Weekend at Danny's 2

February 19, 2018:

There are no voodoo reanimated corpses or sweet 80s fashion, no, it's just Owen, Emery and Danny chatting over breakfast foods at Danny's palatial Manhattan home.

Rand Manor

The largest private residence in Manhattan in the Grammercy neighborhood.


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Mentions: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark


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A late night visit to Stark Towers drained most of the little energy that a recovering Owen could muster. Truthfully he shouldn't be out of the hospital yet, but he's stubborn and doesn't feel like answering any questions about his powers or the amount of painkillers he's burning through. Granted, some of that is because he is using his speed powers to heal faster and that does metabolize the drugs as well. Some of that is just because he is a junkie. But anyway after a text to Emery confirming that it's okay that he crash at Rand's, Owen showed up late last night. He heard from Bart, well Impulse, that Luke had decided to rebuild and he wanted to touch base with him.

Most of the morning Owen remains fast asleep, recovering from both his injuries and the strain of using his powers repeatedly to speed along the healing. Around the crack of noon he finally gets up and after a good hour or so in the shower, he eventually gets dried off, dressed and appears wandering the halls.

"Where was the kitchen..?"

Owen has only been there once and it's still hard for him to even remember what floor different rooms are on, let alone finding them in the maze of architectural opulence. Eventually he finds it though, now really needing something to recharge from the overuse of his powers. He's approaching Bart levels of hunger.


Despite the fact that Danny has multiple, multiple rooms to choose from, he spends most of his time in the kitchen, in his basement gym, or in his bedroom. He has an office with fancy remote access to Rand's servers, but he's never in there. Instead, he's leaning over the kitchen island, squinting at a document on the laptop, a cup of coffee by his hand. He's wearing loose-fitting clothing and his hair is still a little damp from the shower. He looks up and blinks as Owen appears. "Hey." The shock doesn't mean no one asked Danny. He just doesn't pay attention sometimes.


From the kitchen comes the smell of brown sugar, and butter and such things…sizzling sound of sausages and what not. Emery can be found wearing a comfortable pair of dark jeans, black and white converse sneakers and a fitted white henley, his hair pulled back in a man-bun and a black apron tied around his waist as he bustles around the kitchen. There's a pot of coffee brewing, and there's a large pot of something on the stove, sausages being pulled out of skillet with tongs and set on a platter and fresh fruit is resting in a large bowl berries of all sorts.

The Irishman looks up and quirks an eyebrow before he snorts softly, shaking his head slowly. "Dun just stand there luv, 'ave a seat. Do ye want coffee or juice?"


Owen's left arm is in a cast, though he has ditched the sling. He's walking slowly, heavily favoring one of his legs. It's clear that he's in rough shape, even if most of the bruising is covered by his shirt. Unlike some house guests, Owen doesn't go traipsing about shirtless … all the time. He nods his head up in greeting at Danny, again noting the look of surprise.

"Oh yea. It's safe to plug yer Alexa's back in. No more demon AI's trying to end all life."

Probably. At least for now.

"Yes. To everything you are making."

Owen takes a seat and gladly accepts any and all food pushed at him. He has a huge calorie deficit to make up and is not particularly specific about what he eats anyway. His normal diet is enough to cause a dietician to lose the will to live.

"And to answer the next question, I got drugged, kidnapped and beaten by the Banana Flash. It sucked balls. Also, I'm now on a holy war to destroy all treadmills."


That…doesn't help clear anything up. Danny half-stares at Owen, then blinks. "I'm uh, clearly out of the loop. I've been trying to figure out annual reports and…uh…" he squints at the screen. "…cost overruns, and uh…" he sighs and ruffles a hand through his damp hair. "Honestly, I'd prefer the simplicity of just punching something right now."
He slouches a little more heavily on the counter, then glances over at Emery. "Have I given you a raise lately?"


"Eh, I was just goin' to say ye looked like shite." Emery offers with a hint of a smirk. He takes down two largish sized bowls and then begins ladling what was in the large pot into each bowl. It is honest to god porridge. As he listens he is working on topping each bowl with a sprinkle of brown sugar and butter and moving to set each bowl down.

Owen gets his bowl of porridge and the plate of about 6 sausages, and he nods slowly. Then Danny gets his own bowl of porridge and the plate of sausages, the bowl of fresh fruit pushed within reach of both young men. He just bows his head a bit to Danny. "I didn't tink to check." A look to Owen before he's pouring him a cup of coffee with a slow shake of his head.


