Another Night in Genosha

February 19, 2018:

A group of X-Men get together in Genosha to discuss current events which ends with a night at the beach and a psychic ultrasound.


Northwest of the Seychelles lying in the Indian Ocean is the
'paradise' isle of east African nation of Genosha. A landmass covered in
gleaming spires, rolling pleasant hills and lush farmland with a single
spines ridge of mountains known as the Ridgeback.
This island is one of the inspirations for the tales of Sinbad.
It's natural harbor is Hammer Bay, a location rich for trade routes between
Europe and Asia. Once upon a time an ideal base for pirates who preyed the
India to Europe pathways. Over time European trading companies turned
Genosha in to a rich port, it quickly developed a robust economy and by the
20th century it had become a pioneer in cutting edge technology, especially
where genetics are concerned. So great was their capabilities in this
department that the title Genegineer became a government post of importance.
Unknown to the world a dark secret is held, an traveler from another
dimension and time known s Sugar Man had helped bolster the tech and
knowledge of Genosha.
Several years ago it was discovered by the X-Men that the Genoshans
undergo testing at the age of 13 and if discovered to have mutant genes they
are stripped of rights, modified further to become sterile and docile while
their powers are tailored to suit a specific role in society. They are
imprinted and placed in a skin bonded suit all for the 'greater good' of
More recently a great rebellion has taken place, foreigners assisted
the mutate forces and their sympathizers in overthrowing the Genoshan
leadership along with their hate group associates; the Right and 'Human
Council' consisting of Cameron Hodge, the Trasks and several others. It
escalated and ended when Madame Reneau was shot and killed by the Genegineer
David Moreau who was then executed live by Magneto. Who is by many now
heralded a hero and by others a devil to be put below again.
Genosha of today looks like a warzone, the Citadel no longer stands
above Hammer Bay a now Acolyte and Genoshan Rebellion stronghold suffering
skirmishes and infighting constantly, the Ridgebacks act as a hideaway for
the Genoshan Regime and Carrion Cove - Hammer Bay's smaller port sister has
been opened to traffic with the outside world while the island renegotiation
trade with the world, much of which was cut off after discovery of their
slave built economy. The Cove becoming a neutral zone where many
non-Genoshan corporations are given asylum while politics are violently


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The sun had just come out from behind the clouds and was low in the sky. The ground was damp with rain and puddles lingered in the streets. Still, people came out, especially as news spread that there were new supplies for the people of Hammer Bay. Mutates and mutants came out and at the supply depot in the shadow of the Spire (Magneto's Spire), a temporary tent had been set out to cover against the threat of possibly more rain.

There Acolytes policed as at the front of the line, stood Lorna Dane, Polaris. Her hands wove in the air as crates were pulled up by nails and set aside. The twins had stolen these supplies from SHIELD, curtsey of Darcy's intel..

It had taken her a few days to go through it all, to divide up the medicine, food and other supplies in an orderly fashion before making the supplies available to people that needed it.

Her father could complain all he wanted that the Stark supplies were being used in both Hammer Bay and Carrion Cove, she never put all of her eggs into one basket.


All the security the Acolytes can provide for Lorna means little enough when you're Illyana Rasputin. A familiar disc of silver-white light appears close to where Magneto's green-haired princess is expertly juggling supply crates, and when the light fades Illyana, Nate and Monet are revealed.

Monet having just taken her first trip through Illyana's private hell dimension. Something Nate assured the blonde sorceress would be no problem at all.

Illyana looks around at the puddles, and the clouds, and raises a hand palm-up as if to check for rain. "You know I only come here for the weather, and now this place doesn't even have that going for it." Illyana complains, before finally glancing over at Lorna with a half-smile. "Need a hand? I've brought reinforcements for any heavy lifting."


Sure, Nate just asked Monet if she wanted to visit Lorna in Genosha. He didn't mention demon-infested dimensions because it now like routine.

Or maybe he wants to see Monet freak out. Illyana is good at making new girls freak out.

