needed." Her hands spread out before her, an electric green energy crackled to life between her finger tips and she smirked.

"This kid is giving me a powers boost. Hard to control if I get pissed, but hey.. it's not like I have to be gentle when taking out a bunch of racist, murdering, assholes and slavers.." She grinned wickedly.

"If you come with me. It's me being irresponsible. That's all. I'm at war.." She leaned back in her chair, and reached for some tea.


LOoking over at her and then looking out, "Sure." She grins and nods her head, "And besides, I don't mind if you let loose and go crazy." She nods her head, "I go hard anyway. I don't like the soft touch." She then looks over at teh island again even as some tea is taken by her as well. SHe takes a sip and then states, "So, what about it? Tomorrow? We just fly out there and give them something to regret?" She hmms and grins.


Lorna nodded, picking up her cup of tea and sipping at it. "I'm a fan of the deep end of the pool myself. Why bother with the kiddy pool?" She drawled and considered the woman opposite of her.

"Lets give 'em a shake up tomorrow."

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