Just a Moment

February 19, 2018:

Lorna and Marcos try building a crib for their coming baby. Warning: PDA and cuteness?

Lorna's suite


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The green haired woman sat before a wooden half assembled crib, a frown on her features as she read over instructiosn repeatedly, muttering under her breath. A few opened boxes remained on the floor around her. A mess of tools floated lightly around her, a screw driver twirled over her head as she considered the assemblage of the would be crib.

It was first of many boxes for baby things that had been unloaded and unpacked. The sitting room had been more of less invaded by it all. Along with a dress zipped up in a bag hanging over the door to the bedroom. A great many things had arrived, and it was chaos.

A grunt of irritation escaped her as she dropped the instructions to the floor and crossed her arms. The scew driver and several screws lifted up to twirl into position. It was early afternoon, the tropical sunlight streaming in through the gauzy curtains of the balcony doors.


Marcos returned to the room and wiped a bead of sweat off his brow. He's been working hard with the refugees and improving just standard mutant living conditions. Turns out! he can totally make glass. Score one for Marcos Diaz! Though his eyes fall on Lorna as she apparently frustratingly tries to keep up her work on the crib. a chuckle then. "Lorna, I said I'd finish that in a minute…" he teases her, walking up until he's right next to her to sit down.

His arm wrapping around her shoulders so he can press a kiss to her lips to help calm her down. "Now, how about we do this together, huh?" he smiles to her then, fingers moving and strafing through her hair to massage her scalp.

"Then after, maybe we can snuggle?" a kindness on his face.


Lorna glanced up as Marcos returned, a grumble escaping her as he told her that he could finish the crib. "I want to do something for the baby for once. I just finished handling the supplies that Pietro and Wanda dropped off. I feel like we're running out of time, Marcos. There's only a few months left. And Magneto said he'd have control of the island by now." She huffed a breath, rolling her eyes as she dropped her hands to her lap and heaved a great sigh as he settled down beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

Her eyes slipped shut as she leaned back against him, a smile curving at her lips. His fingers in her hair earned a soft and contented sound from her lips.

"Mmm, sounds like a plan." She murmured, snuggling against him more fully.


Marcos smiled warmly as Lorna leaned back against him, keeping her close as he pressed kisses to her head and nose. Though hwne it's clear that instead of him doing all the work, they do it together, and his fiance consequently starts to snuggle him more, he smiles then….moving her just slightly so that she sits in his lap holding her close to him. "hmm….have you been on this since you woke up?" he asks her then with a curiosity.

"because I'd probably be in the same spot as you..don't have much experience working with cribs and baby material." he teases then. "Though why does that spark a pick up line in my head…" he jokes as if to try and get her to laugh….she had the most beautiful laugh, even when she rolled her eyes at him.

"Did I tell you how much I love you today?"


A small sound of surprise followed as Marcos tugged her onto his lap. Her arms weaving to wrap around him and balance her weight against his own more soundly. She returned his kiss with a peck of her own, her hand dragging against the line of his jaw and the scruff there. "Mmm, I took a nap and saw it here.. Why not work on the crib? Be productive. Otherwise I was going to go out and do something." She murmured.

Even as he joked about pick up lines she laughed the low, dry laugh that was so utterly her own. "Mmmm, you don't need any pick up lines, you've sort of cornered the market." She teased back, shifting to lean her forehead against his as he murmured softly that he loved her.

A gentle patt against his cheek followed that. "Yes, you dork." She chuckled gently.


Marcos smiled warmly to her then, keeping her close to him as she caresses his scruff of facial hair across his jaw. "hmmm…sounds relaxing. I wish…" he sighs then happily as he rests his head on hers, his fingers still combing through her hair to give her head a nice massage. so niiiiice.

He leaned then to kiss her lips as she laughed low. "true….but I still like to make you feel loved in every way." he winks at her. Gotta keep the romance alive! he holds her close to him as she pats his cheek and he laughs a little bit. "alright, alright…just making sure beautiful." he winks at her then, before pulling her close for an intense….deep kiss.


Lorna arched a green eyebrow upwards as he trailed off after 'I wish', "You wish what?" She murmured, her hands threading togethr behind his neck as he leaned his head against his own, his fingers playing with her fair and massaging her scalp broke off further conversation for a time, as her eyes slipped down once again. Only to flicker open as pressed a kiss to her lips, she grinned into the kiss, breathless as she returned his affections.

"I'm going to get fat. Well not fat. Growing a little mutant kid? I was reading up on it. I've got like.. maybe a month, two, tops? How am I going to get anything around here done? There's still the Magistrates to be dealt with, Sentintels, and Zealot. Also, constructing a crib, or anything really is gonna be a major pain in the ass." She arched a green eyebrow upwards, and swatted at his shoulder.

"This is all your fault, you know." Her voice dry.