He did mention fast teleport via Russian blonde, though. "Monet, this is Illyana, codename Magik. Illy, this is Monet, codename Iambetterthanyou. Kidding, we are still working on the codename. But she is okay."

That was five minutes ago.

"Princess!" He greets Lorna, looking to happy with himself. "Kidding. How are you, Lorna? And Illy, this is a tropical island. It probably rains once a day every day in the spring and fall."


Yeah, she was introduced and Monet was her usual self. Meaning she looked Illyana over, assessed her, assessed herself as better, and moved on. In her own mind, now that the fact that she's amazing is properly impressed upon Illyana they can be friends. Sorta. Either way, she is told the girl can near instantly teleport them to Genosha, she is in.

Then they are transported to an utter hell dimension and Monet blinks in surprise. Then a demon is over there. Then it says something and she is pretty sure it said it to her. Her hair stands up a little, her body tensing and then they are in Genosha and she is pointing at pure air. She then huffs and looks to Illyana.

"I have no idea what that was or what that thing was muttering at me but it sounded rude." She points at Illyana, "You see that thing again in your travels and you tell it I'll snap it's legs off and feed them to it if it doesn't learn respect." SHe nods with some anger and tehn looks over to Lorna with a blink. She clears her throat and stands up straight again.

"Yeah, hey, Lorna. I figured I'd show up and help out…not to mention get a look at what all the fuss is about."


Lorna looked over the portal as it slipped open and three figures spilled out of it. A wave sent the Acolytes back, though a few of the more trigger happy ones glowed with various powers, that earned a glare from the green haired mutant until they stopped. She waved for them instead to take over handing out supplies to the mutates and mutants in line as she stepped out from behind the crates toward the gaggle.

A hand settled on her hip as she grinned at Illyana first. "I dunno, it's just supplies." With SHIELD embelms all over them… yep. "I dont really need to worry about the heavy lifting. No one lets me do anything anyways." She muttered dryly. A glance was spared toward Nate, followed by an eyeroll.

"Spare me the teasing, that's I hear these days." She muttered, her nose wrinkling faintly in distaste. She hated the title, mostly because it had stuck and stuck hard with the populace whenever the Acolytes addressed her as such.

A dry sound escaped her as she dragged her hands through her hair. "Yeah pretty much rain parts of the afternoon, dries up pretty fast though. And it's warm." Her green eyed gaze swung to Monet and her grin widened. "I see you lasted in the Danger Room, nice. And uh.. welcome to Genosha.. I guess."


Illyana, of course, knew exactly what the condescending look that Monet sent her way meant, and was still just as nice as she could possibly be in offering to expedite Nate and Monet's impulse-trip to Genosha.

She also made sure that the stopover in Limbo wasn't the transfer point she's marked out for the X-Men's use, or even within her citadel at all. Instead, she picked a rocky outcropping, surrounded by lava-filled fissures, and, yes, demons. One of whom was, indeed, very interested in Monet.

Illyana raises her eyebrows mildly as Monet skewers her with that finger, and smiles. "I'll pass that along. My pets love it when visitors play rough."

Deciding that honour is satisfied, Illyana grins back at Lorna. "In that case, I'll help you supervise." She replies, and finds a crate she judges non-vital to perch upon, and grimaces at Nate for form's sake. "Maybe, but I can get bad weather back in Westchester."


"It is not fall yet, it is summer here," mentions Nate. "Still can go to the beach before the raining season start if we hurry up taking care of Zealot and the Magistrates within three weeks, hmm?" He offers with a faint green. Of course Illyana can go to -any- beach -any- time, so the whole conversation is pretty much the usual banter between the two young x-mutants.

"Those are SHIELD crates," he notes with some mild surprise. So the UN is sending aid or they stole them. Probably the second. Scott is not going to like it, so he will spare the fearless leader a report. A considering glance directed also to Illyana.