"I always look like this."

At least lately that does seem to be true. Honestly Owen spent a good deal less time on the injured roster when he was a villain than he has so far in his short time attempting this hero nonsense.

"Agreed. I would punch someone just for making me look at a spreadsheet. Good luck with all that."

Owen couldn't balance a checkbook if he tried let alone make any sense of corporate finances. But once food is set in front of him, he gets to work. It's not quite as gross as watching Bart eat, which most people don't have to see because it's usually done at super human speed, but it's still far too quick even without super speed.

"Is Luke around? I heard he's gettin' back on his feet and maybe rebuilding?"


Danny Rand squints for a moment longer at whatever is on the laptop screen. He snaps it closed and pushes it away with a bit of a sigh. He looks like whatever that was made his brain hurt. Not that that's an entirely unknown expression on his face.
"Well, you should get one," he says with a little bit of a grin. He pulls the bowl towards himself and murmurs a thank-you. Then he looks over at Owen, squints at the speed, but doesn't comment. "He's around. He might've gone out though. I think I've convinced him to start rebuilding. I bought the property his bar was on."


The cup of coffee Danny was drinking from is refilled quietly as Emery wipes down a counter with a towel and slips a couple more sausages onto Owen'ss plate, and then he's rolling up his sleeves as he turns to start putting dirty pots in the sink. There's a soft humming that starts as he gets to washing the dishes, occasionally pausing to look over his shoulder before continuing.

"Its about feckin' time…"


"Ooof course you did."

Owen can't help himself to comment on Danny buying the land. Seriously, between Emery renting out a bar, Stark talking about building floating islands and Danny owning the most ridiculous house in all of Manhattan it boggles Owen's mind. He still scrounges for change to buy a bagel and a coffee some days. Not that he minds, it's just the contrast borders on ridiculous. But there's no judgement or jealousy in his tone, just mild disbelief that it's an option for Rand to just do that for a friend.

"Good for you. I want to see him get back on his feet. And his lawyer wouldn't let me forge shit to make that happen." Matt is all principled that way. "Is he still Owen-drunk? Or have you managed to hide at least some of your liquor from him?" Last Owen knew Luke was basically living in the bottle, earning him the title of not just drunk, but Owen-drunk where it gets a little sad looking.


"I think he's coming out of his funk. Slowly. I mean, I don't want to push." Though it's hard to imagine Danny being pushy. "I've tried to convince him that getting help from a friend isn't charity, and that money to help rebuild could be considered an interest-free loan if that helped. He sounded like he was going to let me do that, at least."
He takes an experimental taste of the porridge. But of course it's great, because Emery made it.


"Of course he did. Because Master Danny is a kind and generous friend. What's the use of havin' a metric fu-fudgetone of money and not at least usin' it to help out those who are the closest to ye." Emery drawls softly from where he is cleaing pots and he sighs softly. "Ye both are adorable when ye be 'drunk'." He's drying off a skillet with the efficiency of a person who does this for a living, kneeling down before a cabinent to put it away.


The new plate of sausages is likewise consumed, but at least at a more reasonable pace this time. Owen takes his time with the coffee. It technically doesn't have enough calories to help him heal so he may as well enjoy that part.

"Good. I was gonna have to kick his ass if he didn't.. Well, and by that I mean call Jess and have her kick his ass."

Owen takes a look at the cast on his arm and scowls as he flexes his fingers. He is recovering at a superhuman rate, but he's still annoyed at just how long it takes to come back from a beating like that.

"I am hilarious and adorable when drunk. Luke is all mopey and sad sack."

Begin Luke impression » "And bwah my life's over. My bar's on fire. Bwaaaah. I'm nearly indestructible." Here Owen is of course breaking out his best Luke Cage impression, but with a slightly whiny, drunk slur to it. It's good work.


Danny is too nice of a person to laugh at Owen's impersonation, but he can't quite hide the grin. He tries to cover it up with the top of his coffee mug, though. He motions to Emery, "That's what I tried to tell him! I own stuff I don't even know about. What's the good of all this money if I can't help out a friend?"


"I'll be the judge of adorable, thank ye very much Master Mercer." Emery straightens up to start working on the last two pots with a soft sigh. The impersonation just gets the wry comment. "You 'ave to be walkin around shirtless and accidentally flexing your pecs for that to be a spot on impersonation."

