HoM: Building a Rebellion

February 19, 2018:

HoM: Two rebel groups meet and combine, while Captain Eclipse of SHIELD crashes.

Sapien Town, New York


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New York City, Sapien Town.

The city had been hit hard, harder than many places after the mutant-human war. A flip of the dominant species had occurred rapidly. And nothing demonstrated that better than the fact Mutant Town had been converted to 'Mutopia' within a decade, and Sapien Town had fallen into the lowest of the lowest slums in existence. Crime and poverty went hand in hand there and life was a struggle for the humans that lived there.

Within the next twenty years humanity could cease to exist as it had been known. Too many people ventured into experimental gene tests, splicing and the alike. All in hopes that they could join the glittering social spaces occupied by the empowered populace.

New technologies every day advanced the steps toward a fully empowered population and threatened the fragile way humanity clung to life even further than the re-education centers or jails that were filled with humans for petty crimes. For how can one fight the steps of progress and the march of evolution?

Apparently some did, here in the broken down and most abandoned warehouse on the edges of Sapien Town. It was dilapidated, falling in on itself in a corner. Rust and grime covering every inch where bird droppings and refuse didn't already hold dominion. In the center were a few makeshift cots, a table or two, loaded down with maps and a lantern illuminating the small space.

The raids on Sapien towns all over the world had been harsh. Penalties metted out by the order of the House of M to stop the rising pockets of rebellion. Espeically after the attack on the jail. People had died. A lot of people. And those that hadn't, had been spirited away to never be found again.

A tall blonde stood bent over one, a pen in hand as she traced routes and took notes.

Her clothes were dirty, ragged even, patched and patched again in places. The former SHIELD agent, now out of work for over a decade, had spent her life on the run. Trying here and there to use her skills to avoid capture when she could, fighting back in small ways.


The Blood Knight. He's a fairly well known figure in the resistance by now, and has been occasionally seen among the New York region. Batman doesn't seem to out of it with the blonde; people looking like her could be a dime a dozen. His black and red armor and cowl were well maintained in comparison, but it's obvious Batman is giving the woman a once over, before he heads for a table with a map, and adjusts his cape behind himself.

Representing (the) Bat Liberation Army, he's silent nonetheless for a moment as he looks over the maps, "Good to see this is serious." The voice scrambled Batman notes.


Black hair is shot into a pixie cut atop the girl's head. She is wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a shirt. Her weapon is hidden under and she looks to the people around as she walks. She has idly set herself up near to where Batman is, looking over toward the area where they are going to be talking and keeping an eye out. For now, Astrea isn't getting too involved.


Eclipse had 'escaped' from Magneto's regime some time ago…but now he needed to find the resistance. He needed to find the Bat.

He moves through the city carefully, ditching his colors and armor and exchanging it for rags so that he can at least pose as human….out of sight, out of mind. Either way, he's paranoid, overly so. His eyes constantly scanning his surroundings as he moves. Though his hood is down for a single microsecond for either Batman or Bobbi to identify the Captain. He knew he was going to be pursued. He knew Lorna was gonna send hell after him.

A deep breath before he's on the move once more, attempting to keep to rooftops and other methods to remain undetected.


It was a split second of reaction between Batman's appearance and a number of guns clicking into place by the various homeless looking humans that lived and plotted in the abandoned warehouse. Bobbi Morse, for her part, held a baton in her hand, drawn from the inside of her ripped and stained jean-jacket. The end crackling with electricity.

However as it registered that this was The Batman. She lowered her hand and tucked the weapon away, exhaling a breath as she leaned back from her position over the table.

"I've marked the search pattern that the cops have used to comb over Sapien Town. It's a spiral. They started out this side and went inwards a few days ago. Lot people dead. Lot of people gone. We're what's left of the resistance cell here. Most got caught in a raid a few days ago. We lost too many people." She murmured, anger making her voice tight.

In this world, Bobbi Morse had worked hard for SHIELD in the science division. Cracking the code to the Super Soldier serum. When the mutant-human war happened she had been offered a choice. Take her own serum and become one of the empowered members of SHIELD, or be burned. She chose the latter, unwilling to accept the dream she'd had as a kid to become a super hero.. because in a world run by a Super Villain.. she could never accept such a position.

A glance and a nod was passed to Astrea as her attention returned to the Bat.