Squinting at Illyana a little, Monet frowns some before turning her gaze over to Lorna and then the crates. She looks at one of the crates that has the SHIELD symbol and looks back at Nate with a sort of 'duh' look for a moment before taking in a breath and shaking her head. She looks back over at Lorna again and tilts her head to the side, "As if there was ever any doubt." She glancds to Nate, "Though I'll admit, Nate does hit pretty hard." She nods her head.

She then floats up a little and starts looking around, getting to about ten feet in the air and hmming, "So, what is going on here, anyway? Doesn't look any different than any other developing place. I mean, obviously there's needs but what am I missing?" She looks down toward Lorna, "There some parts that are no go zones or something?"


Lorna shrugged lightly at Illyana's words. "Supervising, sure, why not? Mind playing back up incase there's another attack? I was speaking with Scott earlier this week and nearly got blown up for my trouble. A couple of assasination attempts and what not.. you know, usual stuff." She muttered, shaking out green locks as a splash of water came off the nearby tent as someone knocked the built up water so it didn't damage anything and helped it to dry.

A grimace, but Lorna simply took a few steps closer to the X-men than do much else.

"It's usually only when it's rather hot during the day that we get thunder storms in the afternoon. We've had a few really hot ones. Still, better than Westchester's weather, which is still Winter?" She drawled, and glanced toward Nate as he mentioned the SHIELD crates. She arched a green eyebrow upwards. "Yep. That they are.." She cleared her throat and glanced to Monet then as the woman floated up into the air.

"Well this is going to be a mutant home-land if you will. After the Magistrates and Zealot are all cleared out. We're still at war. This was one of the more technologically advanced countries in the world.. still have a few hover cars. More are being repaired by the day."


Illyana draws one leg up on the crate she's commandeered, looping her arms around her knee. She couldn't look much more relaxed without being horizontal, but her eyes narrow a little when Lorna mentions the latest assassination attempt, the icy blue of her gaze seeming to go a couple of degrees colder. "Are you sure they weren't after Scott? I know he has his moments." She says the words lightly, but even as she's joking the fingers of one hand are flicking and twisting in a quick, complex pattern. It's a minor ward, as spells of protection go, but if Lorna's going to be out in the open like this Illyana figures every little helps. "Either way… I'll keep my eyes open." She's not making much effort to look like she's playing bodyguard, but she seems to mean it.

"Still winter." Illyana confirms. "Ready for that to be over." Nate gets a smirk. "And that's great, assuming I can find a beach you haven't filled up with broken tanks." She's pretty sure he's only done that once, but what's life without teasing Nate?

Illyana meets his eyes as he shoots her that significant look about the supplies, and she tilts her head to one side in a silent question. Does he really think she's going to rat Lorna out to Scott over something like this? She stays quiet while Lorna talks about her hopes for Genosha. They have some work to do before that dream can be delivered, and Illyana's not the team's resident optimist.


"Broken tanks on the beach are fashionable nowadays, didn't you know?" Retorts Nate. "We could have a picnic over composite ceramics armor. You can't say that of most beaches," he adds, opening a crate and examining the contents. Woah, SHIELD has some fancy medical gear. He has to wonder if the locals would know what to do with… wait, if they are Genoshans they probably had even better medical tech before the civil war.

"Yes. I am sure Cyclops is just behind Magneto in the list of most wanted dead by the Magistrates," after all it was Cyclops plan that brought Genosha down in three days. That it was such a short operation must sting fiercely to the old military leaders. A score mutants destroyed their country in three days.

And it was Cyclops plan. Even Nate has to respect that kind of planning.


Looking over at Lorna, Monet nods and shrugs, "Yeah, I got the run down, I just mean…this place seems to be developing nicely from a nasty civil war and there's still plenty of standing buildings." She shrugs and looks around, "I'm just want to know where the threat is." Yep, Monet wants to know where the fight is. She looks back over at Illyana a moment before looking to Nate and then saying, "Yes, I'm super excited about the fun we'll have amongst the destruction." SHe smirks at him, "Though I'm more wanting to wrap this thing up so people can get back to their lives here." SHe nods her head and then shrugs.