Then he nods slowly to Danny. "It is /good/ that Master Luke has friends like you two."


"Master Mercer? I'm not gonna go all Luke and even broach the bondage gear conversation, especially since I left out the details of the hood, shackles and being in my skivvies when Zoom kidnapped me, but seriously, Owen or Captain Returning Fuckstick is just fine."

Owen is rightly kind of horrified at the talk of Master, the idea of having paid servants is still hard to wrap his brain around. It seems normal that Emery's making him food only because in his head this is just a weird roommate situation. Also, any reticence that Emery showed in swearing in front of Danny, is obviously not shared by the uncouth former villain, though it was noticed.

"Do we know any more about who did it though? Because as hilarious as it would be for Luke's second bar to be blown up, it might actually break the guy."


Danny pauses with a spoon halfway to his mouth. "Returning…?" Yeah, poor ninja. He's been missing all the action lately and instead just seeing the fallout. He's not seen Owen in action. But, where other people might ask for clarification, he just sort of assumes that it makes sense to everyone else.
He leans a bit towards Owen and says, "I tried to get him to stop saying Master to me too, but I think it's a reflex." Lest he think it was somehow his idea.
The question has him pausing for the moment. "I think…we're not going to advertise that Luke is rebuilding. And then maybe we can cut the head off the monster before this thing is rebuilt."


"I've got a whole list of tings I call ye in me head when I'm off work hours." Emery drawls softly. "Master /Owen/." He finishes drying the next pot and is reaching up to put that one up as well. "Captain Quick Stop is rattling around, along with 'Permanently Shitefaced'. 'Officer Off his Rocker' and 'Birdman'. And wit' teh information ye just supplied, I'm thinkin' 'Captain Kinky Boots' fits as well."

The Irishman purses his lips thoughtfully. "Shall I go on?" Then over to Danny. "Do ye know who the monster is ye want to be decapitating?"


Owen looks at Danny and says "You employ him, put it in his contract that he can't talk like .. " Well he was going to say a butler. But that actually is what Emery does. It's just horribly unsettling to someone unaccustomed to it. "Posh Spice." Yea, that quip doesn't really make sense, but Owen's frazzled.

"Yea well let me tell you, I was not down with it. Zero stars. Would not recommend. At least with him, there is a lengthy list of sexy female super villains that are on my 'please kidnap me' list though." Okay, he doesn't have a physical list, but it has spent a fair amount of time thinking about it.

"Well whoever it is. Count me in. I may even have some useful contacts from the old days depending on what kind of shit Luke stepped in." Has he mentioned his past to Danny? Has anyone? Well, might as well just lay that out. It's not like Owen expects Danny to react poorly, he seems like the most easy going person that ever existed.

"Captain Boomerang. I used to be a d list hood, uh criminal. But I'm all reformed and shit now."


"I know I might seem a little clueless, Owen, but I do know what a hood is," says Danny with a little grin. "I did grow up here." He slurps another spoonful of porridge. Really, people can be forgiven for forgetting that, considering how out of touch he can act sometimes.
He looks at both of them, pointedly not commenting on the exchange of nicknames. "I don't know how much I should let you guys in on. I mean, it's not just my business to tell." There are other people with a lot on the line. He may be a shit liar, but that doesn't mean he can't practice discretion.


Chuckling, Owen clarifies. "Sorry, I meant like hoods versus capes. It's a Gotham thing because saying super hero or super villain just makes you sound like a dork. I was a part of the costume set." It's one of the many things in his old life that has stuck with him.


Emery takes his time wiping down another counter and moving to refille Owen's bowl of porridge, setting out a bowl of brown sugar and some more butter for him in case he wants it. Then he nods slowly to Danny, understanding it and secretly a tiny bit proud of him. He's not just blurting stuff out so he just smiles softly and bows his head. Then he takes a deep breath and turns back to his cleaning.


Chuckling, Owen clarifies. "Sorry, I meant like hoods versus capes. It's a Gotham thing because saying super hero or super villain just makes you sound like a dork. I was a part of the costume set." It's one of the many things in his old life that has stuck with him.
"Yea yea. Yer right." Owen is quick to agree with Danny about holding on to information. Loose lips sink ships, or as Owen might think of it, leaking secrets get people murdered. Thankfully there is more food to distract him though.

