Wonder Waffle Wednesday

February 21, 2018:

Wonder Girl's making breakfast! Who's hungry?

Titan's Tower, NYC


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Morning once more strikes the Titans Tower and it isn't just any morning, it is Wednesday morning which means that it's time once more for Cassandra Sandsmark, a.k.a. Wonder Girl to make liberal use of the wafflemaker she'd gotten for Christmas. Ever since she received said iron (Which prints an awesome 'WW' logo in the center) Wondy has insisted that the tower take part in what is now known as 'Wonder Waffle Wednesdays'. Maybe people still are on board with the idea. maybe they're completely sick of it. Either way, she makes damn certain she can get hold of everyone she can to participate. So whether it's voluntarily or by force, a certain set of people may find themselves surrounded at the set-up dining table, with an extremely pleased as punch Heroine waiting for the group adorn in 'The Cook is Awesome' apron and a notepad in hand. "All right! I guess that's about everyone.. I think?" Cassie asks aloud with a raised brow. "Welcome to the 8th Annual Wonder Waffles Wednesday! Today we've got eggs, bacon, hash browns as your sides so just let me know what you want! … Also, uh, I made 50 waffles, so.. Uh. They really do need to go, don't hold back on ordering more than ten, ok?"

"Fif- Oh. Twenty-five?" Impulse hesitates with his correction. He's pretty sure he can polish of fifty waffles on his own. Well, at least if anyone fails to eat their fill of ten waffles, Cassie knows who she can count on to finish up.

By the way, the resident Speedster probably thinks that the idea of Wonder Waffle Wednesdays is the best thing ever by way of recently established activities for the Titans. If only there was a day of the week or a month that started with 'i,' then he'd have dibs on 'Impulse Icecream whatever' for sure.

Black Bolt enters the area and he tilts his head when he sees more than a few members of the team gathered. The team's resident King silently looks around, though he offers Cassie the warmest smile, and he offers Impulse a friendly smile with a slight bow of his head.

Otherwise? He doesn't speak. Because that would be very…very…-very- bad.

He does tilt his head when he hears the word 'annual'. Wasn't this a weekly thing? Oh well.
Blackagar wears simple clothes, his royal tailcoat which comes all the way to his knees and possesses a hood that does't cover his handsome face presently. Fingerless gloves on his hands, black pants, combat boots. the royal family sigil (black bolt emblem) is on the chest. Stylish and functional…since he does't have a human identity.

Maybe he should've dressed to impress but the one that's known to most as Virgil Hawkins, and also to the people that live in this tower, Static, arrives on the scene still in his PJs. His Pink Panther Onesie PJs. The one that will shock your system is rubbing his eyes when he decides to finally make his entrance, his hair dun up into a bun on his head, a pink bandana wrapped around it to keep it up and away from his face.

"Beyonce. I love you, girl. But I have no idea how you 'woke up like dis'. I look like DeBarge." Virgil's talking to himself in the middle of stretching and finally coming to the realization that other people are in the kitchen already. He pauses. He turns around. He rubs his eyes. He turns back around. And finally, he smiles. "… God, I love being a Titan."

Virgil can't move as fast as Impulse or as quietly as Black Bolt but the wisecracking hero practically leaps at the nearest empty seat, "I'll have seventeen orders of bacon with a side of bacon each, please! Also, could you make each of those orders of bacon with extra bacon?" Virgil pretends to be looking at a menu. If he's going to do this bit, he's going to own it. "And would you happen to have any bacon flavored waffles? If so, I'll take ten." Beam.

Cassie isn't surprised by Impulse's response, but she still can't help but furrow her brows at his response at first, but then grins, "I guess that works? It looks like you're the big eater of the group today anyway, so it works out."

Upon seeing Black Bolt, she greets him with a bright smile and a wave, "Hey, glad you could make it!" then finally Virgil arrives in.. PJs? She isn't going to judge, but after taking everything in, from his comments to his attire, she can't help but be a momentarily stunned, but quickly scribbles down his request. "Uh, I can.. Probably do that, yes. I think. Actually yeah, I could! Coming right up!"

And with that she slips away; in not time, each member is served a plate of waffles, a mighty 25 stack for Impulse, 10 for Static (Cassie made do by crumbling what appears to be black ash atop several of them), and another plate with overcooked scrambled eggs and considerably burnt bacon. At least it sort of looks like bacon. "Here you go!"