Lorna nodded to Illyana, "It's possible, but it's not the first time people have tried to kill me on this island. And I had uhm.. left certain guards behind." She grimaced as she rubbed the back of her head and made to plop down beside Illyana on an unopened crate. The Acolytes might be wary around the X-men, though they didn't say anything outright with Lorna's presence.

"Also there's the fact that Scott pushed me out of the way and the blast was very much targeted on where I was standing.. They might've just been a bad shot.." She drawled, and sheugged again.

The shared look over the supplies had Lorna pursing her lips together briefly, but she wasn't saying anything about it. Not a word. Though a snicker escaped her at the mention of tanks on a beach. "I cleared the area around here at least. The beaches are secure in this immediate area. No bombs, no scraps of metal. Pretty clear." She grinned. Still Monet's words dragged her attention.

"To the northern part of the island. And some where off the beaten path, Zealot.. Though beyond that I dunno. The Magistrates still have some bunkers up there, though Tony Stark hit 'em a few times in the past few weeks. So that helped shake them up a bit."


Illyana's inordinately amused that both Nate and Lorna thought she was serious about Scott being a possible target of the assassination attempt, rather that just making a smart comment. Maybe the X-Men's leader should watch his back, if his own troops so easily entertain the idea of someone gunning for him, rather than the very public figure of Polaris.

Illyana doesn't scold Lorna for leaving her guards at home, but she does shoot her a knowing grin. She's very sure that other people have taken her to task for that already. "We really need to work on your popularity." Illyana says, instead, and nods at the crates. "Seeing you doing this will help, taking out Zealot will help more." She shrugs. "You won't make everyone happy, but welcome to politics I guess." She adds a smirk. She's very glad she's not the face of the new Genosha and Lorna is.


Nate peers from the crate. Wondering, not for the first time, if making Lorna more popular and famous just when she is about to become a mother is such a great idea. Besides, any popularity Lorna obtains will reflect on Magneto to some point, making him look more humane.

Making him look like a wise king with a heroic princess-heir. FFS. Something out of a Japanese cartoon.

"What we need to work into is winning the war," he grumbles. "I am going to do a wide sweep, Magneto's telepaths are crap," he adds, floating up. "Monet, if you have questions Lorna probably knows more of the island than anyone here. And Illy probably knows all the good beaches. See you in thirty."


A roll of her eyes and Monet walks up toward Lorna and keeps her arms crossed, "I haven't hit them yet." She nods her head and looks over at Lorna before shrugging, "At some point I ought to go introduce myself and see how tough their bunkers are." She nods her head before looking back over to Illyana and then she shrugs, "I hate politics."

She then looks over toward Nate and then waves her hand, "Have fun." She chuckles and hten looks over at Lorna, "So, what's the plan? Anything yet? And are there are good beaches here?" She grins.


Lorna nodded to Nate, a slight grin escaping her lips at his comment about her father's telepaths. "It's like the man is paranoid and doesn't want a lot of them around or something. Shocking." She drawled and waved to Nate as he took off into the sky to look over the area. It wouldn't do against the robots, Sentinels or anything electronic, but at least if it was electronic, Lorna would be more than capable of handling it.

"We could go looking for a bunker.. though I'd get an earful for that." She cleared her throat, glancing side long at the Acolyte bodyguards. "We could hit up the beach, sure. There's no ordinances there, I asked one of the Atlanteans if they could do a sweep, the area around here is clear. Uhh.. we could hit up, suite. I've got bridesmaid dresses that need to be aired out… Uh, a wedding dress that's being taken in. Not much fun to be had around here. It's still being rebuilt."

Since Jean had arrived in Genosha she had kept her activities entirely to herself, working separate from the rest of the X-Men for whatever reasons or purposes. Thanks to her telepathic abilities, she had been a veritable ghost with no word of her getting back to the others, "Hey Lorna." Jean's voice called out from a few feet away as she entered the area, hoping the time that had passed would have eased tensions, "Working hard or hardly working?"