Former SHIELD Captain Eclipse had every right to be paranoid, even as he took to the roof tops to avoid capture, he knew SHIELD policy. Knew the local law enforcement and FBI in America would be alerted to his going AWOL. And in a world filled with the super powered.. there were more than a few ways to track down a wanted man when people had his DNA and finger prints on file..


The guns pointed at him have him stopping at the table… but his composure is impressive in comparison to the threat. "Unsurprising. They had just as much reach during the war. I lost more than a dozen Commandos to invisibility before we learned to use thermals."

Batman notes, before he gestures around the map himself. "This time, they're much sloppier, and can afford to be. We've done what we could… but without a way to eliminate the Sentinel advantage, we couldn't help you. I'm sorry." Batman gives in reply.


Looking at all the people with guns, Astrea idly keeps her spot for a moment till things calm down and she starts forward. She walks casually up toward where they are and raises a hand lightly to wave at Batman before looking over at the others here. She glances left and right and then idly leans into a wall and says, "These things, they aren't like the beasts I'm used ta." She nods her head, "It's truly a surprise to deal with somethin' so tough given meh past…but I'm always up to 'elp where I can." She nods her head.


Eclipse sees everything going on after he manages to catch Batman in his sight, though it's one of those once in a lifetime moments before you die kind of thing. He keeps to the wall he just passed, taking a deep breath as he looks at the Dark Knight. Under normal circumstances? he would have already fired a shot. However….he needs his help. So Marcos is incognito at the moment,

Though he slowly starts making his way over there….please don't kill on sight, please don't kill on sight……

He mumbles to himself over and over. Jesus, why did he have to notice things about reality?!


Bobbi Morse offered the Bat a tight lipped smile. "I don't live my life expecting people to come about with any easy way to save the day. There are no heroes anymore. No days when everyone makes it." She muttered, "Hell, there are days when the most rebellious thing I do is get a stolen truck of food to Sapien Town." She snorted and rolled blue eyes upwards.

Still, she plotted. Still she worked. A glance was spared toward Astrea and she grinned, "Much easier when my job was dealing with just regular spy work, but those days are gone. So, what can I do for you two?" She asked arching a brow. Marcos of course, would have been spotted as soon as he was inside if not for his powers. The room darkening oh so subtly at the edges allowed him inside, further and further.

Even as the the little group continued to talk.


"We're working on the Sentinel problem, and have possible angles for mutant elimination. The problem on my end… are resources, manpower. I have a fairly solid means of keeping trackers off of us, barring acts of cosmic power." Batman notes, "What I prop-" Suddenly, Batmans gone silent as his AR HUD pops a warning.

His hand goes right for a batarang ready to throw it, his suit tracking the signal to the source. Vague, but pinpoint enough to give a direction, those red lenses begin to search the darkness. "Come out, before I make you come out. No sudden movements. Hands above your head. I catch /anyone/ else behind you, and the guns come out." Indeed, Batman has pistols, a few grenades, and a collapsed Uzi on his back… but he went for the batarang for stealth.


A nod is given to Bobbi and then Batman goes into full on alert mode. Astrea spins around and one hand is in a holster under her shirt before a second passes while the other produces a rather nasty looking blade made with some strange looking steel and a serrated edge. She holds it out to the side while her other hand prepares to draw. She's watching whoever Batman is watching, well, sorta…she's at least staring in that direction.


Eclipse mutters a curse to himself as he walks out of cover into the light of the area, looking right at Batman as he lowers his hood. "Don't shoot….I need your help." Captain Diaz explains. "I'm Marcos Diaz, Captain of SHIELD. AWOL. We need to talk." he says then as he approaches, but stops at a safe distance.

Because he knows this is the Goddamn Batman, and he's lost many a platoon to the Blood Knight.


Several guns clicked and were held by the various humans in the room, all of whom followed Batman's lead in pointing their weapons in the same general direction. Bobbi Morse had drawn her twin batons, electricity crackling at the tips of both of them as she swung up and over the table to charge at whoever was there and spying on them. She cursed, repeatedly, barking out orders for the others to secure the perimeter.

Even as Marcos revealed himself, she was moving to try to grab him by the front of his shirt and shove him back against the crumbling cement of the warehouse wall.

"What the hell are you doing here? Talk? Talk? You're one of the poster boys for SHIELD's mutant arm. A Red Guard. Your face plastered all over the fucking news reels and mags." She snarled, clearly no bothered with roughing the man up.


He came all this way for a reason. Batmans batarangs iare put away, with the mutant secured, and his wrist-comp is consulted. The holographic interface comes up on his lenses, and he presses a few buttons… "I can verify he's AWOL for 'mental breakdown'."