Marcos smiles softly after the kiss, humming after it as he looks at her with a laugh. "heh….I know, I know…" he smiles to her as she starts explaining why everything is kind of a massive clusterfuck at the moment, and he can't HELP but smile. "On the bright side, you'll still look sexy." he winks at her then, resting his head in the nook between her head and her shoulder. "Besides, I'll help you. and lord knows, you'll still get stuff done…you're impossibly stubborn like that." he teases her lightly as he rests his head once more.

"I'm still preparing the baby room…but lets get married soon." he winks at her then.


Lorna smiled gently, her hands lifting to ruffle through Marcos' own short locks and a small chuckle escaped her. "I'll look sexy? What? You've got a secret kink for pregnant women that I didn't know about? Because I'm pretty sure swollen feet, and hands, are not sexy." She muttered dryly, only half teasing. There was a hint of worry in her tone, a hint of that ever present thought that maybe some day she'd wake up and Marcos wouldn't be there.

Still, she smiled at him again as he winked her way and talked about getting married soon. "What, next week soon or two weeks soon?" She drawled, "Or we could elope, and forget the whole thing you know.."


Marcos laughs a little then when Lorna comes out with her full on brazen attitude that he fell in love with. "Cheeky..I was more saying your sexy because you're you." he gives her ear a little nibble then as she snuggles into him a little more. Either way, he smiles softly as she challenges the 'soon' in how they want to get married.

"Hah, I didn't get down on one knee so we could ignore the whole thing." he teases her softly. "and I don't mean to forget…I want to marry you, Lorna. eyes of the world watching or no." he teases softly.


Lorna rolled her eyes at Marcos' words, a smile still on her lips as she shook her head. Another smart comment on her tongue before he nibbled at her ear and she inhaled sharply instead. He knew he could distracted her. And she once more swatted at his shoulder for it. "I'm the cheeky one? Liar." She shot back. "Who's the man that ruined watching Star Wars because he kept whispering Spanish in my ear? Hmmm?"

Still her smile remained as he continued on about their wedding. A pouting sigh escaping her. So much for the hope of elopment or just waving away the whole thing. They were going to have a Catholic wedding too, she was willing to give him that. Even if it meant hours upon hours of ceremony that she dreaded.

"You're lucky I love you so much. I wouldn't go through with all this pomp and crap for anyone else you know."


Marcos gives her a little smile at her, though he knew how he could get her to laugh or otherwise swat at him. Chuckling a little bit. "You know what, I hadn't seen starwars before! and you were grouchy that day, so I tried whispering sweet nothings in your ear like this."

and lo and behold, he gets right up to her ear and starts whispering a good deal of sweet nothings, completely in Espanol. "and you always told me you liked it." he whispers with a grin.

"Luckiest in the whole world babe." he laughs a little bit. "I'm happy..I wouldn't do it for anyone else either, so happy we're on the same foot." a wink.


Lorna arch a brow upwards as Marcos teased her right back about Star Wars. "C'mon, admit it, you were bored." She shot back, her voice dry. Though as he leaned in to whisper against her ear, his voice dropping to that lilting accent she felt her toes curl up reflexively. She swatted at him, trying to hide how her breath always caught slightly.

"You're probably just saying stupid stuff repeatedly. Like 'I like sandhwiches', or 'Your hair is green'." She drawled lightly, which wasn't entirely true. She had paid attention when he spoke Spanish, and though she didn't know it… she was trying, or at least making the attempt.

Still a sigh pulled from her lips as she leaned back to frame his features with her hands.

"I know you said you wanted to go back to Colombia.. to handle things there again some day. I'm sorry that with the baby and all it's a bit more complicated.."


Marcos chuckles a little bit. "Well…only sometimes." he teases softly then as she calls him out for sometimes just saying the most ridiculous things, just in Spanish. He grins then. "I did say some neat things in Spanish too. Like you're the most beautiful woman I've ever see nand I've always liked your secret love of flowers." he teases her juuust a littel bit with a grin.

Though he notices her toes curling up and he laughs as she swatted him. "How can I get bored during Star wars? Thhat's a crime in and of itself."

Though he chuckles as she explains why going anywhere right now is a littel complicated, he nods. "It's alright….life happens for a reason, right?" he grins.


Lorna bit her lower lip, trying and failing to hide her smile as he admitted to sometimes saying random things. Though as he continued she flushed faintly, arching a green eyebrow upwards as she considered him. "Oh really?" She curled her finger around the shell of his ear, combing back black locks of hair. Vaguely she wondered if the baby would have his hair or not.

Would her family's genetic inclination toward strange colored hair happen with their baby? Or would it have a more natural hair color? Be able to pass as human? She couldn't help but wonder. Especially as she grew closer to her siblings.

"If you want us to go, we can go sooner, rather than later. Before the baby is born. We could ask Illyana or Clarice for a portal over. Rather than fly over there. We could make a day of it." She leaned back, folding her hands over his own.

"Whatever you want to do. I'll be here to support it."

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