A shake of her head follows and Monet states, "I do not want to air out old dresses." She then tilts her head, "Can we stick to the beach if we aren't going to have the fun of making some a-holes scream?" She then looks back and blinks at the approach of Jean. Jean gets a once over by Monet who seems to analyze her quickly. Jean might note that Monet is some kind of psychic to be sure but either way, the girl seems to be done assessing her and then says, "Hey." She raises a hand, "I'm Monet St. Croix. You are?" She almost seems…oddly put off in a way. It's unclear why though there is definitely a hint of annoyance.

Monet earned an eyeroll. "New dresses. I just haven't gotten around to unboxing them. But yeah, we can do the beach. Water is pretty warm, actually. So swiming could be fun." She drawled, and grinned, "One tropical beach, coming right up."

The green haired mutant was pushing off the boxes just then when Jean appeared. The green haired mutant lurched forward, making to practically jump the red head and enfold her in a hug. "Jean! I missed you! Where have you been? It's been weeks, since I saw you last." She let go, looking awkward. Lorna wasn't much of a hugger, save with Marcos and a few, very select few of people that gave her hugs. Perhaps it was just because of the new emotional state of being pregnant?

"You just missed Nate and Illyana. They're doing rounds to make sure the perimeter is secure." Well Nate was, whatever Illyana got up to.. was.. well whatever she did. "And eh.. I show up, I unload crates, I stand out and I go home to council meetings then nap." She grinned, folding her arms.

"We were going to hit up the beach if you wanted. Jean this is—" Well there went Monet introducing herself. Lorna stepped back, allowing Jean to introduce herself this time.
The hug was returned tightly by Jean before she took a step back, by the looks of her tan she had probably been spending some time on the beaches or at least in the sun, "The beach sounds lovely, we can catch up a little more." There was a brief telepathic assurance, like a warm breeze sent towards Lorna's mind, the message clear: I've missed you.

"Doctor Jean Grey. A pleasure to meet you Monet." The name was familiar to Jean, but even if Monet was a student at the Institute she had never met the young woman before.
Monet was a super recent addition to the school but only partially. Scott had let her fast track, a little…and then Nate fast tracked her more into helping here. Either way, the girl was probably mentioned but certainly hasn't met Jean. When Jean speaks, Monet nods and then says, "It is." She nods her head and then looks over at Lorna before saying, "Show the way." SHe nods her head and floats up a little to look around, idly flying as she looks around where they are, "And hopefully we'll get a clearer day as things progress."

Lorna shrugged lightly, wearing a tank top and pair of cargo pants with sandals meant that she was more or less always dressed for the beach. As she made to go, one of the Acolytes broke off, trailing behind the women at a discreet distance. A sigh of irritation followed, but Lorna didn't argue it. She was always pushing the envelope too much anyways.

Still, better to leave the unloading of the very much stolen SHIELD crates to the other Acolytes as she had directed them.

"Well, the wedding dress came in the other day. Needs to be tucked in around the chest.. Darcy ordered it a size up from what I had asked because well.. obviously.." She grumbled, a hand dropping to her still hidden slope of a baby belly.

"Uhh, lets see. I got a trade deal with Tony Stark? He's bringing in relief supplies in return for Magneto handing over the Stark tech weapons." The walked along the newly repaired streets, and the few people out and about cleared the way from Lorna without pause. Her green hair a bit too well known to be mistaken for anyone else. A few whispers, nods, and even a mutate or two staring at the little group as they made it to the beach without incident followed.