The wrist-comp goes back to Batmans side as he starts to walk over. "Mockingbird, I can strand him anywhere on the planet within an hour… so I'd suggest we listen to what he has to say. He can't get away, and he knew that coming in here; that should give him plausible benefit of the doubt." Batman looks to Ecilpse, "make it good. These aren't my people, so I can't guarantee they'll listen." Batman notes.


Eclipse is pushed up to the wall by Mockingbird easily…mainly the 'easily' part comes from him not trying to resist. Either way, he looks her right in the eyes and he understands her rage. He has the knowledge of two lives.

"Yeah. I need to talk." He looks to Batman then, looking appreciative before looking to Mockingbird. "I can't stay here long, they are looking or me, but listen…this world isn't real. It's an illusion, it's…-something-. You feel it too don't you? dreams? things that shouldn't be but is? It's hard to even explain. I can't be the only one who knows that all of this is one massive lie." he speaks then, but the fire and passion in his voice shows firsthand that he believes what he speaks.


Mockingbird sneered in disgust at Marcos her free hand not occupied with pinning him to the wall reached for her baton and hold it threateningly at him. "You so much as flinch wrong and I'll end you, got it Eclipse?" She shoved at him once more, good and hard, before she let him go and stepped back.

"The rest of you on look out. We need the heads up if SHIELD tracks him here and compromises this operation." She ordered with a sweep of her hand as she made to lean against the table with the maps on it. Her arms crossed, her baton clutched once more in both hands.

As Eclipse started on about the world, her brows furrowed and she looked to Batman. "Mental break down you said?"


As Eclipse continues to talk, Batman listens on, neutrally. "Mental breakdown." Batman gives in reply.

Then, Batman steps to one side, giving Eclipse a once over as his suit systems go to work. Batman is an accomplished Detective in his own right, which is why the Blood Commandos were so frustratingly effective during the war. With the Warsuit built for combat and social analysis both, Batman has had his sensors running over Eclipse…. "By all indicators, he believes he's telling the truth." Batman observes as his vitals are monitored. "Certainly felt real to me, though. I lost more than a few good soldiers in the war."

Then, Astrea gets a look, "Check the roof. If there are any aircraft coming, inform me."


A nod to Batman as she listens but for now Astrea simply backs off and rushes up to a nearby alleyway and starts making her way to the roof.


As talk that he's lost his mind starts to ring out, Eclipse slides a hand down his face. "Uugghh look, I can't talk to you forever, they are gonna find me. I lost some damn good men too but this is bigger then that! Look for -anything-. Anything! That could change reality. A mutant, a machine a-" then a light bulb goes off in his head. Idea!


Bobbi Morse snorted and rolled her eyes, her lips twisting. "No shit? SHIELD not wanting to let someone with top secret clearance and having mental issues loose to go around and find some human rebels? Really? Shocking. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to deal with this." She pushed off the table, and started to roll up the maps.

"There's no proof that you can bring to the table, and while I hate this world, and I would sure as hell love for it to be 'wrong'.. I don't have the luxury to sit around waiting for it to change." She muttered, her voice irritated. She was hurriedly packing her supplies, jamming them into her backpack.

"We have thirty seconds to clear out of here. Grab what you can. This guy isn't an asset. He's a hazard."


Then, without warning, Batman brings out a device on his utility belt, and talks into the Satphone. "Alchemist, this is Batman. I need you in the auxiliary medbay in one minute. Take everything you need for a tracker extraction."

Then, Batman looks to Bobbi, "Mockingbird, whether or not you believe him is irrelevant. He's still a potential asset from the inside. I can lock him down off site with the tracker removed, and do interrogations from there. I can also get your people to a safe-house, if you come along with me now." Batman gives in reply "Then, we can continue this conversation."


The satphone crackles a moment and a reply of a younger voice, "She's on her way," Says the Alchemist's daughter, known in the rebellion as Dominion. Then it clicks off..

By the time anyone gets to the medbay she is dressed in scrubs and has a layout of tools. Already she is setting up a monitor and pulling over the surgical x-ray.

As the door opens her head comes up and she nods behind the mask across her face. The blond hair is pulled back into a tight braid and she seems almost ready to go. "Where is it?" Not one to waste time on tracker issues.


