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February 19, 2018:

Lorna and Jean discuss some of their antics in the AoA. (Old Scene)

Age of Apocalypse


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Age of Apocalypse Plot Scene

It hasn't been long since the X-Men had arrived on the strange post-apocalyptic (literally) Airship that was captained by Jessica Jones' doppelganger in the Age of Apocalypse.

Jean had finished speaking with the Captain not long ago, and had made her way to the lower-decks where accommodations were being provided for the group. What little information she had, would be shared freely; but she really and truly wished Scott had been here to handle keeping everyone together.

Lorna, being the first person she spotted, she approached her fellow X-Woman with a smile, not borne of happiness but wanting to make everyone else feel like things would be ok, "Hey Lorna, got a moment? Or do you have other plans?"


Lorna looked up from the little ball of liquid metal she was currently toying with. The young woman had kept to herself, watching and looking over the X-men that had been loaded up into the lower decks. She'd been more than a little worried about the possible radiation poisoning that the others might have suffered. Her inate magnetic fields would be more than enough to protect her from any fallout. But she had handed water off to those just waking. Possibly deadly water, right? What if Logan had been wrong, could you smell radiation? She didn't think so.

Still, Jean's approach captured her attention and the ball of metal lowered to her hand, solid and firm. "Yeah. Sure, I totally have plans Jean. You know, go out, get a pizza, hit a strip club. Really paint the town red." She offered dryly, a smile cracking at her lips.

"Yes, Jean. I have a moment. Possibly several."


Jean took a seat in a quiet alcove and gestured for Lorna to come join her, "Hilarious, when you're back from the bachelorette party, mind bringing me some tea?" Keeping her voice low now, she began to explain, "The Captain you met, she shared some concerning information with me. Some of it, concerns you, even, if, he may not be the same person he is in our world."

Lips pursing for a moment as she tried to figure out how to best lay it out, she threw subtlety out the window, "Apocalypse was the leader of this world until a few years ago when William Stryker became the President. His Vice President is Magneto. I thought I should tell you, before you heard it somewhere else."


Lorna settled in with a grin on her features still, leaning toward Jean as the woman waved her over. She slid into the quiet alcove, and arched a brow. "Seriously, all you want is tea? I swear when you get married, I am totally taking you out for a rager." She sighed, though as the redhead grew seriously. Her grin fading as she fell silent and listened.

Then of course, Lorna's shock settled firmly in place, and a sound escaped her lips. Her hands leapt up to cover her mouth as she inhaled sharply. "William Stryker and Magneto? Bullshit! Wait, the hell Apocalypse was the leader of the world? What? How'd that happen? What about the X-men. I know they must have been a thing.. the mansion still existed! You.. the other you, existed. They had a danger room." She whispered furiously.

"Didn't they try to stop him? I know the Professor.." Her voice broke, "I know that this world's version of him died in the '50s.. and I dunno who took over.. but hell. It had to be someone.."


"I don't know, the Captain had other business to attend to after she broke the news. She seemed to speak highly of them, but I don't think she feels highly of me, I tried to read her mind and she had powerful shields put in place by someone." Jean seemed troubled by the last bit, the mind reading was an act of desperation to begin with, but in her weakened state she had been unable to be of much use except in alienating herself from their new acquaintance.

"Maybe Apocalypse killed the X-Men here? Maybe Magneto and Stryker did, I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but we should all be on our guard. This world, is a nightmare and I don't intend to see us remain here longer than we have to." She didn't voice the next bit, but she didn't want these people coming to their world either.


Lorna reached out for Jean's arm and gave a gentle squeeze. "Hey, it's cool. It just.. it bothers me. How those people managed to have an election.. and that anyone would think of them as good people.. or have respect for them is beyond me." She whispered, her voice tight and hard. There were complicated emotions when it came to her father. A dark snarl in her mind that was far too complicated for her to ever untangle completely. Surrounded by a cloud of fear that some day, she might lose it and become just like him.

"I mean, the Captain is nice and all. I respect her. She didn't come out swinging and heard me out. Even got us out of that wasteland. It's really troubling that someone has shielded her mind to such an extent.." She grimaced. "And we don't know what kind of people this world's X-men were. For all we know they might've been twisted. We don't know what our counterparts have been up to." She glanced down and heaved a breath.

"I don't know if I exist…"


+MEET: Lorna has arrived via +meet.


Jean reached over to give Lorna a hug, "I'm sure not existing in this world isn't exactly a bad thing. If I had to have a nightmare brought to life, it would be this place. This is the very world the Professor wanted to prevent."

"We should get together with the others and decide what we plan to do. Our priority should be on getting home, but first, we'll all need some rest." Jean did her best to direct some soothing emotions towards Lorna using her gift of empathy, hoping she could provide her friend with a bit of peace.


Lorna returned the hug, sighing softly into Jean's embrace as she held onto her. "I know. It can't be easy having seen his grave or yours." She whispered softly, as if saying it out loud would make it more real than it already was. "We'll get home. It's not like we're alone." She smiled weakly, as she drew back and considered the redhead.

Anyone else save the Professor himself would earn a prickly response for offering empathetic help. But it was Jean. And Jean was one of the few that Lorna trusted entirely.

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