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February 19, 2018:

Darcy stumbles on Magneto and gives parenthood advice. (Hell freezes over). Mags spoofed by Nate.

The Spire. Hammer Bay


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Fade In…

The tropical weather of Genosha means days are usually warm and sunny. It never snows in the island. But it doesn’t mean the weather is ever pleasant. Although hurricanes never reach the area, tropical downpours are frequent even in Summer. Today the sky is gray and stormy, and it is raining heavily outside.

The reconstruction of the city progresses at amazing pace, but has been suspended for the afternoon. Weather should clear up by midnight and work will restart. Mutates work day and night. Hammer Bay has become a noisy city, but the sounds of construction are much more pleasant to the ears of the citizens than the constant gunshots and explosions of just two months ago.

Lorna’s chambers are quite grand. They could be opulent of the young woman so desired. Right now she just has a large number of rooms. Almost as she was a princess; although only some fanatical Acolytes and those who want to tease her call her ‘Princess’.

It is in her way in, and his way out when Darcy finds Magneto. “Agent Lewis,” greets the older man, full armor but for his helmet. Coldly polite, but he doesn’t stop to chat.

Darcy had her tablet up, having been reading through the speech-to-text transcription she got of the last minute she was in. Nearly running into Magneto was not something she's imagined or planned on, but the SHIELD agent studder steps to a stop to look up at the man.

"Hello, Magnet Man. You didn't tire her out too much, did you?" she states, turning to follow him with her gaze as he just walks past her. She has half a mind to grab his cape.

Magnet Man? Uh huh.

Magneto pauses just before touching the door out. "My daughter is not tired, we didn't train her abilities today, we merely talked about the supplies incoming for Carrion Cove." Which of course was a tense conversation because Magneto wanted Starktech for Hammer Bay, not food and medicine for the humans leaving the country.

Then he turns. "You are quite close to her now. And she does need friends. But I have to wonder how long you will stay in the island once the conflict here ends."

"Good. She's making a person and doesn't need to be overtaxed every few days. The Council already takes enough out of her; Lodestone's gonna end up with one less kidney or something if she doesn't get enough sleep," Darcy retorts, folding her arms under her breasts and 'glaring' up at Magneto as a kitten would glare up at a Labrador.

"Aww. Gonna miss me when I go back to the States?" she quips, lips smirking even if her eyes hold a challenge.

“Yes, she should forgo the training until after the child is born,” states Magneto, tsking in disapproval. “But she is willful and won’t listen to me. She keeps getting involved in conflicts, as I am sure you know very well. So, Agent Lewis, what do you suggest we should do to stop her of being this… dangerously heroic and driven person?”

There is a touch of sarcasm there, since Magneto definitely blames the X-Men and their lifestyle to have given Lorna all these bad habits about jumping into danger and talking to shady humans like Tony Stark and Arthur Curry.

Miss her? No. But perhaps he worries Lorna will miss Darcy. She is certainly not making close friends among the Acolytes.

"Nothing. The more you try to deny her doing something the more she's gonna want to do it. It's why I did half of the crazy bullshit I did when I was younger. My dad didn't want me to like girls. So, I got a girlfriend. He threw a fit about, I made out with her on the sofa so he'd walk in on us. Point is, the more you try to make something be the thing you don't want her doing, the more she's likely going to want to do it, just to prove you wrong. It's a girl thing. Don't question me about it," Darcy replies, putting the tablet on a nearby table before drawing closer to Magneto. No need to risk frying the tablet, afte rall.

"Besides. Tell me you aren't proud that she IS this heroic and driven. Look me in the eyes and lie to me: Tell me you aren't proud of the woman she's become, putting everything on the line to help her people, your people." Go head. Do it. The dare is far too easy to see

Magneto hrmphs. "I am concerned about her and the child," he explains. And Lorna is no longer a teenager, some maturity was expected. He can hardly put himself in her place because when he was 21 it was 1947, East Europe was in ruins and his main worry was to get something to eat for Magda and himself at any cost, and he had no parent to rebel anymore.

"I am… well aware of Lorna's virtues, and flaws. I suppose she is a remarkable young woman," so maybe he is a bit proud of her. Although in truth he had little to do with her education and growth. So his main source of pride about Lorna? That he managed to keep her away from the center stage of his war with humankind for twenty years.

But that is over. And now everything gets more complicated.

He may not get teenaged rebellion. Lorna might not either. But this is Darcy.

"We all are. She knows this. And, I'm not saying you have to 180 and be something you're not, because I respect you as a fellow person and wouldn't ever demand that you be anything other than you. Just maybe, tell her once in a while? Girls like hearing that Daddies are proud of them," says the human, standing way closer to one of the most lethal mutants on the planet, looking up at him from her tiny height without an ounce of fear in her eyes.

"Everyone appreciates honest praising," comments Magneto evenly. He has gotten nothing of that from Lorna himself. Which is maybe one of the sore points in their relationship. Lorna wants daddy's approval while hating most everything about daddy. It puts a proud man like Magneto is a difficult emotional position.

It doesn't help he wants Lorna around not just because she is Lorna, but also because her sheer power and the political advantage. Lorna makes Magneto, the fearsome mutant warrior-god look more like a real person.

"But… there are many years of distance and an abyss in ideology to bridge. Given time we might be family, right now I will be satisfied if we can be friends," because at least he knows how to deal with friends. Family? He lost all his family sixty years ago.

"Nothing that's worth it is every easy, Compass," Darcy says, arms folding again. Her daring glare softens into something like a sympathetic smile.

"Just show her you care about her as a person. I'm hopeful things will work out," she adds on a light shrug. She won't comment on how shitty her own life has gotten lately, because it's not his business.

"I am doing precisely that," confirms Magneto. "Which is why I want her taking better care of herself right now. There is a time for heroics, and for taking risks. It is not now for her. If that unborn child gets hurt…"

He doesn't say what would happen. But Darcy can imagine the emotional impact in Lorna, in Marcos and among the X-Men. She can't imagine the emotional impact in Magneto.

Magneto is a maniac phase: He overreacts. People die when Magneto overreacts. Xavier knows this. Jean possibly knows about it. Nate only kind of knows this.

"I need to go," decides the old man. "Looks like we are mostly in agreement. So perhaps Lorna will react better to your advice to take matters more calmly than to mine. Good afternoon, Agent Lewis."

"Whatever you say, Gramps," Darcy retorts, grinning faintly. Because if that unborn child gets hurt, Magneto will need to take a number. Darcy's got first. And with that, she unfolds her arms, turns to get her tablet, and moves to see if Lorna needs anything.

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