AoA Red & Green #2

February 19, 2018:

More Lorna and Jean in the AoA!

Age of Apocalypse


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Fade In…

Jean had spent a few days recovering after the encounter with Gabriel and upon feeling better, her first matter of business had been a trip into the Astral Plane. She had found something, quite a bit of information in fact.

She recalled the conversation with Lorna on the airship, remember the green-haired woman's own personal discomfort at perhaps not existing.

Even if the offer of 'peace' was more important in the grand scheme, her friends meant more to her then this world. If she could provide Lorna some measure of comfort she would.

One of the perks of being a telepath? You didn't have to try hard to find people usually and so it was that Jean found herself arriving where Lorna was, asking her softly, "Do you have a few moments?"


Lorna hadn't left the airship, not since Nate had been kidnapped. She'd kept more or less to herself, grumbling, as she tried to question people here and there to find out more about the world they'd been trapped in. Her results hadn't been fruitful. And besides the one night she'd gotten shit-faced with Captain Jones. She'd been very much bored.

She still had that bottle though. She had yet to finish off the Jack Daniels entirely. Though she had sipped at it occasionally. Nothing like a mostly destroyed America to ensure no one cared about the legal drinking age.

Green eyes glanced up from the bit of metal she was playing with at Jean's entrance and she grinned. "Hey Jean, yeah. C'mon in." She glanced around the rather sparse 'room' that was more or less her's. It had a bed. Desk. Chair. It was pretty boring to her. Though she'd been told it was really rather nice.

"What's up? You feeling okay?"


"I'm feeling fine, not incredibly happy, but fine given our circumstances. I hope you're feeling a bit better since what happened at the park." She tried to hide her frown, not pleased with how things had turned out, "I've found Nate though. They have him, in Washington. I met his sister, she seems to be the leader of the Horseman.." Yep. Jean had another kid in this reality.


Lorna sat up, staring at Jean in shock. "I knew Nate was likely there," She paused, "Magneto said he was likely there. That he'd arrange for us to meet with this world's version of Scott. He said that he might know something about his brother. Apparently Scott is in jail 'cause he was working with the bad guys here." She bit her lower lip as she considered Jean.

"Uh. I guess this world's version of you had quite a few kids. Are.. are you okay? Did she try to grab you too?"


"No, nothing like that. She actually wanted to talk. She's given me an offer of peace to bring to Magneto and Stryker, but that's not why I came here." Jean smiled and patted Lorna on the shoulder, "You did exist in this world. She mentioned you by name. I don't know what happened to this Lorna though, but I wanted you to know, you still, did exist."


Lorna's brows furrowed, "A deal? Really? What is it that they wanted?" She blinked up at the redhead as she settled a hand on her shoulder. Her expression still pinched. "I.. er.. spoke with Magneto when you were out. Darcy, Logan and I did at least. Well they yelled a lot." She grimaced.

"He told me that Lorna existed here. But that she had a falling out with Rogue over something and that something happened and .. well, apparently the me in this world is insane." She rubbed the back of her neck and glanced down at her lap.

"Apparently she still has all the same powers and all but Magneto still claims he's not my father here. So. I dunno. I kinda wish I didn't exist here. Would've been easier." She heaved a sigh and reached for the bottle. "So what did your not-your-daughter have to say deal wise?"


"Oh." Jean laughed and couldn't believe her luck!

"I'm glad that you found out, I still haven't, fully caught up on current events. I suppose, I should have spoken to some of you before seeking out Nate, I may have been able to save myself some trouble." Jean shrugged it off and explained, "They say if the humans and the X-Men leave North America, they will be willing to cease all hostilities. It's unlikely that Stryker and Magneto will accept but I plan to pass it on. They've also agreed to release Nate, if we leave. We need Magneto to get home, so unless we're planning to steal the m'kran crystal we have to be prepared to fight, unless a miracle happens and they choose humility over pride."

Jean seemed bothered by all of this. She would have preferred Scott were here, her Scott, to have to make these tough decisions.


Lorna reached up to grab her friend's hand and tug her to sit down on the rather bland and boring mattress where she'd been sleeping. "Hey, you were never one for the easy path, yeah? I'm glad you tried to find Nate. It's a relief beyond guesses and hopes. Magneto is getting people together to try to attack DC and take it back. Apparently it's been on radio silence and there's some kind of a telepathic attack hitting anyone that tries to get in. More than his helmet can block." She murmured softly.

"Magneto doesn't think that Scott will talk though unless you're there. Go figure." She ginned and rolled her eyes. "Seems this version tried to save some lives in the end. Which is why he wasn't killed or something. So hey. There you go. Even in another world that Summers kid has a thing for you." She coughed and looked down at her lap.

"But yeah. I doubt that Magneto or the President would agree to those terms either."


Jean nodded to the idea that none of them would agree to the terms but didn't allow herself to be pulled to sit down, "I need to go see Magneto right away. I just wanted to check in on you, and let you know what I'd found out. After, we can see about going to talk to Scott. Maybe he can be of some help."

She smiled just a little before leaning down to give Lorna a hug, "Be well, I'll see you soon."

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