Eclipse looks to Mockingbird then "all due respect, I couldn't find any number of shots to give you if I had the whole city look. This world is a fake." Then Batman approaches him and Eclipse doesn't flinch. Offered a way to get that tracker off? A sigh. "Alright… I'll go."


"This site if compromised if we stay any longer we're sitting ducks—" And as if to prove her point the wail of sirens follows, her people rushing inside with panicked calls of a Sentinel spotted about a mile out and approaching fast by the air. Bobbi cursed as she hefted the pack on her shoulders.

"Lead on Bat, otherwise we're all gonna end up somewhere we don't want to be." She hissed, glaring at Eclipse as if it would make him disapear any faster.

Even as the world tilted and they reappeared else where. The blond blinked rapidly at the sterile environment of the medbay and there waited another woman with various tools at the ready.

An impressed whistle followed.


"This site is compromised. Standard protocol applies." Batman gives to Alchemist as they step through the boom tube. The sensory deprivation mask is removed from Eclipse once the tube is collapsed. "You may go as rough as you need for this, we only have as long as it takes for their assets to zero in. He's being actively hunted." Batman gives by way of quick command to Alice, before he turns to Bobbi, "As I was saying… I propose we merge. I've looked into your background enough to know you're a competent one, with principles you don't compromise. I need more people like that." Batman notes, "You would shift command to me, and you would become my second. Your people would join the Bat Liberation Army otherwise. All resources, manpower, and contacts would come under the new structure."

Batman gives a look to Eclipse, "We can discuss the details once we're done here, just in case."


The room is like any other surgery and there are no windows, no way to know where one is. Despite everything there is no obvious anesthesia prepped and out, though there is an oxygen tank and amidst her setup tools is a tracheal toop. At least she is prepared.

The Alchemist turns her green eyes on Batman and then the others. "There is a gown in there, get undressed," She orders her patient, dismissively almost, before flicking switches and checking the x-ray. As he tells her about the sites being compromised she narrows her eyes. "Forget the gown and get over here now," She says and points to the slab.


Eclipse practically blinks before he's at the Alchemist's lab. He whistles. "Ho. Lee. Shit." He says then before he nods once, moving to get undressed and put on such a modest gown. "Do me a favor and Don't cut me up?" He knows weird shit happens to 'assets'!

He moves towards the table then, ready to get that thing removed.


Bobbi Morse settled her hands on her hips as she shifted her grip on her backpack to drop it at her feet. "What, and no love for my PhD in bio-chemistry? Pfft, I was top of my class and this is where I end up." She muttered, and shook her head as she looked around the med bay. She nodded to the woman in her work element, clearly in charge of the surgery here.

Still as Batman continued on with the talk about merging their forces she snorted lightly, a shift of her weight following. "I'm not joining anything with the name 'Bat' in it said with a straight face. Drop the 'Bat' from the Liberation Army and you've got yourself a deal. Otherwise, me and my men walk. The Wakandan Embassy is still taking humans."


There's a moment as Batman regards Bobbi with those red eye lenses, "Fine. Human Liberation Army is acceptable." Then, Batman starts to walk over to the surgery area… but keeps well out of Alices way, "Bio-chemists are exactly what we need." Batman says, vaguely, "Alchemist, Mockingbird here might be of use, if you're interested in assistance. I need to keep watch."

With that, Batman goes over to a laptop over on a table, and connects his wrist-comp via cable, as he starts to tap into his hacked network of police channels for the local area, and listens.


Alice eyes Eclipse thoughtfully as he makes his request. "Afraid I have to," She says and as he lays down all she does is touch him and his body's chemical balance changes. Anesthesia flows through his veins at a thought, "Count backward from 10," She orders Eclipse. Great bedside manner right?

The X-ray hums to life and she pulls it over, hitting a button. It begins to move slowly up and down the man's body. "Stay there," She doesn't look away from the monitor, pointing at the red line on the floor. "Unless you want radiation exposure," Though she doesn't seem to care. She can change the radioactive chemical in her body, after all, to something harmless.

The monitor beeps and Alice scowls at the monitor. "Great," She grumbles and reaches out and flips him on his stomach. A strap is placed across legs and chest to secure him in case he seizes while she works. A scalpel is grabbed and she begins to make an incision and pauses.

"He's a mutant!?" She asks Batman in a very irritated tone. Would be nice if they had mentioned that earlier before light started bleeding instead of blood. It at least makes it easier to see. But it doesn't flow long because he heals. "Oh, That makes it easy." And she picks up a larger blade and just slices a hunk of skin out of his neck. Her hands are working quickly, fighting the time till Sentinels hit and to get it out before the man's healing means she has to cut more pieces off. "I hate healing factor surgery," She mutters under her breath. "Be right with you," She grumbles as she works to pull back muscle. The light is starting to make things difficult, but she is managing so far.