Jean didn't comment on what she would have considered unnessecary use of powers by Monet, instead walking over to link arms with Lorna, "We'll get some privacy." As Lorna spoke to her, Jean briefly focused her abilities on a mental illusion that showed the Acolyte the group of them walking one way while disguising their true path, "Sounds like you've been busy, busier then I have anyways. I'm going to admit I'm shocked to hear Magneto is willing to hand over the Stark Tech though."
Lorna laughed softly as Jean linked arms with her and dropped her voice to whisper about privacy. "They do a good job of keeping me alive most days, Jean." She drawled, though she hardly argued and the amusement didn't leave her expression once as the road twisted down to a board-walk like set up and even had a set of stairs leading down to a sandy beach ringed by rocks. A fortress-looking building looming large above.

It had been Lorna's home for a short while, until Magneto had finished building his new 'palace' The Spire. Which made the military building looking like a laughing stock in size and dominance.

Still, a shrug followed at Jean's words. "He suggested it. To trade the weapons for relief supplies. Medical, food, clean water tablets. Clothes. All kinds of things. Stark agreed. Even better his secretary offered to go above and beyond. We've got the Maria Stark foundation pushing the UN for charity to be recognized here." Of course Tony had gone into the Magistrates' bunker and Magneto had used it to mean that Stark supported his rule.. but she had tried to warn the man..

"Keeping you safe, and watching you. They'll be a bit distracted for awhile." When they reached the beach, Jean stripped out of her top and shorts, already wearing a red bikini because when you were spending time in a tropical 'paradise' you just always made sure you were prepared, "It all sounds like great news. I'm proud of what you're accomplishing here. How have things with Nate been?"

Lorna rolled her eyes, "Yeah, why do you think I ditch 'em everytime I go back to the mansion? They sure as hell know when I do it, Magneto can sense where ever I am.. magnetic fields and all. But they don't need to know the details." She sighed as Jean slipped into the water and she grimaced, looking down at her cargo shorts and tank top mournfully. It was a loose enough fit that there wasn't anything obvious about her being pregnant.. but without it? It was obvious. Painfully obvious.

She hated. It made her feel weak and exposed. As if it was a red flag for everyone to suddenly start babying her even more than they had.

But it was Jean.. and Jean was safe..

A sigh dragged from her lips and Lorna tossed off her tank top and cargo pants to reveal a simple black bikini. It was all she had, and now she was beginning to think a mono-kini might be wiser.. Maybe?

Either way, she splashed in after the red head.

"Nate's been a dick. As usual. He shouted out that I was pregnant to Alex. And Alex knows.. and told me that it 'Killed the dream of us riding off into the sunet'." She rolled her eyes, her voice clipped.

"You know how Nate can be, and well, what dream did Alex have with your wedding coming up? This isn't runaway bride, you and Marcos are having a baby and getting married, any sunsets he's hoping for have come and gone." Jean just shook her head before splashing some water playfully in Lorna's direction, "One thing good about Genosha, the beaches. The lake or the pool just don't quite cut it back at the mansion if you know what I mean.."

Lorna snorted a laugh at the comment about Nate by his not-mother and grinned back. "Yeah well, he's a Summers man. He's taken sulking to a new level. I had to warn Scott. Seems he's put him to a regiment of Danger Room sparrings and teaching math to the kids." She rolled her eyes at that, but then Jean was splashing water her way and a gout of it soaked Lorna's hair, plastering green to her cheeks.

An answering splash followed, "And yeah, tropical beaches, sunsets, the smell of tanks being exploded in the air.. Just lovely. Still, I'll take it over being constantly cold. Though I worry as I get bigger around… that I might have to kick Marcos out of the bed. The man is a literal heater. It's his powers. Now it's nice. Tropical heat though, plus heater, plus ten pounds heavier? Not so nice.."

Jean shrugged at the mention of the famous Summers sulking, "Yeah, Scott is the same way. Don't think I've ever quite managed to patch things up with him since I left. It's strained at best, maye I haven't made enough effort, maybe it's because I don't want to? I don't know. It's complicated."

"Just crank the AC up instead of kicking him out, not all of us are so lucky to have someone to share a bed with every night." Jean tried not to get into her own complicated love life though any further.