As for Blackagar, Cassie takes the initiative and sets up 5 crispy golden waffles for him. It's clear which part of the breakfast Cassie is the most experienced in. "Would you boys like some bacon too? It's a little more well done than you may be used to."

"Hey guys!" Impulse greets as he looks at the other two who've wandered in. He takes a moment more to stare at Virgil, probably trying to figure out what he's wearing. Here Impulse sits in his costume with a red hoodie pulled over it, shamelessly emblazoned with the Flash's insignia. His mask is pulled down in preparation of partaking of breakfast.

"I like how you think, Static," the Speedster grins. He grabs fork and knife as the plate of waffles in its terrific stack is set before him. "Wednesdays are magical." Cassie answers his question before he gets to say anything, which of course only makes him brighten as he proclaims once the first waffle has somehow vanished from the top of the stack. "Bacon on the side of bacon! If there's any left, I'm in! And crunchy bacon is delicious."

Blackagar seems to give Cassie an even warmer smile as she takes note of his arrival, offering the young Wonder Girl a little wave. Then? He's given a full stack of WAFFLES! a kindness then with a small, quiet smile. He looks then to Cassie with a small nod and he accepts the plate and bows his head in thanks. Humility of a king? funny.

Alas, he turns his head then to Virgil, offering the fellow a kind smile as he extends a hand to him. because that's how people greet each other!

Virgil's in the middle of tossing a cool salute to Impulse and Black Bolt when the food arrives and he looks down at it. For a long time. There might even be some slow motion. It's just ll a blur when it comes to finding someone that can actually make bacon the way he needs it. Or wants it. "Ah. I see uh… you and my sister, Sharon, went to the same culinary school!" Virgil waits for Cassie to be paying less attention before he uses a little finger tip worth of static electricity to push the plate of food towards Bart's section.

"You know what I just realized? How late for class I'm going to be if I don't go get dressed!" He's definitely going to have to pick up something on the way. Maybe Jitters has some of those bacon croissant things.

"A- Awwww! Isn't it though??" Cassie's heart goes aflutter at Impulse's praise, not to mention it's a pretty big stroke of her ego. Normally she lets Caitlyn help her with the sides so she was a little worried her presentation wouldn't be as good. Now she knows for certain that she is damn near perfect.


"Yes, there's plenty left, here you go!" And so several strips of crisped strips are set upon his plate, along with several servings of eggs as well.

The smile that Blackagar gives her is returned with a bow of bow of her own, "Hope you like it~." a pause, "Oh that's right, you haven't met, have you!!"

So before Virgil can escape, she reaches to take his shoulder, "Culinary Arts? Nope, I learned roughing it out with my mom actually!" Beam. "And don't be rude; you haven't met Black Bolt yet, have you? He's one of our newest members too. And he's a Prince! And a telepath! Oh, by the way, are you up for seconds?"

She noticed the plate moved, and she's more than happy to replace it with another couple servings of bacon and eggs. Which she does. And that's when the microwave beeps. "Oh, whoops, I think the hashbrowns are done, I'll get those too! Impulse, you wouldn't mind dropping Virgil off at school, would you?"

Bart has already made his way through half of his waffle stack, taking a break with the enthusiastic crunching of bacon. He grins over at Blackagar, flashing a thumb's up at the guy. It's good, man. Dig in before he does instead!

"-wait, you don't want it, S-Squared?" he asks as he looks at the plate that's been nudged his way. Not that it won't stop him from helping himself. Who turns down extra food? Of course, he gets a little bit of a zing when he applies fork towards plate, but a momentary put-off.

"Double-B, Double-S, if you were Wonder Woman instead of Wonder Girl then I'd feel super left-out with the repeating letters thing," he says. "What other 'i' names could I attach to Impulse…" His thoughts are easily derailed as Cassie speaks up towards him again. "Huh? Oh yeah dude, no problem. Faster than Uber and Lyft! -and I don't even charge! …or should I?"

The King of the Inhumans eats some pancakes then, nodding approval of how they taste though still makes no vocal sound. Virgil must think he's a weirdo. Either way, he nods approvingly to Cassie, though he also gives her a more sad nod that he hasn't met Virgil. It should be know that this is not this world's Black Bolt….this one is about nineteen years old. Either way, he looks to Bart with a curious look on his face.

Either way, he seems to tilt his head at Virgil. Never been saluted like that before, so that's new. He does look back to Cassie, speaking with her telepathically.