Bobbi shot Batman a grin, arms folding as she shifted her weight and tossed blonde locks over her shoulder. "Glad we could come to a compromise." She drawled, and offered a two fingered salute to Batman as he made to check the scanners for intel. Where ever they were, it wouldn't take long for SHIELD to change its targeting. To send out an active group from the local area and raid it. The signature from the tracker would keep going until it was illuminated.

As Alice mentioned a healing factor, and a bright light peeled from Eclipse she frowned.

"If he's got a healing factor, then why don't we just stab the thing and be done? If he can heal that, then we don't have to worry about his internal damage.. right?" She arched a brow, making sure to stay out of the way. It wasn't her medbay to direct after all. Still, impressive that the woman, Alchemist? Kept the mutant down so effectively.


"Alchemist, if that's an option, it's better for everyone to get this done with as quickly as possible. We have a lot to do, in very little time." Batman notes from where he's listening in. "I knew he was a mutant, but his files don't give his ability." Batman notes, "Now you know."


"We do need him intact, though, so only if you're certain." Batman continues.


"Technically. However the technology will be useful to figure out a blocking mechanism for," Alice says in cool, crisp, British tones. She picks up another instrument and there's a little 'zap' sound. "It's disabled," She says before going in with scalpel and tweezers to pull it out.

The actual micro-tracker is pulled out and dropped into a lead lined vial set out on the tray beside her. Then she simply stands and lets the wound heal, checking his vitals more by putting her hand against his skin than looking at the monitors. "He will be out for a few hours or I can wake him up, preference?" She turns to look back at Batman.

The surgery done she lets her eyes sweep over Bobbi in thought. "I do need help with the anti-gas. There are a dozen different chemical compounds I need to run through testing and I only have myself and Dominion. So, yes, your assistance will be welcome." There is a pause and she glances back at Batman. "I did manage to destroy the samples before the raid and lockdown, by the way."


The range and scope of just what Batman has to offer truly loomed before Bobbi, the supplies, the funds. The ability. It was astounding to a woman that had spent so much time on the edges of failure for so many years. She cracked her knuckles, picking up her backpack once more. "Can't say I'm used to being able to consider backwards engineering anything for several years now. More of the smash and grab, and then run for your life thing." She grinned, and it was anything but kind.

"Leave him knocked out, right? We still have to move. They'll have this location and regardless that the tracker was disabled, will want to come and investigate. Hope there's nothing important here.." She swung her backpack more firmly onto her shoulders.

The term 'Anti-gas' had a raising of her brow following. "Fascinating." She murmured.


With the surgery done, Batman looks up to those present, and raises his voice. "I want everything in this room stripped and put on a pile within two minutes. If Alchemist says don't touch, you don't touch. We'll grab the rest of your supplies once Mockingbird and I have discussed it." Then, Batman looks to Mockingbird, "I've had a line on finding a weakness in Sentinel armor for a while, now… but I don't have the manpower or reach yet to stage a raid on their factories. We're also working on X-Gene nerve gas, of both lethal and non-lethal variety. Alchemist will give you the details later."

Then, his wrist-comp is keyed, and the boom tube is open again, in the middle of the room. "That goes to Hub One, our lunar base. Welcome home." Batman says it as he steps inside of it.


"Everything with a red dot don't touch, green you take. Everything else is gravy," The Alchemist snaps as men come in. The patient is rolled back onto his back and she checks his vitals one more time, then nods in satisfaction. "Good. He's stable. Put him on the gurney and put him in the tube," She says, pointing at two men.

Despite having joined the rebel side she still does tend to fall into the habit of nobility, ordering instead of asking. And right now her crisp tones are cold and her green eyes narrowed. The patient taken care of she moves to gather up the items she noted as red. These consist of samples, the tracker among them, as well as a tablet and a few actual papers.

By the time she is done so is the rest of the lab stripped. Only the equipment that cannot be moved, like the x-ray and table, really remain. It was sparse and basic for just such a reason. Alice steps into the tube last with a nod to Batman, holding her specimen case. "Heh…I saw something new today. Been awhile. Bleeding light," This seems to give her great delight and for the first time there is warmth in her voice. "Well, lead on Batman."

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