February 18, 2018:

Jason Todd visits Alice in the hospital. And shares some secrets.

Private Hospital


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It has been two days since Alice was found in her home. So about five days since she was taken from the diner. It's been a fucked up week. She is now in a private hospital that is like a 5-star hotel. The security is top notch. It's the place where billionaires and the top of the top go.

Alice's doctor is one in on her secret. So the fact that she should still be in a coma with severe internal injuries, and is not, is being quietly downplayed. Injuries not as bad as they first appeared and all that in the news. But Alice doesn't look like her normal self. There is a reason she is still here.

She sits by the big bay window on a couch. The window overlooks cultivated gardens of the hospital grounds. In her hand is a book and next to her on the table a tea set with a half-ful cup. There is also a plate that is half-empty but was apparently filled with tiny sandwiches.


Jason found out where Alice was pretty quickly. In fact, he was there to witness the little fight between two speedsters…regardless, he had walked through the door that led to her room with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and his free hand was in his pocket. "Hey Alice. Back from Wonderland?" a smile for her then as he approached, happy to see his lovely lady safe….his only weakness as a soldier right now.

He smiles to her then, walking up to her to set the flowers in a watered vase and set it right next to her, then he bent over to kiss her lips softly.


Alice turns from the window in surprise. A smile lighting her face which has gone through surprising changes. Though she still looks young, it looks as if her body has been feeding on itself. The skin clinging tightly and she looks bony in places. The cost of a healing factor. "Jason!" She says with glee.

The flowers make her smile more. She moves slow to wrap an arm about his shoulders as he kisses her, her grip surprisingly weak given their antics a week ago. "I'm sorry I didn't call. I've mostly been eating and sleeping I…" She licks her lips and sets the book down, patting the couch beside her. It's hard to hide the fact that she should be covered in bruises, if the reports were accurate, and probably in casts too.


Jason smiles to her warmly then, taking a knee right next to her as her arms wrap arond his shoulders. His own arms wrap around her form as weak as it appears and holds her close to him, kissing her a great many times despite her words about how she wanted to call him. "sh…don't worry about that now." another kiss to her lips.

"I'm just happy to see you're alright." he rests his forehead against hers, looking her over. "Looks like the years have caught up a little bit? Price of a healing factor huh." a smile then.


Alice blushes and chuckles softly and tilts her head, enjoying the next kiss. A hand plays in his dark hair affectionately. "I was worried about you. I'm glad you're all right. That man was -crazy-!" She says in a voice that trembles just slightly. She places another kiss on his lips before sighing with a smile.

The hand in his hair comes down to cup his cheek and she is watching his eyes, their brows together. So he gets a show of them going wide and a look of surprise crossing her face. The smile becomes an open-mouthed gape and she blinks like a startled dear. This was not what she was expecting.

"I…I…how?" It isn't often someone gets the drop on her secrets like that. Though the mirror told her this morning she looked rough and closer to prune than human in terms of skin texture. Still she had hoped the assess the man a bit more before sharing that secret. "How did you know? I mean…I suppose it's obvious," She ducks her chin chuckling at herself and shaking her head.


Jason smiled softly to her then as her fingers played in his hair. his lips kissing hers then after she tells him how crazy Eobard was. He looks her right in the eyes then, her look of surprise expected…he was a detective, after all. A kind smile on his face then as he looked her in the eyes. "It is…especially when I hear on the news you were beaten within an inch of your life, and you make a recovery only days later? Must have something, right?" he winks at her then, keeping her close.

"Don't worry, the secrets safe with me." he holds her closer then, his forehead against hers once more. "I'm just glad your safe…"


A sigh of relief escapes her lips and she smiles again. Her green eyes meeting his and she curls against him. "You confuse me, but that's unusual so I like it," She tells him with laughter in her words. But a certain seriousness comes to her face rather quickly when he mentions safe.

She shakes her head slightly, eskimo kissing him as she does, "We are not safe. None of us are. That man…he's building…built by now probably, a robot army. With tech that is…advanced beyond most of the newest theoretical stuff out there. He's from another time and place. And he's stuck here."


Jason smiles to her warmly then as she holds him close, those eskimo kisses causing a small grin from him then…though he knows they stand little chance against a speedster as they are. "I know. Didn't know about a robot army though…but clearly the guy's shit out of bricks." he tells her then, leaning her forward a little bit so he could sit behind her…now she has someone really comfortable to snuggle with. His arms wrapping arond her form.

"Don't worry….we'll be just fine alright? Worse comes to worse…you and me against the world."


"You're an eloquent devil, I'll give you that," Alice says as they shift and she leans back against him, partly in his lap. Her head rests on his shoulder so she can look up at him. There is worry in the smile she gives him, reaching up to brush one cheek again.

"You're so young," She says quietly and even a bit wonderingly. "The world is a big mean place and it's been lonely…" Seems she is musing through something out loud. "But caring about me puts people in danger. You need to know that. I try my best to keep it from happening but…" There is pain in her eyes suddenly and she lets out a breath.


Jason smiles softly then as she curls up in his lap. Though as she tells him that everyone she loves ends up in danger or dead, he chuckles. "If only you knew." a silence then in his tone before his smile flashes for her once more. "I'm not exactly a safe haven either, missy." a kindness to his voice as he holds her close.

"Heh…you look 21 again." he comments with a wink, kissing her once again as that hand cups his cheek.


"Is that so?" She asks, shifting up so she can give him more eskimo kisses. Then she chuckles a bit and says, "It'll be another week before I don't look like I'm an anorexic prune." But then his lips are on hers and she lets out a little, 'Mmmmmmm' of happiness.

Soft and sweet it still leaves her a little breathless. "Well one thing if this is going to continue…I want it to continue…and you know that I heal. But it is more than that. I don't age. I don't die. I'm far, far older than any person has a right to be." In her opinions anyway.

"I've watched lovers and husbands and children grow old and die. And they've watched me stay young. Can you handle that? Not everyone could…" Old memories from centuries past give her eyes a sad cast, but still she smiles at him and there are traces of hope there as well.


Jason smiles warmly to her as she appears out of breath even after such a nice kiss. But he nods a few times as he looks at her, smiling softly as she says he's immortal. "Well…you don't have to worry about that, though I have my secrets too." he winks at her softly then as he holds her close. "I don't think you'll have to worry about the growing old part from me either." he speaks the truth to her!

"You wouldn't like my secret." he tells her then, holding her close to him. She's the only one who ever truly even entertained love for him. "I love you, Alice." oh yes…he reveals the L word.


For the second time he sees Alice's eyes widen in surprise and her lips part. She takes in a shakey breath as her heart beats quickly. "You're immortal?" She breathes and sits up in his lap. Her eyes rove his face eagerly, excitedly, her mouth twitching upwards in a bit of awe.

"That's -not- your secret?" Alice asks incredulous. Then she shakes her head as if to dismiss the question as not important. About to kiss him his lips brush the words across her own. There is a pause, lips barely touching, her green eyes on his blue ones. The surprise has't faded at all from her face. "Jason," She breathes his name and before she claims the kiss she had leaned in to deliver she says, "I think I love you too." Then her lips press firmly against his and she closes her eyes, losing any thought or worry in the moment about secrets.

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