Lorna lofted a green eyebrow upwards, "C'mon Jeanie, don't tell me you're not into mister socks and sandals?" She tried really hard to not think of the crass things Darcy suggested that Scott needed more of. Really. She did. For Jean's benefit. Instead Lorna dunked down into the water, fully wetting her green hair and coming up a few steps back from where she'd been.

Still, at the mention of the AC Lorna hmm'ed. "I do have a king sized bed now a days.." She drawled.

And then a thought occurred to her. "Hey, Jean.. my kid.. it's a mutant. It's messing with my powers. Moira ran tests and Doctor Ryan here.. wants to run more. I wanted to ask.. can you.. do what you do with the kid? See if it's.. I dunno. It's gotta only be four months old.. so I'm not sure if that meanst there's a brain or thoughts.."

"I don't know. It's just, something people have expected so long, and it's so comfortable and easy that it became hard." Jean sighed, her frustration growing at the talk of Scott, the fact that everywhere she went in other realities and timeline had more and more kids of her was only a bigger discouragement.

"I'd like to think I'm in control of my own destiny sometimes, and this isn't all some big cosmic joke where I'm going to end up having a bunch of kids who end up travelling to other realities." Jean dunked her head under the water before tossing her hair back when she emerged, "I can see what I can do about your baby, maybe calm it down a little, tell you basic details if you like."
Lorna approached Jean, leaning back in the water as her arms wove around the water to keep her floating. "Take a break? I mean.. I'd get real tired of mister grumpy-Summers too. So take a break. You do you, Jean. Anyone that says otherwise is selling something." She grinned at her friend, even despite the vast gulf that had spread between them (there was so very much she hadn't said to Jean. So much she hadn't mentioned). It was nice to know that friendship was still there. Still warm.

"Hey, think of it this way. You never had to give birth to any of them? I'm telling you, it freak me the fuck out. I don't want know how it's going to go. The kiddo has already managed to make my powers rise in levels sometimes and cut out completely in others. I nearly took out a shopping mall, and then the other day, box cutters were apparently too much." She rolled her eyes as she pressed a hand against the ever so gentle slope of her stomach.

"Can you tell me if it's happy? Or needs anything? Or like if really just hates me eating diary because it wants me to suffer?" She drawled.

Lorna stood up, her feet resting against the sandy bottom of the ocean, trying to calm her own raging mind to give Jean a chance to see past it. If there was anything to see. She barely could tell she was pregnant visibly, how much of a baby could there be? Moira had told her it was early. Very early..

However, that was a month ago, and babies grew rapidly. Though it was small, there was a brain, and brain functions for Jean to find. It was tiny, subtle, barely there. Vague impressions of light, of warmth and just.. existence were there. A movement, here, there. A beat of a heart. Suddenly, Lorna's tale about the child's powers made all that more sense.

If Lorna freaked out, so too, did the baby. How their powers interacted together was a mystery, but the beating of the baby's heart timed in tune with the mother's almost. Especially as Lorna slowed her breathing and calmed herself as much as she could.
"You're both tied together almost as if you were one life, I would expect power fluctuations for better or worse until you give birth. It's a healthy baby, but anything you feel, she feels. Keep that in mind." Jean slowly retracted her hand from Lorna's stomach and took a deep breath, "You're very lucky."
Lorna clapped a hand against her mouth as Jean spoke, even going so far as to hold her breath until she'd heard it all. The green haired mutant exhaled the breath she'd been holding, blinking rapidly to fight back the salt tears that sprang to life even as laughter escaped her. Her hands replaced Jean's on her stomach, cool and wet from the tropical ocean around them.

"My baby.." She grinned, looking up at Jean as another muffled laugh followed. "She? It's a she? Oh man, I knew it… little Aurora.." She murmured, knowing it was disgustingly cute and sentimental. Even as she turned green eyes on her friend.

"Better than an ultra-sound and with way less hospitals. Thanks Jean." She reached for her friend's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "C'mon. Lets head back. I've got your bridesmaids dress to give you."

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