«Thank you for the food. It is quite delicious.» a smile then, then a look to Virgil. Though he puts a hand on Cassie's shoulder in correction.

«King.> Shoulder pat.

"Hah, well if that's the case, you'd better start preparing for the future," Cassie says to Impulse with a broad grin, "After all, it's only a matter of time before I am Wonder Woman, right?" the very thought distracts her long enough to not only forget about the microwave, but also allow Virgil to end up making an escape of his own. Wow that day can not come soon enough when she takes up that mantle. She's brought back to Earth by Blackagar's touch, at which point her cheeks pinken, "O- Oh right! King, right.. And you're welcome! I'm really glad you like it. Though come to think of it, I don't know what food in your world is like.. Is it really different from what I've made? Maybe I could learn to make something new! .. Just not on Wednesdays." a grin, then another nod to Bart, "Great! Did you hear that, Virgil? Now you can-"

"… Wh- Hey, where'd he go?"

It takes too long waiting for people to respond. Impulse has devoured his way through most of the overdone bacon in the meantime, which of course makes him miss the reason that Black Bolt's even looking at him. The poor king gets a blank look around a mouthful of waffles.

"…." While Cassie's going off about kicking off a cooking career, the Speedster's attention drifts back to where Virgil is- or was as the guy's taken the cue to slip off, it seems. "Um…" he starts, but finally Cassie realizes that they're short one person.

"Guess he was really in a hurry." Shrugging, Impulse moves to pull over Virgil's plate. "-well, since he's no going to eat this… Oh, unless you want some, King Double-B," he offers. Thoughtful! Ignore the fork that's been stabbed halfway through the waffle stack!

Blackagar Boltagon looks at Impulse then with a small tilt of his head, though it is a soft smile. But then Cassie is off like a light and he gives her a friendly little wave as she vanishes! voosh! Either way, the team's resident King looks at Impulse then and shrugs a moment when he realizes that Virgil is gone-gone. Sadness, he looked friendly.


Impulse comes in clutch and offers the king some waffles, which he accepts. Though he seems to tilt his head at the name King Double-B «I suppose that is acceptable.» a friendly smile to the speedster, Blackagar speaking telepathically to the similarly-aged man. Nom nom!

Cassie would be so happy to know that some people at least appreciate her cooking! With a grin, Impulse divides the stack, setting waffles onto his empty plate before sliding over the rest. After another crunchy bacon bite or two, he also offers that over as well. Food's good but always better shared.

Of course, around people with metabolisms like Impulse, it doesn't tend to last very long either. Tapping a fork on his empty plate, the Speedster sighs. "Well, it was good while it lasted. -wonder if Cass still has any left in the kitchen," he murmurs, amber eyes shifting in that direction.

Unlike Impulse who seems to speed eat his meal, Black Bolt is far more…refined. He sits cross-legged and he slowly eats his meal, letting himself savor the taste as well as simply enjoy the meal in general with no rush…even though he can move quite fast himself. Speaking of which….only one Titan has seen Blackagar actually -use- his powers, and that was in a spar against Fairchild, which was a draw.

Either way, Blackagar seems to grin softly as Impulse seems to be already starting to look for more sustenance. Thus does he simply shrug, yet nod, giving Impulse a 'go ahead and find out' kind of look.

Grinning, Impulse gets to his feet, taking up empty plates with him. He steals a look at the clock, probably gauging how much time he has until he'll have to make his own way to school. Out of everyone who still attends college or something here, the boy's probably got the most ridiculous commute. But really, who runs to New York and then Alabama and back, or vice versa on a daily basis?

Naturally it doesn't take him long to come back out, and with one more waffle stack, although not nearly as impressive as Impulse's initial helping. "Last batch! But I guess we ate all the bacon. Static missed out!" He sets down the plate between himself and within Blackagar's reach. "Oh well. I do needa run after this. The school thing, you know," he says as he proceeds to transfer waffles to his plate to subsequently shovel into his mouth. At least most of that happens in a blur.

Blackagar smiles softly then to Impulse as he runs off to get the plates cleaned. Tilting his head at the kid as he starts speeding around the place. Then he watches Impulse shove a mountain's worth of waffles into his mouth, which is always a joy.

A silent chuckle later and Blackagar watches Bart run off and back in as he prepares himself with last batches and the like. «"Thank you for such a meal."» he nods to Impulse, who's just brought more food to the king.

One way to make friends, surely.

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