"I'm still working on my mask idea for Luke. Something to baffle electronic sensors and a type of holographic tech to confuse normal vision. It'll be a while as I need to run through a ton of tests, but Stark has been letting me use his lab and the equipment is… as amazing you'd expect. Hopefully I can help stop stuff like this from happening."

Because underneath that thick layer of alcoholism, villainous past and ridiculous amounts of swearing and sex talk, Owen miiiiiight be a decent person. Maybe.


Danny blinks in surprise. "You…work on tech?" And then he immediately feels bad for how shocked that sounded. Ahem. He rubs the back of his neck. "The uh, problem with Luke is his build's kind of…" he mimes broad shoulders. Then he sort of (sort of) mimes bullets pinging off chest. "But yeah. All of us should probably take better precautions given what's been happening."


Emery looks between Owen and Danny and back to Owen and then back to Danny and then back to Owen and he just seems to be able to scream through his eyes at Danny 'see, now, now is a good time to ask, go ahead, ask about a mask for you…go ahead now.' But he is not psychic so he just idly polishes a glass and sighs with a shake of his head.


"Well when you say work in tech … it makes it sound like I sit around in beanbag chairs, discussing Star Wars versus Star Trek at a startup of douchebags." Owen is not offended that Danny was surprised if that's what we was referring to. Of course it's not why Danny was surprised, but Owen doesn't get it.

"I build shit. Usually crazy ass things like exploding boomerangs or bazooka's that shoot exploding pies…" Okay that was one time, but he's very, very proud of 'Zook.

"Buuut, occasionally I try to build something useful. And Stark for whatever reason is down with me using space in his labs. I'm so used to robbing rich people it's still weird to have them like inviting me and giving me shit."

That's a super comforting thought for Danny probably.


But if Danny asked for a mask, then he's got to tell Owen that he needs a mask! And he really is trying not to just let everyone he knows all about his ninja-ing. He seems to get that Emery is trying to communicate something to him, but he can't figure out what. Instead he just kind of wobbles his head and looks back to Owen.
"You…broke into Stark's lab and then he just let you use his stuff? Huh. And people say I'm a weird billionaire." Yeah, he just let a guy he doesn't know at all stroll around his house.


There is an audible THUNK as Emery's forehead meets a cabinet and he sighs softly, closing his eyes. He tried, god knows he tried and he clears his throat and pulls away from the cabinet as starts to untie his apron. "I believe all billionaires have a bit of eccentricity to them, it is why I believe they are able to keep all that damn money." A pause. "Do either of you gentlemen require anyting else? More coffee? There's some fresh orange juice as well."


"I didn't break in!" That has a very specific connotation to Owen. "I forged credentials and borrowed some unused lab space." So yea, he broke in. "Whatever, long story short I'm legit there now and working with Stark on this stupid Banana Flash-" here Owen realizes he's not being very helpful by using the nickname only "- Professor Zoom. Issue."

"Nah I'm good. I need to head back to Gotham soon anyway. I have some stuff I need to follow up on. But thanks for letting me crash, and shower, here."

He stands and gives both of the two men a half wave before heading off the wrong direction to get his stuff from the spare room he used. A few moments go by before he walks back through sheepishly, making 'it's that way isn't it?' motions.


"Professor…?" Danny shakes his head. "Banana Flash sounds like a better name than that. Plus…" he giggles a little. "I picture someone lining up banana peels and then using those to like, skate…" vague hand gesture. "Uh, sorry, this…is not…translating well." He grabs for his mug to slurp coffee.
When Owen goes the wrong way, he opens his mouth to say something, but then closes it. It's not like he hasn't made that mistake himself. Not in this house - he grew up here, but definitely at Rand Industries. He waves at Owen when he goes out the right way and glances to Emery. "No, I'm good. I'm going to work out a bit and then I think I have to go over to the office again." Heavysigh.


Emery stands there for a moment, he could speak up and be all properly Butlery and go 'Oh, sir its the other way' but he just nods slowly and lets Owen go in the wrong direction as he pours himself a cup of tea. Then he purses his lips as Owen makes another appearance and he lifts a hand. "Oi! Master dumbass, I'm afraid its the other way." See, he's helpful after the fact. Then a slow nod to Danny. "Very well, I'll go get things ready for an outting." He bows his head and turns to head in the direction he has to go. Butlering Business.

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